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I’ve given my big effort for explaining entire Black hat SEO risky techniques. How to use Black hat SEO for manipulated page rank. Here given great advice how to remedy from Black SEO with the example. 

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Black hat SEO techniques-

Black Hat SEO is killer and risky SEO techniques that break the search terms and conditions of the search engine and increase website’s page rank or traffic. It is very important to know that using your Black Hat SEO techniques because these unethical techniques can kill your web growth and search ranking as well as delete your website from search engine forever. If you are an SEO expert or a website owner then obviously have to have clear ideas about Black Hat SEO for a sustainable way to implement yours.


What is black hat SEO?

Black SEO does not optimize according to the rules given by search engines, it’s also against of white hat. Blackhat SEO easily create many backlinks through keyword stuffing, cloaking, doorway pages, invisible text, spamming backlink etc. This type of SEO is also known as unethical SEO. Google can detect and delete some links on your site that you are using Black SEO. Temporally it will not have any problems but when you do work with AdSense, maybe you have to lose your AdSense account because Google traces each of your visitors.

This type of SEO is also known as unethical SEO. The biggest problem for Black Hat SEO is that your site may be canceled from the list of search engines. So always avoid it and follow SEO rules.

Top 7 Black Hat SEO Techniques Can Kill Your SEO Rankings

How Black Hat SEO Works & How to avoid it:

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advice for avoiding Black hat seo-


Clocking is spamming black SEO tricks which especially target search engine crawlers and spiders for greater ranking.  This technique is they display different web page content to search engine as well as users for target their rank and more visitor.

Google knows what’s on your website because Google’s robot crawls your website and keeps your website pages and public data in its store. So Google can test your data at any time. Cloaking is a page showing the Google Toolbar and showing a completely different page to the general user. Google does not like it at all.

Advice on how to avoid Clocking:

Never set up your content and visitors with another, be honest to create a webpage that visitors can trust your description on the SERP

Example: Such a user searching “natural beautiful place” but its URL display an adult site.

Keywords stuffing:

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keywords stuffing-

Keyword stuffing is totally unethical SEO tricks that the same spammer web designer used for manipulated frequently surplus their web page for increasing more traffic and page rank. The main cause of keyword stuffing search engine will read the spam page as a relevant search quarry. It is very effective tools for the only time being when Google ranks a website base on keywords
But now the time has changed, this method is not effective in any way; it is contrary to Google’s terms of services. So keyword stuffing will not help in improving your website or pages in any way, rather it will push you down at the ranking.

Advice on how to avoid Keyword stuffing:

An easy method to avoid stuffing is to create fresh and rich content that will help to users naturally readable. Try to avoid repetition and include relevant subject according to your web page, here long tail keywords is the best way to prevent it. Do not repeat rubbish keyword or any image alt tag.

Doorway pages:

The doorway is HTML page that automatically redirects little specific keywords to other page and it’s visible to search spiders. Doorway page gets advantage search engine gives high page rank until realizing the search engine. It’s noted that doorway pages target search spiders for instant redirection to any real website

Advice on how to avoid Doorway pages:

Doorway pages can achieve the primary goal of high ranking by automatically redirect visitors to separate page but these pages will not able to succeed for long-term search engine optimization strategies.

The webmaster has given various prevented methods:

First: avoid the duplicate copy, make all pages easy to find out, Remove empty page, streamline your domain.

Second:  do not stuffing keywords in title, description, alt tag and content

Hidden text:

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hidden text-

Hidden text is typically hidden not visible to users for incorporate irrelevant keywords to boost traffic but the Google spiders can see those content that looks the same color as a background, positioning text behind image setting, font size 0, small character and use CSS. Few spammers use hidden text for manipulating search ranking. It is an old method now webmaster consider many factors when ranking, so it’s very easy to remove from the index altogether

Advice on how to avoid Hidden text:

Write content that outlook can easily read a make same contrast text with the background color. Such as the Canon G 11 Camera has professional as well as the portable point.

Link firm:

Link firm is making a connection with others for manipulating a number of inbound links to improve the visibility of the SERPs. It also covered by the irrelevant hyperlinks to random sites. Such an example you have created full dozen website and link each to another for increase backlink. This work is totally spammed in Google eyes and having a great negative impact as well as gets penalized for generated unnatural links. So when you take it down to the search engines, they will exclude your site from their list.

Advice on how to avoid Link firm:

Make linking logically from high quality do follow website that will useful for traffic.

Article Spinning:

Article spinning is equivalent to duplicate content from another website. It is the second step of stealing for make unique content and using unknown software for a copy from original text without permission of Author. Professionally they change entire article like unique for increase the number of visitors without risk by various tools.

Advice on how to avoid Article Spinning:

Passage small portion, mention source data and try to write very unique content. Such as article based on sound system on the various model of smartphone quote overview of smartphones found other sites

Spam Comments:

SEO workers and website or blogger owner trying to get free backlinks by spam comments and they gain 100% by nofollow web links.  From my point of view, they are wasting their valuable times. It’s not possible to do manually all time that’s why they use few shakes over tools that automatically make random comments

You have to remain it spam comments is more harmful in favor of your web or blog, to prevent it by filtering use of blocking plugins

Advice on how to avoid Spam Comments:

Do post as astute and positive mood like Fox, also make comment on the related article after reading the entire article, such as never comment like “thank you for explaining”, You have to write details according to article

Paid Links:

Website owners paying coins for Boost Traffic and high search ranking overnight of their website.  Everyone should remain it there is no free lunch in the World; you have to create page rank on your own merit. It has little advantage because no need for quality content and another is anchor text is strong ranking factors that can manipulate

It is noted that 80% Google rank built by buying links, few spam website buy links in exchange of money but after the launch of update such site suffers from ranking as well as penalized by Search engine

Advice on how to avoid Paid Links:

You can remedy to avoid attractive buying paid link. If you buy links then make sure that you are using the rel=”nofollow” attribute that you will not manipulate your site by the links.

Bottom Line:

Now think that Black Hat SEO will bring you something good for you? I do not think so. Performing Black hat SEO can lead to a damaged reputation, getting websites banned from search engines is much more trouble for your website. If you follow the above techniques will effectively cover of black hat SEO.

Although Black Hat SEO seems like a good strategy for fast rankings, it is generally considered to be a good strategy for SEO, but if the search engine is able to catch it, your website may bounce or give a warning from Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).


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