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Keywords Research tools: I’ve big discussed magically free & first 08 keywords Research tools for the year of 2018 that will provide you right keywords for your SEO & PPC campaign. These free tools identify related keywords that want to search

The Keyword research tool is an important part of the search engine optimization process. The success of the blog depends on choosing the right keywords. Most of the bloggers or SEO experts continue to research keywords for coming to the Top 10 of the search engine with a particular keyword. There are many online best free & paid keyword research tools like Google Adwords that will help you choose right keywords. Take ideas how to search the keywords for a specific keyword, its competition, related keywords & many others related task. Your ultimate goals find juicy keywords to rank well.

What is Keywords?

When a searcher enters any words or phrases into search engines to find contents from the internet like Free Movies, web hosting, natural image, SEO Tutorials– each word & phrases your primary keywords

Why do keyword research tools?

  1. People use the keyword to find solutions according to need
  2. SE (search engine) wants to show the best results all the time
  3. You should know which keywords are being searched more
  4. The main reason is that keyword research tools help you to find out what is searching on the Web and what is not

Key Steps to Keyword Research tools for SEO:

First step: you have to find out initially which keywords visitors use to search. Consider the following metrics when select keywords:

  • Number of searches
  • Relevancy to your website
  • Competitiveness level

Second step: you have to find out the competition. If you are chosen the competitiveness phrase then it will be harder to achieve targets. So select the right keyword which has less competition but will get significant search volume.

Competitiveness can be divided into three categories:

  • Highly competitive
  • Fairly competitive
  • Non-competitive

Generally, if allintitle is below 1,000 is non-competitive, up to 1000-3000 fairly competitive, up to 3000-5000 highly competitive.

Third: you get an idea of how much visitor searches every day with these targeted keywords

So if your site is very popular and aged then choose a competitive or highly competitive keyword, but if your site is brand new then target non-competitive keyword. If you can choose the right keyword by proper research then gradually see the results.

The length of the search terms:

  • 1 or 2 keywords: Generally these types of keywords get a lot of traffic but it does contain low-quality traffic also.
  • Keywords in 3 words or more: By the long tail keywords will not get more traffic but the visitors who come in most of the cases are highly qualified.

How to use Keyword research tools?

  1. Domain Name: Domain Name is a very important factor. The name should be given that relevance to your site.
  2. Title of the website: Title of the site shows all the contents of the site, so used properly.
  3. Writing articles: Keyword plays a great role in writing articles, be aware that for every 100 wards the minimum 3 times the keyword have to use.

Free Keyword Research Tools to Help SEO and PPC for 2018

<Img src=" Keywords Research tools"ALT=" Keywords Research tools for SEO & PPC">
Free Keyword Research Tools to Help SEO and PPC for 2018-

1) Google Keyword Planner: ( A free keywords Research tools)

Google  Planner Tool is one of the most popular and used keyword tools because it is free and associated with Google AdWords. To use the tool you need an Adwords Account which you can easily create free. It allows to enter the name of product or service, landing page, product categories, targeting location language,  competitors URL and click get idea button. Given image will give a clear idea-

<img src="free keyword research tools" alt=" free keyword research tools google adword planner" height="42" width="42">
free keyword research tools google adword planner-

After completing the entire field will appear Avg. monthly searches, competition & suggested bid (if using Adwords)

<img src="free keyword research tools" alt=" free keyword research tools google adword planner" height="42" width="42">
free keyword research tools google adword planner-

Features: The striking feature of  Planner tools, it helps to get the most relevant and accurate information and correct keywords with Google.

Limitation: There are some limitations. For example, if you want to get your site exaggerated, then Premium Version means that you have to use Paid Version.

Basic Tools: Google keyword planner is very important for any entry level website. These tools are used initially for basic work of SEO.


  1. KW Finder

KW Finder also researches strong tail keyword like SEMrush having a great interface. The search result from KF Finder much better compares to another tool if you manually adding filter what you want to include such as negative keywords, additional keywords. KW Finder suggests trending over time, search volume, CPC & difficulty level with effectively.

<img src="free keyword research tools" alt=" free keyword research tools KF Finder" height="42" width="42">
free keyword research tools KF Finder-

KW Finder target relevant keywords when integrating SEO with content marketing. It also better helps when research local keywords obtain target results by state and cities


The advantage of use KW Finder keyword research tool:

  • You will find your desire keywords that easily rank into search engine top page
  • Its provide keywords that your competitors missing with low SEO difficulty
  • You will get benefit exact search volume for little alternative each to other
  • You could choose to localize result from above 40 languages to a city level

03. WordStream:

WordStream’s keyword research tool is the deliver Google search data to deliver accurate targeted keywords idea. This will give you keyword search volume, frequency, and your competitors. It is similar in many ways to Keyword planner also user-friendly & delivers crucial keyword with volume range. You could be able to discover your desire keyword within very short time by the unique tool. The ultimate benefit of this tool, you could drop competitors URL along with their industry as well as the location

<img src="free keyword research tools" alt=" free keyword research tools WordStream" height="125" width="100">
free keyword research tools WordStream-


Key advantage:

  • The tool allows 30 free searches without paying
  • It has an option sending keywords into your mail account can download in CSV format
  • Its represent the top result of the average Google search
  • Its show competitors are given keywords & highlight potential opportunities to bid these competitors keywords
  • You could filter words containing a certain undesired keyword from your list
  • Most important CPC indication how bidding on certain keywords may affect ad budget
  • A free keywords Research tools


  1. SEMrush:

This unique keyword tool helps you to get information on the multilingual online environment. SEMrush provides short & long tail keywords along with impressive features list that will perform with wide information of CPC, Trends, number of the result, high low volume, organic traffic & ads copies. It can research above 130 different languages of different states.

<img src="free keyword research tools" alt=" free keyword research tools SEMrush" height="125" width="100">

SEMrush will give top 10 keywords that your competitors receiving bulk quantity traffic & it appears matches keywords, a phrase which you exactly search & show top results both organic and PPC campaigns

Key advantage:

  • There are an option 14 days trial period free keywords Research tools after upgrade
  • You could exact matches of CPC range, competition level, volumes range, word count
  • Find relevant alternative search queries for targeting keywords
  • Its great advantage research long tail keywords that less competition but high search value
  • It has research capacities in 16 languages by 28 regional keyword databases
  • You able find & estimate your competitors web performance indicators
  • Link:
  1. Moz Keyword Explorer:

Moz is unique keyword research tools that’s why most of the SEO analyst using Moz for successful research keywords. It’s very effective and widely popular keyword research tool. It adds few extraordinary dimensions in favor of research keyword that offers a number of metrics as well as SERP analysis.

The Moz tool will provide all key information like keyword planner such as keyword suggestion, certain niches which makes easier for you to explore new directions.

<img src="free keyword research tools" alt=" free keyword research tools Moz" height="125" width="100">

Key advantage: You get full access to keyword research with Moz for  free keywords Research tools 30 days trail


  1. Google trends:

Google trend based on the relative popularity of possible search queries that also adjust search data to make comparisons between terms easier. The result scaled range of 0 to 100 based. It tells users which keywords are rising more popularity that makes easy to allowing exploit top keywords in your niche.

<img src="free keyword research tools" alt=" free keyword research tools Google Trend" height="125" width="100">
Google Trend-

Google Trends is one of the most popular tools such as Handy Tools. It also shows the date, week and monthly account details of any keyword. With Google Trends, you can see specific keyword trends, how many searches have been done in the last month or last year.

A free keywords Research tools


07. Keyword Spy:

Spy is a very popular and important tool for webmasters. Keyword Spy will be the result of Keyword Research as well as the keyword of the competitor’s website. Keyword Spy collects data are from Adwords, Yahoo, and Bing to display it. So, using Keyword Spy does not have to use Adwords, Yahoo or Bing separately.

<img src="free keyword research tools" alt=" free keyword research tools Spy" height="125" width="100">
free keyword research tools Spy-

You can better understand the use of Keyword Spy of your competitors which keywords used for ranking & their PPC campaigns result.

A free keywords Research tools



Soovle is a free and very fast site. This site will collect data from all the various search engines including Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Wiki, Amazon & boost your search volume. The search results from these tools are not superior but get little sense for your website. It just experiments with various keyword while most of the paying close result. A free keywords Research tools

<img src="free keyword research tools" alt=" free keyword research tools Soovle " height="125" width="100">
free keyword research tools Soovle-


Bottom line:

There are 08 free keyword research tools & resources above. You can do research short keyword, long tail keyword, synonyms & LSI keyword research by the unique tools. You can do better by using the tools choose the right keywords, guiding your content strategies, increase your website ranking with search engines & binding you’re very close to success.

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