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Social Bookmarking sites: This article will help SEO worker who wants to search updated free to follow & high PR social bookmarking site list. I have provided a unique social bookmarking list to get high-quality backlinks in SEO. It will help to gradually & quickly improve your website top ranking.

SEO, bookmarking sites Keeping an important role in SEO’s today. By social bookmarking, we can introduce our website and blog in a variety of relevant sections to get good backlinks with a small traffic. I will discuss how to bookmark this article correctly.

What is social bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is the technique to get good backlinks, huge traffic, including branding, promotion and indexing facilities. If you’re an SEO or digital marketing person, you must know about it.

Why use the social bookmarking site?

In my previous blog post, I discussed the On Page SEO checklist and once you have finished the page optimization, your next step should be to stop the page optimization. Thus, you can start with social bookmarking. In the beginning, blog posts/web pages should be submitted to the social bookmarking websites as it has many benefits

  • Bookmarking is the fastest way to blog posts on your website or search engine – Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.
  • The top social bookmark site is the high PR, if you have backing from them, it will provide quality backlinks.
  • submitting social bookmarking websites assist us to create new applicable site visitors.
  • By submitting social bookmarking, your blog post may go viral
  • This will improve domain authority.
  • It will reduce the bounce rate
  • This will help in the category of blogs.

Best Social Bookmarking sites for the 2018 Edition

All SEO groups are doing social bookmarks & you have to know how effectively it works?

All social bookmark websites are the same. You need to understand before submitting a blog post to the website of their terms and conditions. Some high PR, social bookmarking websites such as reddit.com, bizsurgar.com approval are very clear and strictly handle all spamming.

You need to create your profile by submitting blog posts, post comments, re-share and upload to others of these types high authority websites. You will get more benefits from this, create innovative titles, add creative keywords, keyword descriptions, or keyword fields, and most importantly you have to classify them in class.

Hope you understand what is social bookmarking? Why should everyone bookmark & how doing it? So let’s start with the top 30 high-pro social bookmark sites.

<Img src=" Social Bookmarking sites "ALT=" Social Bookmarking sites list with PA and DA">
Here are updated a free dofollow top list of social bookmarking sites in 2018 with PA, DA, MOZ and Alexa rank. It’s providing high-quality baclinks in SEO quickly-http://aroushtechbd.net

Reddit: – Reddit is one of my favorite bookmark websites. Your blog post on Reddit is not easy to submit; You need to upload and re-edit others’ Reddit posts. The action will be performed on your radium. You can easily submit your blog post, before reading all terms of the subordinate. Meanwhile, try and upload some posts from famous websites or add current news related posts so human beings comment or upload your posts.

StumbleUpon: – StumbleUpon is a good source of instant traffic. You must register to submit a blog post to it. A full profile traffic generation will help you. Do not submit your blog multiple times in one day. It will be considered spam. If you run multiple blog sites, you can add other blog posts. The only submission is not enough, you need to build the network to your niche. Others’ comment on the others stumbles

Delicious: – One of the top social bookmarking site. Another bookmarking sites, submitting blog posts,  are not enough to get the most out of Delicious.

  • To create a network, you will need to post, comment, share or upgrade another’s post.
  • Submit the Most Relevant Categories If you can not get the right category, you can submit it to the news section.
  • Prepare the most informative headlines and descriptions and add targeted keywords.

Digg.com: Digg is one of the top social bookmarking websites which you easily bookmark your post. The social bookmarking site turned into re-founded in the year 2012. Digg is thought to provide maximumly applicable, as well as the compelling content material million of the customers. So, you are bookmarking your post on this website then get the opportunity to force millions of customers in your site. To bookmark your site, you simply need to sign up yourself and then pick out the perfect choice for bookmarking your page.

Bizsugar: – Bizsugar is the most difficult website to publish your blog post. You must be very careful when submitting a blog post.

  • Submit the post on the famous and high authority website of the relevant section
  • Upload and comment on others’ published post comments.
  • Once you create a strong profile, then try to submit your blog post.
  • Enter meaningful details, creative titles and select the appropriate category.

Scoop.it: – Scoop.it is one of the best places to purchase content and content marketing. Here you can bookmark your blog post or create a complete article on your blog backlink. I’ve tested them both if you have premium and free plans you can use both according to your needs. Premium plans have a few additional features. Its DA and Alexa Rankings are extremely good for building backlinks as it is.

  • You can manage multiple issues in a single account.
  • You can create a community.
  • Share, like and comment on other posts.
  • Enter interesting titles with targeted keywords
  • Add photos to your scope article.

Slashdot.org: Slashdot provides a platform that can offer a large hike to media which you percentage, i.e. hyperlinks, articles, motion pictures and lots greater. The website consists of the massive number of the high-quality target market. You just need to check in yourself and percentage your website or anything which you want after which see the exchange.

Folkd.com: Folkd is a social site inclusive of popular hyperlinks, social bookmarking and social search. You could easily attain out to the fine people with folkd, which you require on your website. You could additionally search for the popular hyperlinks, videos and plenty extra.

Pinterest: – Pinterest is not simply a bookmarking website

Here I am sharing with you the list of high prosocial bookmarking sites that I am regularly using for my website. Use these sites and radical grow your web pages. These social bookmarking sites will organize & change your work after a few days later.

Top 40 dofollow and high PR social bookmarks sites list 2018

Social Bookmarking Websites                PR               DA              Alexa

01.www.google.com/bookmarks              09               99               01

02.www.pinterest.com                              09               94               32

03.www.disqus.com                                 09               79               565

04.www.foursquare.com                          09               85               1539

05.www.stumbleupon.com                      08               68               521

06.www.delicious.com                            08               66               2965

07.www.storify.com                                 08               61               5427

08.www.citeulike.org                               08               33               20728

09.www.myspace.com                            08               77               2175

10.www.boingboing.net                          08               64               3907

11.www.librarythiing.com                       08               46               15934

12.www.tumblr.com                                08               91               46

13.www.slashdot.org                               08               55               2664

14.www.Fark.com                                    07               55               3741

15.www.Plurk.com                                   07               86               2291

16.www.bibsonomy.org                          07               48               8378

17.www.diigo.com                                   07               43               3756

18.www.webseoexpertservice.com        07               05               60585

19.www.scoop.it                                      07               54               1505

20.www.digg.com                                    07               83               1391

21.www.linkarena.com                            07               79               30425

22.www.techdirt.com                              07               58               20801

22.www.blinklist.com                              06               49               31479

23.www.actweb-sport.com                     06               05               37375

24.www.dzone.com                                 06               35               4980

25.www.instapaper.com                         06               41               9272

26.www.metafilter.com                           06               54               3503

27.www.folkd.com                                   06               53               4417

28.www.pearltress.com                           06               39               7540

29.www.bizsugar.com                             05               53               15644

30.www.twicsy.com                                 05               22               16667

31.www.kirtsy.com                                  05               20               121076

32.www.Dotnetkicks.com                       05               25               187120

33.www.madeinusadirectory.org           05               01               311090

34.www.iesa.co                                      05               07               31337

35.www.whatisyourmoo.com                 05               18               371108

36.www.inbound.org                               05               25               22229

37.www.lockerdome.com                       05               44               1977

38.www.list.ly                                           05               31               20826

39.www.youmob.com                              04               21               7713

40.www.qqpipi.com                                 04               05               64548

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