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WordPress SEO Plugins plays a great role, including site speed up, target keyword & boost SEO ranking in SERPs. We are lucky, several WordPress SEO Plugins completely free. You have to right sense about WordPress SEO Plugins to implement on way to search engine. These free plugins can improvements to increase your traffic and make faster your website. Here given in detail installation information that will radically change your website visibility.

What is WordPress?

In simple words, WordPress is a CMS or content management system. To elaborate more, WordPress is based on PHP and MySQL, an online tool that can be made through the website. And according to Wikipedia – the free and open source blogging tool WordPress is a powerful content management system which is based on PHP and MySQL.

What is the WordPress SEO plugin?

The plugin is a WordPress site that uses certain functional commands to fulfill the needs of the user. And the plugin’s contribution to WordPress’s success and popularity is highest. With the plugin, you can control the entire structure of your site. You can control the write/tune of your site with WordPress SEO plugins. In one word: you can find in the Plugins Directory of many plugins like WordPress

You can install WordPress SEO plugins in 2 ways: 

  1. Directly from the WordPress Dashboard (Plugin) and
  2. FTP software to upload to the server.

Why do we need WordPress SEO plugins?

You may have a logical question – “Why do they need it?” It is not easy to immediately allocate all the necessary functionality programs additional functionality installation and configuration.

Indeed, it is not easy, but more convenient. The plugin fills important functions:

It increases the efficiency of the program and speeds up. If all the programs primarily publish full-featured, they will grow up and occupy extra space. Also, additional, unnecessary user functions will destroy computer resources, which will slow down the required programs.

As a result, there are lots of unused data and slow applications available to the user. In this case, plugins are applicable, for each concrete person who can only connect with that function. The program’s configuration is created for individual requests for each user that’s why application takes less space and works faster.

What can we do with WordPress SEO plugins?

WordPress SEO plugin is a small software that connects to it and which helps to create any type of website.

For example:

  • Launch an online store through the Woocommerce plugin
  • Introducing the Photography Website through the Envira Gallery plugin
  • Start the Wiki site through the Knowledge-based plugin
  • The retainment-like coupon will be launched on the website.
  • Much more …

10-Free-WordPress SEO Plugins-to-get-Higher-Ranking-in-[2019]

SEO is the essential ones for a website’s next survival. If you know of a blog, a site (Storfruffend or another), an online shop or any kind of website, you will exist in the mind only who know the existence of your site.
If you are on WordPress, then know that there are many extensions that can help you keep a lot of your site content on the web. First page Google

However, if you search the WordPress SEO Plugin Directory SEO plugin, you will get thousands of WordPress plugins-free SEO dedicated. The beginner bloggers often get confused when they come to choose the best plugin in this area, and very often, they will not always choose the right one.

Today, we are going to present the Top 10 WordPress SEO Plugins, which you must install on your website. This is the most popular, most downloaded, with a nice user rating; And in addition, they are mostly free.

01. WordPress SEO by Yoast:

<Img src=" WordPress SEO Plugins "ALT=" WordPress SEO Plugins to rank high">
WordPress SEO Plugins by Yoast-

WordPress Plugin SEO by Le Yoast, among the Word SEO plugins currently developed by Joey De Vaux. Yoast plugin can meet all the SEO purpose of your blog. Millions of webmasters use this plugin to optimize their WordPress blog/site. You can easily add almost all types of on-page SEO for your blog with this plugin. Although it has a premium version, its free version is very powerful and offers a lot of features
Feature summary

WordPress SEO Plugins Some advantages & Feature summary of using Yost:

  • Each post and page are separate meta discovery and meta keywords
  •  Fixing focusing keywords
  •  XML Sitemap
  •  Social Integration
  •  Page Analytics
  •  Keyword Analysis
  •  RSS Optimization
  • Open Facebook Metadata and Twitter Metadata
  • Multilingual
  •  Create and edit robot text files directly from the admin interface
  • There are many more benefits, including Verification of Google, Bing, Yandex, Alexa, and Pinterest.
  •  Details and Download

02. All In One SEO Pack:

<Img src=" WordPress SEO Plugins "ALT=" WordPress SEO Plugins to rank high">
WordPress SEO plugins: All In One SEO Pack-

All in one SEO pack, a WordPress SEO plugins that automatically searches your blog/site on Google’s search engine, such as search engine gives you complete control over what it needs to show in search engine results.

It’s both powerful and easy to use. Install what you have to do and activate it. To get started, you do not even look at the options, it works out-of-box. Just install it Default Settings are basically enough.

And if you want to know how to use it, here’s a one SEO pack all tutorials.

All In One SEO Some features summary are:

  • Improved Integrated XML Sitemap Management on Your SEO
  • Google Analytics support
  • XML Sitemap
  • Different title, meta discovery and meta keywords for each page & post
  • Social Optimized
  • Finding duplicate content
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • It can optimize your title for search engines
  • Compatible with many plugins
  • And much more features
  • Details and Download

03. SEO Ultimate:

<Img src=" WordPress SEO Plugins "ALT=" WordPress SEO Plugins to rank high">
WordPress SEO plugins: SEO Ultimate-

SEO Ultimate is another Popular WordPress SEO Plugins that you can use in the freezer. You can easily download your blog’s SEO with this plugin. It can work to help you get good rankings in search engines.

SEO Features of Ultimate are:

  •  The title tag, meta description, and meta keywords
  •  No-index feature
  •  OpenGraph Supported
  •  Slug features
  •  Conical Ural Features
  •  Auto-linking
  •  SEO Widget
  • Details and Download

04. SEO Pressor:

<Img src=" WordPress SEO Plugins "ALT=" WordPress SEO Plugins to rank high">
WordPress SEO plugins: SEO Pressor -

SEO Pressor is the most popular premium WordPress SEO Plugins. There are many features in this plugin that will help your blog easily rank in search engines. On-page SEO Is SOO This is very important for you, which you can easily do with this plugin. With this plug-in, you get the full content of your blog’s SEO. I cannot raise the score.

SEO some features of pressor are: 

  •  On-page SEO Convenience
  •  Advanced Off-Page SEO Features Keywords: Keyword Analysis, Keyword Suggestions, and Keyword Density
  •  Social Media Friendly
  •  Image Optimization
  •  Smart Linking
  •  Rich sniper support
  •  Details and Download link

05. SEO Plugin by SQUIRRLY:

WordPress SEO Plugins by Squirelli and other popular SEO. A plugin that basically tells you SEO Friendly will help write content. Also with this plugin, you can access all types of on-page SEO. You can do this.

<Img src=" WordPress SEO Plugins "ALT=" WordPress SEO Plugins to rank high">
WordPress SEO Plugins: SEO-plugins-by-squirrel -

SEO Some Features of Plugin by Squirrel Keywords and Content Analysis

  •  Free image features
  •  Meta Description and Meta Keyword Options
  •  Image Optimization
  •  Download link

06. Headspace 2 SEO

<Img src=" WordPress SEO Plugins "ALT=" WordPress SEO Plugins to rank high">
WordPress SEO plugins: Headspace 2 SEO-

Another nice plugin, here is very popular, from the WordPress SEO plugins, it controls almost every aspect of your website, a configuration that will effectively improve the SEO of your blog effectively.

Feature summary

  • Enabling and Disabling a Plugin
  • Insert a JS or CSS script into a special article
  • Change link format
  • Add Google Analytics or FeedBurner script
  • Import information from other plugins
  • And much more …
  • Details and Download

07. FV Simpler SEO

<Img src=" WordPress SEO Plugins "ALT=" WordPress SEO Plugins to rank high">
WordPress SEO plugins: FV Simpler SEO-

A version of FV Simpler SEO is a very easy plug-in all one SEO pack which itself is already very easy. In fact, developers have removed the SEO function from the plugin which does not value SEO and adds some new features like Rich Snippet Support.

For bloggers, it is the perfect plugin to improve the loading speed of their page

Feature summary

  • The title for the best search engines of your article
  • Automatically creating metadata
  • Duplicate content removal from your website or blog
  • Provides SEO integration for e-commerce sites
  • And many others …
  • Details and download

08.SEO friendly pictures

<Img src=" WordPress SEO Plugins "ALT=" WordPress SEO Plugins to rank high">
WordPress SEO plugins: SEO friendly pictures-

SEO friendly pictures are designed to optimize your website traffic to optimize images for Google images and other search engines. If you want to increase your chances of getting more traffic to your blog, then know that the reference to the images is also important. If you add keywords, titles, alternative titles, captions, and image descriptions, these images can be optimally optimized for SEO.

Feature summary

  • Optimization of refined tasks
  • Automatically add your image title and tags
  • And many others …
  • Details and download

09. SEO Smart Link

SEO Smart Link is a plugin that automatically creates internal links and promotes the natural referencing of a WordPress site. You can select the combination of only one or more keywords and define the web page so that they can certainly redirect the visitor.

For instance, the word “ laptop” is appearing in my post, then the plugin automatically turns it into a link to a page that already defined

Feature summary

  • Automatically create links to your articles, comments, etc …
  • Configure Your Own Keywords
  • Configure links to automatically open in a new window
  • Details and download

10. Google XML sitemap

The Google XML Sitemap site creates an XML map of your website,, and Google, Bing, Yahoo! Like it automatically updates for search engines.

It allows fast and easy indexing of your website for search engines. Furthermore, each time new content is created, this plugin automatically informs this search engine. You have nothing to do but install and activate it.

Feature summary

  • Time savings due to site optimization for search engines
  • Provides a complete XML plan for your WordPress website for search engines
  • Details and download

11.SEO Rank Reporter

Follow your Google Dashboard directly from your WordPress Dashboard via SEO Rank Reporter. Based on your favorite keywords, the SEO Rank reporter plugin shows your Google ranking all 3 days and presents information in an easy-to-read graph.

Feature summary

  • Tracking certain keywords
  • Result compare with the competitors
  • Configure notifications as soon as the content is created or corrected
  • Exporting data in CSV format
  • And many others …
  • Details and download

Bottom Line:

As a result, the listed above SEO WordPress plugins are very powerful and they will allow you to significantly improve your website/blog SEO. However, before selecting a selection of these SEO plugins and installing it, make sure it does not conflict with others as it does not affect the performance of your website.

There’s so much for this guide to add something to you?


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