The-Beginner’s-Keyword-Research-Guide-For-SEO-(2018 Update)

The-Beginner’s-Keyword-Research-Guide-For-SEO-(2018 Update)
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This article I’ve written for SEO beginners will provide right way to know basic terms of keywords research. If follower go to right track then will find a right keyword with the highest return of SEO

What is Keyword Research:

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what is keyword-

The keyword is a key element in search engine optimization. Searching keywords are finding new words or using the most commonly used word search. The search term will be a word that most people have an interest in. Keyword Research is an integral part of search engine optimization. The beginning of keyword research may be a search engine optimizer, rather than a general user. If you were looking for something on a specific keyword, then the keyword research was the beginning of the potential word or phrase you searched for.

The keyword can be used in two ways. The first thing is that words that form your website with keywords that tell you the keyword. And the second is that the keywords you have chosen for SEO are keyword-wise. But the second tie like mine is justified for SEO. Some words in the language of SEO are the words that you will work with.

What is a related keyword?

Suppose someone is running a bicycle website. Its main subject is a bicycle, but it is also compatible with gloves, bike helmets, wheels, chains, forks, front lights, seats, locks, etc. So, the cybercrime website is going to implement these related keywords to create a good quality site.

What is Long-Tail Keyword?

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Long tail keyword-

“Cycling Helmets” is a general keyword, but “Gub K70 White Cycling Helmet” is a long-tail keyword. The advantage of long-tail keywords is that the search volume is low, but it is comparatively easy to rank. For the “Cycling Helmets” keyword, a good number of wood straws have to be burned for a long time, it can take years because only Google has a website that uses this keyword 30 million 70 thousand! That means many websites may have tried to rank in this keyword. On the other hand, “Gub K70 White Cycling Helmet” is a competition for the 3 million 14 thousand websites. That is, compared to cycling helmets, it is comparatively easier to rank 70 cycling helmets than Gabale, so to work with long-tail keywords and optimize, it is possible to rank easily by ranking.

Free Keyword Research Tools:

Google AdWords Keyword Tool: It is a search engine giant Google’s web application for keyword research. The search for a specific keyword, how many searches have been done locally, the number of possible total searches across the globe, how the competition will be, and how much the market value can be easily known? This keyword tool will show you the related keywords.

Google Trends: A graph of how many times a particular keyword has been searched on Google, can be seen here, related keywords. Where else on the world the less searched has been seen. There are also some more advantages to it.

Why Is Keyword Research Important?

Thinking about search engine optimization without keyword research is absolutely stupid, nothing else. Most Internet users prefer to search the Internet even when they need their minimum. Suppose someone wants to know about potatoes and wants to find out where the good potato is found, and if the potato businessman does not use keywords properly on his website without keyword research, then there is a possibility that there is a possibility that potatoes in search engines Searching to get his website?

Keywords are very important for every business website as they drive targeted web traffic to your business-

If you see a general website type, you can say that its website, but the search engine bots are blind in this case. She does not look like us, she looks like some code. You have been given ten law enforcement personnel in front of you, all of them are wearing similar clothes, and can you tell who you are called? The question is not raised. But if such a person has a badge named? If you do not know anyone, then you can tell everyone’s name.

It is easy to name your name because of the name badge. Such keywords can be selected through keyword research. By applying the right keywords and applying them properly, those keywords will work like a badge near a search engine bot. The search engine can easily understand what the page is basically discussed. So he can put the same thing in search engines and show the page in the proper place.

  • As a result of keyword research, it is known that how much a keyword has the potential to be profitable
  • Long-term keywords can be found
  • Reliable keywords can be found
  • It is known how popular any keyword was at that time
  • Know how often the keyword is searched locally in any country
  • Know how often international searches are done

Keyword-Research-For-SEO-Step-by-Step-(with Pictures)

While picking keywords, we have to do some research on some topics. By considering these terms, you have to choose the right keyword for your site.

Keyword relevance:

<Img src=" keyword Research"ALT=" Keyword research free tools for beginners">
A keyword relevance score enables the marketer to focus first on the keywords that mean the most to his or her bottom line. Nobody has an infinite amount of time to dedicate to search marketing, so relevance is scored throughout WordStream to act as a guide to using your time more effectively-

First, decide what business/site is on your content. Then decide what the keyword of that content is. Suppose your car parts selling are related. Note that the CAR keyword is the highest volume keyword. Now you will see how many people use the CAR term to buy car parts. In this case, your keyword will not be Car (Car). Your keywords will be more relevant to your site. Such as BUY CAR PARTS, GETTING YOUR CAR PARTS. If your business is related to car windows (CAR WINDOWS) then you will use more specific keywords. Such as: buy car window. Then you can easily reach your customer and the customer will be able to find you easily. You might think the keyword Search Volume is less. Is not it? Even if the search volume is low, your traffic ratio will increase due to Keyword Relevancy. So the fact is that as much as possible you can choose specifically related keyword related to your site/business.

That is, you want to attract exactly what keyword to your visitor (ie Keyword) or you want to reach out to any visitors who are related to your business/site. Keyword Relations

 Keyword Search Volume:

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Search volume is a measure of the total number of searches that are performed through search engines, expressed as the average monthly volume during the previous 12-month period-

The amount of people who search for a specific keyword is that Keyword’s Search Volume. Suppose 10,000 people search the keyword with education, So 10,000 people are the search volume of that keyword. Search volume can be a single word or it may be a word. There may also be a search volume on a particular website. This search volume is measured with web analytics tools. For example Google Keyword tool, Word tracker etc.

Choosing the right keyword is the visitor’s first condition. High traffic volume is available for keywords in High Search volume. So, while selecting Keyword it should be kept in mind that the search volume of the keyword is good.

Now let’s see the results of search volume.

Results of search volume are of 3 types:

  • Broad
  • Exact
  • Phrase

When you use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool, you can see that there is a small box in the Left Sidebar that shows three checkboxes.

Using it, you can find out about three types of information about keyword search volume.

  1. (Broad) – how much of the search volume is there with that keyword
  2. Exact only how much search volume is with your keyword’s words/words
  3. And how much search volume is with keywords matched with Phrase.

Check the checkboxes in each and show results in a different way, then selecting Broad and Phrase checkbox will show different results. Using it, you can get ideas about keyword’s various search volumes.

Competitor Analysis:

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Identifying your competitors and evaluating their strategies to determine their strengths and weaknesses relative to those of your own product or service. A competitive analysis is a critical part of your company marketing plan-

What is Keyword Competition? The main obstacles to getting a keyword in rank are Keyword Competition. Depending on the popularity of Keyword, the amount of competition will be done in that keyword. The search marketers decide some things on these issues. Just how much labor and how much time it can take to bring this keyword to the rank, etc. Therefore, it should be relatively easy to select comparatively less competitive keywords to get keywords in rank. Now the question is how will keyword competitiveness be considered/determined? What are the topics related to Competitive Keyword Analysis? Is there a specific Keyword tool to effectively influence keyword competition?

Now the matter is, ask about how you can measure the exact keyword competition of 10 Internet Marketer. 10 out of 10 extractions will solve the problem. But there are some common topics to analyze the competition, knowing that you will be a good analyzer yourself. If you consider your competitors’ sites, you can assess your keyword’s competitiveness.

These are: –

  1. Relevant Content: What is the keyword content?
  2. Optimized Title: Is your selected keyword used in Title Title on the Contestant site?
  3. Targeted Content: Is your keyword on the site? Is the keyword just on the page?
  4. Page Links: There are many links on the contest page?
  5. Site Links: How many links do you have on Root Domain?
  6. Authority Links: Does that site have .edu, .gov, DMOZ, or Yahoo Directory link?
  7. Google Page Rank: How much is Google Page Rank of the site?
  8. Site Age: How long has the site been created?
  9. There are many link indexes in Google?
  10. Type of Site: Is the site at the rank or the site of a weak competition? Such as article directories, forums, Yahoo Answers, other Q & A sites, social sites, or other user-generated type sites, etc.?

When the above questions are known to you, you will be able to understand the competitiveness of the keyword itself. You can also get an idea about the keyword’s competition using the board search result and exact search result. You can get more ideas about this by searching Google. Do not think of it any method because it can not work in all categories.

Did you search keyword Google?

Analyze the first 10 sites. If the entire page rank of all 25 and the exact match index count is below 10K, then it will be possible to reach the bottom of the first four by making a minimal link.

If the total page rank is 35 and the index count is below 60K then it will take 2 or 3 months to reach TOP-4. In this case, if index count is below 100K then it may take a double time.

And if you see that page rank is above 35, then whatever the index count is, it will be inaccessible. This is a junk trick. Do not take it seriously because all of the niches cannot work on the site or a different kind of keyword. An example is shared with you about how you can compare compatibility with the board search result and exact search result.

All backbone links except Avg. 100-1000 (Only here the link’s backlink has been said that the link has come to the search result, not the home page of the website), so it is assumed that low computation

And if 50% of web pages are searched by those keywords, then it should be assumed that it is a high-key compilation keyword.


Keywords play a very important role in optimizing your site well. If each of your pages is well-optimized by good keywords, they can easily get targeted and targeted visitors from search engines.

<Img src=" keyword Research"ALT=" Keyword research free tools for beginners">
Our magically fast & free keyword research and suggestion tool (formally Keywording). Research keywords to target for SEO, Google PPC and more-

There are many rules here to find good keywords for your pages. It is very popular among them to utilize free keyword research tools. So, some good online tools (Free Tools, Browser Extensions and Free version of some paid services) will be discussed. Keyword Research Tools cannot give real-time data about every keyword. They provide information from their cache.

Top keyword research tools for SEO:

  1. Google AdWords Tools:

Link: (

Perhaps this is the most popular tool among all free research tools for SEO and it’s Google’s own keyword tool. Relative keywords are easily found by putting only one keyword or one sentence per line. Here you can filter the time when keywords are researched, such as Exact or phrase match type which is needed for SEO. Then you can search keywords in different languages and countries. There are also some more features as you can get keyword ideas for desktop and laptop devices and mobile devices (WAP, mobile devices with smartphones), see the picture on the following link

On the keyword idea tab, you will see a column containing Competition, Global Monthly Searches, Global Local Search, Ad Share, Google Search Network, Search Share, Approx CPC (cost-per-click bid), Local Search Trends graph and Extracted From Webpage, I will suggest you click on All Columns button to enable them to find good search keywords. See the picture on the link below

After the research is completed, you can download your research results in CSV format. Like all, we will say that this is a very effective research tool for which all the features are available and it is absolutely free.

  1. Google Insight / Trend:

Link: (

In-site Google is another useful tool for Google’s Keyword Research. Through this, you can compare multiple keywords according to selected parameters, according to the country wise and time frame on some parameters. Here you will also get the chance to filter such as web search, image search, news and product search. Here’s another interesting option: You can compare your information through the World Map. See the image below –


This is a free keyword suggestion tool that is almost made using Google. Its main job is to make suggestions. Here you can choose your preferred language and your keyword type (web, news, shopping, video or recipe). Ubersuggest can change your keyword in a variety of ways by sorting it with keywords or by digitizing it. If you search again with suggested keywords, you will get more long-tail suggestions.

For example, I got 380 suggestions for SEO. See the image below –


Its work and somewhat like ubersuggest but it will not suggest any keywords. Its work is to merge which is to combine 3 different keywords into a meaningful sentence. That is, during domain registration, AdWords is also used. That’s what we say in SEO and the addition of a suffix or prefix.

  1. SEO Book free Keyword Suggestion Tool:

Link:  (

This is also the keyword suggestion tool that is operated by Word tracker. To use it, you must create an account. This will show related results related to your topic and the related press release. You can download its data and CSV file format. It is free only to register their membership through registration.

  1. SEO Book Keyword Typo Generator:

Link:  (

With this tool, you can easily spell out some of your keywords; make double wards very easily, which will help domain select and keyword suggestions too.

  1. Wordtracker’s Free Suggestions Tool:

Link: (

It’s also a fairly popular keyword suggestion tool through which you will get 100 keyword press and it shows every day’s keyword search. It shows the daily search number of search engine searches, so if you need monthly search then by 30, the monthly search will be out.

  1. Word tracker’s Keyword Questions:

Link: (

This is another popular feature of wordtracker, through which you can get some immediate information about your keywords. Just write your keyword and it will give you 100 keyword related questions, which you can use as an article writing topic and find new keyword ideas.


Although it is a paid tool named, you can use its free version to find good keywords easily. Because the database contains 95 million + keywords and 43 million + domain there are only a few limitations in the Free Variant, Semarash supports the long-term keywords.

  1. Keyword Spy:

Link: (

It is also a popular paid keyword research tool but you can do 10 keyword types of research for free.


It’s a free keyword research tool that lets you compare any keywords at the same time (Google, Amazon, Youtube, Netflix, eBay, Buy, Bing, Answers, Wikipedia, and at top search engines on the Internet. You can download the results by clicking the save button on the left corner.

  1. Trafic Travis:

Link: (

In addition to the above-mentioned issues, you have to be careful about many aspects. Such as:

  • Keyword Definition Analysis and Popularity.
  • Keyword localization.
  • Keyword reviews.
  • Keyword fixing and return on investment.
  • Advertising and Click Through Rate Analysis
  • Google Personalized and Depersonalized Search Terms
  • Spelling and grammar verification etc.

Bottom line:

Keyword Research is a very important thing in search engine optimization, whether it is e-commerce and AdSense is the same. Choosing the right keywords and ranking it in search engines is very important in SEO.

If you can do keyword research properly, then you are ahead in search engine optimization war. If the keywords are wrong in the research, then every website has to pay the price of the website, so the key to your business is Keyword Research.

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