Complete Guide How to Become a Better Freelancer

Complete Guide How to Become a Better Freelancer
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This article shows the entire process for beginner’s Freelancer clear idea with examples. New Freelancer will know how to become a successful and independent Freelancer in the online marketplaces. The comprehensive guide focused gradually on how to get started & get Freelancer job easily.

That said, it’s never too early to keep your overall identity as a Freelancer in mind. Focus yourself as a potential freelancer by doing unique work and trying to satisfy clients for further expansion of your goals.  Don’t be afraid to market yourself beyond the standard resume-and-cover-letter approach. Potential employers can recognize passion. Every new freelancer should follow some basic instructions to expand their long career with an online

There are thousands of freelancing sites in the current world, but not all are suitable for Beginners-freelancer working. Some sites have the only specific type of jobs available. Some sites are just for skilled people. If you want to start your career as a freelancer, you need the best and trusted freelancing sites in the world where you can earn money by working and organizing your own profile.

Guideline to start freelancing:

Few questions, answer based on Beginners-freelancer, I will try to make one more detail

  • Why do freelancing?
  • What can be done on the freelancing site?
  • I cannot do anything, how am going to do freelancing?
  • I have no idea about freelancing. What do I do?
  • What should I learn?
  • In which site should I start working?
  • How do I start freelancing?
  • I can work fairly, but I do not understand what to do.
  • I can work, making a bid, but I cannot get any job.
  • Cover letter writing rules
  • How do I get money?

What is Freelancing and scope work for Beginners-freelancer?

If you like freedom, feel free to work from home or anywhere, you can be freelancing. “Freelancing” refers to working in a loose way, not under a specific person or organization such works are called “freelancers”. There is no specific monthly salary for such work, but there is freedom, there is a chance to earn income as well. It is a convenient way for the income of free people. In modern times, most of the free-of-cost activities are done through the internet as free professionals can earn their jobs by sitting in the house. Many people earn more than current jobs through this profession, but it is relative. With the help of internet-based work, there are opportunities to get acquainted with thousands of domestic and foreign clients through this profession.

There is a lot of the work of Freelancer. The demand for such practices worldwide is increasing gradually. In popularity, some of the top works for Beginners-freelancer are:

Writing and translation: Articles, website content, news, notifications, short stories, adult stories, and translation from one language to another are notable.

Journalism: Those who are skilled at this are doing internet-based public relations as well as writing, writing and writing in various national and foreign newspapers.

Graphics Design: Logo, Website Banner, Photo Editing, Animation etc.

Web Development: Creating a Website, Creating Web Based Software, Hosting, etc.

Computer programming: Web programming from desktop programming is all covered.

Internet Marketing: Internet-based marketing activities, such as blogs, marketing on social networking websites.

Customer Service: To provide the necessary support through telephone, email and social media through the information provided to customers of local and foreign companies.

Administrative assistance: Data entry of different companies and work in different companies, working as a personal assistant, etc.

Which types of preparations need to start the freelancer?

 Freelancing and outsourcing is not the same thing, to start its work, there are a few things that must be built in mind:

• It’s not as really easy to hear it

• Outsourcing does not require any kind of money, only the merchandise capital.

• Must have at least one skill to have full idea and outsourcing.

• Outsourcing and IT is not the same thing, that is, it cannot be done if IT is not experienced, it is wrong.

• Have enough research on the outsourcing issue.

• Not to worry about how much income can be made from this field at the beginning, be mindful of quality skills.

• Remember that earning money is not an easy task.

• Must have possession of the English to make communicating with clients

In which site should I start working?

If any Freelancer knows any online related works open one of the following freelancing marketplace accounts. Learn about the marketplace well before opening an account. In every marketplace has to organize its profile. It is necessary to add what works on the profile itself. If you can do it yourself, you can take it online for the test. If you can do this you can understand that you are good for workers. To get the job done, then, continue to bid for work. Bid the work that seems to be possible. Give a nice message to the client. It does not take much time to get work done. I’m linking to some marketplace here. There are many more marketplaces out there for Freelancer.






• etc.

I can work fairly, but I do not understand how to manage a client.

Bid for work, do regularly. What you can do is convince you. If you cannot, then get the idea of doing the job before bidding. If you have done a good job while applying for a job, why do you want to do the job, explain how you will do the job, and if you explain it, you will get an application reply. Generally, in Reply, it is usually asked when you can start the job, how long it will take, etc. If you explain them accurately, the client will work with you.

How to write a Cover Letter?

If you have bid regularly, but do not get any work, try writing your cover letter a little differently. Think of the wake of the client. Everyone wants to experience. You can give the work experience that you have done in your cover letter.

There are no specific rules for writing a cover letter. If you write a cover letter with a simple, straightforward work from a huge message, then it is easy to get the client’s attention. Read the job post, and then specify whether the client has made a question, in the cover letter. If you have any questions, he will ask. How do you complete the task? Write down why you can complete the job. This way you can write the perfect cover letter. If you want to write from your mind without following anybody else, write a cover letter.

Without work, how will it be experienced? If you do not want to work at first, then try to do free work.

Q&A: Freelancer who does not have very good ideas about freelancing

  1. What is Freelancing?

Answer: The work under which no one is required to work through monthly salary if you wish can work or leave is called freelancing.

Freelancing means online, with the United States, UK and Canada, the people of these countries require a lot of money/dollars/pounds, that’s why the same work at a very low cost doing the people of the country like Bangladesh, India or the Philippines. It is believed that if a US person has to pay $ 2-3,000 to design and develop a website, which works can be done from a Bangladeshi to $ 300 to $ 2,000.

  1. How much income can be freelancing?

Answer: It will depend on which work you will be doing and how much you experience it.

Just like a teacher’s monthly income and a doctor’s monthly income is not the same. If you work with graphic design, then your average income can be up to 50 thousand after 6 months or 1 year of starting work. There may be more, maybe even more. It will be less or less depending on your experience.

Again, the monthly income of a web developer or a WordPress developer may be 50 thousand to 3-4 Milion after 6 months or 1 year. Again, those who hammer developers can be 20-30 thousand. Your monthly income will depend entirely on your experience and expertise

  1. How to get the job?

Answer: You have to perfect sense & sharp knowledge about online works, so learn first, there are huge works available in the online marketplace, like data entry, content writing, Email marketing, web design, web development, WordPress, graphic design & many other jobs.

  1. What do you need to learn to work?

Answer: Your computer and internet connection need. There should be experienced in using the computer. English is also to be emphasized should have nice writing experience in English. If you can use computers and the Internet you can learn to work.

  1. Is there any training needed?

Answer: There is no need for training in proper research, but the guideline, it may be necessary for those who have the skills to work with outsourcing.

  1. Which work can learn from online without any training?

Answer: The ‘learning’ thing is completely a matter of its own. In my experience, it is possible to learn all the work with the help of the Internet, but in that case, there should be a correct understanding on the subject, such as the need to know grammar in the form of correct sentences. Training can be helped if there is a lack of knowledge or learning through the Internet.

  1. How to increase skill?


  • Self-confidence
  • Curiosity
  • Interest
  • Try
  1. What works more dependable today’s online?

Answer: Firstly, I’ll say data entry, its demand is much more, the work of SEO and web development, animations, 3D graphics, cloud computing, Source technology, etc.

  1. What is the best marketplace for freelancing?


  • Freelancer
  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Guru
  • 99designs

The best 11 freelancing job sites for the Freelancer outsourcing

There are thousands of freelancing sites in the current world, but not all are suitable for working. Some sites have the only specific type of jobs available. Some sites are just for skilled people. If you want to start your career as a freelancer, you need the world’s best and trusted freelancing sites for Beginners-freelancer where you can earn money by working and organize your own good profile.

Today I have come up with 11 freelancing job sites for Beginners-freelancer; all of the sites are reliable. See job sites and choose which site is right for you.

01. Freelancer:

This is a very big job field for freelancers. This is one of the best sites. Here, web designers, copyrights or freelance programmers, SEO can work and bid for all types of work.

02. Upwork

The world’s largest online marketplace, Odesk, has begun with a new name. Here you can do all kinds of work.

03. Total:

If you are a good developer as a freelancer, then Toptal is a good job site for you. Other sites generally have different types of work, but here only the developers are focused.


Design work is the most available here. You can find numerous jobs in the type of logo, business card, website, application, infographic, T-shirt, card, invitation, product package, book, and magazine cover etc.

05. Envato Studio (formerly FreelanceSwitch)

This site is a reputable job site, where you can sell the designs you created.

06. Fiverr

Fiverr is a famous site for small work. Job rated from $ 5 here. Here you will find all kinds of work.

07. Stack Overflow Careers

This site is not just about solving the problem. But if you want to work here, get a call from Stack Career with Account.

08. Dribbble

Sign up here and find your work on the Job Board at the Hire me button on the profile page.

09. Behance Job

This site works with creative and unique ideas like Graphics Designer, Multimedia etc. and a very good job site for them.

10. WordPress

This is an official job board WordPress. Here you will find this type of work in plugin development, theme customization, or WordPress site optimization. If you do a good job of WordPress then you will find work here easily.

11. LinkedIn

This site is a very professional quality site. You sign up here once, since then you can find jobs on their job board.

25 Best Ways a Freelancer Can Make Money Without Investment

  1. Create a blog or website and earn advertising through an advertising network such as Google Adsense or Buysell. Beginners-freelancer can also earn directly from Google. Many people have a problem with Adsense Attributes, see Adsense guidelines on how making Adsense auto approve 
  2. Email newsletters can earn by MailChimp. Find out the sponsor or subscribe where visitors will subscribe with the money to get a newsletter. HackerNewletter, NowIKnow, and Launch. Co can be a good example of such work. 
  3. Open your own YouTube channel and become a YouTube partner. You can spread your video on many sites using the download site.
  4. Make something creative, such as handbags, jewelry, painting or cottage industries, and can sell it Art fare or E-Bay.
  5. Beginners-freelancer can Design T-shirts and place them at, Jazz or Cafepress & Sell more. 
  6. Beginners-freelancer can Create an online retail store that can be located in its own domain or Shopify, Square (link: space. Any item can be sold from digital products to digital products. 
  7. Beginners-freelancer can Write books on any topic. Publish it in the Kindle Store, Google, or my Book. You can sell it to other retailers as an e-book. You can use Smashwords or Book Baby to sell another retailer.
  8. Beginners-freelancer can Join the Academy Udemy or Skills Share SkillShare as teacher Create tutorials on your favorite topics. From guitar to literary yoga, foreign languages can be taught internationally. 
  9. The learn is coding. Work on a software development project at Market Place like Guru Guru, e-lance, Appwork, B-lancer. 
  10. As a virtual office assistant, you can assist in administration or technical work. In this case, you will find plenty of work on e-lance, Task Rabbit or up work.
  11. Generate as a scriptwriter, such as a browser extension, plugin, mobile apps (Android or iPhone). In this case, CodeCanyon, Chupa Chupa or Bumpers can earn by selling your code at BinPress. 
  12. Generate simple computer jobs such as data entry jobs, transcribing or visiting cards. For this reason, the mechanical Turk machine can use. 
  13. Creating creative works such as logo design, banner design, web design, making it possible to earn online by making the components of other marketing. In this case, you can be made from 99Designs, CrowdSpring, Design Crowd sites. 
  14. Do you have a good voice? If you have not been in the English language, then you can earn money by VoiceBunny, voice 123 artists.
  15. There are those who sing well. You can sell Amazon Musicians, iTunes, Pandora, Speypie songs if you have good music. You can take help of DistroKid, Tunecore Tununoor, Lauder FM or CDBaby. If you want, you can sell your audio files directly to Audio Jungle, Pond 5 Pond5. 
  16. It is possible to earn as much as Amazon or other online store affiliates. In this case, sites such as Visilink, ShareASale, Commission Junction, CJ or LinkShare, share a lot of work. 
  17. It is possible to earn online through online tuition. Where jobs are available online, students are available to help in the classroom., InstaEdu, TutorVista can easily do online tuition by applying to be an online teacher. 
  18. Foreigners can earn income by paying rent. If there is only empty space in your house, then what are your belongings?  Airbnb Kusssurfing, Couchsurfing will help you.
  19. If you can photography than your photography is good for Creative Market, PhotoDune, IstCafoto iStockPhoto, Image ImgEmbed can sell your photos. 
  20. You can sell old unused goods, children’s toys, rare books, or very old or hobby goods, eBay, Craigslist,, or Sellbazar. 
  21. You can also earn as a website user. Please check any website, write beautiful reviews, and write down the difficulties of the site as a user. Use User Testing with the help of the user.
  22. You may have helped many of your friends on various occasions. Why not online? Skype Screen Shares, or Google Chrome, with the help of technical support through a remote screen share, can easily earn.  
  23. Make an account in Fiver and PeoplePerHour. Here many buyers around the world do different types of work.
  24. You can earn money by selling your website again. Flippa, Go-Daddy Auction, Sedo etc. You can resell your website on the site.

Bottom Line: On the above 25 ways Beginners Frelancer can earn money from Freelancing.

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