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SEO Questions:

This page I’ve described at a glance entire seo related on page, off page questions and given proper replies that can help you make the right choice. Everyone should ask before hiring what to expect

Working in SEO requires a certain mindset and skills – It’s like a game where the rules are always changing. Because search engine optimization requires this game-like mindset, the questions I ask any SEO interview candidate are mostly situational and behavioral as opposed to factoid-based questions like “What is Page rank ” or “What is panda,” etc. I do expect anyone who does SEO daily to know these facts and the basic lingo, but it’s less important than gaining an understanding of how the person attacks challenges and where their actual skills lie (if they have any). These strategic questions help me figure out if the person is really cut out to join my elite team of Internet marketing ninjas.

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SEO questions and answers:

 What is search engine optimization (SEO)
Search engine optimization is the term used to describe a set of processes that aim in optimizing a website for search engines. . SEO important not only for getting high quality visitors but it is also a way to increase the credibility of a website and to expand brand awareness. The process of improving web pages
so that it ranks higher in search engine for targeted keywords with
the ultimate goal of generating more revenue from the web site.

 What is the latest update in SEO
The latest updates in SEO are:
 Panda
 Penguin

 What is SEO and introduce its types
Search engine optimization or SEO is a process of keep changing the position of a web page or website in a search engine results by using keywords or phrases.
Two Types of SEO are:
 On Page Optimization
 Off Page Optimization

 What is On Page Optimization
On page optimization refers to all measures that can be taken directly within the Website in order to improve its position in the search ranking. Examples of this include measures to optimize the content or improve the meta tags.
On Page SEO refers to settings you can apply on the website so that it is optimized for search engines. The most important on Page SEO Tips are:
 Optimized titles and descriptions
 Proper URL Structures
 User friendly navigation (breadcrumbs, user sitemaps)
 Optimized internal links
 Text Formatting (use of h1,h2,bold etc)
 Image optimization (image size, proper image names, use of ALT tag)
 User friendly 404 pages
 Fast loading pages
 Google Authorship verification for all pages
 Top quality fresh content (This is always the most important SEO factor!)
 External links (no broken links or links to ‘bad’ sites)

Off page SEO
seo question-

 What is Off Page Optimization
Off page SEO refers to techniques that can be used to improve the position of a web site in the search engine results page (SERPs). Many people associate off-page SEO with link building but it is not only that. In general, off Page SEO has to do with promotion methods – beyond website design –for the purpose of ranking a website higher in the search results.
Off-page SEO refers to activities outside the boundaries of the webpage. The most important are:
 Link Building
 Social Media
 Social bookmarking
 What’s the difference between organic vs. paid results?
Organic results are the results that appear in search engines, for free, based on an algorithm. Paid — or inorganic — search results appear at the top or side of a page. These are the links that advertisers pay to appear on different search engines.
 What is Cross linking and what are the function of Cross linking?
 Cross linking is used to refer the process of linking one site to another site and provide a way to allow the accessing to it.
 It provides the users with reference sites that consists the content related to the search.
 It doesn’t need to be owned by the same person as it provides the methods that have been built on the Internet.
 It serves the purpose to display the page on the search engines using search engine optimization techniques and methods.
 The site ranking is calculated on the basis of the relevance of the sites and then it is reflected on the search engine.
 It uses SEO tools that provide reciprocal links and inbound links that can be used as our SEO.

 What are meta descriptions and do they still matter
A meta description is the text that appears below your page in a search engine result that explains what the page is all about. Meta descriptions still matter, just not in the same way they used to. They used to be a place to optimize for keywords so crawlers would know more about your page contents; now, it’s more important you write something compelling that makes readers want to click so you can improve conversion rates from SERP results to your website.
Name some SEO blogs that you frequently read
 Jimboykins
 Search Engine Land
 SEOSmarty
 Search Engine Journal
 How many types of Meta Tags are there in SEO and what are their characters limits?
There are two types Meta tags in SEO.
 Description Meta tag with 150 characters limits
 Keyword Meta tag with 200 characters limits

 Why the Title Tag in website is valuable?
Title tags are very essential in SEO, as it tells about the contents on that web page. Through title tags only the search engine will tell the user, what is there in the page.

seo question-

 Should I optimize my domain name to include keywords?
Your primary domain should not include a keyword just for the sake of keyword optimization — that can actually hurt your SEO. If your company name happens to have a keyword, that’s fine, but don’t go buying Get what I mean?
What are the SEO tools do you use?
The SEO tools that I use are Google analytic, keyword search, Alexa, open site explorer, Google Webmaster.
What do you mean by Backlink?
The incoming links to your website or webpage is referred as Backlink.

 What are out bound Links?
The outbound links are our website links to other webpage or website.
 What SEO tools do you use and why?
If someone says they don’t use SEO tools, it’s an automatic fail. Why? It means you’re an incredibly inefficient person or that you have never done a significant amount of SEO work in your life. There’s no way to do serious SEO without introducing some automation. For this question, I’m wondering what tools they use for Keyword research, blogging, link analysis, social media, etc. The more obscure the better. And I’m not just looking for a list of tools, either – I want to know why you use them, what you love and what you find annoying. Sometimes I even learn about cool new tools this way! Keyword research
 How to Show Google analytics?
I guess this isn’t a question so much as a demand and egregious breach of privacy (ha ha). If possible, I ask them to log into their Google analytics so I can see what’s going on with the site they currently work for. Is the site doing well? Did it get killed by recent penalties like Panda or Penguin? Were they able to recover? Are there spikes in traffic? If so, I ask what they did to achieve that. I look at their traffic sources – are they diversified? Is there referral traffic from social media sites like Twitter and Facebook? What do the engagement metrics look like (are people reading their content or just bouncing away?) Forget all the preparing they’ve done for the interview and the rehearsed answers about where they see themselves in five years – I can tell in about 1 minute if they’re any good just by looking at their analytics.
Even if the candidate is unable to show me their Google Analytics, I can get a good sense of how they operate. If you’re an SEO, your fingerprints are all over the internet. For example,
 Read their blog posts: Does he/she actually blog? Are the posts engaging? Do they offer in-depth insight? A unique point of view? Do they generate shares and reader comments? Do they blog regularly? Do they have a personal blog?
 Look at their Social Media: How is the guy using Social Media? Are their Twitter/Facebook/Linkedin/Google+ pages thriving communities, or a ghost town? Have they claimed their vanity URL? Do they have a YouTube channel? A Pinterest page? Because this stuff is all public, it’s easy to look at.
 Do a Link Audit: I look at what kinds of links they’ve been able to acquire – are they editorial links from A-List publications? Or just spammy link dumping grounds?
 Crawl Their Site: Sometimes I’ll even look over their website structure and look at the different types of content they produce and how it’s all linked together.
 Analyze Web Presence: Tools like and can help you figure out if their site is doing decent in terms of traffic.

 What is Black Hat SEO?

In order to get a high ranking in search engine result page, websites go for various methods and techniques which are characterized by two categories. One method that is acceptable by search engine guidelines is known as White Hat SEO, while the other method which is not acceptable by search engine guidelines is known as Black Hat SEO.blackhat-seo
Name few Black Hat SEO techniques
 Link Farming
 Hidden text, etc.
 Gateway or Doorway pages
 Cloaking
 Keyword Stuffing

 What SEO blogs do you read? SEO is always changing Google updates
As I mentioned above, SEO is always changing. Tom Demers used to come in early every morning and spend an hour or so just reading. Keeping up with the industry is crucial both to stay current on news and various Google updates as well as to get new strategic ideas and tips for increasing efficiency. So I ask job candidates to tell me what SEO blogs and sites they read. But anyone can list out a few blogs. I’m looking for something beyond the bare-minimum basics (like Search Engine Land). I then follow up with another question: What’s an interesting article you’ve recently read on one of those blogs and why did you find it interesting? This tells me whether they actually read any blogs, how often, as well as why they read.
 How do I know when I’m using the right number of keywords on a page?
There’s no keyword density you should be aiming for — in fact, using a keyword too many times can result in penalization due to “keyword stuffing.” Just keep the reader in mind, and only use keywords when you need to. You’ll find enough natural opportunities to include keywords that you won’t even have to worry about reaching an arbitrary number.
 What is the difference between PR (page rank) and SERP (Search engine result page)?
Page rank is calculated on the basis of quality inbound links from other website or webpages to our webpage or a website.
SERP (Search Engine Result page) is the placement of the website or web-pages which is returned by the search engine after a search query or attribute.
 How do you measure the success of your SEO campaigns?
To gauge the success of SEO efforts, you must track exactly how much traffic is being sent to your website and where it is coming from. Consultants should be experienced in using Google Analytics to track improvement in your site’s search engine rankings, the number of links from other websites driving traffic to yours, the kinds of keywords searchers use to find your site, and much more.
Be sure to ask how often they plan to share these important analytics with you and how they would use the data to continually improve your search engine rankings and website traffic.
 How will you improve my search engine rankings?

Make sure the candidate’s proposal includes an initial technical review of your website to weed out any problems that could lower your search engine ranking, including broken links and error pages. Consultants also should provide “on page” optimization, a process to make your website as search engine friendly as possible. It involves improving your website’s URL and internal linking structure, along with developing web page titles, headings and tags.
Also, ask consultants if they provide “off page” SEO strategies to raise awareness of your content on other websites, often via blogs, social media platforms and press releases.
 What’s the difference between internal and inbound links?
Internal links are links on a page on your site that go to another page on your site. Inbound links are other websites that link to your content. Both are valuable for SEO.
 What is the main purpose of using keyword in SEO?
Keyword is a single word, and while a combination of those keywords makes phrases. These keywords or phrases are used by the search engines to populate the subjects over the internet. Search engine stores keywords in the database, and when search is done, it will come up with the best possible match.
How many internal links do I need on each page of content?
Just like you should avoid stuffing too many keywords into your content, you should avoid stuffing too many links into your content. Only include them when it improves the reader experience.
What is robots.txt?
This is a page that gives search engines information about the pages a company wants indexed or crawled. You can find this page by doing to YOURDOMAIN/robots.txt.
What is the sitemap.xml file?
This file is an index of all the pages on your site. It’s a quick reference for search engines of content that you want indexed.
What is the difference between indexed and crawling?
When search engines look through the content on your website, they are crawling your site. As they crawl your site, they index content that will appear in the search engine. However, an important thing to remember is that not all content is indexed. Search engines pick what content they will and won’t index as they go through the crawling process.
How can I see what pages are indexed?
It’s as easy as typing in to find the pages on your site that are indexed.
How long does it take to see results from SEO?
There are a few different factors that will determine how quickly (or slowly) results will come. This list includes, but isn’t limited to:
 How much content you create
 The quality of the content
 How the content resonates with your audience
 If you’re a big or small site with strong or weak domain authority

What are Spiders, Robots and Crawlers and what are their functions?
Spiders, robot and crawler, they are all same and referred by different names. It is a software program that follows, or “Crawls” different links throughout the internet, and then grabs the content from the sites and adds to the search engine indexes.
Can you differentiate between ‘nofollow’ and ‘dofollow’ link?
Nofollow links are not passed by search engines bot and therefore cannot be cached or indexed. Dofollow link is a kind of hyperlink and it passes through all search engines and it puts an impact over page rank.
Can you tell me something about Googlebot?
To index a webpage Google uses the Googlebot software. Caching, Crawling and indexing of a webpage are done through Googlebot by collecting details from that webpage.
 Why do you need alt text on your images?
Search engines cannot read images, but they can read text. The alt text helps them figure out what the images are all about. Plus, if a page doesn’t load for some reason, people can still find out what the image is by reading the alt text.
Can you guarantee my website will achieve a number-one ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo?
If the candidate answers yes, Fox warns, “Turn and run in the other direction as fast as you can.” Although it’s impossible to guarantee a number-one ranking on any search engine, she says, some unethical SEO consultants do make such bogus guarantees.
Consider it a red flag if the candidate claims to have an insider relationship with Google or any other search engine that will get you priority search results rankings. Only Google, Bing and Yahoo can control how high or low websites appear in their search results.
 What is the meaning of competitive analysis?
Competitive analysis does the comparison, between the website I am optimizing, and the website that is ranked highly in search results.
 What is keyword density and what is the formula for knowing keyword density?
From SEO point of view, keyword density will definitely help to stand out your content from others. The formula to know the keyword density is ( Total number of keyword/ total number of words in your article) multiply by 100.
 How many characters limits in Title tag?
We can add 70 characters in title tag.
 What is considered as more significant, creating content or building backlinks?
Both are necessary, creating quality content is equally important to building backlinks. Although, building backlinks are useful in building authority to a site and for ranking as well, quality content is the first element that is considered to be more responsible for ranking.
 What will be your next steps if your SEO methods or technique does not work?
My first attempt would to try analysis the problem and resolve them step by step
 Firstly I would try to see whether it is a new project, and then like to re-check the key words.
 Also, I would look for relevant key-words that can be helpful.
 Even though the webpage and website has been indexed well and still not appearing on the first 10 pages of search engine result page, then I would make some changes in page text, titles and description.
 If website is not indexed well or dropped from the index, than it might comprises serious issues and re-work might be required.
 Can you mention the difference between SEO and SEM?
SEM (Search Engine Marketing), it is used for the promotion of website through Search Engine Result Page (SERP) , while to optimize the search result of your webpage or website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is used.

Summary: SEO random Questions and its complete reply will help much more when you will face for seo interview. I have tried my level best how can easily explain entire seo related quarries that will obviously make you skillful on the unique subject if you follow the whole article from bottom of your inner soul.

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