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Alexa rank is much more crucial to understand how can decrease Alexa Rank. Your website can gain a clear perspective to decrease Alexa rank. Follow the ultimate tips & tricks can quickly improve your Alexa rank & boost huge traffic rapidly.


Alexa Internet, Inc. is a California-based company that provides commercial web traffic information. Established in 1996 as an independent company, Amazon subsequently acquired it in 1999.

Alexa Rank is one of the world’s most popular web ranking tools. This gives an idea of the quality of any website. Based on the information obtained from the Alexa Toolbar, the number of visitors coming to a site, how visitors will be concerned and the rank or location of your website in the world and home country.

What is Alexa rank?

Alexa Internet, Inc. site is a subsidiary site of the Amazon site. Which we usually know as Information about various websites is available from this website. More information about this web information company is about Web Visitors. The site was launched in 1996 and the owner of this site, Bruce Zilat. From Alexa, you can get some information about a website, such as a website owner, the hosting country, etc.

In addition to the websites of the world, you can learn how the rank of a website is available. Alexa is used mostly in SEO work. According to web experts, if a site is not in the first 100,000-Alexa Rank King, then the report that shows is actually wrong. Although Alexa Rankbaking is world-wide, only those who use the Alexa toolbar count their visually Alexa, so 100 percent of Alexa information is not neutral. The field special Alexa plays a very important role.

For example, if you have a website and you want to sell it, your buyer will review your site and rate it depending on several factors. If there is a good Alexa Rank then you are likely to get good prices. The customer thinks that the site is a quality site and has good visitors, due to which your Alexa Rank is much better. You can also add different advertiser companies to your site when you are attracted to Alexa Rank because of its link to your site.

In essence, you’ll be tempted to predict future advertisers on your site with Alexa Rank. If your rank is more likely to get your ad, Alexa rank must be checked before advertising to your site.

To make Alexa Rank good, you must adhere to the following five topics.

  1. Regular writing on the site.
  2. Basic writing. The subject of writing must be new. At least 90% must be unique or basic.
  3. Giving content a little bit more. That is, ten articles are given ten times in a year without having to do 10 articles or content.
  4. Of course, every article should be an on-page SEO & the focus is not to exceed 1.8% -2.2% of the Word.
  5. Use the Alexa toolbar in the browser
  6. Using Alexa Rank Bootstrap.

How to use Alexa Rank boost?

Alexa Rank depends on the visitor coming from any source on your site. Alexa rank is not determined by the visitor’s amount only. How many times visitors visit your site are also a huge factor. Therefore, there is no substitute for the quality of your site’s content. If you use the Alexa bootstrap in addition to the minimum quality, then the Alexa rank decreases quickly.

Alexa Bootstrap is a game that increases the number of characters per second with “Free Traffic Exchange Service” for each other. Thousands of people will be the visitors to the site, very little effort, and thousands of visitors to your site will be on time. Sign up here.

Rank Boostup – Free Website Traffic Exchange

Sign in to Alex Bootstrap. Now go to Manage website or add your website directly to the add new website option below. There are many more options you cannot use if you do not have a premium user. Simply submit. You will get 100 coins / points / minutes.

Now see your website is showing. Now start your game. Now click on the traffic exchange button from the Dashboard. Click on Start regular browser session at the bottom of the site. Play bounce here for a while. This will increase your coins/ points/minutes. These coins/ points/minutes are your curved edges. You can increase your visitor’s site by spending these points/ coins/minutes.

For more than one IP, this boost down, the game will reduce the jump of your site’s Alexa Rank.

How does the Alexa Rank work on a website?

There are many people who believe that they know:

1) How Alex Ranking works

2) How Alexa Traffic Works Racking

3) How Alexa Works Page Rank

I was not sure how Alexa Ranking worked before doing research on it and reading helpful articles. If you want to know how Alexa Ranking works, then you should continue reading this post. It will take only five minutes from you, but all the super superstitions about Alexa Traffic Standard will definitely make it clear!

Here are a few questions on Alexa visitors Values, which regularly get up

  • Why is my site’s Alexa rank worse whilst my website evaluation virtually shows I was given extra visitors?
  • Why does my website Alexa Rank constantly jumping? Here are two main reasons for varying degrees of Alexa, which do not give good ideas, when you search for it.

Firstly, a paid Alexa value is not only on the priority of traffic, but also takes traffic to all website accounts and determines the value of websites related to each other. Since your website gets comparatively comparable to other websites, traffic variations on other websites affect your site’s ranking.

Regularly, Alexa shows the daily viewer’s and page view’s three-month average on each website. For the past three months, the best viewer of page views and the best coordinator of the website has ranked number 1. The lowest website gets anywhere near 3 million! If Alexa has not visited any of the websites for the last three months in the measurement panel, then it will not be a rank for the site.

Many have some superstition about Alexa:

Superstition 1: Alexa simply calculates traffic from a site that has the Alexa Toolbar installed.

Answer “Not true”. Alexa’s Computation Panel is a huge and diverse set of browser plug-ins and text file extensions. Alexa Toolbar is just one of several browser plug-ins that bring with Alexa Alexa information. If a website has installed Alexa Verification Code, no matter who visited it on that website, Alexa can access all such traffic even though they do not have Alexa toolbars or plug-ins installed. Below is a screenshot of this prejudice!

Superstition 2: Alexa just measures website owners and internet entrepreneurs.

It’s absolutely pointless! Like superstition 1, this is not true. I do not know how people get this bad idea in their mind! Alexa Traffic Panel is founded on thousands of people, using more than 25,000 browser plugins or extensions. Here is a real picture of this superstition from a member of a forum known to the world!

Superstition 3: Claiming website in Alexa affects the ranking.

Alexa will rate your website and there is no need to register your site in Alex. The website does not have any effect on the quality of Alexa or not. However, you can claim your site free of charge in Alexa and you can keep your website’s description and contact information, which ensures that you are not losing potential business opportunities, from millions of people who visit Alexa every month.

Superstition 4: Ranking can be good if you set up Alexa widget.

Unfortunately, my friend’s idea is not correct! Alexa Rank provides the widget that shows the website’s highlights on your website’s ranking, but the widget is not necessarily used to measure a site’s traffic.

Superstition 5: If the traffic is on a certain day then the quality of my site’s Alexa value would be good

Actually, it does not! Alexa values are refreshed daily, but it’s based on your site’s viewers in the last three months. Therefore, about 1/1% of all traffic used to stay one-day traffic website. In addition, a website rank is comparable with other sites. Hence, the diversity of traffic to other websites will affect your website.

Superstition 6: Money is working! I can pay Alex to get a good rank

WTH? Really? Not at all true. There are several options including Alexa Free and Pro. Pro options can help you get more traffic from the site and it might lead to a better ranking, but that does not mean that someone can pay Alex to get a better rank. In addition, if you apply the Alexa verification code to your website, Alexa will easily evaluate your website’s traffic rather than forecasts. Straight Compatibility will give your website an appropriate rank, that does not mean that the appropriate rank will help you get better ratings.


Alexa ranking is important for any blog or website. Alexa Rank indicates how much your site is ahead of your competitor in the competition. So, everyone wants to reduce the Alexa rank tag of his blog. In today’s post, we will discuss something like this.

  1. Set up the Alexa tool in your browser.

First, you can set the Alexa tool in your browser, so that you can see the Alexa rank of any of these sites, just 1 click.

The system of the system whose browser is installed on the toolbar to detect it, so if your browser is set to your site’s rank and the speed will increase.

Click the download button below to set the tool in the browser.

Download link:

  1. Keep site updates with regular unique content

Try to keep your site updated every day, use unique posts, products and images. It is not ok to copy the images from another site. It also lags behind the SERP.

  1. Verify the Alexa

First, go to the Alexa site and register. Then please claim your site. You can upload a verification file from Alexa to your server or verify it with a verification code on the home page. Verify your site Alexa use this link.

  1. Use Alexa Widget on your site

If possible, use Alexa Widget on your site. Alexa likes those sites or blogs who use the Alexa Widget on their sites or blogs. You can use an Alexa Widget in the sidebar or footer of your site, where your site’s Alexa Rank, backlinks, will display some more data. Place the following code on your site anywhere. Here, change to link your site.

<a href=””> <script type = “text / javascript” src = “ a? url = “> </ script> </a>

However, remember that the design of the site is not wasted in advance, after going to Elxa.

  1. Use social media

Social media works very well for reducing Alexa Rank. Every post on your site will share links to various social media sites. By doing so you will get many referral visitors and your Alexa Rank of your blog will be improvised.

  1. Look at the site’s SEO.

No matter how hard you try to bring traffic to your site, SEO is the most targeted and free media. So try to increase the visitor to search engine. The more visitors you get from the search engine, the Alexa rank of your site will be reduced as fast as possible.

  1. Create a good backlink

Backlinks are very important for the website. Create quality backlinks for your site. But backlinks should always be done from the top-rated site. In the hopes of extra backlinks, where backlinks you will be far behind in the SERP. Try to get backlinks via the site’s Alexa Rank, domain authority, page rank and your topic related to comments, comments from those sites, guest posts, review articles.

  1. The topic of the site should be closely monitored

Take a look at some of the topics on your website. If these things are not correct, then Alexa Rank and SEO will also be lagged behind.

Site Speed: If your site’s speed is not good, then the visitor will not have enough time to visit your site then your bounce rate will be out. So keep an eye on site speed. Use site optimization and best hosting.

Site Design: If the site’s design is beautiful and the user is not friendly, then your bounce rate will come out in the SEO and Alexa Rank.

Final thinking:

This is about real-time Alexa Ranking. Most people think Alexa rank is a fad tool and has no value. But I want to tell them that Alexa has a value. This increases the respect for a website. If your website’s Alexa standard is below 100000 then your site is respected by others, believe it or not! No matter if your website gets too many automatic traffic. I do not think that the Alexa traffic value works like this. But the final thing is that people will respect your website, and some insane will be jealous at the same time and when they are not able to bring their website to below 100,000, they will then make fake events about Alexa Traffic Ranking and spread on different platforms.

Moreover, those who are associated with SEO like me have no other than Alexa and SERP because of Google’s PageRank dead! If you think that Alexa is not working properly, then search for “” at! Google, Alexa is located at number 1. Is there another website that gets better traffic than Google? If you cannot prove it, you cannot prove that the Alexa is not working properly.

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