The Best Website Backlink Checker Tools for SEO Audit

The Best Website Backlink Checker Tools for SEO Audit
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This blog will explain the most important 07 full free Backlink Checker tool, multiple features for SEO. You can gain to avoiding trouble with the Search Engines. These free Backlink Checker tools help your competitors as well as your website Backlinks pointing in formatting pages & research best performing content. Examine your competitor’s most valuable Backlinks profile to spot patterns & possible link opportunities.

The rules of SEO change continuously since the last few years, but backlinks remaining the same.  Its play very much crucial role to raise your site page & visibility in search engines. Google Penguin algorithm last year devalued all low-quality links of private blogs network that’s why Backlink Checker Tools is obviously needed to justify the quality of links on your website.

Why are Backlink Checker Tools important for SEO?

The backlink is the backbone, it’s also used to measure the most important parameters for high keyword ranking & can display links to any web page. Backlink-Checker-Tools can develop access to the backlinks of any site to see who is linking to your site, find your competitors backlink evaluation & added many signals to rank a website. The roles play Backlink Checker Tools are:

  • Its compare your backlink profile with strong competitors, then you precede stronger than competitors 
  • You can know how many external & internal backlinks pointing at your website 
  • To understand which sites are linking with your & your competitor’s sites 
  • You can know by the backlink checker tools how many no- follow, do-follow links, low-quality links, anchor text, referring Domains, IPs of your & your competitor’s sites 
  • You able to check who is linking to you that you can return them the favor

100% Free Best 7 Backlink Checker or SEO Audit Tools

Here Given below some valuable free online Backlink Checker Tools that will help to understand incoming backlinks details information. Some of them require registration to make the process: 

The Search engine has changed a lot of optimization, although Backlink is working as a backbone of search engine optimization on a website. Get backlinks from a higher PR site than backlinks from multiple low PR (Pagerank A) sites are much better for your website.

It is important to know how much backlink your website has received from another some sites and Backlink Checker Tools make this work easier. Here are 6 online backlink checker tools completely free.

01. SEMrush 

<Img src='data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22' data-src="Backlink Checker "ALT="Backlink Checker">

A backlink is a big deal to impact each & every website ranking & Google grips every website owner responsible for quality backlinks. SEMrush is the very much leading Backlinks analysis tools both organic & paid that show all links pointing your Domain to performing Audits. SEMrush also discovers your competitor’s backlinks. It has an extensive database that regularly updates & accurately checks website backlink status.

High quality & relevant backlinks are most important for any site to gain more authority as well as achieve a higher ranking. I personally use SEMrush tools for competitive analysis. You can see the following information about your competitors by using SEMrush Backlink Checker Tools.

See how to added SEMrush Backlink Checker Tools:

  • Go to SEMrush Homepage ( 
  • Sign in free to get SEMrush PRO account for 30 days 
  • Type your Domain Name (such as & hit enter 
  • If you want to check your competitive Domain name then tab left will appear referring Domain, IPs, and links from & if you want the PDF click right top side button

The advantage of using SEMrush Backlink Checker Tools is:

  • You can find backlinks of entire site-specific subdomain URL, the age of backlinks, image backlinks, anchor text backlinks, nofollow backlinks 
  • You can track your site’s health vs your competitors 
  • Total number of backlinks, referring to Domains, IPs 
  • Track optimization progress 
  • Number of external & internal links 
  • Trace social media campaigns & your competitors doing on social media


02. Open Site Explorer:

<Img src='data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22' data-src="Backlink Checker "ALT="Backlink Checker">

If you want to compare backlinks between two or more domains then it is the most useful Backlink-Checker-Tools for you. Using this, you can compare your site with your competitive website and proceed. If you want to improve inbound links then open site explorer helps to discover for link building

See how to add Open Site Explorer Backlink Checker Tools:

  • Go to the link and just type ( into Google 
  • Type your website (such as to get started 
  • Link:

Great advantages of Open Site Explorer:

  • Open Site Explorer plays a role in why content rank high for keywords to analyze SERPs & use to survey the competition backlink for the new targeting audience 
  • The goals of Open Site Explorer directly copy your competition & try to understand how they getting high-quality links 
  • It is easier to get your competitors backlinks profile, features post if you notice, it can sorting root domain backlinks of the entire site by selecting the group by subdomain & contact links also 
  • It’s giving a guideline to get more social shares & backlinks that competitors ranked higher for the keywords that you want to rank. You can navigate the top pages & appear most popular content from your competitors


03. Link Diagnosis:

<Img src='data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22' data-src="Backlink Checker "ALT="Backlink Checker">

Link Diagnosis provides different types of data from other tools. It has multiple options for monitoring backlink; with this tool, you can check the backlink of a page or entire website on your website. Link Diagnosis comes handy, one thing to remember, the link diagnosis tool works well in the Mozilla Firefox browser. You can get details view by using its add-on of the backlink to your site such as PR, link strength, keywords used, and variety result of Dofollow, nofollow result, spam, bad link, external, internal links and the proper relation among the links.

 See how to add Link Diagnosis Backlink Checker Tools:

  • Go to the link ( 
  • Type your website (such as to get started
  • Link:

Key Advantage Link Diagnosis:

  • Fetches Backlinks data, sorted & exported to CSV format
  • Link Diagnosis feature digs’ details anchor tags of your website good or bad 
  • It has amazing ways to find our wrong keywords use when link building 
  • It can render all analytics information, including page rank distribution


04. Smallseotools: 

<Img src='data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22' data-src="Backlink Checker "ALT="Backlink Checker">

This is just like tools pack that help blogger & website owner for performing the different task by using this unique tool. There are more tools, including Backlink Checker, page optimization, page loading speed, keyword density, Plagiarism Checker, Article Rewriter, Link Tracker, Domain Age Checker, Meta Tags Analyzer, Website Page Speed Checker, etc.

See how to add Smallseotools Backlink Checker Tools:

  • Go to the link ( 
  • Type your website (such as to get started 
  • Link: 

 The key advantage of small SEO Tools:

  • It considers analyzing different factors that directly affect Google ranking, such as- Competitor’s backlink, keyword competition, competitors PA, DA, PR analysis 
  • This article spinner tool can scan content & replace few synonyms words, according to need that saves a lot of time in rewriting 
  • Its provide error-free writing with correct grammar to check & every sentence while writing 
  • Its detect the content published anywhere in online & tell us the content unique or copy from another web source


05. Backlinkwatch:

<Img src='data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22' data-src="Backlink Checker "ALT="Backlink Checker">

This tool is the most popular tools for viewing all the information about your site backlink. It also provides information on your website quality and quantity pointing backlinks, page rank, inbound links, anchor text, nofollow flag, etc.

Backlinkwatch provides detail information about backlinks to your site, but it’s one of the disadvantages show pop-up ads when using the tool. It may seem boring can close with the single click.

See how to add Backlink Checker Tools:

  • Go to the link ( 
  • Type your website (such as 
  •  Fill the capture then click check Backlinks 


06. Moonsy: 

<Img src='data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22' data-src="Backlink Checker "ALT="Backlink Checker">

Moonsy: – It’s also an innovative tool that is very popular. With this tool, you can work with many things like Google keyword position checkers, Check Link Popularity, Backlinks Checker, Check Domain Authority, Find domain owner, Domain to IP, Check Alexa Rank, Check domain age, Check PageRank There are many tools you might have been looking for so long.

  • Link:

07. SEO Spyglass:

<Img src='data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22' data-src="Backlink Checker "ALT="Backlink Checker">

Spyglass is a new tool but it can be evaluating great results. Its database of index links to 15,000,000,000,000. This is absolutely pretty more than Ahrefs & Majestic Backlink-Checker-Tools
At the opposite, it isn’t an internet-based patron, however, is a desktop software program that runs out of your laptop and checks for all of the live hyperlinks at that factor in time.
You get the sparkling hyperlinks and no error of lifeless hyperlinks or hyperlinks no longer updated (as in case of Ahrefs and MajesticSEO).
The quantity of backlinks for an unmarried URL is 1100, however, can’t export it, whereas the paid version (a one-time rate) gives you the proper to use any range of backlink analysis as well as exporting facility.



There is no magic tablet for key success, but you can do easily with a few core Backlink Checker Tools as a healthy link profile. This article (Backlink Checker Tools) tells you in details why backlink is important for your website. You will get solid ideas from the article on how to gain & avoid trouble with search engines. Take advantage of these tools to offer & touch your desired goals.

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