5 Best Dropshipping Plugins For Woocommerce to Increase Profits

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In this article that we bring to you today in Hosting Help, we will be talking about the best dropshipping plugins for woocommerce store. Dropshipping is one of the most profitable and attractive online businesses because it involves little risk.

Have you thought about starting a dropshipping store using WooCommerce? By default, WooCommerce does not have this feature by default. For this reason, we cannot start such a business in an efficient way at first glance.

Luckily, there are a lot of best dropshipping plugins for woocommerce that can help us a lot. With these tools, you will be able to run a dropshipping store while providing the best experience that the user wants.

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These are some of the common features that you will get with these plugins.

Very much an easy way to import products from other dropshipping platforms

Manage imported products directly from your dashboard

Manage payments easily

Easy integration with WooCommerce as well as WordPress

What is Dropshipping?

When we talk about drop shipping we mean an online business that does not have its products in stock. This means that you fulfill your orders by purchasing the products directly from your suppliers and sending them to your customers.

Given the different expenses involved in a sale, dropshipping has become a way to make money online. On the web, there are currently a large number of sites of this style where you can purchase any number of products and services.

You even have the possibility of obtaining products that are sent by the same brand. This helps to begin to create more recognition and thus expand in the future.

How to start a dropshipping store?

Starting a business of this type is not complicated at all, it only requires a very small investment. You will need the following items:

A web host for WordPress sites.

Get a domain name for your website.

Once you have everything installed, get a plugin focused on dropshipping for WooCommerce.

The prices of web hosting vary, they can go from approximately 7.99 USD. Whereas a domain name, you can get it at a price of 14.99 USD per year.

Once you have contracted and installed WooCommerce, you have to select the plugin that best suits your needs when it comes to dropshipping. In this way, you can help your store become a direct shipping platform.

Why Use a WordPress Dropshipping Plugin?

To start a dropshipping business, you will need to create an online store that is packed with all the features that your business needs. And what can be a better option than using a great plugin that automatically adds all those features to your site

Which are the Best Dropshipping Plugins For Woocommerce in 2021

There is a wide variety of plugins designed for WooCommerce dropshipping, and each of the ones that we are going to show you has different characteristics. Therefore, it is up to you to choose the one that gives you the best features for your site.

But you must always have a main criterion with this plugin, it has to facilitate the shipment of products through suppliers.

Shortly, we will be showing you the best options you can consider to start a direct shipping store with these best dropshipping plugins for woocommerce.

1. AliDropship

<Img src=" Best Dropshipping Plugins for Woocommerce "ALT=" Best-Dropshipping-Plugins-For-Woocommerce">

5 best dropshipping plugins for woocommerce (AliDopship) (-http://aroushtechbd.net

The first plugin that we bring today in AliDopship which has been specially created to sell all kinds of products through AliExpress providers. This plugin makes it very easy to import products from the AliExpress platform to your online store made with WooCommerce.

You can automatically adjust prices and inventory for your dropshipping products. In addition, you can set different price variables to make the adjustments automatically.

The plugin helps automate order fulfillment with the push of a button. You can even keep track of orders placed and send emails to your customers to keep them informed on all orders.

Main features

Compatible with WooCommerce

EPacket shipping filter

Price automation

Free customizable themes

One-click product import via a Chrome extension

50 free imports from the same curated collection as DropshipMe (unlimited imports of untreated products)

Automatic order tracking

Image editor

Unlimited products

Live statistics

Stock management

Functional addons

Is it easy to use?

You can easily import products from AliExpress using the Chrome extension and manage them like normal WooCommerce products. The process of AliExpress is also quite simple. This plugin (AliDropship) automatically fills in all the details, you just need to click the right button to pay.


The AliDropship is the ultimate unique plugin that will give you the highest access to a standard plugin and this plugin can build your site with or without WooCommerce. You can get it for a one-time cost of $ 89.


<Img src=" Best Dropshipping Plugins for Woocommerce "ALT=" Best-Dropshipping-Plugins-For-Woocommerce">
The 5 Best dropshipping plugins for woocommerce (DropshipMe)-http://aroushtechbd.net

DropshipMe is another add-on we have today that works perfectly for WooCommerce. With this tool, you can include all the products you want to import in a list of the best-selling dropshipping. Taking this facility into account, you can easily build a functional online store with all the details of the product.

Everything related to product titles, images, and description is fully optimized for your conversions. In addition, it has an opinions section so you can put all the social proof of your sales.

The plugin also takes care of selecting the best suppliers with a proven track record to be sure that orders are placed efficiently and can meet customer needs.

Main features

Over 50,000 products selected by AliExpress

Marking of recommended prices

Quick product search

Easy to use

Professionally edited product titles

One-click import for all products

Real customer reviews

Permanent customer support

Is it easy to use?

DropshipMe has an intuitive interface. Once the plugin is installed, a list of products will appear with an import button on each of them. One-click import simplifies the setup of your dropshipping shop.


You can use DropshipMe for free for up to 50 products after which it becomes paid. Four plans are available with a one-time cost:

50 product imports – $ 0

110 product imports – $ 29

700 product imports – $ 119

1500 product imports – $ 199

DropshipMe only helps you to import products to dropship with AliExpress. It doesn’t synchronize your shop with AliExpress in real-time. If you want to do this, you can pair it with the AliDropship plugin from the same developer (the plugin at number 4 on our list).

3. Spocket

<Img src=" Best Dropshipping Plugins for Woocommerce "ALT=" Best-Dropshipping-Plugins-For-Woocommerce">
best dropshipping plugins for woocommerce (Spocket)-http://aroushtechbd.net

Spocket helps you source products from suppliers in the United States and the EU. You can import a product into one of the following categories:

Fashion and clothing

Electronics and technology

Home & Garden

Automotive sector




Plus, you will get a 30% to 60% discount to make your dropshipping shop more convenient.

Main features

Discounted imported products

Unlimited orders

Order fulfillment with one click

Tracking of the shipment

Compatible with WooCommerce (and Shopify)

Inventory updates in real-time

Global pricing rules

Flat rate shipping

Branded billing

Premium chat support

Is it easy to use?

The plugin is relatively simple to use. You can able to search for products using assorted filters, including price, categories, location & premium products also.


Spocket offers a 14-day free trial. Next, it has four plans depending on the features you want and the number of products you intend to import:

Starter: $ 12 per month

Pro: $ 49 per month

Empire: $ 99 per month

Unicorn – $ 299 per month

4. WooDropship

<Img src=" Best Dropshipping Plugins for Woocommerce "ALT=" Best-Dropshipping-Plugins-For-Woocommerce">
Best dropshipping plugins for woocommerce (WooDropship)-http://aroushtechbd.net

WooDropship most of the amazing plugin that seamlessly integrates with wooCommerce enabled WordPress website. All you need to do is install the plugin and then let it access your store. You can then start importing your products from AliExpress directly into your store.

We can also use its Chrome extension to make importing products even easier. You even have the flexibility to edit AliExpress products by changing their title, descriptions, images, etc. to match the appearance of your website. It also offers you the watermark removal tool that allows you to remove any watermarks from the product images that you want to include on your site.

Main features

Import products from AliExpress using a Chrome extension

Easy product management

Intuitive dashboard for beginners

Sales reports

Regular inventory updates

Unlimited product variants

Daily synchronization of products

Automatic order execution

Customizable pricing rules

Is it easy to use?

Our experience with this WooCommerce plugin has been good. The user dashboard could have been better, but if you’ve used an online tool before, you’ll learn it quickly.


WooDropship offers a 7-day free trial. Next, there are two pricing plans:

WooDropship Monthly plan is: $ 20 per month for 5,000 product variants & 100 orders per month

Lifetime plan – $ 97 one-time for unlimited variants and orders

Of course, the lifetime plan makes the most sense if you’re going to be in business for more than a couple of months.

5. Spreadr

<Img src=" Best Dropshipping Plugins for Woocommerce "ALT=" Best-Dropshipping-Plugins-For-Woocommerce">
Best dropshipping plugins for woocommerce (Spreadr))-http://aroushtechbd.net

Unlike most of the options I’ve tested, Spreadr helps set up a dropshipping store using Amazon.

To leave you to have two options:

You can join Amazon Associates and earn a standard affiliate commission by sending people to Amazon to make their purchases.

You can take orders directly and then process the order on Amazon yourself as a real dropshipping agreement. It’s a little more laborious, but this method gives you full control over your margins.

Main features

Useful import tool

Customizable product information

Product data stored locally

Natural Affiliate Links

Automatic synchronization of product details

Import of bulk products

Pricing rules

Amazon customer reviews



Is it easy to use?

After configuring Spreadr, you can easily import products to WooComerce by entering the URL of the Amazon product page. After importing, all products are stored in the database of your WordPress site, just as if you had created them manually.


Spread offers five pricing plans depending on the number of products that automatically sync:

Basic: $ 6 per month

Pro: $ 12 per month

Gold – $ 20 per month

Super – $ 35 per month

Jumbo – $ 60 per month

You can also test it out with a 7-day free trial – no credit card required.

Have you used any of these above WooCommerce dropshipping plugins too yet?

Hopefully, you’ve read this article now that you have a better idea of which best dropshipping plugins for woocommerce plugins you want to try.

If you’ve ever used any of these plugins, we’d love to hear about it. Let us know how you got on with them in the comment box below. Talk soon!

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