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Our SEO Company mission, vision, and goals to offers various services to grow your business visibility online. We have serious intentions of making changes in your website design and development more attractive to the search engines. Our Services are both Onpgae and Off Page SEO, SEO Friendly web content creation, Web development, App development, E-commerce solution, UX/UI design, Enterprise/ ERP solutions. 

Our SEO Company knows what works and what doesn’t.

Do not waste any more time, stress and money to try to complete your optimization at home – when you have the best SEO services in Bangladesh, wait in Dhaka to serve! Located in Bangladesh, we are happy to serve companies worldwide. Arrive in India today to discuss your organic SEO service and website ranking plan.

94% of people complete their search on the first page of Google. So if your website is below the top 50, it is more likely that you are not getting any organic traffic.


We have you covered with our most effective and organic SEO service Bangladesh, which will not only help you rank higher, but will also help to generate more traffic, leads, and sales.


Why Choose our SEO Company?

Are we right for you, here are 7 things you will notice the moment you walk through the door?


01. Excellent Results

We know that your # 1 focus is the result, and ours too.


In fact, we are proud to share with you that Google has published our client case studies in detail about businesses that have achieved astounding returns of over 20. Not bad, is it?


We are not the kind of agency that guarantees ‘results’, but we guarantee that we only do the best work, and the skills, knowledge, and experience of our experts (we’ve been doing search marketing for over a decade Are) You can claim at dinner parties for the type of win.


If you want to see for yourself, we have case studies to read for you, and money to contact clients


02. Focus on a single mind

We feel that many agencies are deviating from their revenue skills to diversify their revenue skills.


Here in ClaverClix Country, we have a single-focus: search marketing – also known as SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay per click advertising).


Just. And it has immense advantages.


However, we spend an unhealthy amount inside Google Analytics as it helps us produce more profitable results. So we also know about one or two GAs.


03. 100% transparency

Let’s face it: The Internet marketing industry has some credibility issues.


We know that your biggest fear is paying an agency and not getting results, or to jump through hoops to keep track of what they are doing (or not doing). Therefore, we suffer from transparency.


Process Transparency:

We are very clear about what we are doing on your behalf, and you will always have (not just limited access to) all your data 24/7.


Transparency of fees:

Our fees are always different from search engine fees.


In fact, we are so dedicated to transparency, we are starting PPC organizations around the world based on the standards of operation that we think all agencies should follow.

04. No contract

We do not believe in contracts.


We like to do prove our company value on a month to month basis. Locking you into a contract is insane.

We want you to work with us!


Initially, we ask you verbally for at least two months as this gives us enough time to work our magic. But after that, we only need 30 days’ written notice if you intend to cancel. No strings attached.


05. Specification

We will reduce their business rather than lose you.


We are well aware that we will have access to some very confidential aspects of your business, so we voluntarily agree not to work with your direct competitor in the same geography.


We do not understand how some companies can outsource to a large agency or reseller, knowing that they are working with many of their competitors. That’s not how we roll.


If we see a remote chance of potential conflict, we will call to obtain your approval before taking on a new customer.


06. We Measure Everything

The measuring means the money in the bank.


So we both emphasize call tracking (if you get a significant number of your leads via phone) and are auditing your Google Analytics account.


If necessary, we would recommend changing the way analytic records on your website.


07. Expertise

We are fanatical about helping educate people in both online marketing and SEM.


Not only do we ensure that we educate our customers as much as possible along the way, but we are also eager to share our knowledge with someone else, on our blogs and at conferences.


Our company conjointly found the net selling, wherever our team creating interview the world’s best on-line selling consultants in their several fields (e.g. SEO, AdWords, analytics, copywriting, digital strategy, usability & conversions)

Best SEO Company: Our Affordable SEO Services

SEO services are specialized in using search-engine-friendly tools and methods to increase more traffic to any website. Primarily speaking, search engine optimization prepares your website in its most attractive clothes and waits for the right suicides! However, in the case of web design, the changes implemented on the website by an SEO expert are not always visible to the people. Change happens on many levels. On the one hand, professional SEO services rely on careful study of search algorithm patterns, which are in layman’s terms, a list of instructions set for a given task. These factors determine the basis for the steps to be followed, including selecting appropriate and in-demand keywords and key faces related to the customer’s area. The SEO expert then optimizes your web pages and engages links to your site. Recent studies underscored the perception of market experts that searchers scan the results of the page from top to bottom and from left to right. As a result, the higher the site ranks in search results, the more searchers will visit the site. The ultimate mission of SEO services is to get a high ranking position for your site with search engines.

“Improve your website’s organic traffic or your money back – guaranteed”


Get ranked with the best SEO services in Bangladesh. Aroush Tech is a professional SEO services company in Dhaka with the highest ratings among the top business sites. We adopt a layered approach to improve your search engine ranking. We work with sincerity to implement the innovative digital marketing strategy needed to get you to page 1 of Google and keep you there.


More Traffic, Sales and Sales

Aroush Tech is a professional SEO service provider in India, United States, Canada, Australia, UK and worldwide. We have actually been in business since 2015 and are also a leading organic SEO service provider that helps us achieve online exposure as well as boost ROI. With fast-paced development, as well as virtual system development, online ventures is finding it highly necessary to strengthen their digital existence.


High Ranking and Organic Impressions

An active and remarkable online existence will show the trick to get potential customers, hence meeting their demands. If you rank among those considerable gamers in the digital arena and still do not have an efficient and ideal solution technology for your large or small business, then you are missing out on gold opportunities to maximize your income.


If the starting point that you need to take out to get on the Internet is to build a web site, then the second point you have to make will appear on the first web page on the Internet search engine ranking. There are many types of actions between those 2 points.

Select the organic SEO service provider in India for potential consumers to see your site. Once your website expands to the top of the Google search engine result, you will definitely start getting more traffic, leads and sales. Aroush Tech is the technology to get this job done for you, as we are among the leading companies in Bangladesh who consistently deliver the very best search engine optimization results. “


SEO Company: Organic SEO Services Strategy and Process

Effective and inexpensive search engine optimization is not the only service. There is a long-term method to get the best results and Internet search engines to continue to progress with metrics. When you are working with search engine optimization experts, you will definitely get better high-quality results.


These are not nearly key phrases in a page of content or in relation to individuals searching for your website, however, you are making the website traffic relevant to what you are doing. Think about this, digital pay per click and a variety of marketing systems are paid, why spend for clicks when web traffic is not relevant to you? Let us use many strategies to make you click stick.


  • Keyword research
  • Rival analysis
  • On-page SEO
  • Link building

It is essential that you are only using the most effective keywords for your internet site. Checking key phrases is an essential part of increasing your website traffic. By understanding which words are being used to search for your item, you can better target keyword phrases to generate effective traffic.


For small neighborhood services, this is especially necessary as you are trying to reach a smaller size target audience as well as the need for more efficient key words evaluation. Aroush Tech – Professional SEO Services Bangladesh, has experience in helping your company  build a reliable keyword method.


Everyone has competitors, which is why you need experts to evaluate competitors. We will experience the pages of leading competitors in your industry as well as find out how they are getting their web traffic. We can consider the keywords they are using and also how they are getting in the rankings. This indicates that we will have the ability to see what you are doing as well as the possibility of figuring out very good strategies to help you beat them.


Let us do quality search engine optimization solutions for you which we are skilled to ensure that you do not need to worry about anything but for your service as well as everyday tasks.


If you offer us your site, we will ensure that we conduct a full audit of the entire website consisting of key phrases in addition to web content. Not only that, but we can also ensure that your website has the title, title (H1, H2, H3) meta tag and description, page loading speed, URL structure, keyword density, schema and much more effectively. All website criteria are included.


We try to ensure that all the work will be done correctly and your entire website will perform well in Google and all other search engines. As a result, the most recent search engine optimization is an important component in any search engine optimization services with growth. Aroush Tech offers budget-friendly SEO solutions in India that will definitely help to increase your rankings as well as generate sales.


Link Building – Off-Page

Link structure is a natural search engine optimization solution practice that encourages various other sites and individuals to engage with your web content; Your items, blog, vlog, or podcast. This means that you are dependent on resources for information or products and also solutions. The more quality content your site provides, the better your chances of developing web links. The more web links that direct people to your web content, the more influence you have in their received decisions.


We guarantee that the web links used for your site are genuine as well as high quality, which is why we use different methods. Some of the methods we use include blog commenting, visitor articles on favorite blog sites, concern and replying, broken link structure, discussion forums, publicity on social media, and more..

Our advanced SEO services as per Google guidelines

Being a well-reputed digital marketing agency in the United States, we understand Google updates and algorithms and work accordingly. Our search engine optimization strategy is up to date and matchless which improves your website ranking increases traffic and revenue in a short period of time. How did our advanced SEO services beat their competitors in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and MSN?


1. Advance Keyword Analysis

2. Evaluation of website content

3. Page ranking analysis

4. HTML code, meta tag and broken link

5. URL deep Audit

6. Competitive analysis

Our Professional SEO Services For Long Term Benefits

Our Google SEO services in the United States are unique, and results-oriented to the needs of extremely small, large businesses. Our SEO packages in the USA are organized according to Google guidelines and updated according to Google Panda and Penguin algorithms. Our SEO plans are very affordable and guaranteed to increase your website ranking and visibility in your search engine. Our professional SEO services always put you ahead against your competitors and give you long term benefits to make more money in less time.

Improve rankings and traffic with our SEO company

We are a well-reputed SEO company in the United States, serving various countries of the world, specializing in providing the best SEO services at very reasonable prices. Our off-page and on-page SEO services are extremely latest and unique to the business, with resulting results. Our certified search engine optimization experts have a proven record of increasing the organic ranking of a website, including on-off and off-site search engine technology. Quality content is the king of websites. It plays a big role in a successful SEO campaign. With a team of certified SEO experts, we  honorably recognized ourselves as a leading digital marketing agency, creating high levels of search engine optimization. Recently, we have worked on 150+ SEO projects, which have satisfied 350+ clients worldwide.


Organic SEO Services

Our team of Google Certified SEO Experts is always up to date about Google guidelines and algorithms. Google changes its algorithm every day, so it becomes very difficult to maintain ranking in the top ten pages of Google. Our countless experience and in-depth knowledge of how doing organic SEO to improve your website ranking and give more return on investment.

Which SEO Solution is right for you?

We were founded on SEO 05 years ago and with that experience, we know what we are talking about when it comes to defining what searchers and search engines are looking for. Whether you are a brand-new startup wanting to determine a reputation, live dates improvement techniques, or boost the performance of your established web site, our team has the tools, experience, and experience needed in your corner to grow your business. And imparts knowledge.


Local SEO

If you expect to dominate, you need a complete local SEO strategy that drives and delivers results.

  • Local Search Optimization
  • Google My Business
  • Quote setup and optimization
  • Localized content creation
  • Technical SEO

Technical SEO provides businesses with the necessary foundation for marketing success.

Backlink analysis

  • Website migration
  • Schema markup
  • Image optimization

SEO analytics

All of our SEO services have a basic analytics package. If you are a bit more prepared, explore!

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • User behavior data
  • Reporting and Insight

App development Service:

We are living in a generation where mobile phones act as a basic need in everyday life. Each day numerous applications are generated and thus the competition begins to make your application rank on top. Thus, here we are the best mobile app development company that promises their clients the best services in all the three kind i.e. IOS, Android and Hybrid/Native.

  1. IOS app- our team makes the best efforts daily to provide their every client the best service within the IOS app development and thus known to be the best mobile app development company in Singapore. Our organization provides best services like-
  • Expert IOS developers
  • End-to-end service
  • Easy customization
  • Maintenance and support
  1. Android app- with a wide range of Android app development companies in Singapore we are known to be the best as we provide the complete genuine promising services. Since we have a team of best Android app developers, we assure every client the best outcomes.
  2. Hybrid/Native app- our organization offers the best services with hybrid/native apps. The different reasons that make us rule this industry are-
  • Lowest possible prices
  • Cross-platform
  • Standard web technologies.

Still confused? Don’t worry! Try us once and get assured best outcomes.

Web development Service: 

Website design and development can be a tough task. But, we are pleased to announce that we are the best website development company in Singapore. We are becoming the first choice of a thousand clients by offering the best services. Our team of professionals works hard every day to make our every client feel satisfied and happy with our SEO service.

We believe in honest work and thus follow a web development method that assures the promised best results. The procedure includes the following steps-

  • Planning stage- the first step where the plan is created in a way that it attracts the most audience.
  • Gather content- the second step, to gather the best information as we all must know that the website with the best content attracts the most audience.
  • Plan structure- in this phase, a plan is designed on the basis of which a website is developed.
  • Design- this step is basically to give a final appearance to your website.
  • Testing- the most crucial phase, where the website is tested.
  • Live- the last and the final step, where the website is ready to get launched.

With this procedure, we promise our every client the best growth.

 E-commerce Solution:

In today’s time, people are often to spend their time online and thus e-commerce business is getting more demand. If you are also a person who is planning to earn online by selling their products on an online platform. Then e-commerce solutions act as your primary need. Yes, you heard it right, an e-commerce solution can help you in increasing both your customers and your profit.

We are proud to declare that we are the leading e-commerce development company and thus the choice of many happy clients. Our organization is working with the motive to make our every client satisfaction with our amazing e-commerce solution services like-

  • Payment gateway integration
  • Protected e-commerce shopping cart solutions
  • Credit card processing system
  • Open source e-commerce integration
  • X-cart integration

Our team of professional work hard to provide best SEO Service of our every client the best and thus offers the best advantages like-

  • Increment in customers and earnings
  • Improvement in sales
  • Customer satisfaction
  • High success rate
  • Easy marketing
  • Profitable deals

To invest in an e-commerce solution is always a great deal. Thus, we recommend you to try once and get the best benefits of it.

UX/UI design Service:

By offering the best services to our every client we can proudly claim us as the leading UI/UX design and development company. Our team of professionals gives their 100% to deliver you the best services by offering you the amazing end-user experience. Our organization promises the best UI/UX designs that will help you grow. Our SEO Company motive is to create your vision into a reality by providing you with excellent services like-

  • Creative strategy
  • Wireframing
  • Compelling UX design
  • Web site architecture
  • Interactive UI
  • Mobile friendly and easy to use design
  • Easy customization
  • SEO friendly website
  • SEO Company Services 

Our SEO Company is well known for our honesty and thus we work within a method to help our every client with an equal beneficial growth. The simplest method in which we work is-

  • Research- the first and the foremost step are to research the basic yet the crucial factors like the primary aim behind the product, the audience to target, etc.
  • Storyboarding- the second step where we determine and build the storyboards for each use case.
  • Sketching- to give a rough yet a significant idea we pencil sketch of various scenarios that help us in further decisions.
  • Wireframe- the fourth step, where the design and strategies are created.
  • Visual design- the final step where the actual design output is delivered.

Choose our SEO Company and get the best promising outcomes.

Our SEO Company Provide Best Enterprise/ ERP solutions:

Running a firm isn’t easy. You have to keep multiple facets of a company integrated in order to be productive. To align the policies and business objectives, we have come up with our enterprise solutions software. The aim of this development is to satisfy the needs of an organization and help it perform maximally.

As the business dynamics are changing at an unimaginable pace. We bring this change at an affordable price to your doorstep. Latest technology and the great outcome are what we offer at our aim. Collaborate for your journey to success.

Being one of the leading IT companies of Singapore understands the role of large networks needed to enhance the scalability of your enterprise. Thus, to ensure the continuity of these networks and to improve the relationship with your clients and customers, we have introduced our enterprise solution software’s which integrate all the systems of a company perfectly and thus we are known to be the best software development SEO company in Singapore.

We almost became Worldwide recognized SEO Company since 2015


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