10 Black Hat Link Building Techniques You Should Avoid

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Black Hat link-building Techniques are a practice disapproved of by Google and other search engines and above all, it is not very fair! It is still used today because it would improve the ranking of the pages in the SERP (search results) by downgrading the sites of your passing competitors. However, it is essential to realize that the referral Black Hat application can have significant consequences, not only for your competitors but also for your own site.

Black Hat link building Techniques

Black Hat link building Techniques-http://aroushtechbd.net

The Black Hat constitutes a set of aggressive SEO techniques that do not follow the guidelines of the search engines and try to manipulate their rules, with the aim of obtaining great results in a short time and running the risk of receiving sanctions.

Find out what Black Hat is, learn about the top 10 techniques and Google penalties for websites that use it

What is Black Hat SEO?

These techniques will only lead you to the dark and dead-end. Black hat SEO a set of unethical practices to achieve instant results in favor of your website ranking. The objective is none other than to improve the position in the Google ranking in the results pages (SERPs) of specific keywords.

If you apply the opposite technique, White Hat SEO, you will get the same results but in a long period of time and respecting the rules imposed by Google. Organizations seek immediate answers. However, the fact of exceeding the limits imposed by the search engine to display a page in the SERPs can have disastrous consequences.

Black Hat SEO is effective in the short term but as soon as Google detects that you have missed it, prepare for the worst. Not only will it lower the ranking of your site but it can end up disappearing from the results page.

Free and Paid Black Hat SEO Forum List

I don’t like Black Hat SEO techniques and it has not any sustainable result in the Search engines. I extremely suggest trying to implement White Hat SEO in the long run to survive your website.

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Black Hat SEO vs White Hat SEO

In SEO, two schools of thought collide the White Hat, which follows Google’s recommendations and favors its own optimization techniques; and the Black Hat, the SEO rebels who go beyond Google’s rules. So the question is: which one to favor? In terms of natural reference, no one holds the truth, not even the major players sitting at Google! But one thing is certain, algorithms evolve at frantic speed and although it is sometimes possible to anticipate future changes, Google has also already proven that it is capable of writing where you would not expect.



What are search engines doing to combat this practice?

Penalties and sanctions for offenders

These Black Hats practices are contrary to search engine terms of use and may result in exclusion from the search engine and affiliate sites. To avoid punishment, you should always ask yourself the following question:

Does my work add real value to the user or is it just for the robot to have fun?

If your site does not add value to the user, but your ranking is likely to improve, you are dangerously flirting with the Black Hat!

Google can trigger algorithmic or manual penalties. In the first case, you can get out of it by returning to the ranks: de-optimization, link cleaning … In the case of a manual penalty, you will have to redouble your efforts to show that you have stopped your Black Hat techniques.

Black Hat Link Building: The 10 Tactics Google Can Penalize Your Site

The purpose of the Google algorithm is to “identify, in its immense archive of HTML pages, the most useful content to satisfy the user’s intentions expressed with the phrase typed in the search bar”.

To do good SEO it is advisable to comply with the guidelines produced by Google. Nothing more, nothing less. However, the algorithm is a machine and works according to mathematical schemes.

The techniques of Black Hat link building, of dark SEO, of that devoted to Evil, which produces a penalty by Google. Due to frequent changes in Google’s algorithm and its ranking factors, various black hat SEO techniques emerge and become obsolete over time. The best-known techniques today are:

01.Keyword Stuffing

Black hat SEO

Black hat link-building techniques (Keyword Stuffing)-http://aroushtechbd. net

How often should you type the keyword? should it be highlighted in bold? is it useful to put it in an H1,2 tag, etc? Does it help if you write in white on a white background? Do I put it on photos or hide it with the Hidden tag? Should it be repeated on all pages of the website?

These questions and others often recur at every appointment.

The trick, the easy technique that at the dawn of positioning, made it possible to overcome opponents.

I’m sorry to disappoint those who expect these tricks to still exist. There are techniques, but they are not as decisive as they once were and the “do it yourself” penalizes.

The keyword stuffing is a sure Tecni

Advice on how to avoid Keyword stuffing

An easy method to avoid stuffing is to create fresh and rich content that will help users naturally readable. Try to avoid repetition and include a relevant subject according to your web page, here long-tail keywords are the best way to prevent it. Do not repeat the rubbish keyword or any image ALT tag.

02.Hidden text

Black hat SEO techniques

Black hat link building techniques (Hidden Text)-http://aroushtechbd.net

Hidden text is typically hidden not visible to users from incorporating irrelevant keywords to boost traffic, but the Google spiders can see those contents that look the same color as a background, positioning text behind image setting, font size 0, small character, and use CSS. Few spammers use hidden text for manipulating search ranking. It is an old method now webmaster consider many factors when ranking, so it’s very easy to remove from the index altogether

Advice on how to avoid Hidden text

Write content that outlook can easily read a make the same contrast text with the background color. Such as the Canon G 11 Camera has a professional as well as a portable point.

03.Duplicate Content

SEO black hat

Black hat link building techniques (Duplicate content)-http://aroushtechbd.net

It is another of the techniques you need to know to better understand Black Hat SEO. Duplicant content is the practice with which you will have less chance of being penalized by Google, but it is not advisable.

It consists of creating new articles based on original texts. This means that, even if you do not totally copy, you are imitating a text that exists. And Google doesn’t like this either.

This practice starts with the idea that it is legal to reuse texts by changing words or ordering sentences. These changes allow you to generate content quickly and easily. You can also fool users by making them believe that they are new content.

There is software that automates this process, facilitating the word editing process. But it is also possible to do it manually, more naturally, and credibly for the reader. The first hypothesis is very penalized by Google.

It is with Google Penguin that this practice began to be sanctioned. Its effectiveness is so great that it detects these types of actions ever more quickly.

Advice on how to avoid Content Spinning

Passage small portion, mention source data and try to write very unique content. Such an article based on a sound system on the various models of smartphone quote overview of smartphones found other sites

04. Doorway pages


Black hat link building techniques (Doorway Page)-http://aroushtechbd.net

The goal of the doorway page is to get a high ranking for the search terms. Often these are just artificially assembled keywords, supplemented by some other factors without added value for the reader. When you open such a page, there may be two scenarios:

The page can appear as is, with a contextual ad added or a strong link that guides the user to the desired goal.

Immediate javascript redirect redirects and the user does not see the original page at all.

Search engines are a thorn in the eye mainly because more than one site could be placed in the search results, and each of them would then direct the user to essentially the same goal.

Advice on how to avoid Doorway pages

Doorway pages can achieve the primary goal of high ranking by automatically redirect visitors to separate pages, but these pages will not able to succeed for long-term search engine optimization strategies.

The webmaster has given various prevented methods:

First: avoid duplicate copy, make all pages easy to find out, Remove empty pages, streamline your domain.

Second:  do not stuff keywords in title, description, ALT tag, and content

05. Cloaking

Black SEO

Black hat link building techniques (Cloaking)-http://aroushtechbd.net

The concept of cloaking comes from the English word cloak – to cover. In this unfair practice, the server works with two different versions of the website. One is modified to be better placed in search and is usually completely unusable for the average user. This variant is served to search engines and antivirus detectors. For IP addresses of real users is then ready a common version, but would have a lower chance of placing on the first rungs.

Cloaking is also used to hide illegal content such as piracy or pornography.

Cloaking violation of the Webmaster Guidelines, as it provides the user with different content than expected according to search results.

Advice on how to avoid Clocking

Never set up your content and visitors with another, be honest to create a webpage that visitors can trust your description on the SERP

Example: Such a user searching “naturally beautiful place” but its URL displays an adult site.

06. Spam Comments

Black hat definition

Black hat link building techniques (Spam comment)-http://aroushtechbd.net

Another Black Hat practice, used mainly abroad, is irrelevant commenting on websites and blogs. Using automated tools, some specialists massively spam discussions by posting comments that mention or link to a page they want to push forward in search results. Web site owners can defend themselves against this tactic using specialized anti-spam tools. For example, Recaptcha can be a solution directly from Google. It’s also a good idea to set the UGC attribute for all comments and discussions on your site. As a result, comments will be marked as “user-generated content” and treated by Google accordingly.

Advice on how to avoid Spam Comments

Do post as the astute and positive mood like Fox, also make comments on the related article after reading the entire article, such as never comment like -“thank you very much for explaining, You have to write in details according to the article concept

07. Poor content

The search engine-only content that provides no added value to readers is used extensively within Black Hat SEO. An example, texts that are automatically generated without human proofreading, pointless SEO articles full of keywords, but also merging the content of other sites without adding their own added value.

The 2011 Google Panda Algorithm was especially helpful in combating such articles. It detects and penalizes non-valuable content.

Excessive use of H1 headings should also be avoided. That could be included under the Black Hat section as well. Today, Google recognizes the structure of the content and if it encounters multiple H1 headings – it recognizes that it is manipulation.

TIP: Use only one H1 headline to capture the essence of the entire content.

08.Beware of buying paid links

A few years ago the ranking on Google was mainly determined by link popularity. That is, the more links pointed to your website, the better the position. A lot of software spreads that “spam” the link to their website around the globe, within directories and portals. Google ran for cover, first by decreasing the weight of link popularity. Later attributing penalties to those who abuse this technique.

Is it, therefore, possible to put your banner on another website? Yes, it is still possible. Few links have done well bring visitors and the small number keeps penalties away. My advice, however, is to be “reviewed”. It is better to receive a review with an article on the home page than to be on the side with a tiny banner.

09.Abuse of Anchor Text

In the past this technique was allowed, then when it was abused, it was partially abandoned.  So whoever wanted to promote the page “look for an excellent shoemaker”, put numerous links on the word “look for an excellent shoemaker”. Today, however, it is recommended to put the link on the brand. For example: “if you are looking for a great shoemaker visit Your shoes” with a link on “Your shoes” name of the shop. Keep in mind that it is always the abuse that penalizes and not a single link.

10.Malicious backlinks

It is possible, if you are a large company, that you have numerous unsolicited backlinks. Or backlinks to infected websites or websites with a low rank. This may be due to some attempt to damage your rank (some kind of unfair competition). If you can identify where these malicious links are coming from, you can report them: Here is the reject link.

This is precisely the case with a Black Hat technique used to harm the competition.


Now that you know the main black hat SEO link-building techniques and all the problems that can arise with practice, I assume you want to avoid them, right?

For information, in March of this year, a new update called Google Fred brought down several sites that had little content and were well-positioned, due to other factors (many used black hats).

Using white hat techniques (which follow Google’s guidelines) is definitely more work and involves spending more time to get results. However, this guarantees that we will not receive penalties in the future and that all our work is not wasted.

To begin with, how about starting a link generation strategy that really works and is risk-free?

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