A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing a Web Hosting Company

A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing a Web Hosting Company
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You must understand what you need from a web hosting before choosing one. Your site usability is very important – you need a stable and flexible hosting solution.  The biggest factor behind the success of a website is the web host. If you choose the best hosting, it will play a bigger role in your SEO. You can also increase the number of product sales. Looking around, you will see many types of hosting, such as free, shared, VPS, dedicated and managed WordPress hosting. In this guide, I will help you choose the best WordPress hosting for your website

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The role of web hosting in creating websites is as important as a domain. You can learn more about the web hosting of this blog. Many people are using a free sub-domain like WordPress, Blogger and many types of websites, here hosting is not required because these companies give free hosting to use their subdomain. After reading the full blog, you will learn what is a web host? How many types of web hosting? How to Buy Web Hosting? So let’s start the web host details information before purchase web hosting. 

What is web hosting?

A web hosting service is an internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to access their websites through the World Wide Web. Web hosts are the agency that provides a server space for clients to use, or use, as well as provided an Internet connection that is usually located in the data center.

The website is one of the most popular and the easiest media to use the information for anyone, its refers services by storing your website on the internet and connects to the web server to transfer web data back their computer for views the pages of your website easily which connected 24/7 hours. The web developer’s nicely enhancing it on the website make useful for others is known as Web Host.

Such an example by land & building to better understand what is a web host, If your website is compared to your organization’s office building, then its information or content will be its furniture. Developing websites can be compared to create the house and website hosting can be compared with buying a place for your office building and built building a house in that place 

Types of Web Hostings:

01. A Shared Hosting:

This hosting is the most important factor for any website. In general, the hosting, we are using is all shared hosting. Professional or a large site requires a fixed server service on a self-contained server. These benefits are very costly when it comes to own servers. For them, Shared, Host is suitable. The security of this server is low because there is a lot of client sites (starting with 10 plus) at the same time. Besides, Unlimited Databases, Email, Bandwidth will not be available, all are limited. Host with a very good host provider can get the lowest advantage of shared web host packages.

  • 100% uptime
  • Unlimited disk space (actually does not allow uploading more than 1 million files)
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Extensive Databases
  • Free cPanel

There will be no dedicated IP for your domain, no software can be installed (on the server) there are also more restrictions.

In fact, using their main server’s CPU 25% more than the start of the CPU, many starts to pull. Since all the unlimited text is written so do not tell directly that you have to take a dedicated server. Whenever you get a lot of hits on your site, then you will want to understand and talk about different types of a dedicated server. If you do not understand, then the site will be closed / down gradually.

If you take one such package, you can spend 6/7 thousand rupees per year.

02. Dedicated Hosting:

Dedicated servers are required for this hosting. It’s very expensive. If your website is much bigger and requires stronger security than this host can be done. Here you will find your expensive hardware. The more powerful sites the more powerful the hardware will be. This is the type of web hosting

Managed Hosting: Hosting providers will provide all such services like security, server setup, network configurations, installation of software, and so on.

Unmanaged Hosting: If you are an administrator of the server, meaning that you can do all the work on your web server, it will be unmanaged hosting. This will save you a lot of money. Learning to manage servers. If you want to have thousands of tutorials on the web you can run your own work yourself.

Description of a dedicated web hosting package and examples

  • Intel Xeon Quad Core 2.5GHz (8 threads): 8-Core Processor 2.5 GHz Clock Rate
  • 500 Mbps Uplink: Can be able to transfer 500 MB of data in seconds.
  • 8 GB RAM: RAM 8 GB
  • 1,000 GB RAID-1 Drives: 1000 GB Hard Disk RAID 1 Protection
  • 20 TB Bandwidth: 20 terabytes that mean 20,000 GB monthly bandwidth (or this amount can be transferred data)
  • 4 Dedicated IPs: 4 Dedicated IPs

WHM, cPanel will get free, create unlimited databases and many more benefits.

This type of web hosting package will take approximately 10 thousand rupees.

03. VPS or Virtual Private Server Hosting:

VPS Hosting is the middle of Shared and Dedicated Hosting. All the hardware resources on the dedicated server will give you alone and your site will be on a server. And your shared hosting site will have more thousands of sites. Details are on top. The VPS host usually shares a dedicated server with some. 4 GB of RAM, 16 GB as a server, and you gave him the rest were more than 3 percent of all resources / is limited. Just like a dedicated server, you can install software on your own. Generally, when they take such a dedicated server host package you do not need all of the resources, it is also to save some money.

16 Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

When you will buy a web hosting then obviously consider the below key elements for a valid hosting server. Given Step by step below entire purchasing details:

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1. Budget:

Everyone has an estimated budget in which he will buy web hosting. At the same time, if you want to buy between good quality and less money, you must visit the market and determine your budget. One thing must be remembered that you will get service according to your payment amount, such you will not get chicken at the same price as eggs, same as buy hosting. Hypothetically a dedicated server price almost 150-500 dollars per month, if you want 50 GB space of 2 dollars a month, then you have to tolerate downtime, site slow loading. So think of these criteria before buying web hosts in details

2. Disk Space:

You have to think about space for hosts first. Calculate how much space you need for your website. 50 MB space is enough if you want to make a personal website only for a few pages; 200-500 MB needs who want to blog for online income and you have to need big workspace if you want to keep large quantities of image, songs, videos. 

Most of the users buy 1-15 GB but 100 MB host enough for the purpose of their site, for the ignorance paying yearly 1-15 GB hosting price but using only 100 MB. So start from the smallest plan without paying extra money for unnecessary space. If you need more space than upgrade to the next plan. All host companies give opportunities and offer for upgrades, host space plan.

Do not fall into the trap of Unlimited Space, it’s a marketing trick. It is not possible in favor of any hosting company to give you unlimited space. Have you seen an unlimited hard disk in the market too yet? The server is like our PC.

3. Bandwidth:

Every time readers/visitors visit your website, how many pages, photos, songs, videos, all those items are downloaded to the reader’s computer. Initially, 1 GB of bandwidth for a site is enough. If your site has plenty of images, videos, then it can take a lot of bandwidth 10-100 GB or more.

4. Uptime / SLA Guarantee:

Uptime for a website is very important. As long as the host server is active, your website will still be active. This is not only important for readers, but also very essential for the search engine. When visitors come to your website and appear not, then visitors will have a bad reaction and they may not enter in the future time of your site. Similarly, if the website is down when the search engine index’s not indexing, it will go back and you will be deprived of indexing your website.

Now every hosting company promises 99.9% time to be active but it is not possible to calculate actual uptime. So before buying search on Google to add put the term uptime with the company name and search then you can know about the uptime of the hosting company information. If the company cannot maintain uptime guarantee in a month, then you should check whether the credit is provided. You will get the detail information in the company’s website Terms of Services link.

5. Money back Guarantee:

Value Guarantee is a very important issue. Many companies offer 30 day Money Back Guarantees. Make sure the company offers the money back before buying web host.

6. The overall status of the organization:

Before buying a host, try to know whether the web host company is good or bad. Seeing the company’s reviews of the company then better understand the company reviews. For example, if you go to Google and search by typing linuxhostlab review, you will find user feedback about linuxhostlab.

Make sure whether the billing software that the company uses is in a decent way or use the software to steal. Those who use stolen scripts should not expect anything better than them.

7. Support after the sale:

Support is an important issue in today’s world. If your server is down and it takes a few days to make a claim and make a solution from Host Company then you have to lose millions of visitors. This point is noted if you are handling a reseller client, then you’ll fall into a great problem could not any response from your valuable customers. So be sure the company’s support after sell hosting. Ask the web hosting company about their guaranteed support response time and how to provide instant support.

8. Hosting Features:

A very frequently host company does not mention their limitation about host plans. If you want to create an ASP.Net site, then you need to windows hosting, Linux hosting will not cover. Be confirming they can provide all feature, according to your need.

9. Knowing the Limitation:

What you can host on your host and how much space, bandwidth, CPI can be used on the terms of services page. So the company’s Terms of Services should be read.

10. Control cPanel:

You need control panels to manage your website. With Control Panel you can easily manage your website. The web host is the simpler and more feature-rich control panel being the cPanel, so take cPanel host to control your website as you like best.

11. Server Load:

Make sure is Server overloads? You ask the hosting company about the server’s total core processor. If the server core is 8 and their server load is above 8 then server overload. Remain it overloading the server site will take more time to load and reduce load speed.

12. Technical restrictions:

If you want to create blogs, e-commerce, live video, etc., then never use low package host. The hardware conferencing of cheap package servers will not provide the best technical effort in time, as a result, most of the time your website keep in offline that will more harmful in favor of your site. You have to make ensure from any hosting company which hosting can serve your purpose properly then purchase it.

13. Special Features:

There is much hosting company, Worldwide gives its service feature to customers. You have to consider which organization is superior & providing the best advantage that you have to need such Daily Backup, Free Domain Privacy, Unlimited Bandwidth, and many other related things. If you think they can give you everything in your drive need, then you can take their services.

14. Users’ tuition:

You can gain knowledge about this by visiting their blogs as well as you can learn about our domestic companies on Facebook. 

15. E-mail facility:

This is a very important issue. You must ask your favorite organization about this matter of E-mail advantage. If your site has a spam problem, then it is understandable that they are unable to provide adequate facilities. So know before buy hosting about the e-mail facility and spam solution. 

16 Control panel:

If you are new to the world of the web, then you need to install a script install, email setup, FTP account, without the assistance of Provider. In this case, the interface of cPanel or Plesk is useful for you. Almost every provider in our country uses cPanel so you will not have much problem with this.

The domain’s Control Panel differs from the Web Hosting Control Panel. Before buying a domain you must know whether they will be given a domain control panel and if you want to transfer the domain in the future if is it possible or not.

Hopefully, you get some basic ideas about web hosting from this article. If you like the information about hosting then you may please share with your friends

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