How to Creating Effective Call to Action on Instagram Stories

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What is a call to action on Instagram? Well, the same word says it call – to – action. A phrase with which you ask your reader to do something. In fact, it is the essential piece in the content of your post on Instagram to get the interaction of your community.

Calls to action on CTA can be found in the form of underlined text, or buttons on web pages, e-mails, or landing pages. But today I will only talk to you about the call to action on Instagram in the content.

It is a fact that social networks have become great allies of brands, so it is important that you know how to use a call to action on Instagram Stories. This is a way to capture the attention of users who can become your new leads.

Many companies sometimes underestimate the power of stories, when sometimes they turn out to be more viewed than the feed. Stories were initially used by personal profiles, but over time companies discovered their potential. So, now they are used to announce the publication of a new post.

It is not just about publishing a story, but about taking advantage of the benefits of the call to action on Instagram Stories. You have to be aware that this social network is in high demand, which implies that you will have many competitors to overcome.

What is a Call to Action Definition?

CTA is a very much imperative guideline to encourage visitors to take immediate action. Most of the online marketers want customer’s specific action after complete read blog content viewed. Words advise for online customers of sales promotion message like “Click Here “Call Now.”, “Buy Now”, “Click it out” etc. It’s also targeted to react online buyers for instant take action

To include a call to action it is necessary that the objectives to be achieved have been previously defined and thus be able to design effective calls to action to achieve them.

Why do we need Call to Action?

Call to Action is an essential element when what we want is to make the user connect with us.

It is very important to segment our target audience well and know it in depth to choose the best Call to Action based on our objectives.

Importance of creating calls to action

Calls to action are currently used in any communication process that seeks to encourage a certain response. It is recommended to use them. The following advantages are highlighted:

They promote interest and desire to develop a certain action.

They create a sense of urgency towards the user to encourage him to develop what is being asked of him in the minimum time required.  

Benefits of Instagram Stories to call to action

If you are still not convinced of the effectiveness of call to action on Instagram Stories, then it is time for you to know what are the benefits that this strategy will bring to your brand. So pay close attention to the positive aspects that you will observe below:

They increase the engagement rate considerably.

They maximize your online sales.

You form stronger bonds of friendship with your community.

They influence the increase in interactions of your post. That is, you will get more likes, comments, shares, direct messages, among others.

A good source to generate more traffic on your website or channel.

Growth of your account organically.

It positions you in the Instagram explorer.

They are an influencing factor in the decisions of your followers.

Ways to make Instagram Stories for your brand

There are several alternatives to make Instagram Stories draw attention to your brand. It’s a matter of choosing the right one or applying each one in different publications. But if you don’t know what they are, you don’t have to worry, you can know them at this time:

Do tests on Instagram: Always keep in mind the opinion of your audience and based on it you can work effectively. Put these ideas that you have thought so much to the test and your followers will be able to comment, either through surveys or private messages.

Drive traffic: One of the great inventions in Instagram stories is that it allows you to place a link. This is one way to drive traffic to your site or landing page. If you design a good strategy, you can get the desired results.

Influencer Marketing: This role has become one of the favorites of influencers and brands. Without a doubt, it is a very effective technique for marketing on Instagram.

Instagram Stories Ads
Instagram stories(Call to action on Instagram) -

Are you willing to invest in your stories? If so, the ideal for you is Instagram Storie Ads. These ads are visible in the “Stories” section and users will be able to see them even if they don’t follow you. Without a doubt, it is a pretty solid call to action, and it can generate new leads.

Now, if you wonder how you can make these ads, you should know that they are created directly from Facebook Ads Management. You just have to select the desired objective and position it as “Instagram Stories”. It is necessary to configure them according to some specific rules to optimize the results, such as the call-to-action buttons and the insertion of links that lead to your specific website or landing page.

There is no doubt that paid ads are a good option on Instagram Stories to call to action. You only need a good strategy that allows you to achieve the stipulated results. Therefore, if you have the possibility to invest, do not hesitate to do so, you will notice the difference!

How to add Call to Action Buttons to your Instagram Account

Instagram is a very important social media channel that continues to grow.

AppSourcing recommends that you develop your Instagram channel as it is getting excellent results for our clients.

As always, it is important to raise the image of your brand and know your audience well and the scope of your product or service before starting any campaign.

We go into detail:

To add an action button to Instagram you must have Instagram for Business. You must also have an account established in a third-party app with which you plan to integrate. (See the list of currently active apps below.)

For example, if you want to integrate Booksy so that customers can book an appointment with your company, you must have an active Booksy account.

To add an action button to Instagram go to your profile, and select Edit Profile. In the edit profile screen scroll down until you find the Contact Options option and select it.

<Img src=" Call to Action on Instagram"ALT=" Call to Action on Instagram">
How to add call to action on Instagram-

From the Contact Options, screen click Add in the Action Button option.

Now continue to select the third-party app to which you want to integrate.

Currently, Instagram has the following apps activated: Acuity Scheduling, Atom Tickets, Booksy, ChowNow, EatStreet, Eventbrite, Fandango, Grubhub, MyTime, OpenTable, Reserve, Restorando, Resy, SevenRooms, StyleSeat, Tock, Vagaro, and Yelp. Instagram plans to add more third-party apps.

<Img src=" Call to Action on Instagram"ALT=" Call to Action on Instagram">
How to add call to action on Instagram-

Now enter the URL of the account or page you use in the app you want your Instagram users to go to by clicking the action button.

<Img src=" Call to Action on Instagram"ALT=" Call to Action on Instagram">
How to add call to action on Instagram-

Click Submit and the button will be activated on your profile.

To remove an action button from Instagram go to Edit Profile and navigate to Contact Options. Select the Action Button you want to delete and click the Remove Action Button at the bottom of the screen.

7 Stories to Call to Action on Instagram that Attracts Followers

<Img src=" Call to Action on Instagram"ALT=" Call to Action on Instagram">
How to add stories call to action on Instagram-

You already know the benefits and the best ways to use it, but now the time has come for you to learn how to make creative Instagram Stories call to action. Here are some recommendations that will be of great help to inspire you and succeed:

1. Use the right words

Text in Instagram Stories When you go to carry out a call to action, you have to empathize with the users. You can achieve this by handling a friendly and close message, which is comfortable to interact with and easy to share. You don’t need a long text, just by using three words correctly you can reach your goal.

Here it is important that you give life to what you write. Try bold typefaces. If the fonts offered by the social network seem few to you, use a tool to create stories that stand out from the rest. The more creative you are, the more likely you are to attract users.

2. Give life to your call to action

A good idea to make a call to action with your stories is by adding emojis or symbols to the texts. This is a way to catch the user’s attention, the purpose of this is that the message has the highest possible visibility.

But if you want to give your content even more life, you can also add popular GIFs or stickers. Not only are they fun, but they also give the message that pizzazz it needs. They are simple and organic ways that you can apply to attract your future clients.

3.Captivate with images

<Img src=" Call to Action on Instagram"ALT=" Call to Action on Instagram">
Call to action on Instagram image-

Instagram stands out for the visual aspect. Therefore, you cannot put it aside in the stories. Many think that this only influences the feed, but the reality is that in stories it is very relevant. In this way, you can retain the audience that stopped because they were interested in your brand.

You can use multiple images as if it were a carousel and, in the last one, place a call to action. It is important that you look for quality visual elements that the image complements the text. Keep in mind that people are very fond of what they see.

4. Incentivize your followers

Who doesn’t like to participate in giveaways? Surely, most users love it because this implies that there is a prize involved. If you have the possibility to start one, you can promote a contest through your stories. Create a call to action that directs users to your profile post where you are running this giveaway.

It is recommended that you give away a product or service of your brand. It is a good way to promote it. First, you achieve your goal of calling for action and second, you demonstrate the quality of what you offer.

To generate more interaction, daily publish a story remembering how many days are left to compete. Once the term is over, you make the selection in a live and mention the winner, don’t forget the emojis and stickers!

5.Take surveys

Survey Instagram StoriesAsking for the opinion of your followers is also a very effective CTA that allows you to know what your audience thinks. Instagram makes your job simple because among the options in the stories section you will find the «Survey«. You can post a question and measure people’s responses, for example, do you like our products? Followed by the “yes/no” options.

Another alternative it offers you is to ask “Questions”. These allow you to have more interaction with users. Also, the “Questionnaire” where you leave a question and several options for your followers to answer. Not only do you call to action, but you get to know the audience that follows you more closely.

6.Let him know that it is limited

People are more attracted to those products or services that have a limit on their sales. This is a perfect call to action because they won’t want to be without what your brand has to offer. That is why in your stories you must make them see that if they do not acquire it at the specified time, it will run out and they will lose it.

This definitely works great when you want to sell something to your followers. It is a way to enter the minds of the followers and simply grab their attention. Human beings by nature like to take advantage of what is scarce, this is something that goes beyond the needs.

7. Don’t forget the «Swipe up«

<Img src=" Call to Action on Instagram"ALT=" Call to Action on Instagram">
Swipe up (Call to action on Instagram)-

Swipe up Instagram Stories

More and more brands and companies are using Instagram Stories to call for action, which generates more competition. But this should not be a cause for concern, but rather activation of creativity. This social network knows its potential and to help its users attract more with their stories it added the option to “Swipe Up” or “Swipe up”.

This is undoubtedly one of the CTAs most used at the moment by brands and can complement it with a striking but precise design. You just have to take into account that the page where you direct them is as good as your feed and your Instagram stories.

With all this information, you no longer have excuses! Get your most creative side and create your call to action on Instagram. But if you want to generate more income by publishing quality content on your social networks, Corbis offers you an unbeatable Branded Content & Influencer Marketing Platform. Take the test

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