How to Create Free Blog on Blogger [15 Easy Steps]

How to Create Free Blog on Blogger [15 Easy Steps]
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Hello Beginner’s Bloggers I am telling you about creating a blog through Blogger blogging platform. I’ve tried to give the best effort on how making a professional free blog on Google’s Blogger step by step with images. If the beginners follow the simple steps, then they could complete a free blog on Blogger within 15 minutes maximum and your Blog will run in the next 5 minutes.  Let’s know why Blog on Blogger is best and how a blog can be made with it.

This article is dedicated to beginners who are new to blogging & want to start learning the basics involved in the process.

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How to create a free Blog at Blogger-

There are a few things you have to consider before opening a Blog On Blogger because your goal is to earn money. First, make sure which subject you have the much more vast skill; second, make a prediction of the future expansion of your blog goals, wills it acceptable to readers or not. Third, the name of your blog has to select according to the subject & try to give title unique.

Blogger Blog is the world-famous tech giant’s own company, which is a blogging platform. By using this platform, you can create your own personal blog, business blog or website. If you have the right skills, you can create any type of website using this platform. However, there are some limitations, which appears on the Bloggers Blog for advanced level web development. To create a rich content blog or website, work on blogger should be done manually or with coding, which is easy to use by using plugins in WordPress. In this case, there is some restriction on the Bloggers Blog.

What is the meaning of the Blog?

You will get a lot of information related to the blog from the internet, but who says Blog? You will not get any clear answer about it. Different people have different opinions about the blog and if you read the definition mentioned by everyone, then you will not be able to reach anyone’s definition. So that’s why we will tell you with an example – what is a blog!

Meaning of Blog: Blog is a means through which we make information accessible to people and update it every day. This information can be related to many types of personal, career and knowledge. We try to understand this more easily through example.

Example: A blog is just like our diary. Just like we update it every day by writing something in the Diary, in the same way, we keep adding information in the blog.


The only difference between Blog and Diary is that the Diary is offline and we publish the blog online.

There are other things related to the blog, about which we will go down like: –

  • Blog post
  • Blogging
  • Blogger

What is Blog Post?

Just like we write new things in our personal diary on a new page every day, in the same way, Blog Post is also a new page of Blog to which we add any new information. A blog is a combination of several blog posts.

Example: Like is the name of this blog of mine and what you are reading is a blog post. Many more posts like this: –


What is Blogging?

So let’s talk about what is blogging? Like I have already told you that with the help of blogs, we make information accessible to people. The entire process, from creating that blog to publishing, is called Blogging.

Blogging involves all the processes through which we publish a blog on the Internet, such as buying domains, buying web hosting, creating a blog, setting up a blog and posting content and keep it updated.

What is Blogger?

The Blogger’s definition is even easier. If I say in simple language, a blogger is a person who is blogging. The person who runs the whole process, like I am doing all the work to write, publish and maintain the posts you are getting on this blog, so here I will be called a blogger.

If you also do blogging and publish a blog, then you too will be called a blogger.

What is the difference between a Blog and Website?

Here a question will come in your mind that what is the difference between a blog and a website because both are similar in appearance. ! So in response to this question, I am telling you some points below, which will clear your doubts about what is the difference between Blog and Website….

Blog: –

  • The blog is used to share any information.
  • We update the blog again and again.
  • The blog is managed by an individual or small group.
  • Many posts are published in the blog.
  • The blog is divided into different categories.

Website: –

  • A website is used to sell a product or promote a business.
  • We do not update the website again and again.
  • The website is managed by a company.
  • The website contains static pages that are designed and published once.
  • The website is basically designed to sell a product or promote a business.
  • We sincerely hope that you will like our post What is the meaning of Blog, Blogging & Blogger in Hindi. If you have any related question about it, then you can ask us in the comment

What are advantages of creating a Blog on Blogger?

A blog is an online place where you can publish your thoughts on the internet through articles and pictures. You can write any type of article on the blog which may or may not is related to your life.

  • The basic advantage you can start your online business through a blog.
  • If you already have a business, then you can get more and more customers.
  • Talking about earning money by becoming a blogger comes later, first, it improves your writing skills.
  • You will get the rating of an author which is an honor.
  • Your posts on the blog are easy to reach people and their views can also reach you instantly through comments.
  • Along with advancing our blog, we get a chance to learn a lot from a lot of people in the online world.
  • You can be established as an expert in your field.
  • You can create your own online network.
  • Your knowledge about SEO can also increase, which is very important.
  • With the help of your email subscription option, you can also get a lot of email subscribers.
  • You can sell many types of goods on blogs such as – ebooks, services.
  • You can put your thoughts in front of the world through a blog.


Why Blogger Blogging Platform is Best?

The Blogger blogging platform is best because it is operated by Google. Therefore, Blogger can also be called a Google-centric blogging platform. These are the best platforms to start blogging. Because on this blogger platform you can focus on learning and improving your blogging, writing and SEO techniques instead of paying bills. This gives you the opportunity to start a blog for free. In this, all images are hosted by Picasa, which is part of Google. If you want to do it to earn money, then for that you have to create a blog that looks professional, because professional blogs will attract people to your blog and more and more people will like your blogs, so that with your blog – You will also get a lot of benefits.

Why should we choose a blogger on the web. Below are some of the important points presented on the benefits of Blogspot blogs.

  • It is very easy to use. There is no need to have options like WordPress. It can be used and managed very easily. Posted in Very Easy Rules
  • You can open blogs in Bloggers Blog with a Gmail or Google Account.
  • If you are a young Bloggers Blog or web developer, then blogger must be the best platform for you. Because here is a great opportunity to increase your skills gradually.
  • You can edit templates or themes directly in Blogger. This can easily be done in detail and skill can be increased. So before going to WordPress, learn how to handle the coding from Blogger. Do great work. You have complete control over the blog so that you can do whatever you want if you know the work here.
  • If you want to open a personal blog, then Bloggers Blog is the best platform for you. Because, in addition to the official viewing template for personal blogs, there is numerous aesthetic template on the internet, the lion’s share is free! Most personal blogs in the world are created by bloggers.
  • Blogger is Google’s own company, its SEO results are remarkable! Because Google has made it search engine friendly by default. In rare instances, there are unprecedented results in search engine results.
  • Because blogs hosted (registered) blogs are managed from Google’s own servers, they are relatively good at loading speed.
  • It is said that the blogger or Rich Web Development is not. But now many templates and premium web development are reporting that the blogger is wrong. So, if you have the expertise, then there is a great opportunity for bloggers to use.
  • Another big thing is that thousands of aesthetic custom templates are now available free on the internet, which allows you to design your own blog.
  • Any problem can be solved by searching Google itself. There are many Blogger Blog help forum types like ours on the internet now, through which you can easily get the solution to your problem.
  • The smartphone is a blogger’s special application, which allows you to easily post to your Android, iPhone.

A step-by-step guide to creating a free blog on Blogger

First of all, you have an email address in Google account to create a free blog at I don’t open Gmail accounts, then create one for free. After complete your Google account, you will see an option to use the identity from Google Plus

There are many popular free blog sites like,, etc. is easy to operate & having a lot of advantages because it’s a Google product the largest search engine in the World


To manage a blog, a Bloggers Blog has to use dashboard. Here step by step given in details setting with a related image that’s why you need to open an account at first. 

Let’s now discuss with image how to manage dashboard setting?

Step one: Go to link & login to your Gmail account, then you will appear the surface as below

<Img src="Blogger "ALT="Blogger">
Go to

Step two: Clicking on the new Blogger Blog then you will get the window that appearing title & address option. You will fill up title & address according to your need, then click on Create a blog.

<Img src="Blogger "ALT="Blogger">
Title & address option-

Step three: Your Gmail ID displayed with the blog name. You get many options like- create a new post, edit, post list, view blog, total page view, total posts, followers, comments, traffic source & many others. Check your site to continue then click on the overview for the redirect to the dashboard.

<Img src="Blogger "ALT="Blogger">
Blog options-

Step Four: Your blogging dashboard is ready. Now you have to give a description of the Blogger Blog that’s why to click on setting option and click on Edit for make description of your blog. Please follow the picture below.

<Img src="Blogger "ALT="Blogger">
Give a description-

Step five: Your blog will not publish until you write any content or article. You have to click on a new post showing the top of the Blogger Blog & setting many others to see in below image.

I’ve marked up 1, 2,3,4,5 for better understand the basic 

<Img src="Blogger "ALT="Blogger">
Setting options of your Blog-

01. Give post name 

02. Write a description of the post 

03. Click on a level & write category, just I’ve written James bond upcoming movie Bond 25

04. Click to publish your blog 

05. Insert permalink like 

After completing 01-05, go to view blog then you can see your created blog post

Step Six: Let’s now introduce with Dashboard of blogger.come. You can see in the Dashboard post, pages, comments, Earning, setting & related many others which will be discussed step by step with images

<Img src="Blogger "ALT="Blogger">
Introduce with Dashboard-

Step seven: Overview is the mirror of your blog, you will show in detail information when you click on particular blogs, such as you can see page views, 03 top traffic sources, update information- comments awaiting for moderation, published comments, page view today, Follower & many others, see the image

<Img src="Blogger "ALT="Blogger">

Step Eight: Click on post will redirect all post and show all information about the post, such as published post, draft post, Google plus shares, number of page views, author name and edit your post, image, tags, properties

<Img src="Blogger "ALT="Blogger">
All information about the post-

Step Nine: It shows all the pages of your blog which redirecting contact us, privacy policy, and disclaimer. You can add & delete as you wish

<Img src="Blogger "ALT="Blogger">
All the pages of your blog-

Step Ten: Comment from the audience, you can reply, delete. It displays in 03 categories published, Awaiting for moderation & spam. It is noticed that verify comments then publish & never publish spam.

<Img src="Blogger "ALT="Blogger">
Comment from the audience-

Step Eleven: Total visitors you can calculate & trucking by this option, such as you can see page viewer today, yesterday, page views all the time history, audience, followers, traffic source country wise. You can see the traffic status by using Google Analytics is completely free. 

<Img src="Blogger "ALT="Blogger">
Trucking option-

Step twelve: Making money through Google AdSense is the best way to earn & monetize your Bloggers Blog by productive articles written. You can see earning option details information in the menu bar

<Img src="Blogger "ALT="Blogger">
Google AdSense-

Step thirteen: Layout is very important for customization of your blog. The layout is like a window in the door of your home, where you can set your blog like – Popular Post, Recent Post, online Visitor Bloggers Blog. You will find the different widgets like advertisements, forms, social media boxes & you could adjust layout, add the gadget to your blog

<Img src="Blogger "ALT="Blogger">
Customization of your blog-

Step fourteen: You can readjust your blog by this option, here you will find – Basic, post & comments, Email, language, search preference. In basic option – Title, description, privacy, publish & permission-you can set according to your need

<Img src="Blogger "ALT="Blogger">
Readjust your blog-

Step fifteen: Select theme according to your blog, it plays a very vital role because theme also attracts visitor’s first impression of your blog. You will get more default theme which can be set on your blog. From Theme option, you can edit the HTML of the theme of your blog 

<Img src="Blogger "ALT="Blogger">
Select theme-

Bottom line: Easy ways to open a new Blog on Blogger platform just open a Google account & go to Blogger link ( then gradually set up all step according to the image above. If you think this article helping you then encourage for the next article.

Hope, the information given by us will help you completely in making your blog.

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