10 Creative Link Building Techniques to Get More Links for 2021

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Creative link building is an SEO technique referring to the quality and quantity of links that lead to a certain site or to a certain page. This is a rather long-standing practice that despite the numerous updates of the Google algorithm continues to be fundamental.

Let’s analyze the top 10 practical creative link building techniques to be included in your SEO strategy to improve the positioning of a page or a website and get more visits.

SEO link building

Creative link building is a technique that is used in every SEO strategy.

Once the Google algorithm was simpler and good backlinks were a guarantee to position your website and increase the number of visits.

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Today the situation is more complex, the SEO positioning factors have multiplied and it takes more skills to obtain the desired results.

The good news creative link building work is done properly, you will get concrete and obvious results.

The question is:

what is the best way to do creative link building and get quality backlinks to our site?

When it comes to planning an SEO strategy to position a web project, building links appears to be a complex issue and we ask ourselves a million questions on the subject. This post was created to answer these questions by indicating a series of practical tips to do creative link building and get results.

With the arrival of Panda, one of the most “incisive” updates to the Google algorithm. Many in the world began to wonder if it was possible to do good SEO only by generating quality and valuable content, ignoring links.

The answer is: it depends!

According to creative link building experts of the sector, it is possible but only in certain cases or scenarios. If the niche we want to position ourselves in has some competition, it will be almost impossible to reach the top positions in the SERP of search results only with quality content.

Furthermore, this would be a paradox that disproves the thesis:

If the content is of quality and gives value to users, why does no one link to it?

Link building means creating value

natural link building

It amazes me how even today several bloggers and marketers entrust their link-building strategy only to paid links. They contact a website, agree on a price for a post with a link inside, and that’s it.

Buying backlinks is not absolutely wrong, the point is that Google is increasingly able to discover artificial links (the aforementioned Panda), and if you do not proceed with caution, you risk penalizing your site.

That’s why if you’ve read a bit around the web, you’ve certainly found some insistence on the concept of “natural link building”.

The principle is right, the links must be “deserved” as a consequence of the production of valuable content. On the other hand, however, every link building strategy is artificial precisely as a strategy (which is therefore planned at the table and artificially implemented).

The truth lies somewhere in between. A good SEO strategy involves doing link building creating value (therefore of course) to obtain links from other websites (even in an “artificial” way).

Before seeing how to do it in practice, let’s answer a fundamental question:

How many backlinks should I get?

You have to think that the new links you earn with your link building strategy must be constant. If the site is new, the creation of these links should be slow and as natural as possible, so that Google does not perceive it as an artificial link building.

But it’s also important to know that many of the creative link building SEO techniques no longer work as they used to. So, set aside directories, forum comments, etc.

What is link building?

Link building is a strategy of building links that link to certain content in order to give it greater authority in terms of ranking.

creative link building is important because although Google’s algorithms are constantly evolving, backlinks remain a determining factor in the ranking of the quality and authority of a specific page.

For Google, links are a sign of the quality of the contents, so much so that they are worthy of mention from other websites; therefore a good network of backlinks to your site can help you climb the SERP, but it is also important that quality and relevant sites are linking.

Building natural and organic links is a challenging process that takes time and patience. The best way to be able to get a natural and spontaneous link is to create high-quality content to make sure that industry sites spontaneously share your post within their own, thus giving it relevance.

Why link building is important for SEO?

Creative link building is important for SEO as Google positively evaluates a series of links from quality sites to your content. It is obviously important that the site linking to your content is considered authoritative and of quality, that it is SEO optimized, and that it provides an anchor text in line with the reference keyword.

In concrete terms, Google itself declares that it is possible to gain some position on search engines if the content is linked by quality websites using your reference keyword as an anchor.

What is a quality external link?

The backlinks or external links are those links that come from authority domains in your sector.

To take advantage of the strength of these sites, the idea is to get a contextual link.

Techniques creative link building

If you are used to creating links to improve your web positioning in author boxes, in link directories, or through blog comments, I am sorry to tell you that Google gives them less and less importance.

But not everything is black or white

How to know if a domain is authoritative?

Well, it’s simpler than you think, the other day I was talking with my friend the SEO consultant Joel about how to get relevant websites, to know if the domain is the authority you just have to follow these steps.

Check with tools like Moz or Ahrefs the authority metrics that they give you on that domain.

Make sure the domain deals with topics similar to yours and has a careful design.

Check that you create content regularly and it is not abandoned.

Make sure that the site has not been penalized by checking if it is indexed with tools such as Monitor Backlinks or if it has not suffered any significant drop in traffic with Similar Web.

How to do Creative Link Building to Get Quality Link In Your Site

Link building is an SEO technique referring to the quality and quantity of links that lead to a certain site or to a certain page. This is a rather long-standing practice that despite the numerous updates of the Google algorithm continues to be fundamental.

There are several ways to be able to create creative link building your site or a particular page from external sites. Let’s take action. Let’s examine in detail 10 creative link building techniques that you can use right away to boost your SEO strategy and try to improve your site’s ranking to get more traffic.

1.Internal Link Building

The creation of internal links is often an underestimated SEO tool but in reality, it is certainly a crucial and very helpful step to be able to direct referral traffic to other authoritative contents, thus obtaining recognition of authority and credibility from the search engines.

The creation of internal links is essential especially for new sites but it is not to be underestimated even for the most long-lived sites.

Internal link building tools and tips

How do you build excellent internal links in order to benefit from indexing? There are several simple strategies to implement and tools to connect the internal pages of the site

Keyword Research – It is certainly important to start the process by using a keyword research tool to understand where to go by exploiting the keywords suggested for relevance and popularity.

Assign keywords to content – the next step is to group the keys strategically so that you can create an architecture between the different content.

Use a targeted anchor text – apply an anchor that contains the keyword in order to give an intelligent URL link. This step is certainly the most important in order to make sure that the anchors match the keys you want to point to.

2. Create great content that attracts links

This is the first step to get links. After all, what will motivate another person to give you a link if not the quality? Your content, nothing else.

Content is King is said to be. This is true, but it could be corrected in creativity is king.

You can have great content, but if you focus on the same issues and focus as other blogs, what will set you apart? You have to remain it, Why would someone put a link to your website and not another? In marketing, this is known as the USP, Unique Selling Proposition. Even if you call it differently, it doesn’t matter. Just make sure with growing confidence your site offers something extraordinary that others don’t.


Registering in quality directories is an easy way to get follow links and thus increase the traceability of a new project in the first place, as well as to gain some authority.

Before registering in a directory, it is a priority that we check its “health” with a tool. (Ahref, Majestic, Sistrix). It should be noted that said directory has not been penalized or is dying (without traffic or visibility).

How do we register in a directory to put a link?

The process in the directories is quite similar and usually follows the following steps:

Access the registration part, register company, company file or similar in the directory

Enter the information it asks for (like your NIF, to find it in the privacy policy of the web).

The most important thing: enter the domain of your website. Normally they force you to put the URL of the Home

Upload the company logo. Since you sign up, make it nice.

Add a description. In many cases it is mandatory.

Accept the registration email (I recommend creating an email account for directory entries) to process your request.

Wait for them to accept the registration and check that the link works

4.Use the search bar

Using the search bar is not only pretty simple, but it can also be used for several purposes:

Find the reference pages to create a link – especially if there are several editors it is useful to use the internal search bar or directly the search engine by referring to a specific keyword in order to find the corresponding pages to link.

Identify pages to link to a new page – it is essential that the new pages can link to other content in order to create a network able to facilitate the reader in navigating the site but also in order to give the reference engines a scheme of links to follow.

5. Carry out an interview

Do you know influential people in your industry? You can offer him a collaboration through an interview.

There are several ways to do this, but the most common (and easiest) is contacted by email or through a social network. Ask them if they are interested and if they accept, send the list of questions (try not to ask more than 5 or you risk being boring).

After receiving the answers, organize them in an article and send it to the interviewee to let him know that the content is online. It is almost certain that he will share your new article and there is a good chance that he will link it with a link to some of his posts.

There are two very important things with which you can exponentially increase the probability of obtaining backlinks through an interview:

The kind of questions you ask. Quality is more important than quantity, so much so that even from a single application you can create great articles and get many inbound links.

The people you interview. The more knowledgeable and valuable they are, the more links and visits.

More than 90% of the time people share this content with Twitter and Facebook and more than 40% of the time people create a link from their website


Online forum

The forums are great to leave links. It’s true that they are increasingly covered by nofollow and with stricter participation regulations. If you know how to contribute and follow the threads you can place a backlink. The advantage they allow you to orient the anchor text and you can place the URL that you want. Of course, the first thing is to check how the forum breathes using the tools mentioned above.

There are different strategies for your link to sneak in and achieve its goal in a forum. Follow the next steps:

Register in a forum. If possible that the forum is thematic and agrees with the sector of the web

Place the link in your forum signature. They will rarely throw it at you. This forces you to create a user per web that you want to position and per URL. Every time you participate in the forum you will have a link placed.

Providing new interesting content where it has a place and it is coherent to put your link. I recommend creating small standard texts to be able to replicate in various forums.

Participate in a thread trying to contribute something valuable so that the moderator does not see reasons to delete your comment.

Quote a participant and place a link in their appointment.

Edit your comment after a while. Once your contribution has been accepted in the forum you can go back to the time to place the link. It is very strange to have it taken away or noticed. Although it is true that it is not always possible to edit an already published comment.

7.Create a Wire Frame for the Link Building

After paying particular attention to the anchor text, it is necessary to plan and outline some targeted keywords to be associated with certain pages by creating a wireframe; in other words, it is necessary to create a real map so that certain pages can logically be linked to a reference keyword.

This scheme can certainly help authors to direct to certain pages, benefiting from the ranking.

The web is made up of links and connections between different resources. This exchange is considered one of the important factors in favoring the indexing of given content.

It is possible to talk about creative link building when other external websites link yours. Internal link building is equally important, which guarantees a solid structure and a good linking architecture between the different contents proposed.

8.Comment on other blogs in the sector

Think that your website should always be on the go, with a lot of traffic. Therefore, the more participatory you are in forums, the more visibility you can achieve. And the more likely they are to visit you.

But don’t limit yourself to just forums. The blogs that deal with topics of the scenarios that you have to visit the most. In them, You will not only be able to gain visibility with a potential audience, but you will also be able to create relationships.

When participating in blogs or forums you must be careful so that your comments are not penalized as spam

9.Guest Posting or Guest Blogging

Did you wonder why you would need to create new relationships to improve your SEO? Precisely for this. Guest Posting provides advantages both for guest bloggers and for the blog that incorporates posts written by different users.

It is a clear example of win-win link building techniques in which all participants win. Not only will it allow you to improve your SEO, but you will also be able to:

Increase your visibility.

Establish personal and professional relationships with other members of the blogosphere.

Generate links for your own blog.

Increase traffic to your website, your blog, and your profiles on social networks.

Demonstrate your knowledge on a specific topic. Which will end up making you visible as an expert on that specific topic.

Improve your communication skills. Writing for a loyal community is not the same as for users who don’t know you. Guest Posting helps you improve your way of writing taking into account the audience that is going to read you.

For its part, a blog that publishes guest posts gets the following advantages:

Mainly, get different content with a different voice than usual which will give it freshness.

The potential to win new users. The logical thing is that the guest blogger makes it known to their community. Thus, a percentage of that community will know the blog. It’s likely that they will end up incorporating it into their regular reading of blogs.

10. Rebuild broken or outdated links

Most link building techniques require favors at some point. In fact, it is the concept that is worked on when building broken links. The key here is knowing how to find them.

To begin with, these links must be related to the keywords that interest you for looking to position yourself. You can do it from Google’s own search engine. It can always count on advanced operators.

You can make a contrast with pages that include your keywords within the URL of the specific post. Google provides you with a wide variety of advanced operators. Even so, in the example in the image, you can see how to use one of the simplest, “allinanchor”.

Using this option will give you many results that will probably be related to your sector. In this case, “the best keywords” which you would like to position yourself and in which you would be investigating.


Creative link building is an important SEO technique. you need to avoid the search for shortcuts such as buying paid links that are against Google’s rules

The link building possibilities are endless. You can make link building in many different ways, you just have to be creative. What I’ve learned over the years is that the best link builders are the creative ones. All you have to do is think beyond this list. What other creative ways do you use to build links?

The process may be long, above all

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