Top 20 Social Bookmarking Sites List That Will Improve Site’s Rank

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The first thing that will come to hand is to store it in the bookmarks or favorites folder of your browser. This is how social bookmarking sites list work, only they are available online to use at any time and from any PC. But it is not all, there are many more key advantages of these new web services are completely free.

Discover everything you can do, how to use them, and choose from our list of the 20 most important social bookmarking services on the Internet, the one that best suits your needs.

If you want to make social bookmarking for your site, make sure you select the right social bookmarking sites. Here is the top 20 most popular social bookmarking sites list.

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Free Social Bookmarking sites list-

This article will help SEO worker who wants to search updated free dofollow & high PR social bookmarking site list. I have provided a unique social bookmarking list to get high-quality backlinks in SEO. It will help to gradually and quickly improve your website’s top ranking.

SEO, Social bookmarking sites Keeping an important role in SEO’s today. By social bookmarking sites, we can introduce our website and blog in a variety of relevant sections to get good backlinks with small traffic. I will discuss how to bookmark this article correctly.

What is social bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is the process of sending links to various websites, such as social sites, blogs, bookmarking sites, etc. Social bookmarking includes pages, publications, images, videos, links to your website.

Initially, social bookmarks were services in which any user could leave notes about resources of interest to him, so as not to lose them later, as well as share information with other users. But progress did not stand still, and with the advent of such a thing as SEO, links from social bookmarking to the resources needed by optimizers began to multiply like mushrooms after rain.

The profit was that links from social bookmarks transferred static “weight” to the target site, thereby increasing its position in the search results and the notorious. In addition, social bookmarks served as a good source of traffic.

Social bookmarking sites are still able to help in attracting traffic to the site, as well as accelerating the indexing of new pages.

Benefits of Social Bookmarking  Sites

In my previous blog post, I discussed the On-Page SEO checklist and once you have finished the page optimization, your next step should be to stop the page optimization. Thus, you can start with social bookmarking. In the beginning, blog posts/web pages should be submitted to social bookmarking sites list as it has many benefits

  • Bookmarking is the fastest way to blog posts on your website or search engine – Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.
  • The top social bookmark site is the high PR, if you have backing from them, it will provide quality backlinks.
  • submitting social bookmarking websites assists us to create new applicable site visitors.
  • By submitting social bookmarking, your blog post may go viral
  • This will improve the domain authority.
  • It will reduce the bounce rate
  • This will help in the category of blogs.

When Should need Social Bookmarking sites?

It is well worth bookmarking an expansion of your pages to construct links back to your website. Bookmarking can also be used to feature cost to a brand new weblog post or article. As an example, a current article with a hyperlink back to your web page can be bookmarked to place a further price at the back of the preliminary hyperlink.

Emblem safety:

Social bookmarks often clog up the first page of Google, which means you have got the possibility to construct more than one ratings. A strong bookmark on a logo related time period is likewise every other manner to defend your organization name and dominate seek outcomes.


Social bookmarking sites are a first-rate way to painting ‘recognition signals’ to search engines like google. The social reference of an emblem name or even a key-word (with the correct link) will have widespread advantages on your seek results.

How to make social bookmarks for the site?

  • Open social bookmarking site in a tab
  • Click on register
  • Confirm your email address
  • Log in to the site with the credentials you used
  • Click on the submit button and add information about your sites such as title, description, tags, and URL.

Congratulations, you made social bookmarking.

Free Social Bookmarking Sites List with DA and PA


All SEO groups are doing social bookmarks & you have to know how effectively it works?

All social bookmark websites are the same. You need to understand before submitting a blog post to the website of their terms and conditions. Some high PR, social bookmarking websites such as,’s approval are very clear and strictly handle all spamming.

You need to create your profile by submitting blog posts, post comments, re-share, and upload to others of these types of high authority websites. You will get more benefits from this, create innovative titles, add creative keywords, keyword descriptions, or keyword fields, and most importantly you have to classify them in class.

Hope you understand what is social bookmarking? Why should everyone bookmark & how doing it? So let’s start with the top 20 high-pro social bookmark sites.

01. Reddit: – Reddit is one of my favorite bookmark websites. Your blog post on Reddit is not easy to submit; You need to upload and re-edit others’ Reddit posts. The action will be performed on your radium. You can easily submit your blog post, before reading all the terms of the subordinate. Meanwhile, try and upload some posts from famous websites or add current news related posts so human beings comment or upload your posts.

02. StumbleUpon/Mix: – StumbleUpon is a good source of instant traffic. You must register to submit a blog post to it. A full profile traffic generation will help you. Do not submit your blog multiple times in one day. It will be considered spam. If you run multiple blog sites, you can add other blog posts. The only submission is not enough, you need to build the network in your niche. Others’ comment on the others stumbles

03. Delicious: – One of the top social bookmarking sites. Another bookmarking sites, submitting blog posts,  are not enough to get the most out of Delicious.

  • To create a network, you will need to post, comment, share, or upgrade another’s post.
  • Submit the Most Relevant Categories If you can not get the right category, you can submit it to the news section.
  • Prepare the most informative headlines and descriptions and add targeted keywords. Digg is one of the top social bookmarking websites which you easily bookmark your post. The social bookmarking site turned into re-founded in the year 2012. Digg is thought to provide maximumly applicable, as well as the compelling content material million of the customers. So, you are bookmarking your post on this website then get the opportunity to force millions of customers to your site. To bookmark your site, you simply need to sign up yourself and then pick out the perfect choice for bookmarking your page.

05. Bizsugar: – Bizsugar is the most difficult website to publish your blog post. You must be very careful when submitting a blog post.

  • Submit the post on the famous and high authority website of the relevant section
  • Upload and comment on others’ published post comments.
  • Once you create a strong profile, then try to submit your blog post.
  • Enter meaningful details, creative titles, and select the appropriate category.

06. – is one of the best places to purchase content and content marketing. Here you can bookmark your blog post or create a complete article on your blog backlink. I’ve tested them both if you have premium and free plans you can use both according to your needs. Premium plans have a few additional features. Its DA and Alexa Rankings are extremely good for building backlinks as it is.

  • You can manage multiple issues in a single account.
  • You can create a community.
  • Share, like, and comment on other posts.
  • Enter interesting titles with targeted keywords
  • Add photos to your scope article. Slashdot provides a platform that can offer a large hike to media which you percentage, i.e. hyperlinks, articles, motion pictures, and lots greater. The website consists of a massive number of high-quality target market. You just need to check-in yourself and percentage your website or anything which you want after which see the exchange. Folkd is a social site inclusive of popular hyperlinks, social bookmarking, and social search. You could easily attain out to the fine people with Folkd, which you require on your website. You could additionally search for the popular hyperlinks, videos, and plenty of extras. This site gives various information like Your LifeStyle, Entertainment, sports, and many others you want

10. Pinterest: – Pinterest is not simply a bookmarking website. 

Pinterest currently has a big impact on social media. Although Pinterest is a web and mobile application company, which acts as a photo-sharing website. You can improve your business by promoting your product very easily.

11. Facebook: Facebook is the controversial world’s most popular social network. Regardless of how the Facebook algorithm reduces organic reach, it can still be a major source of traffic for post content.

12. Google Plus: Google Plus, Google’s own social network, lets you discover new content, post your own content, and connect with other members.

13. LinkedIn: LinkedIn is designed to create a 500 million + member social network and connect with your professional network.

14. Tumblr: Popular “microblogging” network Tumblr allows users to post multimedia and other content on a short-form blog.

15. Disqus: Disqus is a global comment system that improves discussion on websites and connects conversations across the web.

16. Flipboard: Flipboard can stay informed and involved in the world’s story curator, which you can focus on investing in the world.

17. Instapaper: Instapaper is the easiest way to save and save articles for offline reading of antenatal, anytime, at any time, anywhere.

18. Listly: Listly helps publishers, as well as the blogger, engage readers by viral created the top 10 listings.

19. Quora: Q & A is not only a great research tool for content intelligence, but Quora is also a questionnaire and answer-based site filled with broad topics for discussion and follow-up.

20. Emolinks: Emolinks is a social bookmarking platform where you can create, publish, and share free web content.

Here I am sharing with you the list of high prosocial bookmarking sites that I am regularly using for my website. Use these sites and radical grow your web pages. These social bookmarking sites will organize & change your work after a few days later.

100+ Best Social Bookmarking Sites List for SEO in 2021

You need to promote social bookmarks in order to promote and increase the credibility of the domain of your site or blog. The list of social bookmarking sites list for 2020 given here will help you increase the ranking of your site in search results.

If you create more backlinks using social bookmarking, the visibility of your site or blog will be increased. Before you make social bookmarking, you have a clear idea of ​​what social bookmarking is.

SL. Social Bookmarking Sites Alexa Rank
1 6
2 13
3 56
4 79
5 1696
6 1920
7 2304
8 выкопать это 3127
9 4591
10 6182
11 6969
12 11747
13 11755
14 22187
15 34646
16 47583
17 48526
18 65266
19 90656
20 101776
21 103738
22 116819
23 133623
24 158914
25 161107
26 181221
27 184941
28 187655
29 187982
30 188723
31 191826
32 196986
33 198735
34 199344
35 213807
36 214546
37 217148
38 233187
39 244354
40 249177
41 257914
42 261429
43 272295
44 274902
45 279961
46 293930
47 300160
48 301267
49 303897
50 332568
51 343533
52 354702
53 357197
54 392398
55 406322
56 414765
57 418654
58 423566
59 429411
60 434242
61 434944
62 449273
63 456940
64 468371
65 474807
66 478278
67 508864
68 530161
69 543854
70 544310
71 567875
72 590132
73 593579
74 625130
75 627190
76 641449
77 642288
78 646057
79 648229
80 648302
81 659303
82 672872
83 679008
84 731975
85 740922
86 741284
87 797561
88 817493
89 870547
90 875605
91 887851
92 918807
93 925935
94 997710
95 1072106
96 1094252
97 1225394
98 1263318
99 1283914
100 1313694
101 1325029
102 1330838
103 1440994
104 1446262
105 1522798

Free 40 High PR Social Bookmarking Sites List in 2021

SL. Social Bookmarking Websits   PR DA Alexa
01 09 99 01
02 09 79 365
03 09 79 565
04 09 85 1539
05 08 68 521
06 08 66 2965
07 08 61 5427
08 08 33 20728
09 08 77 2175
10 08 64 3907
11 08 46 15934
12 08 91 46
13 08 55 2664
14 07 55 3741
15 07 86 2291
16 07 48 8378
17 07 43 3756
18 07 05 60585
19 07 54 1505
20 07 83 1391
21 07 79 30425
22 07 58 20801
23 06 49 31479
24 06 05 37375
25 06 35 4980
26 06 41 9272
27 06 54 3503
28 06 53 4417
29 06 39 7540
30 05 53 15644
31 05 22 16667
32 05 20 121076
33 05 25 187120
34 05 01 311090
35 05 07 31337
36 05 18 371108
37 05 25 22229
38 05 31 20826
39 05 44 1977
40 04 05 64548

Bottom Line:

Social bookmarking sites had been round for the long-term, but this doesn’t mean they ought to be left out. With Google paying greater attention to social citations, there’s a brought benefit to encompass bookmarks to your hyperlink building method.

Leave your feedback on these best social bookmarking sites lists for 2021 in the comments section below.

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