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What is the Best Way to Hire Dedicated Android Developer

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Looking for hire dedicated android developer ? In an increasingly competitive market, the app development company is beginning to be in high demand. New technologies are the future. The surrounded society lives by all kinds of very smart devices today. The ultimate result of this need increasing every day and many people want to have their own app.

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How to hire dedicated android developer-

 Finding the most qualified professional is quite difficult, but with our list of ways to hire  dedicated android developer, it becomes much easier. With so many options available, it becomes quite confusing to choose the right one for your enterprise. The trick is to let him find you.

Now we come to advise you on the subject. When you have the development of an app in mind, you must take a series of steps so that this project ends up being a reality. The first is to think about subcontracting a company that develops your application, then everything will go smoothly if you follow a series of approaches.

Note that there are certain professionals who are experts in android app development, while others may be a specialist in Ios app development. Your choice of professional is going to affect your business in many ways. The right professional can add value to your company and will enhance the revenues of your business through the app.

Top 10 Steps to Know Before Hire Android  Developer

To avoid extra cost and headaches, the best thing to do when hire dedicated android developer for developing an app is to outsource it to a company or certified professional to take care of it. Below you can read ten tips in this regard that will help you in making decisions to hire dedicated android developer

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How to hire dedicated android developer-


sometimes searching for low-cost professionals ruins everything. So, don’t let the charges drive the success of your company. It is a fact that we often work with our budget, making adjustments in it becomes difficult. But often it happens that redoing of certain things is required like app development. This happens because when we pay less to the qualified professional, he becomes less interested in developing something extraordinary. As app development is a one time process, investing in it will pay great revenues later on.


Before hiring any professional in any field, it is advisable to check their profile. Looking out for their reviews on social media sites will tell everything about their quality of work. Also, do check out their previous work, apps developed and companies served. Talking to them will also help you in understanding their skills and work. Remember, a great professional knows how to interact with the clients. You can also assess their apps developed to find out the errors.


 An app developer who has great evaluation skills can only develop something extraordinary. When a developer is truly interested in your business and not just the development process, that’s when it becomes possible to develop something extraordinary. A well qualified professional won’t just develop what he is asked to, but will also give input on what can be performed an extra. The experts with a ton of experience know how to promote the app developed in addition to the possible errors. Remember “Creativity comes with experience”.


Some developers just stick to their traditional ways of development, while some go out and search for new ways. Yes, it is safe to work with the old process, but it won’t introduce something new. In this technological world, advancements are made at a very high pace; you would be left behind if you don’t come up with something new. When new features are introduced, the app becomes engaged. This excites users to try the app and may convert them into potential customers.


Checking out their reviews on the internet or social media site is not enough. You need to talk to their clients in real to get feedback on the quality of work he/she performs. Take their client information and their apps developed before hiring them.


Building an app is not an individual’s work. It needs a corporation of professionals in other fields too. Coding, designing, marketing, usability, and testing, all cannot be performed by a single individual. As a whole team is required, recruiting a single individual won’t work. Search out for a company or a team of professionals to get your work done unless you have people perform tasks other than coding.


Don’t waste your precious time and money working with someone who doesn’t have proper knowledge of its field. As regularly as new features are introduced in the apps, to gear up with the current trend you need an expert with full knowledge. An app developer should proper knowledge of different ways of development as it may be required when one fails to work.

8.Ask the portfolio

Some developers like to brag about the number of applications they have worked on, but the quality of the software created is really important. So you have to ask your developers for his created portfolio & the products available in the Google Play store he created. Carefully study the solution, estimate the size and functionality they have, release existing versions, downloads, user feedback, and stability.

In this way, you can not only better understand your applicants but also see the scope of implemented projects and then the level of knowledge and competencies they have.

9.Confidentiality and security in payments

Sometimes there is fear when telling an idea in case someone copies it. Don’t be afraid to explain the type of app you want to the developer. When you hire dedicated android developer, be clear that you must sign some type of privacy document. Nobody can steal your idea. Otherwise, you could report it.

Also, when we outsource a project, you may have doubts about payments. Calm down. There are currently many ways to secure payments. Now it is practically highly impossible for the developer to charge at the beginning & leave you lying.

For example, outsourcing the work to a company like Yeeply, which mediates between client and developer. The client who wants the app will make an initial payment for the project to be launched by the development team. Once it is finished, you will make the last payment and the app development company will provide all access. In this way, the commitment, trust, and satisfaction of both parties are guaranteed.

10.Know the challenges that developers face

In fact, learning HTML and JavaScript to create basic Android applications is within the reach of most people who are interested in writing code. However, crack experts are aware of the many challenges that arise towards a truly safe and user-friendly product. Mobile development professionals should therefore also:

User interface testing


Integration of monetization options

In addition, there are things specific only to Android development. These are as follows:

Android emulator acceleration,

Context detection in Android,

If you are interviewing a potential developer, do not hesitate to ask him the questions he faced and how he solved them. I wonder how he will cope with some of the above challenges.

10 Qualities to Look Before Hire Dedicated Android  Developer

An individual who is dedicated to its profession is the best as he is always in the range to improve him. Some of the qualities that should be looked at in a well qualified and professional when you will hire dedicated android developer are –


 You cannot perform any task unless you aren’t confident in yourself. Choose a professional who is well confident in his development process and makes it possible without any hassle. The right app developer is confident and bold in his work.


Sometimes the planning doesn’t work properly. There comes the role of being calm in your work, as the mistakes can only be identified when you are

3. Doer

A promising app developer is good, but what is the point when he doesn’t perform what he promised.

4.Communication skills

A developer should have well-developed communication skills so as to make their clients understand how they are working. Even for understanding the requirements of the client, you need great communication with him. Also, it helps to develop a healthy relationship.


A project becomes successful only when it performed in coordination with others.


 A number of similar apps are available in the play store, but only a few get acknowledged. The reason behind this is their uniqueness. Coping others aren’t just enough, but instead, creativity is required to make your work stand out from the rest.


Choose someone in your app development process who is well aware of its field. He must be an expert in his profession in order to develop an outstanding app.

8.Management skills

In the process of development of an app, firstly evaluation of the requirement and the company is performing. Then, planning, development, and execution are performed. In this complete process, various skills are required to perform them accurately. One of the most important skills is manageable. A person who can manage various things together can only become the best app developer.


Versatility is important in this field as only an individual who can perform multiple tasks is worth hiring. App development is a technical field and is connected with marketing and other agencies too. An app developer who knows the strategies of SEO and other promotion ways will be able to get ahead with its work.

10. Flexibility

In reality, flexibility is a quality that must accompany all those professionals who work in the field of information technology. However, programming languages are changing, and sometimes, for the same project, it is necessary to have knowledge of a wide variety of fields. In addition, environments are extremely changeable and good developers must demand themselves to learn new things constantly and not only about programming, but also about all those fields in which their technologies have to be applied.

If you are searching for the best developer, do look for this above quality in him…


Now that you know the top ways to hire dedicated android developer, it is recommended to always check these parameters before consulting anyone for your work. Create a list of developers you feel satisfied with and then go for someone you think can make it happen. Now you have all the necessary knowledge just set your goals and requirements correctly, take into account the available budget, collaboration options, evaluate the technical knowledge and skills of potential candidates. Always keep the points mentioned above, in your mind while recruiting anyone without compromise.

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