How to Quickly Improve Alexa Rank Within 30 Days

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Alexa Rank is one of the world’s most popular web ranking tools. This tool gives an idea of the quality of any website. Based on the information obtained from the Alexa Toolbar, the number of visitors coming to a site, how visitors will be concerned, and the rank or location of your website in the world and home country. Improve Alexa rank is much more crucial to your website or blog. Your website or Blog can gain a clear perspective to decrease Alexa’s ranking.

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Tips on how to improve Alexa rank-

Alexa is an Amazon-owned company and provides a world-class ranking of websites based on their traffic and a few other factors, updated daily. Alexa rank is your position in the world audience ranking, so the lower its value, the higher your position.

Immediately after the google page rank, the number that many webmasters value when judging your site or blog is the improve Alexa rank. Believe me, most of those who are deputies to make advertising choices will judge your site solely based on its Alexa rank.

Honestly speaking the Alexa rank is real garbage, since it has nothing to do with your real traffic and the quality of your site, but it remains a fundamental parameter for your economic success and it is therefore important to deepen the topic.

Do frequent downtimes damage your business? Knowing and understanding how to improve Alexa rank and get more traffic. Follow the ultimate tips & tricks that can quickly improve Alexa rank & boost huge traffic rapidly.

In this article you will learn everything there is to know about Alexa rank, how it is calculated, how to improve it, what are the most voted sites, and more.

What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa rank is a global ranking method that ranks millions of websites or blogs according to popularity. Alexa calculated and estimated the average daily unique visitor’s number of page views for a given site rank in the previous 03 months.

It literally ranks millions of websites in order of popularity. The lower the Alexa ranking, the more popular your site is (at least according to Alexa). It also analyzes the behavior of a site compared to other sites, making it a useful benchmarking KPI or for analysis of the competition.

In summary, your site’s Alexa ranking means how popular your site is compared to other sites on the Internet. When you compare your site to other sites, this rank tells you how your site is performing. The traffic coming to your site and other sites will constantly change your rank.

Have you ever wondered what Alexa rank is and how it is calculated? Learn all about it to strengthen your SEO strategy!

How is Alexa rank measured?

You could literally go crazy after reading how Alexa’s page rank is measured. In fact, Alexa measures your traffic with a method that cannot be more unfair. The sample of users from which your rank is inferred and the quality of your traffic is in fact very small and in geographical areas such as Bangladesh. It is so scarce as to leave very serious doubts about its ability to really measure the traffic developed by websites.

Alexa only measures the traffic that passes through its own measurement systems. This means that only the traffic of those who have the Alexa toolbar installed on their browser or what is detected by an Alexa widget that you can configure and install on your site will be considered web.

It means that there are niches that are rewarded by Alexa much more than others, such as the one that talks about technology or SEO, given that the type of navigator of these sites much more than in other cases will have the Alexa toolbar installed on your browser.

How do visitors affect the website’s Alexa rank?

A site that has a lot of visitors such as Google is ranked first. The rank of sites that have a lot of visitors can also be changed with a small change in the number of visitors. The site which is ranked high would be very popular. And people watch them every day. When you are close to rank 1 you need more visitors. Examples to move your site up A site of rank 10 has a lot more visitors than a site of rank 200, whereas rank 200 for most sites is very good.

If you want the perfect rank on Alexa, you can verify your site metrics on Alexa. If a site has a verified metric, Alexa calculates directly from the same and is not an estimate based on Alexa data, then you A net rank is obtained.

How does Alexa Rank work?

Alexa rank is calculated by combining estimated site traffic and visitor engagement over the past three months. Traffic and engagement are estimated from the data provided by the related toolbar. This monitors a user’s browsing behavior which acts as a sample of all Internet users.

If you want to contribute your data to the rank, you just have to download and install the Alexa toolbar:

This will show the Alexa Rank of the website visited. In addition, it will send traffic data to a central server, recording your IP address and the URL you are visiting.

How is Alexa Ranking Calculated?

Calculated Alexa using a combination of estimated average daily unique traffic for any website & the estimated number of pageviews on the site in the past three months.

The ranking system data is based on the traffic provided by their “global data panel”. This data is collected by Internet users who use one of the browser extensions available for Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.

Alexa’s ranking algorithm controls a site and calculates the frequency of visits. If the returning user visits a site more than once on the same day, it’s counted as a single visit.

The parameters used to measure the individual ranking of a site are based on two elements:

  • Unique daily visitors: the traffic/number of Alexa users who visit a site in one day.
  • Average of pageviews: number of times a particular page or URL is viewed by Alexa users.

Hence, the site with the highest combination of unique visitors and pageviews is ranked number 1.

The algorithm also looks for any potential bias and changes its rankings to compensate visitors who are not included in the Alexa measurement panel.

Alexa has also been said to provide third-party data to give a broader view of Internet users.

Is Alexa Ranking Accurate?

Although Alexa rank may be a good way to compare the performance of one website with that of another, Alexa’s statistics are not necessarily the most accurate.

In fact, there have been people who have compared Alexa with Google Analytics, concluding that Alexa is not so accurate. Many sites receive much higher pageviews and a lower Alexa rank (GA: 153.177 and Alexa: 346.890 vs GA: 3.852 and Alexa: 194.636). Remember, the lower the better.

This is probably because Google has a much wider reach than Alexa since not everyone will have the Alexa toolbar installed.

Because of this lower coverage, consider Alexa rank as an overview for comparison purposes and not an absolutely accurate detail of a website.

Where does Alexa’s data come from?

Alexa has a traffic data panel consisting of millions of people from all over the world. Alexa estimates the total number of visitors to all Internet sites. This is a complex calculation and does not count spam or fake traffic data working in Alexa. Scientists are excellent in this work and they ensure that the data displayed in Alexa is accurate so that you know the matters to your business I

How Alexa removes rankings?

Alexa estimates the number of visitors to your site per day, as well as counting the number of pages visited in the last three months, for every single site available on the web. And the zipper has attracted the most visitors. It gets the first rank by Alexa. The site at the bottom gets around 30 million ranks if none on any site in the last 3 months. The site is ranked 0 when it is visited.

How to get a good Alexa rank?

You can do many things to improve the Alexa rank. The first thing is that your site should have attractive content. You want to give good benefits to the visitors to your website, if you do not have good content then you are loyal. Supporters will not be able to make it and your rank will be damaged. If people get attractive content, they will come again and again and share it on social networks, this is your site. The arrival of new customers and will help to increase links to sites. search engines like Google good content sites rewarded by showing up in the search engines so they can be seen by more people I

Another method to improve Alexa rank is to bring related links to your site which are known as inner links. It helps the search engines to define your location. Your search engine ranking on search engine ranking will be more quality and it will be considered reliable. This internal link increases the credibility of your site. You can find the credibility of your site very good and attractive content for the readers to improve Alexa rank. If you want to improve Alexa rank  then insert good material that visitor stay much longer time on your site

You will also want internal links on your site that link from page to page. This helps consumers to access the content related to what they are reading on the website. This inner link is visible at the bottom of the main page on the search engine. Which will contribute to the site to improve Alexa rank? Just make sure that all the content you provide is classy.

Internal and related links help search engines to understand the content of your site and the value of the site to visitors. You will want to make sure that the links you add are useful because adding a lot of links Your content remains unusable and at the same time your site’s credibility is also low. And it can also be punished by search engines.

The Top 10 sites that can improve Alexa Rank

If you are interested, remember that Alexa maintains a list of the main sites on the web, with data points such as the average daily time on the site, average daily pages per visitor, average% of traffic from the search, and the total average of the sites that connect to the site.

  1. Google. com

10 Tips to Improve Alexa Rank Fast for Your Website

You will probably know the importance of Alexa rank for business. Advertisers, partners, and investors will look to your Alexa rank to evaluate your business. Ensuring you grow your business and stay competitive. I would like your Alexa rank to be good.

Your Alexa Rank is a standard that summarizes the performance of your site as it relates to all sites. You want to make your site better so that it stands at the top of the Alexa rank, which means that more traffic is gaining and your site is popular. With a good rank, your visibility will increase and it will give more benefit to those interested in your business. I mean that would be turned and improve Alexa rank authority or power of your site on the web

Here are my top 10 tips for improving Alexa rank

1.Install the Alexa toolbar

Install the Alexa toolbar on your browser, and invite your browsers to do the same, perhaps by providing them with a dummy version of the toolbar.

Alexa in fact allows you to create a customized version of the toolbar with your brand and with direct links to your site and your social pages. This, while retaining the functionality of the standard toolbar, can be a tool for retaining your audience, assuming that you can find users available to install it.

You will find that finding users available to install the Alexa toolbar is extremely difficult as most antiviruses report it as a Trojan and therefore most users stop the installation as soon as the antivirus reports the problem.

You must have a strong motivation to install the toolbar and only your closest and most loyal friends will do it.

In any case, just a few toolbars installed on the browsers of those who surf there are enough to change the Alexa rank a lot since this is measured on a relatively modest number of users, especially in Italy. This means that convincing only one loyal user to install it can mean obtaining an improvement of even tens of thousands of positions.

2.Make the claim of your site on Alexa

Or claim your site or blog. The procedure is quite simple, even if it requires changing the header of the home page or upload a file to the root of your site.

Claiming your site, according to some experts, can mean an improvement in the rank of even one million positions in one fell swoop.

Currently, our site has an Alexa rank of 4,312,295 (2 July 2019), we have made the claim, we will check with what effects.

3.Put the Alexa widget on your site

The page in which to configure the widget is as follows:

Creating and installing an Alexa widget on your page is not complicated. If you exclude the fact that the widget is still horrendous, it is not difficult to obtain the code and install it with a simple copy-paste in the most appropriate position, usually the shoulder or foot of the page.

We have installed the widget today, we will see how it affects the ranking.

4.Seek traffic from bloggers and internet experts

This is the most important factor, according to many experts. If you have many visitors who are bloggers or web experts, then you are more likely to be browsed with the toolbar installed and active.

How to do it? Write blog reviews and ask other bloggers to do the same, write useful content for those who do web marketing and take care of their positioning on search engines, use your imagination … in any case, create qualified and interesting content.

5.Write an Alexa review on your site

Without exaggerating, publish posts in which you talk about Alexa, for better or for worse. It is important to insert the backlinks to in the posts. It seems that this is fundamental in obtaining attention from Alexa and therefore an improvement in the rank.

6.Ask your surfers to write a comment about your site on Alexa

On the Alexa site, each site has a tab with a summary of the data concerning it. Among other things, there is also a summary of the comments received from users with their ratings. It seems that the comments and the ratings of the surfers are also very important in determining your rank, ergo stimulate your visitors to write a comment on Alexa.

7.Comments and backlinking

Commenting on sites and blogs with high Alexa rank, or rather that belong to those niches that use the Alexa toolbar, is a good way to increase backlinks, also obtaining a fair effect on Alexa ranking, which, as you may have noticed, also uses the number of your backlinks in the ranking calculation.

Be careful to post comments on sites that leave the links inside the comments in follow mode, otherwise, if the mode was nofollow, then your backlink would have no importance from the point of view of SEO and Alexa rank.

8.Update your site regularly

Once Alexa rank is lost, it is particularly difficult to recover it. One of the ways to avoid losing rank is to publish posts regularly and frequently, which, it seems, is something particularly appreciated by Alexa and by the search engines.

About the publication of new posts, it should be said that it is good that they have a call on the home page, that is, the new posts should be on the first level of branching of your site. Therefore, make sure that there are links to the latest posts you have entered on the home page.

The latter practice, normally used by blogs, very often is not minimized taken into account by normal sites. Keep in mind that it is from the home page that spiders often navigate your site; therefore putting new content directly on the home page means making it quickly available to search engines.

9.Write quality posts

Writing good quality posts is always important, never fall into the temptation to throw a botched and low-quality post there. The quality of your posts is everything, and your editorial success depends largely on that.

One of the most important factors in determining your trust, and your Alexa rank seems to be the bounce rate, which will most likely be low on a site that publishes quality content. It is easy to navigate through related pages.

Attracting people to your website with high-quality content is great for several reasons: it improves SEO, brings people to your site, and allows you to rank with keywords that generate revenue. It also increases the chances of people visiting with the Alexa toolbar running, which translates into a higher rank.

After all, 70% of Internet users want to learn about products through content

10.Share your posts on social networks

Writing content for your site is fine, but you also need to promote it on relevant social media channels. In theory, you should point to the platforms towards which your target audience is oriented. With 3.2 billion daily social media users, you can’t miss the opportunity to have all those eyes on your site.

Oh, and make sure your hosting can handle any increase in traffic.


This is about real-time improve Alexa Ranking. Most people think Alexa rank is a fad tool and has no value. But I want to tell them that Alexa has a value. This increases the respect for a website. If your website’s Alexa standard is below 100000 then your site is respected by others, believe it or not! Some will be jealous at the same time and when they are not able to bring their website to below 100,000, they will then make fake events about Alexa Traffic Ranking and spread on different platforms.

Although the Alexa rank is measured on a basis that is too small to be truly reliable, we still keep in mind that it is an indicator of the amount of traffic that your blog or website develops. Once you have fixed all the necessary precautions to optimize the rank measured by Alexa, work on increasing your traffic. Do not fall into the temptation to drug the results with spammy activities since the result you will obtain will be, even if you go, a blaze unable to consolidate your rank.

It is fair to say that improve Alexa rank can be useful for comparing websites. But do not base your marketing work too much on this data because it is not as precise as, for example, Google Analytics.

Think of it a bit as a complementary tool to strengthen your SEO strategy. Just remember this:

The lower the Alexa rank, the better (estimated) traffic.

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