How to Increase Blog Traffic in Your WordPress Site

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Blog Traffic is the quantity of data(s) received and sent by web visitors to any website. Each and every person who visits on to a website is recorded as a session with a starting & ending point to communication between users and the website.  It is the largest and necessary portion of Internet traffic generated since the mid-1990s. Blog traffic is the key metric to determine any website’s ranking position in SERPs. I’ve provided the most effective optimization key strategies for increasing bulk visitors to your blog site if you follow properly. In this lesson, I’ll consider few metrics should be monitoring are Content, Backlink and social media sharing that will increase almost 350% traffic in your WordPress Blog

If you write an SEO friendly quality content and properly post it on your blog then the next few weeks laters hundreds or more of visitors will come. Unfortunately, the Expected traffic never arrives!

What is Blog Traffic?

No traffic – no lead, no lead-no sale, no sale-no business. Blog traffic refers blog users who visit a blog. Blog Traffic measured in visit called sessions & way to measure at attracting an audience.

Blog traffic is the most important metric for improving the blog cause; it is the soul of online business, so you could not conversions without visitors. Blog traffic is peopling who visit your website, a number of clicks your web pages and how much time duration visitor’s views page.

Many companies have lost their customers due to insufficient Blog traffic, that’s why every online organization has been looking for various strategies on how to increase traffic to their blog or website.

Basically we found two types of blog traffic:

First: targeted traffic, which promoting your business to get of people appearing on your Blog

Second: Untargeted traffic, which Promoting your business by general traffic from any group of people

The equation of Blog traffic like that:

Blog traffic @conversion= obtain the result

How to Get Blog Traffic Your Website Very Easily?

Do you want to know how to drive more website traffic in your WordPress Blog? Well, there are numerous internet users, but many people who own web site have still struggled to have the website traffic on their Blogsite. Blog owners should be thinking and wondering how they improve their Blog and make them appealing so that they can increase the number of Blog traffic to their site.

Firstly, if you do not have good content on your website, then there is no benefit to increasing your website traffic. So first, fill your website with good content. Must comply with copyright law. Select a good title and tagline. Create pages for your website on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn For better keywords and select Meta Discovery content. Update and share regular content. Submit your website to search engines. These are primary and common issues. Let’s see how website traffic will increase.

If you want to increase the visitor’s easiest way, then the blog traffic exchange issue will come up. I will introduce you to two sites that allow you to bring 200 to 2000 visitors or more to your website every day by traveling traffic.

Traffboost: This is a site that allows you to get many real visitors to your website. First, open it hereafter submitting your website. What you need to do now is visit through the website Traffboost then you get a token. The more token the more real visitors you can get. From here you can open an account.

Link Collider: This is the most popular website for traffic exchange. Link Collider is a lot like Traffboost but there are many more features in it. Through which you will find a lot of visitors to your website. You will need to collect the token for this. And there are a lot of ways to collect the tokens at the link Collider and there is also an opportunity to increase your Facebook page and increase the inflows on Twitter. From here you can open the account.

How to write articles to boost your overnight Blog Traffic: an unstoppable checklist!

Have you ever wondered if the content you write is of poor quality? Whether the answer is yes or no, you should know that if nobody likes your content, you won’t have any social sharing, no backlinks, and even less traffic.

<Img src=" Blog-Traffic "ALT=" Blog-Traffic">

How to increase Blog Traffic-

Whether you’re writing content for B2B or B2C sites, creating content is an art.

Follow the tips below to make your content more susceptible to sharing, which will naturally help you generate traffic.

Let’s go inside 40 points, not less!

General tips for writing

Whether it is a B2B or B2C audience, there are tips that can be described as general. You need to follow them to make sure your content is great:

1. Use the words “you” and “me” In the context, these words give the impression of conversation between you and your readers, which will keep them longer.

2. Keep it simple: don’t try to use moody words in your articles, If a middle-class student (you understand me) understands your vocabulary, so it’s good. Otherwise, you will lose many readers.

3. Be straightforward: no one likes to read cartridges. The faster you reach your goal, the better.

4. Use captions: Using headings in your article will help you navigate the content.

5. Make your title captivating: between creating a sense of urgency, arousing curiosity, or promising, make sure your big title is attractive enough so people want to read the rest of your content.

6. A picture worth a thousand words: Text without a picture makes content boring. The pictures, well used, speak and have a real impact.

7. Your images must be relevant not use images just to say you have used them. Make sure they match your content.

8. Create a wait in the introduction Once people read the introduction, they need to know what to expect in the rest of the article.

9. Let your personality stand out: from vulnerability to humor, let your personality emerge. Let your readers know.

10. Bold, italic, and underline: If you want to emphasize one point, consider applying this formatting to certain sentences.

11. Tell the story: stories to engage readers and maintain their interest.

12. Summarize it all: Make sure your readers understand what you want to say after you finish reading your article.

Tips for writing B2B

Writing B2B Blog is quite different from B2C Blog. Given below a few tips if you want to create extraordinary best business-focused SEO friendly content:

13. Promote your points: statistics are everything. If you can’t support your information, no one will take you seriously. Rest assured that your resources are trustworthy.

14. Expand your achievements: whether in your content or in your biography, you must display your achievements. It will prove that you are the authority to help maintain the follow-up.

15. Make your content practical people should be able to read your content and know what to do next. Products like “List” articles, the more practical your content is.

16. Use informative videos and images: in the B2B world, using video leadership steps to take to achieve a certain result is an easy way to add more value.

17. Giving More At the end of the article, consider the idea of offering additional resources or guides. For example, having a downloadable PDF or checklist will help you increase the value of your content.

18. Use statistics in your titles: Data-backed securities tend to get more clicks and generate more traffic.

19. Your titles must have goals the securities show a clear profit, your audience is likely to read the article.

20. Keep in mind the industry overview: Writing practical content is not enough. Providing an overview of your industry is always worth it. This type of content helps some leadership.

21. Focus on eternal content: content that does not age after a year or two usually has better results in the B2B world.

22. Focus on long queue topics The more specific you are in your content, the more backlinks and social sharing you create.

23. Solve your customers ‘problems Even if the problem is not relevant to your product, resolving it with your content will increase your customers’ tendency to return.

24. Regularly update a large amount of your content will not be forever until you update it. It also allows you to distribute it every time you update.

25. Spices your content: B2B content is usually dry and boring to read. Adding emotions can keep your readers engaged.

26. Create your visual texts: B2B content usually contains a lot of statistics and data. Remember how to use infographics instead of texts for data-rich articles.

Tips for writing B2C

Now that we have faced “how to write great content for business”, we will see how to ensure consumers love their writing.

27. Remember the Consumer’s emotional zone: Consumers also keep short moments of attention, shorter than B2B readers. So, write content consistent, short and direct.

28. Be trendy in the consumer world, trendy content is more successful than everlasting content. The content of the trend is usually more social-oriented “.

29. The timing makes the difference: if you are the fastest on the topic, you get more readers and traffic. Follow Google and Twitter trends to see what’s hot.

30. Visuals are more important than text: customers prefer visuals (images and videos) to texts.

31. Link your content to the popular culture you can incorporate what’s happening in the world into your content, you’ll get more social sharing.

32. Use emotional visual effects from humor to sad stories, visuals that evoke emotions tend to gain greater social sharing. The most popular emotions are fear, laughter, and fun.

33. Try Hybrid ContentFrom Podcasts to Video to Text Try using a combination of formats on your site to see what drives your audience.

34. Quantity matters: in the B2B world you can escape by publishing only once a week. In the consumer world, you need to publish several times a day if you want to generate a large audience.

35. 80% of Consumers want to participate in the shared articles to get involved, so think about it.

36. Don’t go too hard: Consumers tend to read content during breaks, their downtime. Keep the content light so that it does not feel overwhelmed.


Create quality content is just half the job. Promote it is second.

In any case, focus on writing quality content before thinking about promoting your content. You won’t create perfect content at once, but as you improve your writing, you’ll see an increase in traffic.

The beauty of this is that you will see results quickly!

What another trick can you offer to create content that is valuable to the reader?

40 Tips to Generate Organic Traffic to Your Site

This is a question that 100% of novice bloggers are asking themselves. They are not alone, because those who already produce it want to increase it at all costs. It is a passion.

Whether we like it or not, we all need traffic (free or paid) to “exist” on the Internet. And as soon as we have it, we want to increase it forever “exist” even more than this and maximize our chances of generating more revenue through our blog

Here is a non-exhaustive list of suggestions that will allow you to increase the number of visitors to your blog.

Must be found. Nothing will be easy, but everything is possible.

  1. Write relevant and useful articles
  2. Post regularly to your blog (eg 5 articles per week)
  3. Be the first to tackle a taboo topic in your niche
  4. Create controversy
  5. Create a catchy title (with relevant keywords)
  6. Write list text
  7. Use Your FeedBurner Newsletter
  8. Write a guest article (on a popular blog)
  9. Invite bloggers to post guest articles on your blog
  10. Create video tutorials that solve problems in your niche
  11. Create Podcast (Audio Recording)
  12. Create a newsletter to generate regular visits to your blog
  13. Give your readers a way to share your content on their social networks
  14. Make your website design work and make it attractive
  15. Make navigation easy for your readers
  16. Optimize your articles for the search engine (title – description – story – link – etc.)
  17. Get relevant keywords for each of your articles
  18. Link your articles (regularly link to another article on the same topic)
  19. Name your images by post in which they appear
  20. Include a link to your blog in each of your online profiles
  21. Promote each of your articles on Twitter
  22. Those who follow retweet their content
  23. Promote each of your articles on Facebook
  24. Give your opinion on other Facebook pages
  25. Share other status on your Facebook profile
  26. Share your articles on Google+ (no more famous than Facebook)
  27. Conversation forums
  28. Build relationships with other bloggers
  29. Stay in touch with bloggers do you know (maintain relationships)
  30. Comment on another blog
  31. Get interviewed by other bloggers
  32. Interview other professional and popular bloggers
  33. Respect your readers and respond to their comments
  34. Provide free ebooks to your readers (don’t forget to add links to your blog)
  35. Leave trackback on other blogs
  36. Write one to two versions of your articles with different introductions and titles.
  37. Create a poll on your blog
  38. Organize competition (price is not too big)
  39. Never stop trying new techniques
  40. Check your data regularly to find out what works and what doesn’t.

Okay, I like to pause my list at this stage. For a start, this is enough to generate free traffic to your blog and even to increase it elsewhere.

I specifically refused to add some old traffic strategies such as submitting my articles to the free content directory due to Google’s famous duplicate content.

25 Best Tips and Techniques to Increase Blog Traffic

Many new blogger’s searches in Google how can increase blog traffic, its common quarry. So I want to share a deep intro for this post.

Let’s start,

Article Writing Strategy:
<Img src=" Blog-Traffic "ALT=" Blog-Traffic">

Article Writing Strategy-

Create a suitable heading: In the current busy world, people will see you heading before watching your content. As a result, you have to make headings that easily catch the eyes and attract website traffic. The good heading rich content will be shared when it comes to social media, it will increase the website traffic on your website.

Create rich content articles: Good content gets good rankings in search engines. So make sure that your content is relevant to the needs of the people, whatever they want is available in your content. In the good content, usually, keep the following features in mind

Use Simple language: Clearly, state what you mean instead of collecting or copying from others. Google, Yahoo can catch search engines from whom you have copied, your content will go down the search engine.

  • Expect buyers’ needs
  • Identify suitable customers

Identify the customers need first when creating content and use appropriate headings according to their needs.

Create shareable content: Make sure that your content is easily shared, people will share your content and your site visits will increase. Make good headings and beautiful photo content that is suitable for shares on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Create regular articles: Regular articles will make people know about your product and visit your site for purchase. Instead of writing the same thing, you will have to publish regular articles with diversity.

Use appropriate tags and keywords: Depending on tags, descriptions, meta-data, how your site will appear in search engines. In this case

  1. Make sure your tag is ok, your link has not been broken.
  2. Use the SEO Friendly Keyword.
  3. Use ‘Meta-tag’ software code.
  4. Build advanced links
  5. Specify the links to your previous posts.
Promotional strategy for your site:
<Img src=" Blog-Traffic "ALT=" Blog-Traffic">

Promotional strategy for your site-

Use call-to-action: Get in touch with your readers. If your readers are sure you are focused on them, they will visit your site again and again

Contact readers through comments: Comments are the best way to touch a reader’s inner mind. Make regular answers to the comments from readers that will encourage them.

Build relationships with other blogs and sites: Create relationships with other blogs and make comments. Invite them to visit your site and post your article as a guest as well as give opportunities to post their article on your blog. This procedure will increase the website traffic on your site.

Create a forum: Create a forum with your buyers and readers. Make effective communication with conversation regular basis. Effective forums will make your site popular

Promote Ads: Google, Yahoo provides various advertising packages; you can run your site campaign with your favorite packages from them.

Strategies to use social media:
<Img src=" Blog-Traffic "ALT=" Blog-Traffic">

Strategies to use social media:-

The social media site has played a great role to increase visitors. So you have to be very smart to use social media.

  1. You can create pages or groups on your site on Facebook and have to have regular updates.
  2. New post on Twitter should be given
  3. Use the thumb to increase the flower.
  4. Activate on Google Plus
  5. Use appropriate for Pinterest.
  6. Creating beautiful pictures for your marked customers.
  7. Submit your article in ‘Reddit’ and ‘Digg’ cause it has many followers. The presence of your article there will increase your site traffic.

10 tips to attract your readers’ attention to sharing the content of your blog on social networks.

If you like or hate sites like Twitter or Facebook, you do not have any choice as long as you are on the internet, if you want to promote your site (blog – online store – etc) on the Internet, you have to use them.

Why? Well, this is just because of some of the most popular destinations on this website. Their vastness is not to absorb the potential to divide a huge market … So next to an actual fate.

Now you know, here are 10 easy ways for your readers to share your content with social networks.

  1. Many icons do not share Social Sharing – Add social buttons to your blog, the easiest way to get a reader to share your content. You can easily do this with plugins such as Digg or floating social bar.

However, reducing the number of clicks your social buttons provide for your reader’s several options. Button number 3, or 2 is limited only.

  1. Not all social networks are equal – do not ask your readers to share or promote your content on all social partnership sites. Choose to use only your readers. In most cases, it is also on Facebook and Twitter.
  2. Create your social account – These sites have accounted for a lot of traffic on social networks. Take time to create your Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts.
  3. Use a Content Blocker – Can you use plugins that require viewers to share your content before sharing your content?

Many WordPress plugins exist, but before you recommend them, I like to strengthen this strategy, especially if you have a list of trusted readers. Because only a small number of new viewers will share.

  1. Request a Retweet – Include “Please retweet” on your Tweets to encourage more people to share your content. I believe, it works.
  2. Create Your Network – Thanks to services like the Tiber you can find hundreds of people who are willing to share your content on social networks.
  3. Ask your readers for help – Below your articles, ask your readers to share their preferences with your favorite social network. It is often avoided as this method may lose its effect. More than 40% of the article on this blog are from this strategy.
  4. Organize a contest – Thanks for the plugin, thanks to the competitiveness. You can easily organize the competition and can increase the number of Facebook fans quickly without paying a single currency for the advertising of the payment.
  5. Do not forget to participate – you can not cut the fruit without returning anything. Regularly publish your own social accounts as well as other users. You are ready to prepare others to ask them to do them.
  6. Capture e-mail addresses – Every time a visitor comes to your blog, you will give him a gift (e-book) in return for his e-mail address.

Later, when you post new content, you can email it to your customer list. And they will come back to your blog and share your article again and the cycle will start again.

Now, now you know how your readers and viewers can share your content with social networks, let’s see if this really works … I’ll call you to call which you will need to share this article useful

Draw a visitor’s attention:
<Img src=" Blog-Traffic "ALT=" Blog-Traffic">

Draw a visitor’s attention-

It is a very important strategy to draw visitors’ attention. If you can grow more traffic then easily increase search ranking. For this, follow the procedure below. Create a beautiful and attractive design site that attracts your customers with your business organization. You should follow the procedure given below for your targeted goals:

Maintain a balance of your page: Maintain a balance of existing pages is important to drive traffic to your site. A visitor at first look left of the top site then right. You have to focus your text than graphics, images will make your site easy to view and read your pages. This is useful in increasing the visitor.

Keep the site simple: Make your page very simple and don’t unnecessarily fill visual graphics that visitors will feel relieved to visit your site.

Navigation menu: Create easy to navigate toolbar which can be easily navigated and keep the toolbar in the right place

Appropriate Infographics: Infographics is a very influential and shared-social media feed. Therefore, you can create appropriate infographics on your site.

YouTube channel: You can make videos on content related to your site and upload it to the YouTube channel, then invite viewers to visit your site to get even more information.

Podcast: Podcast is very important for spreading your thoughts. They can listen to your podcast on the journey then you can also earn from it.

Use clean backgrounds and striking colors:


Hopefully, you now better understand how to increasing blog traffic in your WordPress site.  SEO also provides massive long-term gains, while social media sharing provides more traffic to help you long survive. The above tips, tricks, techniques, and strategies are powerful and play a very essential role to be mastered in an afternoon in your business.

If you found these ultimate Blog Traffic strategies helpful then share it, so we able to reach many new bloggers as possible.

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