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Writing a Blog post is quite similar to driving; you can study the highway code for the months but nothing prepares the real thing. Now I’m going to share a few massive points that help you to write a perfect Blog post every time regardless of your goals. For example, you need to start a Blog post for your growing business, but you do not know how to start. Here I’ll show you step by step how to write a blog post in ten effective methods that readers will actually want to read again and again.

People do not see your ad; they come to read your post, so your writing is the most important thing on your Blog. Spending while writing high quality and engaging posts should be your top priority, continually, how to write a viral Blog post. Let’s get started


Want to know how to write articles that will attract hundreds of visitors to your Blog Post? Is your blog missing something? You may publish regularly, but your articles do not share any comments or social networks. Looks like nobody is reading it, is not it?

What you need is the EPIC content, also known as “foundation post” or “arising content”, these articles usually get feedback, share and link a lot of c comments. These are the proud articles you have written; Those readers can come back again and again Who generated hundreds of visitors to your blog one day.

They will often be longer than your normal item. They can be well structured and carefully edited.

However, if you think … where will I get the time of writing?

There is considerable time and there is a very easy way to write very good articles on your Blog Post:

  1. Decrease the number of articles you are currently writing

You do not have to disclose every day. In fact, you probably should not have been able to offer your readers a suggestion if you have very relevant content. If not, it only has the things you need to share.

Thinks it Tell me, have you already subscribed to a Blog Post that offers incredibly valuable content… Simply because it does not release every day?

I never did it But I have unsubscribed from a blog which is continuing to publish content day after day and day after day… And I cannot follow despite their content quality.

If you write about a quick running subject, it may be difficult to follow the pace. So you have to fix your goals or select a particular day of the week to focus more content. How you can find more time… Focus not only on quality but also on the amount, the most detailed articles are usually very much shared and above all, well maintained. Which means they make long-term traffic.

  1. Your goals and ideas for your article:

Before writing any column articles, think about what you want to accomplish with it. Do not just write an article for it. I often say: “We do not write articles, but solve specific problems”

According to the primary purpose of your blog, the purpose of your article may be one or more:

Create a portfolio that your potential clients/employers can use to impress

Affect those who read your blog for the first time and encourage them to subscribe

Invite readers to buy one of your products

Get lots of shares on social networking sites

Receive more searches from potential customers

Help your nun to solve the main problems they encounter on a daily basis

Before you start writing you have a clear goal in mind that it will allow you to enjoy your article.

For example, tell your blog about your parents’ role, and encourage your target readers to buy your eBook on the subject: help you to pass an examination.

You can point to a paragraph of your eBook only at the end of an article, but ideally, the article should keep the reader in a good frame so that he is buying it.

In this case, this article will probably work well for you:

Why are our students losing school?

Ten tips teens, consultants

How to help you prepare for your teen test

Articles from other aspects of parenting will not attract good readers, nor will they lead them to reflect on the right things. You can think twice before starting the subject:

Five tips to get your baby to sleep

How to Start School How to Prepare Your Preschooler

Ten mothers acknowledged the mistake of their secret spirits

These items can be good and good value – but they will not help you sell your Islam.

It’s often helpful to get many ideas at once. If you can, take at least 20 minutes to think often, once the first 10 ideas have originated, you start to have that really fun and valuable.

Put your ideas in a safe place, and when you start the new article, go back to your list. Think about the goal you want to achieve, help your reader solve the problem you want to solve and choose a topic that fits well.

  1. Design your title

Although many bloggers wrote their writing titles after writing their articles, it is a good idea to “almost-there” the title before starting your article. If you think there is an issue, it may be difficult to understand the best way to structure your Blog Post, or what you can include in it.

For your title to be interesting, it should: How to promote – its blog-over the internet

Be clear: Keep its keyword. – Do not try to be very smart. Readers and search engines need to know exactly what your article is about.

Be specific: “five tips” are better than “five things” because readers have a better idea of what your article means.

Create interest: Adjectives are perfect for this – “five powerful tips” or “five simple tips» rather than “five tips.” You can also try words like “secret” or “little known”.

Avoid too many words: If the title of your article is “the ten insights that the experts do not want you to know”, so you want to make something good to share! Type a title may click on “Big Ho”, but readers will not be hanging (and you will lose their confidence).

For more tips, using tips to write titles using keywords, using strong words, and more .. I recommend the following articles:

10 tips for writing fraudulent titles on your Blog Post

How to write compelling headings on your Blog Post?

I ask you to read the titles on Yahoo homepage, this is a very good reference for me and, especially, a very good source of inspiration. It’s about taking a title you want and it’s going to return a few words to work on your Blog Post.

  1. Structuring your body’s main body

A key aspect of writing that is struggling with many bloggers (or the importance of which I cannot understand) is the structure.

If your article is composed of weak, then they will not only be difficult to write but be difficult to read. You will spend a lot of time looking at the screen, wondering what to write later… and your readers will often move from one paragraph to another because they find it hard to find the value of your article.

The list of a basic structure that you may be familiar with. Even if you think that they have used more, it is still important to get familiar with this framework, because it can be used as a base for other items.

Here’s how to write a basic list of articles:


# 1: Subtitle


# 2: Subtitle


… and so far …

Call for Conclusions / Action

The “how” structure of the item is almost identical. In fact, the item ‘type’ is the type and ‘how’ is the only real difference between them as follows:

Readers can use one or more points in a type of item listing ‘and still get some use.

Readers need to follow a step of the item “how” step by step.

It’s really a good idea to point your points because it helps the voice of the readers themselves, they know how much they are in the article and what they still have.

  1. Use subtitles

The best way to write your Blog Post is whether or not listed, subtitles are used. This is now an article where readers can be immersed once and then specific making highlight information. (You can get many examples in this article!)

Some bloggers easily use bold text for their subtitles, but it is best to use headline formats built into your blogging software. It shows more visibility of the text, which makes the parts stand out – and you can use different subtitles to share parts.

If you want to try something different from a type of article, use “one of the perfect formulas below” to “value or type” in the list.

Three item formulas (and examples)

Start-in-the-last-section with these formats, and you’ll find it easy to write a quality article. These ideas will create a Blog Post that will be ideal for creating a link to the BIOS of your free article, an article that will proceed to your page, include in your sidebar, and share your social account

Idea # 1: Guide One Kind of Z – Example: “26 Essentials For Creating A Blog Post For Success: Do You Need To Know On The Social Network?

It is a pleasure to write such articles, they are suitable for almost anything, and they have a structured structure, they are also a great way to deal with a wide range of issues that can be either big or long for a single article.

Creating a Blog Post “To Z” is a simple one. Just have an item (eg “A to Herbal Cuisine” from Z or “From a Z Board Game.) List letters from A to Z in a part of the paper, and think about a word or phrase that goes with each one. All you have to do is enter a text for each of these sentences.

No idea 2: Types of Articles “Why and how” – Example: “Why do you now have to create and sell a product (and how to do it)”.

A simple move “how” this product works very well because they helped the readers understand why some are important. Because they should not be something obvious to the obvious readers unless you have to mention.

(You make precise captions about) structure your article as follows:


Why is it important?

How (numbered steps)

Idea # 3: Expert Answers … – For example: Look for Content Marketing Experts

Even if you do not have much experience in your field, you can create great articles, share a relevant article like readers, create links … just promote it.

The key to this job is to choose a question you want to respond to many people. Many experts are busy, and if you ask ten instead of a question they are more likely to come back to you.

You do not even need to contact the experts directly. Instead, you can write an article that brings together many ideas on a particular topic, quoting and linking the articles that these experts have published.

These three ideas are certainly not the only possibility, but there are other elements that you can use. (Whenever you come across an excellent article, you can break it and see how it is made up.)

  1. How long should your article be?

Some bloggers ask: “What is the perfect length for an article?” Target your products to give a size of 800 and 1500 words. If they are less than 600 words, then your readers have to pay a price that actually has value. If they have more than 1500 words, then you will have trouble keeping the article safe and consistent.

Of course, you can write short and more articles, but keep it in a standard article length until you are comfortable with it.

  1. Writing your first project:

Some bloggers like concept and plan articles – but they struggle while putting the words on the page.

Here’s how to get your first draft written:

Ensure a clean structure in your place. This list may use all of your listing lists or use one of the ideas ready to make the following.

Avoid distractions. Yes, you’ve heard this before, but what do you do? Try to use the Pomodoro technique or similar strategies to write a little production, so requires abundant density and power for writing … Do not check your Twitter / Facebook / Email until the scheduled time.

Do not try to be perfect as you want to change it as long as you do, so do not worry if a sentence is a little weird, you may want to miss important information. Keep going in your article.

The attack is directly on your first point/part (e), rather than starting with the role. Once you’ve written the article, it will be easy to create an appropriate role.

Imagine you are a friend writing an email. What would you advise? How do you write? Use as your blog base. (Another good way to do this is that you can do a Q & A-style article to answer your readers’ questions, you better understand that your writing is easier than ever.)

  1. Greatest generation:

Your role should be done as much as the title, a lot of work. It makes the reader hook and wants to read him more. It should also be accessible by following it, you can write a wonderful and fraudulent role, but if someone who loses all your weights actually does not have anything to do with the rest of your writing.

Here are some simple but powerful ways to introduce your Blog Post:

That’s the question. They think they help readers (or at least agree) understand them. For example, “How do you keep fresh, inspirational and creative as a blogger?”

With a quote. This is a great way to get started if your article is created for something that other bloggers wrote about. Inspiration to use some blogger quotes or inspiration at the beginning of all their articles – Alex Blackwell The Bridges (Bridge Builder) is a good example.

With a story If your life is a tiny story, it is relevant to your article, and if you keep it quite small, it can help your readers who feel connected with you.

For more ideas on introducing your article, see the following article: How to write a compelling role in your blog

  1. Great conclusions

Although it is obvious that presentations are important, decisions may seem less. However, they have an important role to play. In fact, if you conclude this very quickly, you will not miss a great opportunity.

Most of your guests on the blog will be paralyzed. They never comment, they will not vote in the election, they will not subscribe to your feed or your newsletters, they will not buy the products that you recommend, they will not send a friend to your friend … they will not vote for you on social networks and Most of them will not return.

Suppose you wrote a type of item, let’s say ‘ten points on the list. Do not close the end of the ten to the point – add several sentences to the article and close it. One type of item is a great asset because you can ask something like you have to use to get feedback:

Do you have a tip to add to this list? Please share the comment below (or tell us if you enjoyed most of the suggestions).

UN “Call To Action” simply means to say something (or say) the reader.

He may have one of the following types:

What do you think? Please leave a comment below.

If you enjoyed this article, please click the “Tweet” button to share with others.

Do you want to know more about [topics]? Click here to read [TITLE] in my article.

To know more, check out my book [title and link].

Some bloggers call for anxiety, frankness, and even astonishing sense of action. The fact is that readers are using it and often welcome them positively. After all, if you visited a new Blog Post for the first time and read an excellent article, would you appreciate a link to another relevant article?

Comments may seem a little silly to ask directly, of course, your readers have a reserved place for comments! But some readers, especially shy, can significantly reduce their chances of commenting more if you invite them to do so.

In addition to the above, I recommend this article: How to write a conclusion for your article

  1. Edit your article

It is often a relief to reach the end of your Blog Post … but do not click immediately “publish”.

Ways to Editing Of a Successful Blog Post in 8 Steps

Your first project probably needs to be cleaned before it is ready for the world. In fact, you will probably have to make two different changes: take a look at a short description and detail

First:  two different changes

  1. A) Overview changes

Before the correction of words or too much use of commas, focus on bigger pictures. Read and complete your article:

All that is extra and you can delete What you save to delete, in case it can be used in future articles.

That’s all missing and you should add. Maybe you need to make a good transition between your role and the first part, for example.

That’s not all right order. Perhaps it will be more aware of, starting your list with five elements of the current number, for example.

You can also show your article to your friend, or trusted reader – if you think you should change it, then change them.

  1. B) Edit details

Once you are happy that your product contains the right information in the right order, it’s time to do, that’s what the weight of the sentence is.

At this stage of the edition, you will look for:

Words or phrases used on you. If you use Expression “Content Marketing” in a paragraph five times, it will look as you use a crazy old technical keyword for SEO (even if you do not intend it and you just wrote it like that).

Phrases are strange words. Perhaps it sounds good in your head, but the page seems a bit weird. It’s a good idea to laugh at your writing, it will really help you spot the broken pieces.

Spelling mistakes and types. Double-check your spellchecking reports (Do you place your article right on a spell checker?), But check out for common spelling errors.

Most authors find it really hard to change their own work. Even if other people’s types are simply clear, go slow and carefully while performing your work, or ask a friend for help.

However, not too worried or hooked on it. Yes, spelling and grammar are important, but readers will sometimes be forgiven for the slip. If you notice an error after clicking “publish” (or a player you have a signal), know that your article is easy to update.

Second – Your article format

Appearance is important. You can write a brilliant, useful and entertaining article that cannot easily capture the reader’s attention because it seems difficult to read. If you have a long paragraph in your best print, readers may not be bothered to try to read it. How-to-know-blog

Here are some layouts that you might use:

Subtitles They share your articles for easy reading and help readers find the information they’re looking for.

Bold text. This is a great way to highlight important points. It’s not too much, or your item may start to look troubled and different. Show full sentences (or at least, long sentences) Fats, rather than single words

Italic They are useful for foreign words, the individual words you want to highlight, or “asides” that you want to be in a different font. (For example, I use theoretical at the beginning of the free article, where I present the guest blogger to my readers.)

Fly The lists are easy to combine, and there is extra white space around them – which provides better readability. You can use unwanted chips (usually round and blackheads) or numbered chips.

Short paragraph. One of the easiest ways to make your article more readable is to break one long paragraph. If you have already crossed four lines, then think about half separators.

Some bloggers are formatting while they write, others end up doing it. Choose what you like, always see your article “Hint” and check that everything is okay. (For example, make sure all your subtitles are the correct size – it’s easy to confuse the font size, which is 2 3 sizes)

Third – added the image

Even if this is not a strict rule, you will find that the biggest blogs have a big picture at the beginning of their article … and there is a good reason for this.

Pictures attract our attention. They attract our eyes and benefit us along with the articles. Generally, they help create a feeling of transparency and professionalism on your blog. Some blog themes, they are also added as thumbnails to the homepage, as well as excerpts, if you link to your blog, they appear on Facebook.

There really is no reason to strengthen your article with an image. You have several sources, such as:

Your own photography. It works great for bloggers. If your blog is sitting well or wants to build a deeper relationship with readers, then this person can be good.

What was the picture of an image bought? There are many sites like iStockPhoto, which can be used to sell your images on the blog. This is a given alternative, but if you write an article that needs to look good, he may be helpful in doing it.

Image from Flickr Free Many artists make their creations (Photographs, Content Protection Act, etc.) Flickr.

Even if you use images of other people rather than you, you may need to know a few simple rules to choose from. Maybe you will always use black and white clichés, still colored shots, beautiful abstract shots, or images using images.

It’s not okay to use Google’s easy-to-find photos to do an important thing. If they get the license Creative Commons you will have to take permission from their creator.

Fourth – Feedback and Use

If you use comments and you can easily build your blog post. A good way to do this is to ask people to read your article and to tell them how they think you can improve it. You may not be able to work for each item, but may even help to occasionally give a new perspective on your blog.

Good people have to ask:

Bloggers are colleagues who understand what you do. Sure, your old high school friend will be transformed into a quality test cleverly – but it may not have any idea what works in the blog world.

Thinking readers who have followed your blog for some time. Maybe you have made a comment or e-mail exchange with a reader and created a great relationship: they may be happy to have the opportunity to review one of your article projects.

Prof. Vpg-PNG Do not get close to your niche top bloggers seeking information about your article project. Yes, they may have good tips for sharing, but they are not available for the time being, and trying for a relationship by asking for a party is not a good idea.

You do not have to use the suggestions that you get, but you can get attention from a written word or misunderstand your reader. Even if it seems obvious to you, then re-enter

If you are not sure of a specific suggestion, get a second opinion. A good idea spent on the night before implementing the return (or rejection) received. – You will see that taking a break will allow you to see a lot of goals in a day.

Fifth- After clicking “Publish”

Your article has been completed and published … but you are not finished. Unless you have a large audience, click “Publish” hardly enough to attract your readers to your article. Some bloggers would really have found good content and loved to share, the truth is that you will almost certainly need to give him a hand.

(Of course, writing great content in the first place is important: create content and find a balance between promotions)

Sixth – Promoting the post on your blog

There are many ways to promote your item. Some (basic) applications can apply to each item on your blog:

A link to your article on twitter. Although there are plugins (this list of essential plugins) automatically tweet your articles that I like to develop a personal and personalized update each time.

A link to your article on Facebook You can add a short introduction to the article, or ask a question to get comments on your Facebook page.

Include your articles in your newsletter. Everyone who does not subscribe to my newsletter is subscribed to my blog, so I posted a link to my article on the monthly reminder.

For a really good article, you can go further:

Send an email to a blogger friend and ask him to consider a link to your article: Do not try the top five bloggers in your niche – for people you like to have a relationship with (maybe via Twitter or comment on another blog)

Add a link to your article from your sidebar. Many bloggers have a “Featured Article” or “Popular Articles” widget highlighting their best content. Some even go to create their best articles related to icon image banners.

Older articles and make new links. If you have an old article about similar topics, why not link? Use Google Analytics to get the most traffic from the search engines to see which is your oldest song.

Add a link to your article in the free article on some other blog. Be careful with this Beckwith if you write a free article for links, this is not very well accepted. Keep a link in the body of your article, if it is otherwise truly relevant, please use your organic.

Seventh – Answer the comments

Once your article is online, take time to respond to comments. Many readers always get down the article without any comments and take a look at the comments section. So, count this as an important part of your article.

You will ideally:

Answer all comments (unless they are too short “Thank you, good article!”). You do not have to reply to each comment immediately, but if you leave an inappropriate comment for the day, it is not a good idea to new readers.

Remove all spammed comments. Like Plugins Akismet works a lot for you, but it is always a good idea that sneaks any spam extraction to work faster. You can also remove offensive comments (for example, whose comments are racist or sexy).

If you are struggling to get feedback, you can send an email to a blogger friend (or a trusted reader) and tell him to open the ball to get more feedback on how many other great tips are there.

Eighth – Plan your action

I’m aware that there’s still something to read here! What are the things you already have to make quality content for your Blog, Post, and here’s a simple action plan to do this for you in just 30 minutes this week?

During this 30 minutes, all screw-up and set a timer. Tell yourself that you have to concentrate until the time – if you suddenly feel like going to Facebook, ignore it!

Day 1: Combine multiple ideas and choose strong. Plan your article (you can scroll a bit of review and review suggestions). How to write a search-related Blog Post?

Day 2, 3 and 4: Write your Blog Post. As far as you can go every day for 30 minutes. If you are stuck at a time, imagine sending an email to your comments or sending an email to your readers – you can write them directly to speak.

Day 5: With a focus on the big picture, edit your article. Cut the touches, rearrange the paragraphs and add new sections if needed.

6 days: Change your article again, this time, be careful about the context, typos, grammatical errors and other slips on its details.

7 days: Format, add a photo, check your article in preview mode, and click “Publish”.

Of course, some items will require a little more time at some point in this stage. For example, type “A to Z” type article, may take one or two hours to plan, and an article that shows many expert perspectives so many e-mails can spread and wait.

But this plan should allow you to start a big item faster, and we hope you will receive the result you will spend a lot of time.

You want to know how to value the quality articles you write: Share your experiences and tips in the comments below. If you have any questions, I would also be happy to answer them.

Bottom Line: Blogging is one of these jobs that appears smooth till you have to do it. Thankfully, it does get less difficult, and with time and practice, you’ll be blogging like a seasoned in no time.

If there’s a component of writing a Blog Post publish that I didn’t cover, or you have got unique questions about my process or whatever commonly weblog-related, allow me to realize in the feedback – I’ll solve them as satisfactory I can.

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