What are the Advantages of Using Google Chrome Browser?

What are the Advantages of Using Google Chrome Browser?
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Google Chrome is a unique fastest, well secure web browser & it comes with a large life. It has launched in 2008 and now it’s standing in the second place. The unique browser has able to draw entire attention of internet users for amazing add-ons & its versatility. Google Chrome is extremely faster & simplistic web browser, it loads as well as display pages quickly without difficulty.  In present time Chrome is widely used & Worldwide usage of 33% approximately. Chrome also well manages its system quite different compare to other browsers & it makes the internet faster. Chrome convey a very basic, simple design you can drag tabs without difficulty. It mainly freeware web browser for Chrome OS & Windows in 2008, in later Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS version became available. The main features Chrome include setting synchronization, HTML5 web standard support, Check spelling feature, Omnibox, Security, malware blocking & bookmarks

What is Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is a cross-platform web application that runs in the Chrome web browser developed by Google. It’s relatively new competes with major browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox. The Crome main component is OS where serves as the platform for web apps. Let your users Google Chrome in CSS, HTML5, JavaScript to transport an experience comparable to a local application. Additional Chrome continues support extensions on all kinds of platforms.

Key features of Google Chrome are:

• An Internet user can drag tabs into divide windows without any difficulty

• Chrome has a very unique & simple design to make it easy to use

• It can automatically translate pages into a language for your convenience.

• You can search the internet through the address bar several times

•  If your site crashes on one tab, then another can open tabs will not be affected

•  Internet users able to alter color & theme of the browser

• The unique fact, Chrome is faster compared to Explore & FireFox, its great advantage takes only a few seconds to install

Top Pros and Cons of using  Google Chrome

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Google Chrome has now stood in second place in the internet World for its simple & easy navigates. Chrome is ultimate because it’s easy to use, secure, bookmark multiple devices and sync preferences. The best options Android users can access the internet on PC, Cell phone & tablets. Still, now Chrome equally well performs as well as protecting against malware and schemes downloads.

Given the short description of the reasons Google Chrome could be cool:

  • It makes searching simplicity.

I’m one of the great fans for using Chrome due to reasons it’s not distracting. Chrome’s features are integrated all-purpose bar tops of the browser, such you type any search term, it takes in the right place without any asking question.  Signature features Omnibox can learn what you like that goes to the beyond automatic competition function. New users can use like Explorer may need a little time to adjust, but Chrome gives you the right option of using from Omnibox. Chrome function also automates keyword searches that’s why I personally prefer it that way.

  • Faster Speed

One of the main reasons Chrome popular browser for its faster speed to do adjust anything. If you try to load a few same web search terms on both Chrome and Firefox will appear noticeable difference in loading times. Chrome can smartly browse previously visited web pages. It can open the program within seconds when you click the icon is a great advantage compared to slower loading alternatives. Internet user also seeks load articles faster and Chrome can much better overall write, edit, save & publish for its faster speed.

  • Chrome Sync Across Devices

Chrome able to Sync between a desktop & all mobile versions app. It can save automatically Synced all device history, bookmarks, password, recent search and many other settings with a Google account. Google allows access from Chrome on any device. You can access all information from your phone, PC, Laptop, and tablet

  • Add-ons & Extensions

Chrome has introduced with internet lovers for its very useful  Add-ons & extensions that provide flexibility to the users. In 2010 Google introduced a Chrome extension gallery with above 1500 extensions. The extension gallery includes many themes that supporting users to change the appearance of the browser with innovative features. Google Chrome extensions a lot of advantages like security encryption when browsing any data, free browsing does not display any ads & unlimited bandwidth.

  • Tab Browsing Flexibility:

The feature of Chrome tab browsing is more flexible without saving your history. An Internet user can grab easily create new tabs, move across all your devices and drag in an entirely new window.  Chrome provides the option of starting any tab configuration whether a custom setup, but another browser requires third party help to provide this capability.

  • Chrome won’t crash

If your computer is low RAM it may cause a website to crash due to high memory uses. Chrome has a multiprocess architecture which prevents a bad web page. Each and every window, tab & plugin runs its own, so if any faulty site will not affect any things that you have open. This  advance adds another security each site with limited environment

  • Voice Search

Chrome gives the user an accurate browser you can speak to. You are able to search and find answers without typing in the bar. You can quickly navigate using your voice anytime in any place. 

  • Dynamic home page

Chrome has introduced with a default dynamic home page. When you open Chrome browser & make click on the menu icon represent 03 lines of the top right corner of the screen. Top nine appear snapshots on the home page with commonly used in search engines. You can supersede the dynamic home page that you want to just set the default search engine to any service that you prefer

  • Incognito

Chrome offers users a private browsing option call Incognito. Internet users able to open a particular type new window to reset very easily without the depth of knowledge will save on your computer. The Chrome Incognito window is remote from another browsing experience so everyone will operate independently 

  • Chrome Save Mobile data

To browse & navigate the web when using a few data. Chrome can save 60% data as compresses text, video, images without lowering the quality.

How to Google Chrome Download and Install for PC/Mac/Linux


Google Chrome is a lightweight free and fast web browser. It is very easy to download for Windows, Ios, Android, Mac, OS X, before download check Chrome supports your existing operating system. Here given this guideline to get download & installed on the system of Choice.

Downloading Google Chrome for Windows/Mac/Linux

1st Step: Go to the Google Chrome website (https://www.google.com/chrome) and download Chrome any web browser. If it does not support then use the operating system’s pre-installed browser (Safari for Mac, OS X & Internet Explorer for Windows)

2nd Step: Make Click Download Chrome then will open of the service term window

3rd Step: Click Accept & Install after reading whole terms of service, you will get Google Chrome installed extension when it has finished the installation process. You may need to allow running the program its depend on your setting browser

4th Step: Sign in to Google Chrome. When you complete installation will open a Chrome window & showing 1st-time use information. You can sign in G-mail account to the preferences browsing history that you use.

You can download Chrome from the following link: https://www.google.com/chrome/

Download Links: Download and install Chrome on Windows/Mac OS/Linux: https://www.google.com/chrome/browser/desktop/index.html

For single user account:

• Offline Chrome installer (32 bit): http://www.google.com/chrome/eula.html?standalone=1

• Offline Chrome installer (64 bit): http://www.google.com/chrome/eula.html?standalone=1&platform=win64

Download Google Chrome for all user accounts:

•Offline Chrome installer (32 bit): http://www.google.com/chrome/eula.html?system=true&standalone=1

• Offline Chrome installer (64 bit): http://www.google.com/chrome/eula.html?system=true&standalone=1&platform=win64

MSI Installer of Chrome for Windows:

• http://www.google.com/chrome/eula.html?msi=true

What is the Difference Between Google and Google Chrome browser?

Google & Google Chrome are a similar name but their purpose varies from one to another. Google is the World largest popular search engine and Chrome is a web browser made by Google. Chrome is a way to get more internet users to use Google.  Its look at stuff on the internet & Google is how to find stuff look at. Chrome is an open-source project which technically open software like Android can install without the help of Google but practice built & maintain by Google.

Google is known as Google search engine like Yahoo, Bing, that able to index webpage & lets you can input a query (such as Who was the first president in the USA) and sends the most relevant webpages. Google is the largest corporate company which founded 1998 by Sergey Brin & Larry Page at Stanford University.

A Google-owned by Alphabet both Google Search & Chrome along with Google Drive, Google Maps, Google Plus, Android, Gmail, and many other Google products. An Alphabet with stock symbols GOOGL & GOOG because it created in 2015 for Google which traded these symbols.

Google Chrome is a unique and extremely fast web browser like opera, internet explorer, Firefox which doesn’t use Microsoft Edge. It loads & displays pages very promptly & you can drag tab separate windows without difficulty. The web browser (Chrome) knows well what things & where you want to go & ask for all the text, videos, images & how all laid out. Chrome interprets all & show what you want to see.  Chrome has very simple & basic design that makes easy to use.

Bottom line: Google Chrome second World largest & faster browser alive. It loads time & multiprocess foundation like bookmarks, syncing, an incognito mode makes it unique compared to other browsers. The function of Chrome very useful is the bookmark bar that you will enable the setting tab. The core advantage you can ease your life by using Chrome extraordinary extensions. You able sync up whole extensions & stuff added to your desktop & it will seamlessly download to Chrome browser when your laptop. Very useful metric the government of the internet providers gets access to see what you are searching for.

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