10 Most Effective Link Building Tips and Tricks for Beginners

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Do you know what link building is? The context of SEO and link building is a landscape that changes constantly. New link building techniques and new SEO tactics arise that search engines value more than others. Nowadays the key lies in creating quality links. Here are some Link Building Tips and Tricks of the best-known link building techniques, an essential aspect to learn how to understand link building.

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Advanced Link Building Tips and Tricks-http://aroushtechbd.net

Link Building Tips and Tricks is probably the most effective activity ever when you want to position keywords in very competitive and extremely crowded sectors, where on-page SEO alone cannot make a difference. It can also become a serious problem if done in the wrong way because Google always has a watchful eye on building unnatural backlink profiles, those in which you perceive a manipulative and forced intervention, aimed exclusively at improving the ranking.

Link building is a highly discussed SEO technique. The articles Link Building Tips and Tricks has included information about surrounding links and how to google score & rank links. Google confirmed links play SEO ranking factors and without links, of course, it is really hard. Through social media marketing, it is now much easier to obtain links than in the past, especially for in-depth, well-written, and therefore shareable content.

 I’ve given the most effective Link Building Tips and Tricks to earn high-quality links that will help rank higher your website on search engines. Links play an important role in search engine optimization (SEO) mobility, followed by online marketers in the vertical field of various industries.

Read the post about Link Building Tips and Tricks and get unique ideas on how to increase traffic, DA, PA, in your blog.

What is link building?

The Wikipedia definition of link building, or construction of links, indicates that it is “an SEO technique that consists in making other web pages link to the page that we want search engines to consider relevant, positioning it better in their rankings “.

Link building refers to the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your digital platforms. These hyperlinks are one of the navigation systems used by users.

In addition, search engines use these links to verify sites. They check the links between the different pages and the links between the different sites.

There are many techniques for creating links, and although they are not all the same, it is very common to feel that link building is one of the most difficult parts for SEO experts. Most of them spend your time looking for new ways to implement this strategy.

For this reason, if you are able to manage the creation of quality links, you can position yourself better than many others.

Links can be natural or artificial. Even if, in case you want them all of the quality, they must be the only natural. Natural links are those that arise spontaneously. The lures, of course, are those that are obtained through a forced relationship and Google penalizes this type of link building.

What is SEO Link Building?

SEO Link Building is one of the most important tasks of SEO, which increasing the visitors to the website as well as it can radically change your site Google rank The main mission of link building only helps to increase the website’s popularity.

Since 1990, the search engine link has been considered as a vote. It is said to be a type of democracy, where the importance of the link is judged by a site’s gravity. So, the sites which have the highest quality of links on the site are getting priority in search engines. Link building is a way to links your site from other sites of different sources is called link building. In detail about link building, if your sites make an engagement to other popular & good ranking sites to get quality traffic in the search engines and to get good traffic.

Link building is a very important issue in favor of a website site page rank, traffic, so, link building is always a hot topic because of a few days before the Google Penguin update. The SEO analyst trying to understand which link will fruitful for their website according to Google rules & regulation.

Factors to consider in link building

In link building, votes do not have the same value. What makes one link carry more weight than another?

There are three main aspects to consider:

Authority of the site (or DA, by its initials in English): as we indicated in previous paragraphs, the authority of a domain such as Wikipedia is not the same as that of Pablito’s website.

Therefore, it is worth much more than a respected company in your industry to link to your website than a thousand small and unknown sites do.

Link location: Search engines attribute more weight to certain links depending on where they are on a web page.

For example, a link in the body text can grant more authority than one in the footer or in a sidebar. Why? Because the contents within the text area:

Editorialized: that is, the link is possibly accompanied by an opinion that comments, criticize, or recommends the website.

Followed: that is, these links are more likely to be seen and clicked.

Genuine: the truth is that we do not know how, but Google can also determine if a link was placed spontaneously or if it was, instead, placed for financial purposes.

Of course, disinterested links are worth much more than those that only had a monetary reward in mind.

In fact, paying for links is considered a black hat link building tactic.

Creative Link Building Tips and Tricks To Boost Your SEO

There are specific Link Building Tips and Tricks that can help us to systematize our task and generate greater profit for a website, but always starting from the main idea: think about the user, generate good content with the keywords in mind and share it. Hopefully, this list gives you some suggestions.

Link Building Tips and Tricks-http://aroushtechbd.net


Possibly this sounds bad to you. After all, “clickbait” things are usually misleading and/or tabloid advertisements.

But really, link bait can be translated as “bait link”.

Baits, for fish, are irresistible, right?

The linkbait strategy consists, therefore, in making content worthy of being shared and linked in more places.

It is doing something so unique, so valuable, so complete, that people have no choice but to use it as a reference or example.

In fact, these links are considered earned, rather than built. Therefore, they are free and of the highest quality.

The content value can be given by:

    A deep investigation.

    Exclusive data.

    Results of some survey.

    Attractive and unique graphics.

    A free tool.

Pro tip: make infographics. They are attractive, useful, and often add a lot of value because few people engage with the content of this type.

2.Guest blogging (write as a guest)

Guest blogging is posting an article of yours on someone else’s website.

In case you haven’t noticed yet, this link building thing is like doing public relations with other web pages.

So connecting with other people who write on the same topic as you can be very beneficial for both parties.

Think of it this way: why would someone turn down the opportunity to host a wonderful piece of content with the potential to drive traffic to your site? There is no reason to do it!

Pro Tip: to get blogs that accept contributions, search in the following format for some of these terms in Google:

[your_theme] “write for us”

[your_theme] “contribute with us”

[your_theme] “write as a guest”

[your_theme] “guest post”

For example:

[positioning_SEO] “contribute with us”

Those brackets and quotes are a way of speaking directly to Google, through its various search operators. Here we leave you an extensive list of what they are with their functions.

However, that search will only show you in the results sites that have explicitly said they want guest authors. Don’t limit yourself, since there are many sites that, without saying it, also accept collaborations.

3. Taking Advantage of Broken Links

Before determining what this technique consists of, it is convenient to define What is a broken link?

A broken link is a term used to refer to a link that links to a page that does not exist or has stopped working. This can happen because the page to which the link was pointing has ceased to exist, or because the URL was modified and a redirect has not been made.

This link building tactic is considered totally white hat and is very effective. It consists of detecting broken links on pages of your sector and contacting the owner/webmaster of the page to offer to change this link to one that points to our page.

The alternative we propose must necessarily point to a page on our website that contains content similar to the one linked to it.

To detect broken links on related pages that we would be interested in placing a backlink, we can use tools or extensions such as “Check My Links”, Screaming Frog, W3C Link Checker, or other available software.

4.Niche directories

Niche directories are those that try to provide information about a very specific sector. For example, directories of technology blogs or directories of technology companies. Here you can even put lists or compilations that fulfill the same function on pages or blogs, for example: “The best marketing agencies in Spain.” Here we could try to communicate with the author to justify why he should include ours or try to reach him by other means.

Local directories: These are especially relevant for local businesses like restaurants, bars, driving schools, etc. Not only do they add great value, but Google reviews many of them to verify information about your business, and the activity and comments generated on them have a great influence. You can find more information in the post on how to improve your local SEO.

Some examples of local directories:


Yellow Pages



5.Content aggregators and social bookmarks

These are pages that are dedicated to trying to curate the contents of the web, either through user voting, popularity in social networks, or other factors. Really popular sites are interesting, not because of the SEO benefit they can bring you, but because they can generate traffic peaks of thousands of visits from the public that you can build loyalty. You have more information in this post about alternative channels to virtualize your content.

Dmoz, Mozilla’s manual directory, is one of the few generalist directories that provide great value. Of course, good luck getting them to include you.

Dmoz, Mozilla’s manual directory, is one of the few generalist directories that provide great value. Of course, good luck getting you to be included.

6. Links from forums on related topics

This technique is still one of the most valued among SEO professionals. They basically consist of creating a profile on the forum and including a backlink to our website. Simple? At first glance, yes, but in reality, it is not so.

To make the most of the potential of this strategy, it is important to choose an active forum, whose theme is our own and of great authority.

As for the backlink itself, we can add the link in the profile signature. We can also create a user and post a question by adding a link that contextualizes or exemplifies the question, or answer a question by including a link that complements the answer.

7.Interact and comment

We have already said on other occasions the importance of having a presence in the meeting places of your ideal clients.

Social networks can also be tools to answer questions from different users and then add a link to your website.

Although on Quora, for example, links have the “nofollow” format, they still help build a credible and balanced portfolio of backlinks that Google respects.

In Reddit, in addition, there is a subsection for practically everything. Identify those that are related to your niche and then provide valuable content that includes links to your website.

After a certain amount of upvotes (which varies depending on the subreddit), the links become dofollow (the opposite of nofollow), increasing in value to gain authority on Google.

Note: There is no command called “dofollow”. That is simply the way to call all those links that are not nofollow.

8.Good email marketing strategy

Contact by email has not gone (nor does it seem that it will go) out of fashion.

So whatever your industry is, connect with people by mail and do it effectively.

If you send predesigned emails that sound written by machines and for machines, you will not be able to get close to people.

Segment your audience and take the time to create personalized emails that people like.

Promoting your content is still vital, so don’t miss the opportunity to do so with this communication channel that has proven to be so effective over time.

9. Valuable links in .edu domains

The .edu domains are related to websites linked to teaching. They tend to have a lot of authority and are highly rated by Google.

Getting a link from our website to a .edu domain will give us an important boost in our positioning strategy.

However, it should be noted that .edu websites that allow you to leave a backlink are not easy to find. One trick to finding them is to search with specific search commands. Here are the most useful to find .edu sites in which to include a link to our website.

site: .edu ➔ This command shows you only result with .edu sites.

site: .edu “blog” ➔ With this search Google will show us only educational blogs.

site: .edu “forums” ➔ We locate forums in .edu domains.

site: .edu inurl: blog “SEO” ➔ The word “SEO” can be changed to any keyword related to your sector. It is a good alternative to detect .edu blogs that talk about a topic similar to ours.

10. Outbound links are also important

So far we have talked about other websites linking us, but linking out, that is, creating a link from our website to an external website is also very useful when configuring our link building strategy.

Outbound links add value to our content. When we link to other authority websites, with valuable content related to the information that the reader is acquiring on our website, we are greatly enhancing the value of our content.

We send signals to Google that our website is a useful and reliable resource that will help us improve our search engine rankings.


After all, we can ensure that:

link building strategy (Link Building Tips and Tricks) are a little ant work closely related to human relationships and sociability.

This SEO technique is very powerful but at the same time dangerous. If we do not do it well, taking into account many of the many factors that Google takes into account, we can cause our website to be penalized.

In case of doubt, it is always best to have the advice of an SEO consultant who will help us to properly implement the best strategy to position our website among the first search results.

 We invite you to share with us in the comments which of these methods you have already used, and which ones you suggest we have not included here.

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