10 Easy Techniques to Optimize Content for SEO and Google Ranking

10 Easy Techniques to Optimize Content for SEO and Google Ranking
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Content optimization for SEO: The content is king, we have to remain it when writing a blog post. You have to consider a few basic criteria like target audience, keywords, title, subtitles, short paragraph, short sentence. The crucial point how to manage On page SEO is more useful to gain wide range.

If you are a blogger or a website owner, then you undoubtedly hope in a good location for your articles on search engine results pages (SERP). The ranking Better search engine not only depends on the website or blog theme, but it also depends on the content you wrote in your post. Here are some tips on how to write SEO friendly content for the superior place in the search engine’s results.

What is SEO friendly content?

SEO Friendly Content Some tips and tricks are to remember how the search engines have written with your content view. The common SEO made by most of the bloggers writing poor content is one of the mistakes. Search engines have regular updates to their algorithms so they can provide good results to readers. Writing SEO friendly content not only help the search engine find SERP included to take a better outcome, but also helpful for achieving a good ranking for your blog.

Write SEO friendly Content and bring your site to Google’s first page
SEO Friendly content brings the website, Google’s first page. In the current context, blogging without good quality content cannot be thought of, adding some issues to every update of Google. The issue that Google is most concerned about in 2018-19 is the article. Short article or any article that does not completely categorize the articles never rank.


Your target is to bring your blog to Google’s first page. If your blog contains a complete SEO friendly content, then you do not have to run behind Google, Google will run behind you. Google will automatically give you rank & you can come to the first page, you will not lack the visitors. Web specialists are well aware of a word that “Visitor = money”.  According to Google’s latest updates, Google is giving more importance to good quality content. So you have to write a good quality, SEO friendly article. Here given a few tips & tricks about SEO friendly article writing for google quick ranking: 

  • Always try to make the article bigger. Google wants to show such posts to its users, which are informative, so always write informative posts. Being ideal Writing articles between 300-1500 words.
  • Use your primary keyword in the title. Visitors, first to see the title, make the title attractive. “Two books earn online
    Download “2. “Are you worried about your career? Download an ebook full of online income” Dear friends, you must be 2
    Did you read the sentence? Yes, certainly understand that the second edition is sweet, interesting, but the other is not so interesting
  • Try to keep the keyword density of 2-3% in the article. That means if you write 100 words, then you have to keep the keyword in 2 or 3. Additional key-
    Keyword stuffing force to use the award, Which is optimized over search engine optimization? This type of article completely ignores the search engine. This type of article is an SEO Friendly article, so please refrain from writing such a writ.
  • h1, h2 heading. For example, when we read the magazines, we can not read everything in the magazine. We read just the title, but in some cases read flowers
    Use h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 headings, of course, Search engines see these as titles. But be careful !!! h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, sometimes written more than 1 time
    If not, then Google will give you a great gift, what is the gift? Sharp a penalty
  • Bold, Italian, underline the keywords where keywords are used in your article.
  • Keep your writing size at 15, so that the user is friendly. If you do not always love friendly friends, then you will become an automatic search engine friendly.
  • Image yourself in a great place and use an alt tag alt = “your alt text”
  • Some of the words strong, underline, bold.
  • At the end of the post, ask to share your writing. Because social media posts or likes are more important to Google than its shareholders and more. So always invite visitors to share.
  • You will eventually post something which is needed by the people.

How to content optimization for SEO and Search Engines

01. Do not copy paste thieves:

A commonplace mistake Blogger created by using the most is copying content from a few different websites. Take into account that the hunt engine is so intelligent that today they can without difficulty identify the content material copied. Writing a unique article does not mean that you have to write something completely out of the world. The unique content does not mean just copying your content from another website.

02. Check your content before publishing:

I would recommend checking your article for you, its uniqueness. There are hundreds of online tools you can use to check your content for its uniqueness.

03. Choose keywords carefully:

Choose some keywords for your blog and use them in a smart way for your content. It should be that you use your main words in the title of the appropriate blog and in the first paragraph of the article. You can also use your main words to rest the content, but do not use it more than 3 or 4 times. I recommend you to search relevant keywords so you can use your keywords effectively before starting your blog.

The keyword is a very important thing.  We need to know the proper use of keywords. Always keep the Main Keyword in Title. Another thing is to think about how you can post about what you are posting, add 4-5 lines as a meta description, and must give a keyword in the meta description. Must use keywords in h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 tags. Put the keyword in the image alter. Key Words will be bold, underline, Italian. Keep the key in the first paragraph and the last paragraph

One more thing that hates to remember the search engines is stuffing the word so do not use your keywords exactly where you do not even need them. Use keywords in a natural way and if you find it difficult to use your keywords, just do not use them.

04. Add some multimedia content:

Different people have different reading habits. Do not let your readers bored reading your content. Try some multimedia content like Images, Video, and Infographics to not forget. With multimedia content now not most effective makes your content material greater exciting to readers, however, it will assist you to customize your key phrases. Use images and ALT tags as an alternative to using your keywords.

Do not forget to optimize your pictures before putting them in your content because it may slow down the loading speed for your webpage. Use only the picture is copyrighted

05. The internal link is required:

Use internal signatures on your blog and create a small web of your articles. Internal links are the best way to tell readers more about the blog for the articles and the content they are reading. This way they will feel more engaged with your content. Best Practice for it makes page optimization also.

Whenever you place an internal link on your high ranking page it will help you rank well for your linked pages.

06. Give Header tags:

Whenever you write articles, specific long articles, it’s far advocated to use the right to identify the tag. Most of the search engines like google appeared as the submit name H1 tag. Use and H2, H3 for the following subtitle.

07. Use Meta description and title

To add a meta description, it is important to provide an overview to search engine crawlers. This meta description can be a quick view of your web page from where the reader present in the SERP results.

It is recommended by Google that your headline should be more than 45 characters and less than 65 characters. On the other hand, meta descriptions should be at least 155 characters.

08. Read it to the end user’s point of view:

Now when you’ve finished your post, it’s time to read it twice from the reader’s point of view. Read your article like you do the actual reading of this post and try to find out all the possible improvements in your article.

Do not post your article with any kind of grammatical error, spelling mistakes or any type of sentence that does not make any sense. There are no types of grammatical or spelling mistakes and a number of tools available online to check your content for the best things that these tools are absolutely free.

09. Focus Readers experience:

Yeah, I know we’re telling you how to write SEO friendly content, but one thing you should always remember that should not focus more on SEO, but rather keep your mind on the good experience of your readers. Your readers will definitely come back to your articles useful and interesting if they do and that’s what search engines actually want from you. If readers know your blog is useful, the search engine will give priority to your blog. It is also the best place to include SERP results such as results.

10. The goal of converting

Every bit of content you create must certainly serve its goals and a purpose. Most of the time, we create content to move our sites to our campaign’s target keywords. We often forget what to do with the traffic from this effort, such as:

  • Through the example of the brand’s skills, business attracts Leeds.
  • Build relationships with other publishers and influential people, citing their work.
  • Build the foundation for strengthening readers through your consistent efforts to educate your target market and your social bottom.

It also goes out of the way, because in the overall digital marketing field everything is connected.

Guidelines for improving the efficiency of your content for converting viewers:

  • Help readers actually solve their problems.
  • Inspire and encourage readers to take action (Provide workbooks, printable checklists, relevant CTAs, etc. in your directions).
  • To educate-it’s the best way to influence people and it’s certainly the best way to sell.

Bottom Line:

Content is king is a universe that’s why just write a very good post. SEO friendly content means be easy to read the audience as well as all search engines. You have to consider all the above criteria like unique content, post title, body text, interlinks, page authority, images also play a very crucial role in SEO. If you maintain then your web page achieving better search ranking in SERPs.

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