SEO-Link Building-Tactics-That’ll-Double-Search-Traffic

SEO-Link Building-Tactics-That’ll-Double-Search-Traffic
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A link building campaign is actively trying to increase links to your website, usually by any kind of aspiring purpose. It will use resources related to the website to acquire links, and there may be something in the goods and services from an asset content and news. Read the post & get the unique ideas on how to increase traffic, DA, PA, in your blog.

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Proven SEO, Link building tactics that will make double search traffic.15 uncommon link building techniques to gain most engagement and boost site search-

What is SEO link building strategies?

SEO Link Building is one of the most important tasks of SEO, which increasing the visitors of the website as well as it can radically change your site Google rank The main mission of link building only helps to increase website’s popularity.

Since 1990, the search engine link has been considered as a vote. It is said to be a type of democracy, where the importance of the link is judged by a site’s gravity. So, the sites which have the highest quality of links on the site are getting priority in search engines. Link building is a way to links your site from other sites of different sources is called link building. In detail about link building, if your sites make an engagement to other popular & good ranking sites to get quality traffic in the search engines and to get good traffic.

Link building is a very important issue in favor of a website site page rank, traffic, so, link building is always a hot topic because of few days before the Google Penguin update. The SEO analyst trying to understand which link will fruitful for their website according to Google rules & regulation.

Types of SEO Link Building

There are three types of links in SEO:

  1. Useful links for SEO, 
  2. Bad links for SEO, 
  3. Links that Ignore the Search Engines

The search engine does not consider all the links for ranking. Google and Bing are ignored unrelated links & it will never tell you doing in ignoring. In this regard, the search engines will react which links manipulate & which effect on the link building good for SEO.

Search engine link data give an idea which site staying in normal range & over optimized for example, such you have created a link by writing a word “cricket” with anchor text if the word “cricket” in the article the keyword 17% in the keyword then it will good SEO but when it becomes 30% to 40% then it will over-optimization. Google does not like over optimization & ignores these links. The purchase of a few links (paid link) does not affect your Rank but paying bulk, then the search engine takes as reciprocal links. Be caution in favor of paid links penguins will update but become ferocious because the search engines are always neglected all negative SEO link building.

What Does an SEO Consultant to make link building?

  • Competition analysis will need to find out what kind of links will be needed for your site 
  • What types of strategies will need to create links? 
  • Have to find out link sources 
  • To determine whether links are good or bad 
  • Understand is this link building violating Google’s policy

If you identify the requirement of a site & implement good result then you will be a professional link builder. To be successful as a professional in the ground you have to clear concepts for links basic & Google policies.

Link Basic:

Link – adding one page to another through HTML code. In SEO, some of the links are important are:

  • Anchor text or link text: The part of the text will be clicked & redirect to another page. 
  • Outbound or Out Going Link: The link made by other sites is called outbound or out Going Link. 
  • Internal link: Link to other pages of the same site is called an internal link. 
  • Incoming link or backlink: Links from other sites are called incoming links or backlinks.

It is noted that in the ranking, there is a direct impact of backlinks, incoming links, and anchor text.


15 SEO Link Building Techniques That‘ll Boost Your Search Traffic

Don’t purchase backlinks that will hurt your site. You will find much more dofollow white hat SEO techniques for link building with less effort & without any expenses if you follow the below tactics & tasks. Determine worth your time & remain every trick not for you. There are many rules and procedures for link building. Below given a brief discussion about some methods of SEO link building:

Anchor Text:

Anchor Text means the name of the link. You have varied when using the anchor text linked a company, product name or any kinds of variation of keywords. Now let’s give you the link title “Cricket”, this is the Anchor text. Anchor Text is good for SEO. Keep the keyword header tag (HI) in your site for the targeted phrase in that anchor text.

Guest blogging:

You can get the quality link for your website if you guest contributors. How to choose a guest blogging website for link building is the main thing. Before you write an article anywhere these tricks to keep in mind 

  • The website has to relevant with your topic 
  • You have to focus on quality; the poor article can bring bad reputation 
  • High Domain Authority
  • Social activation 
  • Provide contact links 
  • Select blogs are written on related content. 
  • Choose a good community blog 
  • Have to provide high-quality content. 
  • Use Alexa Tools for check visitor’s volume.

 Directory Link:

You can find Million of directories for link building, which make mottos like that pay $ 25 will get Free SEO Link Directory, a network of directories, to get instant inclusion in 25 different directories with custom link text etc. 

You should remain it; never use automatic backlink methods then Google reduce your site rank. You have to use the related directory, such as your site on SEO related but you adding in medical science directory that will not wise decision so also put in the specific directory of SEO related directories get quality traffic. You may use few free directories like “,” that grow adequate popularity into a search engine. 

Social Media Link:

Social media link is the most important in the present time because Google Plus is a Google product & Pinterest has already been added to Google, on the other hand, Bing is associated with Facebook and Twitter. So, social media can play a great role to implement SEO link building compare to other platforms. Such as Twitter can promote your content several time.

The great advantage of using social media links are nofollow & search engine does not index all the links from social media, these are absolutely fit for SEO. In future social media will powerful ranking factors components 

Edu. & Gov. Link:

Edu and Gov generally use large universities & government institutions that are why it’s considered as high-quality sites by the search engine. Edu & Gov. extension links have extra value for the eligibility requirement, they often worth targeting of their age & domain authority. 

If you get backlinks from these sites, of course, it is good for your SEO. Very recently is making Edu. & Gov. backlink by using black hat methods. Google already tracked it & trailing who will use black hat SEO can face Penalty at any time.

Image link building:

You can get a lot of visitors from the search engines through the image & it will work for linking your website. You have to keep in mind that the images are unique then later you will reverse it. Sharing images link into an image share related website like (Funny Junk, ImgFav, Weheartit) without select image uploaded then your website links will show as a reference. If you are sharing your website’s image links like this, your website will get backlinks from those sites as reference.

With Google Image Search, you will find your Competitors, product marketing websites, and you can easily link them to those places. The easiest way to search images uses the Chrome extension for search faster.

LinkedIn Pulse Backlinks:

This is the most important & successful strategy. LinkedIn Pulse will not only help you to create backlinks this also helps bring quality traffic to your blog. LinkedIn’s Pulse system is just like a guest blogging, so you can get double benefits first- available network, second- link from a high-quality website

Most links going to be no follow when domain authority does not recognize. Google count it no follows links for helping rank. Keep in mind it’s good to drive real traffic & natural do follow link decide whether or not the link is no follow but If you put the URL in your description it will be a do follow the link

Reddit Link Building:

Link Building is one of the most valued methods of the Redirect Link Building. It is incredible to help with ranking factors. What to do for Reddit Link Building:

  • To find the sub-category where you interest to work. 
  • Post the funny image to subreddit, Of course uploading any image sharing site will be shared first then share links. 
  • Do not unnecessary post & slowly proceeds. 
  • Do not post any type of link, until you cannot reach your strength membership position. 
  • Stay active in the community through questions or comments this will increase the trust authority. 
  • In the case of a link, sharing select the correct subreddit & share the link among the community for enough benefits.

Blogger Interview: 

Yes! This is one of the most successful strategies & important media for SEO link building. If you can take interviews of some of the international quality bloggers then get quality backlinks from there. The important things to keep in mind when taking interviews of some of the international quality bloggers:

  • At least 3-4 good keywords will have to be in Google first. 
  • The website’s look must be professional.
  • Provide good quality content to impress the blogger. 
  • There are some questions to be asked of the interview that bloggers learn to think freshly then he/she will be interested more. 
  • Always try to ask funny questions. 
  • As per as possible should try to talk with him with a lot of respect.
  • Be mailed with clear-cut information & try to convince with demo •Apply all techniques for better impress to get feedback.
  • Do not pick a blogger to interview, who has not well introduced with Google.

Blog Roll Link:

Link exchange, you can keep other bloggers’ links in your sidebar and they will keep your links in their blog sidebar. You will exchange with related and high ranked site blog for getting traffic. A gentle warning does not keep blogroll links in such a way that your blog is considered to be something of a search engine as directory type.

Forum posts:

Link building means a forum post. Increase your site’s popularity to keep your link as a signature in forums. It is quite high potential SEO link building strategies that link from content add value to your website. Forum link allows to include links & provide valuable backlinks to increase traffic as well as an overall ranking 

Write fresh & unique content:

Take time to make useful article can attract links for your webpage & draw the entire attention of visitors then website bounce rate will lower

Press Release Link:

Basically, search engine ignores press releases for the blog link building because search engine treats as copy content, but whenever a blogger or a journalist write a post about your press release this link is better for SEO. Press Release Link includes the “no follow” tag which will not index search engine. 

Social bookmarking:

Social bookmarking means that you can advertise a lot of your site with some descriptions of other sites. By bookmarking various social bookmarking sites, you can create backlinks and take your page top of Google search. Social bookmarking is very important factors to create a quality backlink. Regular bookmark on Dofollow social bookmarking sites then your site may get better rank. You can also get more hits on your site through backlink. 

Reciprocal link:

Some community sites ask you to place a badge or link on your site instead of free listing in their site, or directory is called Reciprocal Link. The search engine does not want you to keep it. But if you get good services from those sites then you can keep it.

Publish a Q &A: 

Respect the ideas & look the time to develop a portion

Important 5 SEO Link Building Metrics that Impact a link’s Value

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Important SEO Link Building Metrics that Impact a link’s Value-

Domain Authority: in short we called DA is powerful metrics to understand a website position into a search engine. There is much company like Moz, Ahrefs, Majestic it has many tools for SEO to identify a website domain authority by use of their algorithm. In favor of SEO industry Moz provide extra value for measurement accuracy of Domain authority.

DA is between 1 and 100. The Moz determines domain authority scores by considering many factors in search results. Which site DA near 80-90 consider a strong site, so select high DA sites for your site link building then your keywords get impressive feedback from SERPs

Page Authority: The domain authority is applicable to the whole domain, and the page authority refers to the constants of a given page. Take links from the more impressive ranking pages authority site will more impact your link building strategies in favor of your pages.

Anchor text: the part of the text, when you click then redirect to another page is important for link building. Anchor text sends a signal about the summary of your page such as give like “Link Building Guide” then search engines understand that the linked text is related to the link building guide. When creating links, be aware that the keywords related to your subject of the anchor text of your content. You should be special caution in this regard. 

Relevance: Your goals have to built linking with relevant websites, such an example you have made a link in a Domain hosting company to get backlink a Web Graphics Design Company has relevancy but link from Domain registration company to Hotel website, it has not any logical connection & the Hotel website will not get too much value. 

Link Juice: Every page has page strength, in Google language, it’s called page rank. All outgoing link is divided page strength equally among the number of outgoing links from the page, SEO consultant and analyst called it link juice. The term of link juice going to viral & common usage especially in the field of SEO Industry, it provides links to your pages that well linked having greater visibility.

Nofollow and Dofollow links: We know that when a page linking another page passes the link juices that help to rank those pages. If no one wants that this juice passes, then he can no-follow the link. If you do not use nofollow attribute then the link automatically acts as a dofollow link. Be caution when creating a link, if nofollow, it will not have any impact on the link.

Top-20-Link Building-Tools-and-Software-For-SEO-In-2019


Bottom line: 

On the above Key strategies of SEO link building also bring more traffic to your website. You should identify which tricks can generate traffic successfully that will be effect higher ranking in all search engine especially to Google algorithms’. As long you consider the techniques then get more visitors, hope you are doing the right way.  

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