Top 100 Social Media Sites in the World Must Know for Your Brand

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Its default human nature has been programmed to be socially active with some social media.  However, people have always been looking for ways to connect with each other. In this digitization age, most people have found ways to be socially active on the internet, which is made possible with the advent of the top 100 social media sites.

Nowadays even relationships start, grow, and end with social media. People no longer need a personal greeting or a face-to-face meeting.

Social networks live in constant evolution. Some endure, others modify their nature, others die. This article brings together the top 100 social media platforms and social networks grouped by the most important categories of the moment. Also, in this post, you will find the top 100 social media sites with some recommendations to get more out of these platforms.

The importance and influence of the top 100 social media sites networks in this digital age are more than proven, but do you know which are the most used in the world order? Do you use the number one platform? If you want to find out the best platform, then keep reading.

More than 4.2 billion people in the world use the Internet (around 60%) and more than 3,800 million already use the top 100 social media sites networks (321 million users more than in 2020). So it is evident the high impact that the Internet and networks have on our day to day. And it is that we will spend more than 100 days online this year, an average of 6 hours and 43 minutes every day (40% of our lives awake), of which 2 hours and 24 minutes we use only for social networks, more than a third of our time on the Internet. Here mobile devices play an important role since 99% of users access the top 100 social media sites networks through them and it will be the most used access device to access the Internet.

Social Networks in the World

Top 100 Social Media Sites-

Thus, with the top 100 social media sites present in our lives, we bring you the updated list of the social networks with the most users in 2021, through the Digital in 2021 study carried out by We Are Social in collaboration with Hootsuite.

What are social media?

By definition, social media are web portals designed for users to interact, exchange information, and socialize. The connections created by these tools make it possible to create social networks that unite users through bonds of knowledge, work relationships, and family ties.

Let’s explain this definition better …

Social networks are giant websites that any person can enter by creating a profile.

The profile is simply a form where you will have to enter our data, such as:

First name


City of residence

Job position and work experience



Tips for your brand

Top 100 social media sites and instant messaging applications may seem like an invasive way of interacting with your customer. However, applications like WhatsApp are showing that with creativity and grace, they are a good option to develop certain actions.

WhatsApp for Business is a reality. Big brands like Pringles, Nestlé, or Hellmann’s have already launched campaigns on this network. Small brands, like your neighborhood coffee shop, maybe receiving orders on WhatsApp right now. New business models like Amovens also offer customer service in this way and it works quite well.

Think about how this type of messaging can benefit you and make good use of it.

List of Top 100 Social Media Sites to Consider for Your Brand

So in this article, we take a look at some of the top 100 social media sites that the world is currently exploring. You can find out if your favorite top 100 social media sites are part of this list, and even learn about some really good online social platforms that you can start using today.

Popular social media platforms

Top 100 Social Media Sites-


Learn more about these top 100 social media sites in 2021

# Facebook

The Facebook social network continues in first place in the list of social networks with the most users, with 2.449 million monthly users worldwide, 178 million more than in 2019.

Created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, it was the subject of different scandals regarding the privacy of its users, which seriously damaged its image. In any case, it continues in the first place and continues to grow in the volume of users. Facebook is also the owner of other social networks such as WhatsApp and Instagram.

On Facebook, you can share photos, videos as well as opinions or comments. Around 25% of the users of this social network are between 25 and 34 years old, which is the age group that uses Facebook the most.

The number of active users per month: approximately 1.59 billion.

# YouTube

YouTube remains in second place with 2,000 million users, 100 million more than the previous year. It was founded in 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, three former PayPal employees, and sold to Google in 2006 for about € 1.3 billion. It is the quintessential video content platform with nearly 6 billion hours of video viewed per month. Every minute that passes, more than 100 hours of video are uploaded. Also, today, it is already the second largest search engine in the world with more than 3,000 million monthly searches.

Numbers: 1 billion visitors per month

# WhatsApp

WhatsApp continues in third place with 1,600 million monthly users, with an increase of 100 million compared to 2019. It was created in 2009 by Jan Koum and Brian Acton and, bought by Facebook in October 2014 for 13,870 million euros. It is the most used messaging service in the world with more than 60,000 million messages sent per day. In WhatsApp, you can send and receive messages, including voice messages, photos, videos, and text (and the odd meme).

Number of active users per month: approximately 1 billion

# Instagram

Instagram repeats in sixth place with more than 1,000 million users, a figure that it already reached in June 2018, but they have not published this updated data again. Created in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, and released in October of the same year. It was bought by Facebook in April 2012 for around 915 million euros.

Instagram was originally devised as a check-in tool called Burbn, similar to Foursquare, although this version was scrapped as it was considered too complex for the user. Although, they did not discard it completely and decided to pivot the project, keeping one of its functions, the photographs. That’s when Instagram really was born. It is a social network focused on sharing videos and photos. With the introduction of Instagram Stories (taken from Snapchat), they managed to give this platform one more turn and make it one of the social networks with the most users in the world.

The number of active users per month: approximately 400 million.

# Twitter

Twitter drops one position to thirteenth, with 340 million users, increasing by 14 million users compared to 2019. It has Created in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey and launched in July of the same year 20006. It is a social network focused on microblogging, which allows you to send short messages, tweets, of 280 characters (originally 140 characters).

The number of active users per month: approximately 320 million.

# Pinterest

Pinterest climbs five places to fourteenth, with 322 million monthly users, an increase of 52 million compared to last year. Created in 2009 by Silbermann. It is a social network to share images (known as pins), where through virtual boards you can create and manage images or videos.

The number of active users per month: approximately 100 million.


LinkedIn is easily one of the most popular professional social media sites or apps and is available in more than 20 languages. It is used around the world by all types of professionals and serves as an ideal platform to connect with different businesses, locate and hire ideal candidates, and more. It has more than 400 million members.

The number of active users per month: approximately 100 million.

# Tumblr

Tumblr having been owned by Yahoo since 2013, Tumblr serves as a social media microblogging platform that can use to find & follow things that you like. You can also use it to post anything, even multimedia, to a short-form blog. Plus, it gives you the flexibility to customize just about anything.

The number of active users per month: approximately 555 million.

# StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a smart social media platform that finds or discovers content and recommends the same to its users. So you have the power to discover web pages, images, videos, etc., and then rate them based on your interest and taste.

The number of active users: approximately 25 million.

# Viber

Viber is a multilingual social platform, which is available in more than 30 languages, it has instant text messaging and voice messaging capabilities. You can easily share photos, videos, and audio messages, using Viber. It offers you the ability to call non-Viber users through a feature called Viber Out.

The number of active users per month: approximately 249 million.

# Reddit

Reddit remains in the eleventh position with 430 million users, which is an increase of 100 million compared to 2019, not bad. It was created in 2005 by Steven Huffman and Alexis Ohanian, but from then on it has not stopped changing owners. And it is that in November of the same year, Aaron Swartz (considered one of the creators of RSS) became a partner by merging Reddit with his company Infogami. In 2006, a year later, Conde Nast, one of the most important multimedia publishing groups, acquired the Reddit portal, which ended up causing the departure of Aaron Swartz. Later, in 2008, the platform became open source and in September 2011 it became independent from Conde Nast and is currently free to use.

# Myspace

Myspace is a music-centric social networking site and it provides an interactive, user-submitted network of friends. Myspace also provides photos, videos, blogs, groups, personal profiles, etc.

The number of active users: approximately 20 million.

# Skype

Microsoft-owned Skype is one of the most popular communication-based social media platforms. It allows you to connect with people through voice calls, video calls (using a webcam), and text messages. You can even make group conference calls. And best of all, Skype to Skype calls are free and can be used to communicate with anyone, located anywhere in the world, over the Internet.

The number of active users per month: approximately 300 million.

# TikTok

TikTok rises from ninth to seventh with 800 million monthly users, 300 million more than in 2019. Launched as Douyin (in Spanish vibrant sound) in September 2016 by ByteDance in China. It was introduced in the foreign market the following year, in 2017, under the name of TikTok, the result of the merger with, bought by ByteDance for 1,000 million dollars, the same amount that, in its day, Facebook paid for Instagram. It is an application focused on creating and sharing short videos of between 3 and 15 seconds, and between 15 and 60 seconds, which are repeated in a loop. Although this format can accommodate a wide variety of content, it is especially used for music videos. Only in Spain it already has more than 14 million downloads, according to Sensor Tower.


This is a local search and discovery-based social media platform that allows you to find the ideal places (based on your location) to meet friends and loved ones. It also provides appropriate search results for the best food outlets, nightlife venues, and more in your area. The social media feature is now available in a separate app called Swarm.

The number of active users: approximately 40 million.


This personal information management system allows us to save all the addresses of our favorite sites online. It works through a tag system for easy location. It is a clear example of Social Bookmarking. Allows the creation of groups to share favorite links.


A classic in the management of social bookmarks on the web. It allows to add the markers and categorize them with a labeling system. You can also share them with other users.


It has a lot in common with Evernote. The tool is designed to save content in the cloud for later reading or viewing on a PC, Tablet or Smartphone, even without an Internet connection.

Links and pages can be stored from the browser, by email, or from thousands of applications such as Pulse, Zite, and Twitter.

# Flickr

Estimated visitors per month: 65 million

What is Flickr: let’s start with how it is pronounced, “flicker” since it seems to be one of the main problems related to this site. Flickr is a video and image hosting site, that has created by Ludicorp in 2004 and purchased by Yahoo in 2005. The aim is to showcase photographers’ images and build an online community of photography enthusiasts. Photos can be incorporated into your blogs and social media.

# VKontakte

Vkontakte is in effect the largest European social networking service. Although it is available in different languages, the basis of its success is among those who speak Russian and live in Russia and the former Soviet bloc countries. VK also allows users to post messages privately or publicly, to create public pages, groups, events, share and tag images,  videos, audios and play on online applications. For SimilarWeb it is the 4th most popular site in the world.

The first time I went there for work I felt like I was in the poor copy of Facebook, with the plus of being able to watch movies and listen to pirated music without any problems 🙂

Estimated visitors per month: 80 million

# Ask. FM

Estimated visitors per month: 37 million

Ask.FM is a social networking site has created in 2010 in Latvia by Klaves Sinka which is based on the “question and answer” interaction. “FM” stands for “For Me”, therefore, the literal meaning of the name is “Ask For Me”. Questions are asked by writing them directly on the profile of other members, both anonymously and publicly. You can also follow other people without them knowing. People who sign up must be over 13, no one monitors what is written on the site and it is often used to tease and bully other people (numerous suicides have been attributed to cases of cyber-bullying on Ask. FM)


LiveJournal San Francisco-based social media networking site is available in Russia, as Zhe Zhe. LiveJournal also allows its users to keep a blog, or journal, along with strong privacy controls.


Quora is a most popular asking and sharing answering site where people can share and gain knowledge by asking and answering questions.

# Foursquare

Foursquare is a local social media platform based on search and discovery that lets you find the perfect places (based on your location) to visit with your friends and loved ones. It also provides the right search results for the best grocery stores, nightclubs, and more in your area. The social function

is now available in a separate application called Swarm.

Number of active users: about 40 million

# Dribbble

It is one of the largest social networks for graphic designers or people interested in this field. Dribbble was established in 2009 and it has greater relevance in the United States.

# Medium

It is a simple platform and CMS for blogging.

The operation of Medium facilitates the sharing of content among the entire community, as well as the evaluation by users.

# Blogger

Blogger is owned by Google, which allows you to create a blog, find like-minded friends, and follow their blogs, leave comments, and more.

# WordPress

A whole community for having your blog on the most important blogging platform in the world, owned by Automattic.

In WordPress, you can find like-minded friends and follow their blogs, leave comments and share content from others on your social profiles.

# Scoop. it

Scoop. also expresses your passion and what you think with a beautiful created based magazine on your interests and where you can interact with other profiles.

# Dailymotion

As one of the most important videos sharing websites, Dailymotion attracts more than 106 million individual visitors each month and 2 billion video views worldwide


A platform created to facilitate collaborative software development. It allows you to host projects for free and usually publicly. However, with the payment option, you can also host projects in private mode.


In its day it was the first high definition video storage site (1280 × 720 pixels). Vimeo is not popular as YouTube, but it has a very good reputation as well as many video creators directly opt for this channel.


Apple’s media player and the multimedia content store could not be missing from this list. Play, organize and sync iPods, iPhones, iPads. From iTunes, you can buy music and it is compatible with computers based on various operating systems.


It is conceived as a social platform for business environments. Tibbr is an excellent tool for engaging in public and private conversations. It allows you to track issues, publish surveys and plan calendar events.

# Snapchat

Snapchat climbs five positions to twelfth with 382 million users per month, 95 million more than in the last year. Snapchat Founded in 2011 by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, & Reggie Brown. It is an instant messaging application that allows you to send photos and videos, similar to others that we have discussed previously, except for one difference, which is that the photos or videos you send have a limited duration, that is, after a certain time ( at the user’s choice), those images and videos will be deleted from the mobile phones of those who received it.

The number of active users per month: approximately 200 million.


This bookmarking service is a very popular tool. It allows you to save at all times those websites that you consider interesting.


As the name implies, it is a feed reader. Very valid for organizing and quickly accessing all the news and blog updates. You can use it from a web browser or from its smartphone applications.

# Vine

Estimated visitors per month: 42 million

What is Vine: It’s a short video sharing service that users can turn into 6-second video clips that loop. Created in 2012 and purchased before its launch by Twitter, to combine its textual micro-blogging with micro-video.

In October 2016, Twitter announced the end of the service although it will continue to exist as a website to store the produced videos.


Xing is a professional social networking site that also offers features quite similar to those of LinkedIn, with its main users in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. However, it is unique in that it allows closed group discussions between members of a certain company or business.


This social networking site allows users to share content based on their personal interests in the form of videos, photos, and magazines. It also integrates seamlessly with Facebook.

# Last. FM

It’s for music lovers – keeping track of what users listen to and listing posts integrated into others, like Facebook.

Last.FM has approximately 30 million users.

# Twoo

RSS combines those previously known as Sonico and Netlog.

In Twoo you can meet people from more than 200 countries and share all kinds of content. Currently, it has more than 185 million users.

# MyOpera

MyOpera is the community of one of the most used browsers, it serves as a contact center for Facebook and Twitter, as well as a place to share with the friendly Opera community.

# Spark

Spark help spread and visualize your key experience with purchases made on Amazon.

Without a doubt, Spark is a great idea on the part of this gigantic marketplace, to encourage other potential customers who have not yet bought, to do so.

# Skyrock

Skyrock is a French social networking site that offers its users a free and personal space on the internet to create and publish blogs, add profiles, and exchange messages. In addition to English and French and, Skyrock is also available in the top five other languages.

# Weixin / WeChat

WeChat remains in fifth place with 1.151 million users, 68 million more than in 2019. It was created in January 2011 in China by Tencent. It is a Chinese instant messaging application that has a multitude of services. We could say that it is an application since it is Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Uber, Amazon, and Tinder, all in one, in a single platform. Although, this has its drawbacks. Because it is so centralized, the Chinese government uses it to monitor its citizens, thanks to the fact that the application is required to share its users’ data due to government censorship regulations. This has led Amnesty International to classify Tencent as the worst technology company in terms of data protection and the privacy of its users.

The number of active users per month: approximately 697 million

# Telegram

Telegram instant messaging network is quite similar to WhatsApp and is available on all platforms in more than eight languages. However, Telegram has always focused more on the privacy and security of the messages it sends over the Internet using its platform. Thus, it allows you to send encrypted and self-destructing messages. This encryption feature has only just been available for WhatsApp, whereas Telegram has always provided it.

The number of active users per month: approximately 100 million.

# Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger remains in fourth place with 1.3 billion users.  Facebook Chat created in the year of 2008, they revamped its messaging service in 2010 and it has released the current version in 2011. It is Facebook’s instant messaging application. In it, as in WhatsApp, you can send and receive messages, which can include voice messages, photos, videos, and/or texts.


Taringa is one of the largest and worldwide social media networking platforms in Latin America and it allows users to share their experiences, content, and more.

The number of active users: approximately 75 million.

# Renren

This is the largest social media site in China and it is literally a platform for everyone. It has been very popular with young people due to its similarity to Facebook, allowing users to easily connect with others, quickly share thoughts and posts, and even update their moods.

The number of active users per month: more than 30 million approximately.

# QQ

QQ drops one place to eighth with 731 million users, down 72 million users from last year. It was created in 1999 by Tencent. It is an instant messaging application that offers other services such as online games, shopping, music, movies, and voice chat. Like WeChat, it appears that QQ allows Chinese authorities to access its users’ information.

The number of active users per month: approximately 853 million.

# QZone

QZone drops from eighth to ninth with 517 million users, 17 million less than last year. It is a social network created in 2005 by Tencent for computers and only available in the Chinese language. It is currently one of the largest social networks in China, although, with the rise of WeChat designed for mobile, QZone is losing some steam.

The number of active users per month: approximately 640 million.

# Sina Weibo

Weibo remains in the tenth position with 497 million monthly users, 51 million users are more than in 2019. It was created in 2009 by Sina Weibo, as an alternative to censorship in China, due to the closure of platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. Weibo, which stands for “micro” and “blogging”, is a microblogging social network. It is a hybrid between Facebook and Twitter, although it is more similar to the latter, and that is why it is also known as the Chinese Twitter.

The number of active users per month: approximately 222 million.

# Kuaishou

Kuaishou enters the list of social networks with the most users by currently having 316 million users per month. Founded in 2011 by Su Hua and Cheng Yixiao, it is a Chinese-origin video-sharing application similar to Instagram or Snapchat. It has managed to be the most downloaded application in the App Store and Google Play in eight different countries. Its main competitor is TikTok (Douyin in China).

# Baidu Tieba

It offered by Baidu of China, a search engine company, Baidu Tieba is well known as internationally as Post bar and it is a social forum network based on keyword searches on the Baidu search engine. Baidu Tieba discussion forum works on any unique concept that allowing you to create a social media group for a particular topic, by searching or even joining an existing online social group.

The number of active users per month: approximately 300 million.

# Labeling

This is a great friendship and dating-based social media site and in 2011 it acquired another social media platform called hi5. It allows you to socialize with others through games, browsing profiles, common interests, etc.

The number of active users: approximately 25 million.

# Badoo

Badoo is a worldwide and very largest dating-based social networking site that operates in more than 200 countries. Share details about the people close to you in your area and even the people you have run into in real life.

The number of active users per month: approximately 20 million.


Free social and microblogging network that allows users to send “Plurks” in the form of short messages. Plurk is very popular in Asia, especially in Taiwan, and is gaining ground in the US.

# Meetup

Estimated visitors per month: 40 million

What is Meetup: the goal of this social network is to facilitate the meeting of people who are in different cities or continents. It allows people to come together in groups around common interests (politics, cinema, books …). It was created after the attacks of 11 September 2011, with the inspiration of what the citizens of New York did in the days and months following that event, which made “community” around what had happened. In Italy, it has become one of the most famous social networks, because it is used by the 5-star Movement as a platform to organize territorial groups.

# ClassMates

Estimated visitors per month: 15 million

What is Classmate: It is a social network founded in 1995 by Randy Conrads to help classmates and colleagues who had attended the same kindergarten, elementary school, high school, university, or who had worked in the same company, to find each other and to stay in contact. In 2010 it had a more sentimental and nostalgic twist, giving the opportunity to share music, movie trailers, photographic images … to walk along the boulevard of memories.

To have access to all the benefits presented by Classmate you need to purchase a Gold plan.

#We love it

Available in over 20 languages, this photo-sharing social media site is ideal for users’ daily dose of inspiration or motivation. It allows users to view and share highly inspiring images with their friends.


DeviantArt is considered the largest online social media community for art lovers and artists. It allows users to take photos of their works of art and share them with others.

#Sina Weibo

Sina Weibo is a very popular social microblogging platform in great China known for its hybrid mix of Twitter and Facebook features.

The number of active users per month: above 222 million


The line is a global social messaging network that lets you share photos, videos, text messages, and even audio messages or files. In addition, Line allows you to make video and voice calls at any time of the day.

The number of active users per month: about 215 million

# YY

YY is a huge video social networking platform in China and allows group video chat. In these conversations, more than 100,000 members can watch a single person doing an activity.

The number of active users per month: about 122 million

# Taringa

Taringa is one of the most popular world’s largest social networking platforms in Latin America and allows users to share their experiences, content, and more.

Number of active users: about 75 million

# Renren

Renren is the World’s largest social networking site based in China and is literally a platform for each and every one. Renren is very popular with young people because of its resemblance to Facebook, as it allows users to easily connect with others, quickly share their thoughts and posts, and even update their moods.

Number of active users per month: about 30 million


It is a great social media site based on friendship and dating and in 2011 acquired another social networking platform called hi5. Tagged lets you socialize with others through games, browsing profiles, common interests, and so on.

Number of active users: about 25 million

# The dots is a networking platform that helps all those involved in the creative process connect, collaborate and commercialize by helping to build a stronger, more profitable, and diverse creative sector. The dots born of a genuine passion that makes the more creative industries open & meritocratic, founder Pip Jamieson introduced the platform in the UK in 2014.

# Kiwibox

This is a community-based social networking site, especially for those living in New York. offers an online magazine aimed at teenagers through fashion tips, various tips, and chat. It also allows young adults to inform everyone about their abilities and interests.

# Snapfish

Snapfish is a social networking site that offers its members unlimited storage for uploading photos. This way you can put aside your worries about the storage space of your large collection of images.

# ReverbNation

ReverbNation is a much more ideal social networking platform for musicians and professionals who want to connect with others in the music industry. ReverbNation offers different tools for musicians to manage their careers and gives them the right access to partners and fans of the music industry.

# Flixster

This is an American social networking site for people who love movies and want to connect with like-minded people by sharing their comments and ratings. Flixter users are likely to learn about movies and receive information about new movies.

# Care2

This social media site helps activists connect with similar individuals, businesses, and organizations around the world. Care2 also tries to encourage people to lead a green and healthy lifestyle.

# CafeMom

CafeMom is an ad-supported social networking site, a community for mothers and expectant mothers that enables them to receive support and advice on a variety of topics, including pregnancy, fashion, health, and nutrition. It also helps to learn from other mothers’ experiences.

# Ravelry

Ravelry is a community-based social network targeting people interested in fiber arts such as spinning, knitting, weaving, and crochet. These people can share their own collections, different ideas and learn from the experiences of other members better opportunities for collaboration.

# Nextdoor

It is a private neighborhood social networking platform in the USA. The goal of Nextdoor is very simple: it allows users to connect with people in their area.

# Wayn

Wayn is travel and lifestyle-based social networking platform that offers users the opportunity to discover where to go, what to do and how to meet like-minded people who share their experiences.

# Cellufun

Cellufun is a social gaming community and can be easily accessed on the go from any mobile device. With this mobile gaming social network, users can socialize, create avatars, play games and buy virtual goods.

# MyHeritage

It is an online genealogy social platform that supports more than 42 languages and enables its users to create family trees, upload and search for family photos, and manage their family history. MyHeritage also uses for people to find their ancestors and get more information about their family history.

# Xanga

This social networking blogging platform hosts blogs, photoblogs, and social networking profiles for its users.

# Friendster

Friendster used to be a social networking site to find friends and keep in touch, but now it is a gaming social network for gaming lovers in Asia.

# Funny or Die

This social video comedy site aims to collect the funniest videos from the internet. Celebrities follow this social platform a lot and allow users to share, upload and rate videos.

# Gaia Online

Gaia Online is a social networking site and forum based on anime. Provides users with access to avatars, virtual worlds, games, and so on.

# We Heart It

This photo-sharing site, available in more than 20 languages, is ideal for a daily dose of inspiration or encouragement to users. It allows users to view and share highly inspiring images with their friends.

# Fotki

A similar photo-sharing site Flickr but very popular in Europe, Eastern Europe, and Asia. Fotki is perfect when are looking for people of other languages and customs.

# Geni

Geni is the best platform for your families to have an online center for all their relatives and to meet and interact with others.

# Tinder

The network of contacts with which you can find people near you. Tinder is fundamentally widely used to fall in love (Recommended by Daniel).

# EyeEm

Discover the places and things you like, with all the photos you take.

# Hi5

Generalist platform very similar to the Facebook model, popular in India, Mongolia, Thailand, Latin America, Africa, and Eastern Europe.

Although in Spain it has not become very successful, Hi5 can be a quality alternative to the social networks most used here.

# Funnyordie

A video network of comedy and jokes. Users On Funnyordie can rate and share videos with like-minded friends & post their own clips.

# Periscope

We could not pass up Periscope, she is from streaming videos and owned by Twitter. Periscope is an app in which we can show anything by video, and live!

This app was years ago causing a sensation in the social media universe to mainly broadcast events. Although it is no longer so on the rise, I recommend that you use it.

# ReverbNation

Truly, ReverbNation is a social hub for musicians, independent producers, and music venues to share and communicate.

# Deezer

Music streaming platform through which you can follow your friends, their playlists, suggest songs, discover artists based on your tastes.

You can connect Deezer with Facebook to be able to follow the activity of your contacts (Recommended by EstelaCR).

# Napster

You can create your profile on Napster to keep track of and share all the songs you like. When you find a great song, you just have to click.

# Bandcamp

Bandcamp is an audio platform very similar to what Myspace was, currently surpassed the Timberlake platform.

Bandcamp is an online music store, as well as a launch and promotion platform for independent artists

# NK

Polish, to meet and share with people from high schools and university students – approximately 11 million users.

Surely, if you know the language, you should try

# Hyves

Dutch response to Facebook and geared towards sharing and finding friends, with approximately 11 million active users on Hyves.

# StudiVZ

Based in Germany, StudiVZ is a platform widely used by European university students, with close to 15 million users.


The largest “social store” in Southeast Asia with more than 125,000 participating stores and which has reported 20 million visitors per month, with a turnover of around 3.5 million dollars.

By registering with Multiply, you will be able to connect with other people with your same interests.

Hope the above list of top 100 social media sites, which are suitable for different categories like games, making friends, dating, photo sharing, and blogging, you find valuable.

Remember that it is not about being on all networks, but about being where your audience is. Encourage recommendations, allow interactions on these platforms. Take care of your branding.

Taking this list into account, make a plan according to the hierarchy of your needs and add platforms to your strategy.

Do you have any questions? If you think the article’s top 100 social media sites will help you then please feel free to leave your comments below and thanks for reading!

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