Real Cute Girls Active WhatsApp Number for Friendship [Updated]

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Are you looking for active, beautiful girls’ WhatsApp real numbers? Human friends being will boredom is common; it can frustrate when you feel alone. It’s human nature to need refreshing when you’re bored. I think the opposite sex always sparks you, especially girls’ WhatsApp numbers to chat, friends’ numbers, and date online.

WhatsApp gives most opportunities to message and talk practically with any girl from a different corner of the World. You need a WhatsApp app download from Google’s free play store to connect with cute ladies near you. I will also tell you how to get local area girls’ WhatsApp dates to use the best app.

With no doubt, girls love the design, and they like tasteful. Most of the ladies gossiping prefer to convey their feelings and emotions to others. So treat them girls’ politely to convene them with a gentle attitude!

I’ve disclosed 200+ cool dating aptitudes girls’ WhatsApp numbers, so you can contact me politely and offer friendship. This numbers WhatsApp numbers collection worldwide, especially in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and many more. There are no fake numbers, mainly of these girls’ WhatsApp numbers from our web blogs.

How to Get Real WhatsApp Numbers of Girls in Online

Your first approach will determine a single girl’s WhatsApp number online. It is not easy to get girls WhatsApp number from websites; in most cases, the proven fake number will no longer exist. The possibility finds them in the play store tends to be zero. Where will you find them? Follow the guide, and you will get real girls WhatsApp number.

Use dating website

Most website appears girl’s WhatsApp number just a scam. Flow the two credible dating websites to find real numbers are:

Meetic: Do not wonder where you are looking for real girls WhatsApp number? This app will provide you real Whatsapp number and you better get out of that wondering world. It is one of the World’s famous dating websites. You can create and maintain a lot of numbers. Keep it and use it the way that most appeals to you.

VibeMeApp: This is another World famous secure app that helps you get Whatsapp and viper numbers easily. VibeMeApp works in two simple ways are:

First: Go to the website/app and insert your name, phone number then check who is online. You can add whoever if you want to chat with them. Don’t worry about age or location; you can filter to meet with preferred women in the same app.

Second: You have to create a profile after signing up then add an image. After completing the process, you can send a message which meets your tastes. You can choose who receives your message alone and mail the girl.

On Facebook

Using Facebook is a great and most accessible medium to get real girls WhatsApp number. It has been working pretty well follow some simple steps.

  • Use the Facebook profile ‘About’ page for contacts details
  • Use the search button and look at the random female account
  • Select a particular profile based on your choice
  • Copy and save their phone numbers to be sure she is on WhatsApp

In every ten numbers, you will get at least two real girls WhatsApp number to make friends with them.

Using WhatsApp Groups

Another most straightforward way to get girls WhatsApp number to join the Whatsapp groups most appeals to you. The main purpose of the group is to establish a collective conversation. For a better WhatsApp user experience make sure when you join to contribute to chat any members for private messages.

You can easily get girls WhatsApp number just conversion on the group. Hit on random on WhatsApp group carefully because a wrong approach can lose vibe forever. You can chat until asking her WhatsApp number at the right time. You have to explain any reason to need their numbers. Always appeal with smart that you can get reward their Whatsapp numbers. You can easily spot their names with Whatsapp numbers when going through with the numbers.

On Exbowl

It has an excellent action platform that the WhatsApp profile you will be  verified and updated daily.

To get single girls WhatsApp number on exbowl, visit the featured girls profile now!

How to Chat Single Girls on WhatsApp Number

This method works like magic, and the entire procedure should take less than two minutes.

Make eye contact with her with growing confidence. It depends on your approach to her.

Do not write the history of the slickest ‘playboys’!

Look a long time & straight into her eyes.

Never show timidity and weakness.

Maintain constant eye contact with any girl and say to her that you are interested in knowing her.

This is a pre-requisite according to girls or women; never look at her breasts when talking to her. Many boys make a common mistake; that’s why girls reject and consider you disrespectful.

Be sure to smile; a smiley face sends a positive message. A smiley face combined with prolonged eye contact says,” I will not reject you, I like you, I want to know you, etc. Let us talk girls who smile and maintain eye contact with you will be most receptive to your advances. 

Remain it, raised eyebrows are a positive signal interpreted as a come-on.

Introduce yourself simply; for example, my name is Amir Sohel; I’m pleased to meet with you. Use also full name is more formal setting than picking up to offer her name. If she does not offer it, ask politely what her name is. 

It is important to use her name in the next sentence. When you use the name of your mouth, it works like magic that makes her more interested. Everyone says a person’s name is the most crucial and powerful word to convince her well.

You have positively given compliments to her; remain it men lust with eyes but women lust with their ears. 

You have looked after what she wants, desires, passions, and hobbies. Ask her questions and have to captivate her completely.

Never disagree when you first meet with her. You will create a context of relatedness done by agreeing with her. 

At the closing, you can say that” I have to be going now, but I would love to see you again, so let me make a call. 

Without the phone number, you will never get women. You say kindly dial your phone number because I called you ten times with a smile while handing your phone to her.

How to Start Message on Girls WhatsApp Number Without Saving a Number?

You can chat or connect those girls on WhatsApp, which number is saved in your contact. Whatsapp is the most messaging service provider in the World, and millions of people use it. It isn’t easy to keep all girl’s Whatsapp contact numbers. In such a situation, you will not be able to communicate with more suitable girls. I will give complete information to chat and message with any girl’s WhatsApp number without saving their numbers.

Here are how to message girls WhatsApp numbers without saving their contact. You have to follow these steps, and the rest of the work will be automatic.

First: Open the browser of your smartphone or your choice

Second: Visit the address: or A phone like 171xxxxxxx in the address bar. The country code (+880) which for Bangladesh needs to be added as well

Third: Once you visit the page and type the link, tap enter to open the link the WhatsApp will direct you to the website with a green message button.

Fourth: That’s it, click on the button to start chatting with the number you entered without adding a contact.

Various apps like Siri Shortcuts offer the same functionality that can be used to achieve the same. The apps allow users to enter cell numbers to start conversion with a chat message. Users can tap, which will redirect them to the main app.

How to send a WhatsApp Message to new contact via use Apps

If you are an iPhone user, then use Siri Shortcuts and follow the steps to send messages to unsafe numbers.

  • Download Siri Shortcuts
  • Open the app and tap the gallery tab on the right bottom
  • Go to setting>shortcuts> enable (Allow untrusted shortcuts) to run Siri Shortcuts from anyone.
  • After opening the link and clicking the get shortcut button to download
  • Now you will be redirected to the app and tap add an untrusted shortcut
  • Following the steps, you can open the shortcut and look at WhatsApp noncontact in my shortcut tab. You can run another way from the three dots icon at the top of the shortcut, then add it to the home screen to quick launch.
  • After the run, you will be asked to enter the recipient’s number, enter with country code, and redirect to WhatsApp with a new message.

Indian Girl WhatsApp Number

I will share a real and active Indian girl WhatsApp number to make a friendship. If you want to objective relation with WhatsApp, then Indian girls are the always best. Indian girls are the most beautiful globally and free from other countries’ girls. They know how to start a better relationship with you willingly, and of course, they are more innovative. Here are 40+ real girls WhatsApp number getting from our web blogs.

Name Real Age Real girls WhatsApp Number
Sunita 23 +982125593820
Kajal Sharma 20 +919511316499
Tanuja Samal 22 +917681861875
Gita Yadav 23 +918987986505
Uravi Singh 21 +917549086728
Aniwsha Biswal 19 +917986939789
Riya 25 +916031504588
Hitansi Rajput 22 +916154345437
Srabani Thakur 24 +917681891747
Sonal 21 +916031504547
Kavita Seth 19 +91874589602
Punam Sing 23 +917665689005
Divya 19 +919542358475
Sarita Hota 21 +918503726783
Sadia Imam 24 +919374728374
Sana Bhati 21 +918503726783
Iqra Fayaz 19 +919840494189
Deepa Sing 21 +918580176625
Tisha 23 +91828632973
Priya Sen 23 +919786770138
Susmita 24 +916473930969
Farin Khan 22 +918987986505
Mamata Mallik 25 +91786547469
Anuja 22 +91874589602
Rani Rawat 25 +91885648799
Anamika Kumari 19 +91842088673
Aruna Chowdhuri 21 +91874328736
Meera 23 +915287293672
Rakshitha 22 +91874589602


Girls WhatsApp Number Pakistan

Pakistan is an Islamic republic country. Pakistani girls using WhatsApp compare to other social media. They are growing vastly and interested in connecting with new friends through WhatsApp. If you feel interested in making friends with them, then this list might be helpful for you. It isn’t easy to find, but we listed it on our blog. You can try to impress by using the below numbers.

Name Real Age Real girls WhatsApp Number
Reham Zaidi 20 0323-41876
Sara Khan 20 0331-425460
Asma Nadeem 21 0332-39807
Unaira Aslam 22 023492346
Saima 19 033-568301
Fatima Hanif 22 031-445008
Halima Khan 23 0321-31670
Gul-e Laila 21 032-613409
Pariwish 16 033-48009
Fatheha Kdri 19 0341-21569
Hadiya Khan 22 0301-91239
Samina Khan 18 031-323087
Naila Faiz 21 0300-8051
Adeela Khan 20 0332-43408
Nazish Akbar 20 0342-12554
Farida Khanum 16 0321-49076
Samiya Hussain 19 0341-32509
Faiza Shiekh 23 0321-334098
Jaweria Khan 20 0322-63488
Eesha Khan 19 0301-90651
Shagufta Sher Khan 18 0312-34970
Sidra Khan 17 0341-56609
Saliha Khanum 22 0333-31567
Saiyra 25 0312-49660


Bangladeshi Girl WhatsApp Number

Bangladesh is a Muslim country, but girls are open-minded. Most of the 75% of Bangladeshi ladies use WhatsApp. They are very friendly, so grab the opportunity to make genuine friendships with them.

We added a few WhatsApp numbers from our web blog in different places like Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Barisal, and many more.

Name Real Age Real girls WhatsApp Number
Esita Gupta 22 +880-075-3219-647
Naznim Sultan 25 +880-193-7428-268
Jennifer 21 +880-115-5519-938
Sadia 24 +880-175-551–256
Labonno Prova 21 +880-192-6197-167
Banani Mitra 22 +880-419-8305-261
Nabila 25 +880-191-4365-030
Amrita Goswami 26 +880-115-2079-148
Arpita Dev 23 +880-184-0379-456
Mou 21 +880-192-5978-841
Sanjana Laskar 23 +880-160-9382-764
Munaisa Nandi 24 +880-195-5595-329
Nisha 19 +880-115-8117-408
Darshana Thakur 21 +880-153-4097-867
Aashita Das 23 880-194-3905-457
Rinky 25 880-115-1257-138
Barsha 21 +880-159-8245-027
Nilima 24 +880-171-0453-747
Rodela Kabir 23 +880-165-5511-226


South African Single Ladies WhatsApp Numbers

South African white girls are excessively totally stunning, delightful, articulate, and too hot you would ever spend time with them. Likewise, I will add some dark South African Girls WhatsApp numbers for your great pleasure. All are new they investing quality energy with their friends. Meet these evergreen South African ladies with their WhatsApp dating numbers.

Name Real Age Real girls WhatsApp Number
Walace 28 +27659332628
Emma 35 +27762970980
Hunter Preston 24 +27729989698
Inga 26 +27798040318
Sushi 25 +27657061243
Nikki 28 +27630543809
Roxcy 26 +27848663492
Aisha 28 +27641889702
Linda 26 +27620012272
Amber Atwood 27 +27844986325
Jessey 25 +27727349353
Amy 20 +27658780249
Lucia 23 +27672535863


USA Single Ladies WhatsApp Numbers

Honestly, USA girls are pretty different from what you see in the movies and the internet. American ladies are endowed with all the vital characteristics; they are gentle and make rational indoor, outdoor, and occupation.

I will provide you with USA girls WhatsApp numbers regarding WhatsApp dating. You have to know rules and regulations and how to approach them.

Name Real Age Real girls WhatsApp Number
Bella 22 +14706612951
Racybebe 27 +14402018924
Charlotte 21 +18912871723
Alexia Soni 23 +18455686023
Sophia 24 +12836272532
Spoilt Brat 25 +13153090864
Alice Reo 22 +14014146227
Amelia 24 +19027376319
Jessica 22 +13237025739
Vivaian Lee 17 +17183331300
Nicole 21 +12025550165
Kaitlyn 23 +12025550170
Julia 20 +12025550118
Olivia 27 +12025550115
Isabella 22 +13152316225
Camila 21 +12025550147
Penelop 19 +12025550185
Nora 21 +12025550124
Caroline 24 +12025550137


These girls WhatsApp numbers have been collected from a web blog about freelancing purposes. You can connect with well human behavior. Some ladies would get glued!

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