150+ New Girls WhatsApp Number for Chatting and Love in 2022

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If you are looking for a Google Girls WhatsApp number then this post is for you. Here we have shared the real 10+ Girls WhatsApp numbers of each country. Using these numbers you can make new friends on WhatsApp and even if a girl wants to have a relationship with you, you can be her boyfriend. Isn’t it good? Let’s read the full post.

Beautiful Girls Whatsapp Numbers: Boredom is a common thing, it can be frustrating especially when there is no one to talk to, especially the opposite sex.

As you already know, there is always a spark that comes when you talk to a girl, and with a phone and the Internet, you can talk to just about any girl from any corner of the world.

You’re bored? Would you like to have some active WhatsApp Girls numbers? Don’t worry; I will give you a number of cute and awesome girls to relieve boredom.  You will need a WhatsApp app to communicate with your girl’s friend, if you don’t have the app, you can download it from the Google Play Store.

Whatsapp is one of the tallest, largest, and most popular messaging apps globally. Whatsapp links and number people together, men and women, boys and girls.

Also, Whatsapp helps to make lots of friends, flirt, sign up for relationships, and finally get married. This is not the first time, the messaging app and social media have connected a lot of people.

More Gists!

I will show you many phone numbers that will help you connect with beautiful girls out there. Whatsapp is an open engaging platform for young men and women out there. So if you are looking for girls with luscious features then this is the place for you.

Are you making sure and ready to venture into another aspect of Whatsapp exploration other than just chatting with your friends? So, guys, you can get to know more girls with this serious list.

We have a wide variety of active WhatsApp girl numbers here, so don’t be discouraged if the first girl doesn’t work for you, maybe she wasn’t meant for you, take another number and stay connected

Indian girls WhatsApp number

Indian girls WhatApp number

Indian girls WhatApp number-http://aroushtechbd.net

We don’t need to think about this, I mean it’s obvious, Indian girls are the best. If you want to make new friends from bottom of your heart, exploring the world, and leaving your home for a more prosperous journey, India is always the first and best place to go.

Indian girls have rated the most beautiful country with lush girls. Here are complete lists of the best Indian Girls WhatsApp number. Not only do they look good, but they can also start a better friendship with you willingly and, of course, smarter.

Name Age WhatsApp Number
Gita Yadav 23 +91 8987986505
Kajal Sharma 18 +91 9511316499
Uravi Singh 21 +91 7549086728
Rashmika 19 + 91874589602
Punam Singh 24 +91 7665689005
Kinnari 21 + 91965214784
Faehin Khan 25 +91 6289056920
Rakshitha 23 + 91874589602
Nidi Kumari 23 + 91965247802
Nisha Singh 19 +91 9785067406
Nirupama khan 20 + 919178040682
Avantika 22 + 91784526984
Nayna Singh 23 +91 9939064725
Tanuja Samal 20 + 917681861875
Pooja Singh 21 +91 7827447503
Kajol Maurya 22 +91 7860302256
Hitansi Rajput 24 +91 6154345437
Srabani Thakur 26 + 917681891747
Aniwsha Biswal 19 + 917986939789
Sony Kumari 25 +91 8709214811
Divya 18 +919542358475
Farin Khan 22 +91 8987986505
Monika 26 +91 7419116334
Aarti Yadav 22 +91 9769339289
Pallavi Singh 18 +91 8580176625
Joyoti 23 +91 9516803305
Deepa Singh 21 +91 8580176625


Pakistani Girls WhatsApp Number

Pakistani is an Islamic country but some girls are interested to connect with new friends through WhatsApp. We have listed few active Pakistani Girls WhatsApp number. Pakistani girls always use WhatsApp so it’s not difficult to find them. You just use the below numbers and try to impress them.

Name Age WhatsApp Number
Mariya Khan 21 +92 9837365778
Sadia Imam 23 +92 6534567356
Neelam Jutt 24 +92 3756537657
Mariyam 22 +92-334-988966
Shazia 18 +92-303-778849
Ameena 21 +92-334-761948
Fozia 25 +92-300-321473
Urooj Fatima 19 +92-300-321473
Javeria Iqbal 23 +923035635987
Kushboo 21 +923347619482


Bangladeshi girls Whatsapp Number

Bangladesh, east of India on the Bay of Bengal, is a South Asian country characterized by lush vegetation and numerous waterways. Its Padma, Meghna, and Jamuna rivers generate fertile plains and the boat trip is well known

I don’t need to tell you about Asian girls are very much hot and most importantly, they are very friendly. So grab this opportunity

Name Age WhatsApp Number
Sadia 21 + 8801761682778
Tamanna 21 +8801996383389
Sonia 19 + 8801761682778
Orrpa 21 + 8801814764565
Shella Esrek 20 + 8801902600877
Sophia 28 + 8801814764565
Hiridi 19 + 8801902600877
Anigila 20 + 8801711807619
Siriya 24 +880 3456278543
Riaha 23 +880 4576889092
Naumi 23 +880 9783456729


List of Philippine girls WhatsApp number

The Philippines is one of the best nations with kind, sociable, purposeful, trustworthy, caring, romantic, cheerful, serious, loving, faithful, and beautiful women. This is the complete list of the Philippines Whatsapp number on the internet right now. They are real and capable.

Name Age WhatsApp Number
Althea 18 +234 809 151 2157
Amihan 21 +234 812 821 2978
Bituin 19 +234 814 888 5026
Sampaguita 25 +2349135139667
Divina 22 +254 707 693571
Clara 21 +265 875632287
Erica 21 +63 908 0779650
Maria 19 + 6392704377454
Lola 17 +63 939 043 4884
Jenna 24 + 639080698431
Juawa 18 +63 938072 9434
Mara 21 +63 928 069 8434
Clarie 28 +63 908 069 8431


American Girls WhatsApp number

Honestly, American girls are very different from what you’ve seen on the Internet and in movies. American girls are equipped with all the vital features; they are thoughtful, soft, accommodating, and also perfectly made for any rational behavior, outdoor and indoor exercise, and occupations. Looking for girls to make friends with? Here given the America Girl Whatsapp number for you!

Name Age WhatsApp Number
Alexia Soni 23 +1 8455686023
Alice Reo 25 +14014146227
Arielle 22 +1 3152316225
Madeline 21 +1 (718) 333-1300
Vivian Lee 17 (917) 470-4404
Mariah 21 + 1-202-555-0147
Nicole 21 + 1-202-555-0165
Allison 19 + 1-202-555-0185
Kaitlyn 23 + 1-202-555-0170
Julia 20 + 1-202-555-0118
Jessica 19 + 1-202-555-0124
Natalie 22 +1-202-555-0137
Olivia 27 + 1-202-555-0115


The active number of Italian WhatsApp girls for friendship

Italian girls have been at the heart of a conviction of friendship for years. They are endowed with a sense of humor of stable friendship, ready to be friends in a single chat, and also try to make you feel comfortable while chatting. Are you looking for the number of a Whatsapp girl in Italy? Italian Whatsapp girl number? Numbers of Italian Whatsapp girls? Then you’re in the right place.

Name Age WhatsApp Number
Emily 23 + 306955860399
Larisa 21 + 393341555678
Lucya 19 + 306955860399
Ludmila 22 + 33628521379
Belynda 20 + 254716889947
Jamie 25 + 2541902600877
Lubov 17 + 254704247717
Elena 24 + 254706361839


Malaysia local girls WhatsApp number

Real Whatsapp Girls Active numbers for friendship

Confidently, everyone would agree Malaysia Girls are exactly the same with their hybrid motivational speech, which can sweetly melt your heart when you cry and are doing their best to keep you close, even when you’re not with them. Let’s know some of the powerful Malaysian Whatsapp girl numbers!

Name Age WhatsApp Number
Shilpidas 21 +6017536724
Carol 26 +60172834963
Olive 22 + 601120954077
NurAmira 25 +60172428045
Lohana 19 + 601155791600
Ketty 23 + 60173885281
Teles 18 + 60128439752
Laili 21 +60 11-1176 3911
Rafeah 24 +44 7441 455659


Brazil Active Real Girls WhatsApp number

With the blend of their colored hair, the fusion of their renewed complexion, and the stunning of their eyes, Brazilian girls are so influential, positive, and always looking happy.

Defects? I’m over 60% sure, they are honest, soft, and can socialize! plus they are very friendly and can communicate in a polite and decent way. This is Brazil’s Whatsapp girl number.

Name Age WhatsApp Number
Casandra 21 + 553498657342
Maria 28 + 923176736726
Ana 19 + 553498354657
Francisca 27 + 553498353148
Antonia 24 + 923082246165
Adriana 18 + 20128176749
Juliana 21 + 17014091454
Marcia 19 +26776610344
Fernanda 24 + 275534983548


Active Nigeria girls Whatsapp number

Nigeria is popularly known as the giant of Africa and here is Nigeria’s Whatsapp girl number. They are full of humor, kind, and also easygoing. All you have to do is copy someone’s number here on this page and start the chat, believe me. You will definitely start a new fresh friendship from one!

Name Age WhatsApp Number
Chioma 21 +234 785203658
Aarin 28 + 234485965023
Bolade 19 + 2346352541201
Olanrewaju 18 + 234500474125
Adejumoke 24 + 234965233214
Adebimpe 19 07065248553


Portugal Active Girl WhatsApp number

Beautiful figure, cute face, and an awesome smile, the Portuguese girl has everything you need in a woman. They are ready to chat, talk, argue, flirt and befriend you.

Portugal girl needs from you is your full sincerity first. Portuguese girls are ready to make friends; they provided the phone number of the most voted Portuguese girl

Name Age WhatsApp Number
Belinay 16 4111386590
Leonor 21 6588723564
Mariana 19 + 966546525840
Aurora 22 +94 77 406 8885
Moon 23 977458638
Leah 27 + 971521727828
Azra 23 +967 734 439 448
Star 17 5849758364


Important note:

These Whatsapp numbers for girls have proven themselves to be real Whatsapp numbers for girls, but we do not advise you in any way to pierce prod or go with evil ideas or motives such as being a pervert and taking someone for/like a fool.

These numbers are pushed and displayed here for friendship only and we will take serious action if your number or friend number is added to this page and you want it removed!

Do you like to join some intriguing you are a woman or a male and would like to connect with many others out there on the web looking for friendship and love, therefore, you can basically use the comment box to enter your number, country, and name and we will add your numbers to the above list carefully?

So this was the full post about the Girls WhatsApp number. If you like this informative post, let us know soon in the comments below. We will come up with another next post.

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