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20 Types of Best Websites with WordPress You Can Create

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WordPress is not only a simple blogging tool, but it’s also a very strong content management system. WordPress is a unique platform to create and maintain the best Websites With WordPress without any coding &  programming skills. You can able to create different types of best websites with WordPress very easily with the help of popular free plugins.

You can create any types of best Websites With WordPress in the lowest technical knowledge. If you are well familiar with the word of WordPress and how to install then easily create big brand Websites. There is no doubt about it and making blogging faster and easier. You need only a good hosting provider and a domain name to create the best website with WordPress CMS.

If you want to sell your products online, you can create an e-commerce website with free or premium e-commerce plugins for WordPress. There are many free and premium plugins available, which help you set up online stores with WordPress. For example, WooCommerce is a popular free e-commerce plugin for WordPress to set up an online store.

What is WordPress?

The first version of WordPress was published on May 27, 2003, by Matt Mullenweg and distributed under the GNU General Public License. The WordPress name was suggested by Christine Selleck.

One of the winning features of WordPress is that an Open Source CMS, that is developed and followed by a huge community of programmers and developers. In March 2018 more than 30% of the websites created in the world were created with WordPress.

The ease of use and the fact that it is free should not lead you to think that you cannot build professional company sites, on the contrary, WordPress is used by major brands and the best web agencies in the world.

How WordPress (WP) works?

WordPress is developed with PHP language and uses a MySQL database, for the correct functioning of the website you need a hosting service that allows you to use these features.

As we said, with WP you can create dynamic websites, information such as texts and articles are in fact saved within a database. When a user accesses a web page on your site, the program will automatically read from the database all the information needed to build that single web page, everything will be invisible to the user.

WordPress, the graphic aspect

The graphic aspect of a website created with WordPress is managed by the “Theme”, that is a set of files (images, layouts and style sheets) that allow you to show all the graphic part of a site. There are many, both free and paid, amateur and professional, suitable for every need and taste.

WordPress plugins

If it comes to adding details or functionality to your site, there are “Plugins”. These are mini-programs that allow you to implement a certain function, such as inserting the share button on social media, showing similar articles, showing the most recent articles, some managing the security aspect, etc.

Main features of WordPress

Here are the main features of WordPress:

  • Extension of functionality through plugins
  • Thousands of themes available to customize the layout and the graphic aspect of the site
  • The administration area of the web pages, managed through a special template
  • Permanent URLs that help search engine optimization and positioning
  • Management of categories and tags
  • Trackback and Pingback functions
  • Visual editor for formatting texts
  • Creation of static pages
  • Multi-author and multi-language support
  • Multi-site support, you can install WordPress on as many domains as you want
  • Possibility to create reserved areas
  • Security tools
  • Social integration

Create Free Different Types of Best Website with WordPress

Time do you take the time to conduct a survey with open questions, on the possible critical issues of WordPress. Creating it was not that difficult.

The nice part was when I had to read the hundreds of answers that arrived and above all try to concentrate the most frequent topics and concerns in macro-areas, for simpler use of the data.

One of the most common doubts is about WordPress’s actual ability to create the site suitable for your needs.

There are those who consult, those who have a small shop, those who are perhaps thinking of creating an eCommerce and perhaps those who want to create a reference blog.

Can WordPress go well in all cases?

To answer, I did this: I thought of all the possible and imaginable cases, I wrote a short text to describe them and possible solutions (also recommending themes and plugins).

I have never created some types of sites but it was easy, with a little experience, to find useful information.

I will, therefore, answer the question in the conclusions.

But now … let’s see all the types of sites that can be created with WordPress.

Let the journey begin.

  1. Blog
<Img src='data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22' data-src=" Best Websites with WordPress "ALT=" Best Websites with WordPress-Blog Website">

Best Websites with WordPress (Blog website)-

You cannot start talking about WordPress, without saying that it is the CMS for creating the world’s number one blog.

Many have tried to undermine his leadership but nobody has succeeded.

Impossible to compete for speed of creation and management.

Thanks to the countless plugins you can create a blog that grinds visits in no time.

How to make a successful blog? Definitely the right template, I recommend starting with a free template available or using the Genesis framework because it allows you to create simple and above all performing blogs.

Surely a blog will have various features inside; among those that it is mandatory to have, I would say: social sharing, SEO optimization, article feed, social widgets.

  1. Company site
<Img src='data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22' data-src=" Best Websites with WordPress "ALT=" Best Websites with WordPress-Company Website">

Best Websites with WordPress (Company website)-

Yes, this too is now cleared through customs: with WordPress not only can we create fantastic blogs, but we can implement our company website.

Why choose WordPress for our business site?

first point: simplicity of use. Even if I am an entrepreneur with little time and zero knowledge of the web, I can update my site with disarming ease. How to update my status on Facebook.

the costs necessary to create a WordPress site are lower for various reasons: the money saved can be invested in other marketing activities

the result obtained: with the right template (by the way I always recommend ThemeForest) and with the right precautions anyone can set up a successful site ready to do business online

Feature article: How to create a corporate website with WordPress

  1. Ecommerce
<Img src='data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22' data-src=" Best Websites with WordPress "ALT=" Best Websites with WordPress-Ecommerce Website">

Best Websites with WordPress (Ecommerce website)-

E-commerce is a sub-category of corporate sites but it is fair to report it separately. Do you want to create a simple eCommerce, without any problems, that is easy to implement and easy to maintain?

WordPress + the fantastic Woocommerce are the only two important things you need to have.

Thanks to the most famous plugin to create eCommerce you can sell anything online.

Among other things, it is free and the entire company that created it was purchased by the same company that manages WordPress (another sign of the quality of the plugin).

  1. Portfolio
<Img src='data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22' data-src=" Best Websites with WordPress "ALT=" Best Websites with WordPress-Portfolio Website">

Best Websites with WordPress (Portfolio website)-

What are Portfolios? Simple! they are sites whose main purpose is to show the works we have created.

Let me explain better by giving examples.

Are you a graphic designer, architect, artist or are you a photographer? You will need a site that showcases your work to the fullest.

That you create a fluid experience and that communicates professionalism to those who visit it (or your next customers!).

  1. Booking site (hotel/restaurant)
<Img src='data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22' data-src=" Best Websites with WordPress "ALT=" Best Websites with WordPress-Hotel Booking Website">

Best Websites with WordPress (Hotel Booking website)-

Here too we are under the category of corporate sites and in particular I refer to hotels, bed & breakfasts, restaurants and all those companies in the service sector, in which it is very important to give the possibility to book customers.

Reservations can be very simple (like in a restaurant) but also complete with payment and choice of the various options (as in hotels).

  1. Magazine
<Img src='data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22' data-src=" Best Websites with WordPress "ALT=" Best Websites with WordPress-Magazine Website">

Best Websites with WordPress (Magazine website)-

TechCrunch, Mashable but also ilFattoQuotidiano and almost, are not simple blogs but are real online newspapers that manage thousands of visits per day.

The differences with a blog are subtle and we can usually say this: a blog is simple, single-author and with a maximum of 1 article per day; a magazine is a much more complex structure, with many authors and more daily publications.

Needless to say, WordPress is perfect for this purpose.

Only foresight: to create a site with a lot of content and many visits it is very important to choose a fast and performing hosting.

  1. Collaborative site for colleagues

WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg said they no longer use email to communicate in his company.

How do you manage such a facility? With obvious WordPress!

In fact, you should know that Automattic has created a template specially designed to collaborate between members of the same team.

Its name is P2 Theme and thanks to it you can insert a new post directly from the homepage, you can comment and privately share images and other files.

All content will be cataloged thanks to the tags that help find anything based on the topic.

It is possible to exploit the possibilities of P2 also on the free platform, also making the site private.

  1. Social Network
<Img src='data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22' data-src=" Best Websites with WordPress "ALT=" Best Websites with WordPress-Social Network Website">

Best Websites with WordPress (Social Network website)-

Yes ok, Facebook does not beat anyone (Google+ has tried but lost big), but in some cases, it is useful to recreate a community through an online site. WordPress also allows this, of course, thanks to the BuddyPress plugin.

BuddyPress will help you create any type of social network on your WordPress site, with user registration, member profile page, groups, messages and much more.

  1. Forum
<Img src='data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22' data-src=" Best Websites with WordPress "ALT=" Best Websites with WordPress-Forum Website">

Best Websites with WordPress (Forum website)-

How many remember the early 2000s when the forums were in their golden age. If you were looking for something particular on Google, you almost certainly found at least one result on the first page that led to a forum. There were forums that talked about anything, passions, themes, even very special.

Today the forums have left a lot of ground to Social and in particular to the groups that can be created within them.

If you want to create a forum, I recommend that you understand what your needs are and if you really need another communication space. It could be useful in the case of small communities or groups of enthusiasts.

Here’s if you need to create a forum what can you use? WordPress obviously that together with bbPress allows you to create a simple, light, easy to manage and above all that works!

Before continuing reading and discovering the essential features of WordPress I ask you to click on the like so you can follow the blog in the next updates, also you will make me very happy

  1. Landing page
<Img src='data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22' data-src=" Best Websites with WordPress "ALT=" Best Websites with WordPress-Landing page Website">

Best Websites with WordPress (Landing Page website)-

If you have already implemented a web strategy – you know – you need to create landing pages or pages optimized for a specific action (sale, info request, lead purchase).

For WordPress, a specific software has been created which has become irreplaceable for me, namely Optimize Press.

Thanks to its powerful and simple interface at the same time, it has become the most famous tool to create landing pages, squeeze pages and any other page that converts.

It can be used in two ways:

  • Template: it is a complete template to create the site entirely
  • Plugin: allows you to create individual landing pages on an existing site that already uses a (different) template

Another excellent service for landing pages is Leadpage which has its own creation platform with many templates and features. The landing pages created can then be incorporated on the WordPress site.

In other special cases, it is necessary to create a one-page site or that it is composed of a single page with one or more Call-to-action or invitations – very evident – to perform an action.

For example for application sites, mini-sites for a specific product/service, event sites.

In these cases I recommend using a specific template, you can find several on ThemeForest.

  1. Membership site / online courses

2 things are crucial to creating a site that manages and/or sells online courses with WordPress:

manage the payment of our courses

manage content, allow users to create their own profile with which to access the materials reserved for members.

There are several plugins that allow you to do this, the most famous and free to manage membership is S2 Member or Sensei to specifically create online courses.

Alternatively, we can use a template that has all the features we need inside, such as WPLMS.

Honestly, I found Optimize Press very useful and immediate, which in addition to creating excellent landing pages, also has a pro plugin explicitly dedicated to creating a membership.

  1. Site for Professors / Students

We always talk about modernizing Italian schools, we ask teachers to educate future citizens.

I think the web is something incredible to broaden your knowledge and deepen any type of topic, why not integrate more lessons with this fantastic tool?

How to create a site for professors and dedicated to students?

I highly recommend using free, it allows the professor to directly upload and share all the info he wants with his students.

Thanks to the essential wp dashboard, you can insert text or images, but also documents such as pdf, slides or share a video analysis or a link.

Obviously the same thing applies to a student-only site, with they can share useful documents and notes and then you know … WordPress has always brought me good exams!

  1. Reviews Sites

If you are interested in creating a review site to give your opinion on films, books, music and anything else, you can definitely use WordPress and install one of the various templates created specifically as Valenti or The review.

Inserting a review with scores and images will be a breeze.

  1. Political site

Come on Andrea, don’t bring up politics.

ctually I didn’t want to create a category of “politician sites created with WordPress”.

And instead, I did it

For the record, I must say that the site of our premier Matteo Renzi is made in WordPress.

But many other politicians also have the wp site, including (in rigorous random order Angelino Alfano, Pier Ferdinando Casini, Ignazio Marino, Matteo Salvini, Democratic Party, Union of Center, Giorgia Meloni, etc. etc. etc.

I’m serious, I could go on for much longer.

But, for decency, I stop

  1. Online Business Card / Curriculum

To create your business card online or your resume with WordPress you can use a basic template, such as the pre-installed one, and carefully modified making it truly minimal.

You can enter your contact information on a single page and if you also want your business information.

Of course, you can also upload your complete CV in pdf so anyone who wants to download it. To do this, it may be useful to buy a .me domain, even if not necessary.

Alternatively, there are pre-made solutions.

In this case, I recommend these free plugins (without going on the complicated one): Resume builder, WP Resume and POWr Resume.

  1. Site for Support, Questions / Answers, Wiki

With WordPress, you can create a Wiki site or to support your products and answer frequently asked questions.

For these needs I have selected these templates and plugins:

  • Free Wiki plugin to create a Wikipedia-style site
  • Paid Q&A plugin to create a question/answer section
  • Easy FAQs and FAQs to create “frequently asked questions”

(they are all plugins, therefore usable in sub-sections of an existing site)

  1. Site for geolocation

If you need to create a collection of geolocated places, i.e. positioned on a map, you can find fantastic templates for WordPress.

They mainly consist of a large map with points of interest and obviously each of them has its own card with all the information that must be shown.

Alternatively, you can use some plugins like WP Geo.

But honestly, in the past I found myself better with all-in templates with everything already pre-configured inside: Directory theme and GeoPlaces theme are in my opinion the best.

  1. Site for Announcements / Online Auctions

Do you want to recreate an eBay? Yes exactly with WordPress you can create an online auction site. Honestly, I never created them, also because maybe it’s not so easy to launch them.

If you want to try to take a look at this plugin.

In addition, I found a very specific plugin to create online web domain auctions. Some webmasters might be interested in

To create a classifieds site I recommend using a free plugin. The most famous are: Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin and WPAdverts

Or you can try the ClassiPress paid template.

  1. Groupon-style site (for offers)

Do you want to collect unmissable offers and allow people to buy products or services in groups at discounted prices?

WordPress can also help you in this: on ThemeForest, there are specific templates that allow you to recreate a site with the Groupon style.

  1. Job posting site

Again you can create the site with WordPress in two ways:

using a plugin like Job Manager

installing an all-around theme like JobEngine

Finally, I also found a specific template to create a job vacancy site dedicated to freelancers.


I answered the initial question: Can WordPress go well on all types of sites?

Have you seen what you can do with WordPress? Pretty much everything!

If you want to start immediately, I suggest you take a look at the page: How to get started best websites with WordPress.

But it is my duty to tell you that in some cases WordPress maybe, say, “not perfectly suitable”.

But if we are talking about new sites, small / medium companies, startup sites or local businesses, bloggers or professionals, WordPress is always the best solution!

Obviously this is my personal opinion, shaped after creating or managing a hundred different best websites with WordPress

And you, what site do you have to build?

Is it on the list? (ironic question)

Did you find any difficulty? (serious question)

This very long post (2500 words) was written and edited in about 3 days, a big job!

I ask you to share it and let your friends know what WordPress is made of!

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