Tips-and-Tactics-to-Reduce-WordPress-Bounce Rate-30%-Quickly

Tips-and-Tactics-to-Reduce-WordPress-Bounce Rate-30%-Quickly
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No need to frustrating about Bounce rate. You’ll get simple tricks that can reduce your site high Bounce Rate if you apply each & every step. To boost the conversion rate by the Google Analytic calculator

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High Bounce rate-

A website high bounce rate can be tracked through Google Analytics Tools. Its shows the bounce rate for each page & give exact audience review of how long user stayed, which pages visited, which page left most often, how many pages averaged users viewed, how many organic SEO or paid searched & many others related data providing free. You can easily find out your website current bounce rate status by analytics tool.

This bounce rate is very important for our site because our target is only one get quality Visitors & appears at the first page of the search engine specially Google search rankings is a giant platform in the World. When Google ranking the site it does not consider how many visitors come to your site, but rather how many visitors visit your site, how they treat your site. So be careful.

First of all, what is this bounce rate actually? 

Bounce rate is basically the opposite metrics of the page view. It inconveniences of a visitor to your website or blog. Every website has a bounce rate. In simple When a viewer has found a link of your site on a search page then visitors click it but realized this content is not available on this site which he/she looking for then they will close the window without clicking anything from your site and goes to another site is known as bounce rate.

What is a high Bounce rate?

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who just click on your page landing for a bit then leave without clicking anything. Bounce rate measure which visitors arrive & leave without navigating away from a single page. There are enormous reasons for high bounce rate in a website, such as Insufficient under optimize content, slow loading page, confusing title tag & meta description, a bad backlink from another website, technical error, affiliate leading page & many others.

How to Make Bounce rate Calculation?

Calculate the Bounce rate by the following equation:

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Bounce rate calculator-

Bounce rate= Total number of visitors view only one page/Total number of visits *100

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Bounce rate calculation-

Such an example, predictable if a site 20,000 visitors will visit in one month & which out of 10,000 bounce after the visit just a single page then your bounce rate for that month will be: 10,000/20,000*100, which equates to 50%

It is very important to know lower bounce rate denotes visitors are engaged for your better content, innovative design that’s why they clicking other pages of your website. Keep in mind the higher bounce rate can misplace into SERPs

Given Below Google Analytics standard average statistics:

Bounce rate for the session: 

  • Bounce rate calculate for a session with a 01-page view is 100% 
  • Bounce rate calculate for a session with the 02-page view is 50% 
  • Bounce rate calculate for a session with the 03-page view is 25% 
  • Bounce rate calculate for a session with the 04-page view is 0%

Benchmark average for Bounce rate:

  • 10-30% -service site 
  • 20-40% -retail sites 
  • 30-50% -Lead Generation Sites 
  • 40-60% -content based website 
  • 70-90% -landing pages 
  • 70-98% -for blog sites

30% bounce rate is normal for any site but in my opinion, it has a tolerable average of 55%, but if this bounce rate goes above 60% then you have to pay entire attention to that. If it wills 80% plus most alarming rate for you, so maintain several key rules for reducing bounce rate in minimum level.

Top 10 Easy Ways Can Decrease 30% Your WordPress Bounce Rate

I’ve shared few my relevance experience for reducing bounce rate if you follow from the bottom of your mind then your website will achieve & expansion its real goals

  1. Well, structure Site Design:

The unique verse “First Impression is the last impression”, you have to make something new with innovation that can draw visitors entire attention to your site at the first sight. Navigate & structure should be easier to access information are looking for. Be natural no need any artificiality unnecessary animations & graphics. Complicated structure & unclear word process turn off visitors so make sure legible text & sharp contrast for readability.

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Well structure Site Design-

Advice: You definitely look at the design of the site first for reducing high bounce rate.

  • Make sure website navigation easier 
  • Use extraordinary related content 
  • The site template should be fast loading 
  • Avoid unnecessary widgets 
  • The site layout should be responsive 
  • Avoid excess Ads. 
  • Make it mobile friendly 
  • Obviously, keep a search box
  1. Create accessible Content:

Take tend to smart formatting when writing content for readers. Be aware of creating specific headlines, small sub-headlines, and writing content in very simple language. Make content with relevant information & smaller that attach readers mind effectively. Your page has to very much accessible & approachable by good formatting that readers can quickly scan your content. Try to point out the reader’s real drive from you.

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Clear content for readability-

Advice for quality content:

  • Craft clear, use standard but simple language, short language, spelling & grammar 
  • Have to obviously convey main information & clear purpose data for reader’s requirement 
  • Make sure the content on your web pages can be scanned quickly
  • Use unique images & never use images that aren’t yours. 
  • Use error-free words which readers easily reached & can translate to other languages 
  • Provide clear header & subhead
  1. Decrease Page Load Time:

Your visitors have not any reason to wait for your site for finishing loading. Site loading time is a very important factor to reduce the bounce rate. If the site takes the longest time to load then the visitor will leave your site. Be caution about slow loading & kept the best effort how to make faster your site speed. You can increase page loading time by optimizing your images, unnecessary heavy script, widgets, plugins & use loading message indicator of progress

Bounce rate is mainly affected by the first impression of the page. Slow page loading is panic that affecting Google ranking as well as increase bounce rate, so you have to optimize to help visitors get your page faster. You have to take tend every second to boost visitors trust in your site; few seconds can make big difference. 

Advice for decrease page loading time: 

  • Don’t display more post on the homepage 
  • Use a CDN like Amazon Cloud front 
  • Place your Ads insides, not in content & avoid self-loading multimedia Ads 
  • Cut off lengthy posts & feature popular post at the sidebar bottom of the post 
  • Use better host, theme & remove unwanted plugins 
  • Set external links to open new browser tabs
  1. Create clear Call to action:

Little change of your text can make big difference such as An E-commerce site of Denmark has increased 18% revenue by a used call to action button on the product page. Especially CTA can engage users to a resource page of your blog ultimately reduce bounce rate but 70% website has not inserted CTA button according to an online survey that’s why lower conversion rate as well as increased high bounce rate 

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Call to action-

Make sure your CTA is compelling when users to click & see on the other side. The more CTAs include in single page visitors can confuse, so make sure that you include several CTAs on a single page but it does not happen very often. 

Advice for clear CTA:

  • Make sure visitors are not clueless, give CTAs such as sign up, submit, and download 
  • Use stronger phrase: such as “Free SEO Book download” you giving clear direction to readers like this 
  • Make easy, such you offering free Domain then mention your CTC like sign up in less than 60 seconds 
  • Determine colors- which colors create the highest conversion rate, let look gray & gray, 02 popular colors for CTA buttons
  1. Focus on Right viewers:

Targeting is a vital point in favor of your goals to focus on a specific part of users. The wrong keyword also nuisance that hurt your target because it’s most crucial. Be sure who can deliver your content to express their need s & interest. 

Such as, you are a seller of the computer then you have optimized SEO on computer-related keywords for targeted goal, not optimize Car seller that will waste your SEO juice. If you target the wrong keyword that will increase your website high bounce rate

Advice for right Audience:

  • Prefer right keyword according to your content 
  • Give gorgeous helpful meta description for the search of users 
  • Develop online campaigns 
  • Make multiple landing pages & give related content, keywords
  1. Improve Content Readability:

This is the important reason that visitors leave the site lack of your text legible & most of the website often neglects the basic element. Your high-quality content can reject visitors if it wills lousy formatting that results in faster exit & increases higher bounce. However, you should be given better shape & visual appeal first to draw the reader’s entire attention. You have to make sure line spacing, margins, clean text, padding look like beautiful

Advice for Readability your content more readable: 

  • More glows your article by using small subheadings 
  • Use killer Point to better explain the benefit of your article 
  • Use where it appropriate of image, diagram, quotes, screenshots with help of expert 
  • Give invitation instead of reading & ask frequently bulk of the question 
  • Don’t overdo bold & colors keywords unnecessary 
  • Use the large font for Small Screens
  1. Be Responsive Mobile Site:

In present time almost 70% internet users using the mobile device according to Google analytics report for the different type of needs, so make your site mobile friendly. While updating a website keep mobile users in mind and make easier navigate of iPhone & Android. Obviously, the mistake will increase high bounce rate, don’t ignore it can contribute strongly your bounce rate 

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Be Responsive Mobile Site-


  • Should be used ideal font 14px minimum rather than users zoom in to read your content 
  • Avoid too much large images to load on the mobile device then mobile frustrate & click the back button fast 
  • Make big bold headline & give vital point in the subheading. In the content few lines with actionable CTA 
  • Avoid irrelevant popup & using responsive design 
  • Fine-tune the content to fit different screen sizes
  1. Make natural Navigation:

It’s much more crucial that make effortless as per as possible to make your site with easy navigation to stay & find what they are looking for. If your site navigation is snowflakes has not minimum effort then go to another site & increase high bounce rate. Do not try to over innovative navigation that will just a headache for users.

Advice for simple navigation:

  • Give heat maps to determine how effective your navigation & use Google analytics to improve Your CTR checking the in-page Analytic will improve your navigation structure 
  • Avoid format based navigation & drop down menus 
  • Mobile navigation best practices & standard for short horizontal lines & representing menu
  1. Make 404 page:

The error of 404 can influence bounces. The number of visitors landed on your page & exited instantly that increase high bounce rate. The metrics reflect those visitors left without viewing your site to another page 404 pages does not provide help. Google explicitly advised using 404 widget search box on your site that will be useful for visitors to find what they are looking for 

  1. Make all external links & add more internal link:
  • External link: Big part of bounces coming from clicking an external link to your post using WordPress plugin are automatically open all external links to your site 
  • Internal links: use it to reduce bounce rate that helps visitors to get which things they are looking without a search

Bottom line: 

Lower Bounce Rate has the vast reward if you successfully complete all of above-mentioned terms & condition. By the following outlined you will be able to create an engaging website that people will want to explore more times

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