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Aroush Tech: Who Are We?

Local SEO is the backbone of any online or offline business that can hardly implement SEO in its marketing policy.

However, with hundreds of local SEO services agencies around the corner, you would never know who is the right and capable one for you. This is where a reliable name like ‘Aroush Tech’ comes up.

Aroush Tech is one of Bangladesh’s best local SEO services provider organizations. We do what we promise. Unlike other digital service providers, we don’t limit ourselves to our advertisements only.

We offer long-term local SEO services, custom website analysis, keyword research, digital marketing, and map search optimization to our honorable clients. Besides that, we write and share useful articles that can help others learn the strategies of the business.

Are you looking for top-notch local SEO services to up your digital marketing game? Original and authentic content is essential to ranking a website on the first page of Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). Content is king. This phrase rings in the ears of content marketers. Readers constantly engage with high-quality content, and it helps a business maintain its position at the top of search results and create brand visibility.

We are independent experts knowledgeable about the competitive landscape of local SEO services agencies. Let us know what you need, and we will introduce you to the curated solutions to meet your business’s unique needs.

Aroush Tech is a team of passionate members who know how to do their jobs. Our contribution to your business or e-commerce platform will help you get better visibility and publicity. Are you ready to start a journey of progression with us?

For Beginners:

We offer our diligent local SEO services to beginners constantly needing help to learn more about SEO and digital marketing. We ensure they receive a complete SEO guideline, which helps them properly optimize national and local SEO.

Startups and Professionals:

Our list of respected clients also includes startups and professionals. We have worked for many renowned companies and helped them earn recognition with increased sales through smart local SEO strategies.

For Your eCommerce Platform:

We also ensure your website ranks higher in the SERPs whenever someone searches for information related to your business. This helps your products or services get better visibility and get more customers in return.

Our Team: In Aroush Tech, we work as a reliable team of local SEO experts to deliver the best to you. You will always find our expertise reliable and trustworthy for digital support and problem-solving.

We know how important it is to maintain clarity, trust, and integrity to develop a long-term relationship with our clients. We have maintained these properties in our service, following our ethics for years.

This goes the same for our in-house environment as well. We are a family of creative minds with respect and support for each other. Here, we complete projects as a group of patients, helpful and respectful members of institutions, Aroush Tech.

Why is Local SEO Services Important?

First: You will get trackable & measurable results with local SEO. Local SEO optimization offers trackable strategies so that you will always know how your business is performing. You can monitor SEO performance campaign Google Analytics and make adjustments to improve your campaign effectiveness. Our local SEO services allow you to analyze, track, and scale your SEO campaign over time.

Second: Ranking on the top page of Google is essential for local businesses. Local SEO services allow you to rank one of your geographical area search results, which increases the organic ranking and additional SERPs. Your map packs appear as top results on Google, meaning the audience will see your local business first.

Third: A local SEO agency will boost your site traffic and visibility on SERPs. Google My Business (GMB) will allow people to see the great reviews that you have received from clients in the past and provide easy access to your site. You can expect more traffic by making it easy for users to discover your business’s online presence.

Fourth: You can gain your edge over competitors if they are not claiming a GMB profile in your area’s top business results. We will take care of your local business that gets ahead of your competitors.

Why should you work with us?

  • At Aroush Tech, our best team offers offline and online local SEO services for your website. 
  • We carry out our work with deep research and analysis to better understand search engines. 
  • Since establishing Aroush Tech, we have ensured our research and analysis team gets the best resources to deliver our clients top-notch local SEO services.
  • We are here for you. Our researchers and special local SEO services manage your website with sincerity and ardent analysis.
  • Our experience-driven results will help your website rank on the first page of Google within a few weeks. 
  • People in Aroush Tech work day and night to ensure your website drives more audience and fulfills the purpose of your business. 
  • We deliver projects on time.
  • There’s transparency about how SEO experts are vetted.
  • Our SEO service has a wide network of writers who can pitch your ideas.

Our Key Features:

  • We are a team of qualified local SEO services experts.  
  • Our team handles clients with utmost care and sincerity.
  • Our history of progression and success with clients is proven and reliable. 
  • Other services include keyword research, creating a buyer persona, creating a network for you, digital marketing, and brand recognition. 
  • We have established our long-term service of integrity and honesty with different people and organizations.
  • Our expert team manually craft content and headline. We don’t use any AI tools.
  • We deliver top-notch SEO content and technical SEO services on time. 
  • We can hook readers with an exciting intro.
  • We write for your audience and search engines.
  • You will get different types of engaging content and technical effort 24/7
  • We can create your unique Brand Voice.
  • We provide knowledge that readers want.
  • Use an Outline

What our Local SEO Services include

We do not cut corners. We develop elite local SEO strategies using an all-encompassing approach for a sustainable future for your website and surpassing goals. You will never wonder if Aroush Tech doing what we promised. Aroush Tech strives to continuously earn your business and trust through integrity, transparent communication and results every single month.

Your website development is heavily focused on SEO, and we closely analyze for necessary improvement and reverse for easy pickings. Our local SEO services make your website faster, and Google loves it. We offer clients SEO products and manually reviewed local SEO services to advance your brand identity and expand your local online marketing reach.

Local SEO includes:

Capture more traffic and revenue with our local SEO services. You will reach and convert more people in your local business area with customizable plans that include Google My Business, Citation management, AI insight, ROI tracking, and more. We have a talented team and tech to meet your business goals. Learn our local SEO services include now:

  • Local SEO audit
  • Custom strategy
  • On-Page local SEO
  • Tracking and reporting
  • Website localization
  • Local content creation
  • Local link building
  • Google My Business (GMB) profile setup and optimization
  • Building and managing local citations
  • Google Business profile post management
  • Google Business spam flighting

Technical SEO includes:

Technical SEO is a process to meet the technical issues of modern SEO to improve organic search rankings.

There are numerous errors that we deal with. Here is what you will get from our local SEO services

  • Depth audit report and fixing errors with SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz, SiteChecker, and Ubersuggest.
  • Fixing issues from GSC
  • Technical code auditing analysis and remediation
  • Search Engine Accessibility
  • Submit your sitemap to search engines
  • Creating SEO SEO-friendly site structure
  • Page Speer analysis and improving your site speed
  • Make your website mobile-friendly
  • Finding duplicate content and fixing
  • Robots.txt file setup and verification
  • Schema markup strategies

Local link building:

Local link building depends on relevant links from local websites. The process increases the discoverability of a site from search and drives traffic from users. Achieving the goal will allow the company’s site to rank better on local search platforms. We link building for local SEO, doing manual outreach that pitch local website and list in your business. We also include relevant business information and customer reviews.

  • Targeted location strategy
  • Links from superior and reputed websites
  • Effective outreach strategy with 100%response
  • Update the NAP profile on the GMB listing 
  • from local citations
  • Hyperlocal content
  • Use local keywords
  • Build local SERP ranking

Create Unique Content:

When we say unique content, we don’t mean you must reinvent the wheel. We present the subject with uniqueness and style to get the reader’s attention.

Uniqueness is no longer lovely to have. It is necessary to survive in the fierce of your competition. Your brand visibility will only thrive in today’s environment if it differentiates!

  • Create a Persona for Content Marketing Strategy
  • Keyword Research with (Meta title, Meta description, Alt text, Headings, Links anchor text, content text)
  • Set up Content Calendar: (State your goals, define content writing style guide, and set a clear deadline for each article}
  • Create Brief: start with a primary keyword or long tail keywords. We consider the outline of the content, goals for the content, match search intent, recommended word count, deadline, and milestones.
  • Edit the Draft and Check Unique Content
  • Promote Content


  • Know Your Audience’s Level of Awareness
  • Study the Existing Pieces of Content & distill them
  • Put Your Findings in Perspective & Develop a Hook
  • Understand the Form Your Article Should Take
  • Craft an Unusual Headline for the Topic
  • Fill It Up with Research
  • Polish It Up

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