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Aroush Tech is one of Bangladesh’s best free SEO tutorial provider organizations. We do what we promise. Unlike other SEO tutorial providers, we don’t limit ourselves to our advertisements only.

At Aroush Tech, we offer top-tier SEO tutorials to enhance your digital marketing skills. Our comprehensive basic SEO articles provide beginners with a strong foundation, instilling confidence in their abilities.

However, with millions of premium SEO tutorial service providers around the corner, you would never know who is the right and capable one for you. This is where a reliable name like ‘Aroush Tech’ comes up.

Aroush Tech, widely recognized as the father of SEO, leads high-quality SEO tutorials for beginners in a local and global area. Our ethical and white hat SEO techniques for beginners became our hallmark. Our advanced SEO techniques for beginners, with over eight years of experience, leverage beginners’ extensive knowledge to elevate their website performance to new heights.

As a top-tier SEO tutorial provider, we assist beginners, from local SEO businesses to enterprise organizations, overcome beginner SEO challenges. Our best SEO tutorials train you how to do SEO properly. Don’t miss it, and take your skill to the next level of SEO, optimizing your website visibility and online presence.

Our SEO tutorials are designed for beginners and SEO professionals. We offer our diligent SEO tutorials to beginners needing help learning more about SEO and digital marketing. We ensure they receive a complete SEO guideline, which helps them properly optimize national and local SEO.

We offer beginners long-term free SEO tutorials, including on-page and off-page SEO, technical SEO, local SEO, the best SEO tools, link-building processes, and more. We also write and share helpful SEO articles to help others learn business strategies.

We do not cut corners. We develop elite SEO strategies using an all-encompassing approach to ensure a sustainable future for your website and surpassing goals. You will never wonder if Aroush Tech is doing what we promised.

Our SEO tutorials make your website faster, and Google loves it. If you follow our tutorials, you can create your brand identity and expand your digital marketing reach.

Are you ready to start a journey of progression with us?

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Our Story

I will share with you my journey into SEO. In 2010, I completed an SEO basic course as a beginner. I learned basic SEO, built a website, wrote a few unique pieces of content, and developed content strategies for generating organic traffic.

I wanted to show beginners how easy it is to be on a Search engine’s first page. I will tell you everything about what strategies and techniques you need to implement to generate traffic for your brand-new website. If you are an SEO beginner, this SEO tutorial will hopefully make you simple.

We started an SEO tutorials website in 2015. Founder Amir Sohel formerly owned two LinkedIn and Quora publishing articles sites. Now entirely has published roughly 200+ high-quality articles serving millions of beginners and potential readers in over 100 countries.


Amir Sohel

Publisher and Editor

I’m Amir Sohel, a professional SEO expert providing basic SEO tutorials for beginners and advanced. I’ve also been focusing on SEO basics tutorials and articles for the last 10 years, where beginners have had opportunities to learn SEO fundamentals.   I am committed to providing SEO beginners with crucial and accurate SEO articles to help them succeed. I also use the latest SEO trends and techniques recommended by Google.

Since 2015, I’ve managed all aspects of practical SEO and basic and advanced SEO. He holds a B.S.S. in Sociology from the National University and an M.B.A. in Finance from the IBAIS University in Bangladesh.