HARO is an excellent way to attract quality links from high-authority publications for your site. HARO link building also helps brand your website and SEO on relevant topics. Quality links from HARO are vital for a website to rank higher in SERPs. HARO has reporters from All Around the World looking for content and submitting it within a daily deadline. If you are impressed with your quality writing thus, you can get a backlink.

Are you looking for an opportunity to get authority backlinks from high-ranked news portals or blogs? We know how hard it is to get SEO backlinks without positive PR and exposure. However, with the HARO link-building service, your struggle will end.

HARO (Help a reporter out) is a free database service developed by PR expert Peter Shankman to create a global hub of resources for journalists. Anyone can sign up here as a source and promote their content on highly ranked websites to get SEO backlinks. Of course, that comes for quality coverage.

How does it work? We are getting to that point.

What is HARO Link Building and How to Use It?

Peter Shankman developed HARO to connect the infinite requests and inquiries for stories and resources by journalists, reporters or editors, and publications. It started as a Facebook group and today stands as a global digital database connecting and engaging reliable sources constantly for positive exposure. How does that work?

How to Use HARO for Link Building:

Once you are on the homepage of HARO, you will have two options. They are: to sign up as a journalist or to sign up as a source.

If you want to contribute to the huge society of publications and storytelling, click on ‘ I am a source. And if you are looking for reliable sources to contribute to your website, click on ‘ I am a journalist.’

Once you have signed up as a source, HARO will send you a regular email three times a day (5.35 AM, 12.35 PM, 5.35 PM) from Monday to Friday. These emails include different topics with reliable domain names in the bracket. You can go through these lists and find out where you can contribute.

Once you have selected the relevant topic you want to contribute to, you need to pitch it.

Here’s the thing, not all websites seeking unique content or stories are highly ranked. You can check out their domain authority on Moz’s Link Explorer, SERP analysis, or Ahref site explorer.

Once you have pitched on the relevant topic, they will evaluate your writing for quality. If your content is up to the mark, they will publish it on the upcoming story with the link you have attached to your content.

This is how the HARO link-building service works in summary. Now you might want to know how HARO helps you to get backlinks that improve your SEO. Let’s get on with it.

How Does HARO Help Improve Your SEO?

HARO link building helps growing publications or promising writers with proper SEO feedback. Here is how it works:

  • Most publishers offer do-follow links. Search engines use do-follow links to level up the ranks of the websites. Unlike no-follow links, do-follow links are essential for improving SEO.
  • About 90% of all queries in HARO link building come from domain ratings of 50 or above. Getting backlinks from any of them will help you get more organic visitors to your website.
  • Only 35% of submitted queries by writers are published. If your query is published, it is already on the plus side of being rich and SEO-friendly content.
  • 78% of all published queries get 10K organic visitors per month. This is very crucial for SEO.
  • It has been proven that 68% of all the HARO contributors effectively benefit from link juice and positive backlinks. Source: HARO Study: Results from Analyzing 2500 Queries
  • You can get more citations from renowned brands like New York Times, Time Magazine, or ABC with HARO backlinks. Getting mentions from popular publications is extremely useful for SEO.

HARO Link Building Tips:

Now that we know what HARO link building is and how it works, it is time to peep at some special tips. These tips will help you learn to-do and not-to-do while pitching your favorite queries.

  • Make it Fast: The market is competitive. More and more people are opting for opportunities. In this line of competitors, the fast you reply, the better results you get.

Take 15 minutes daily to check the regular query list sent by HARO. If you find any relevant query, pitch it right after they post it with relevant data and information. Take some time to prepare your pitch, but don’t wait too long. If you wait over 24 hours, there will already be too many submissions to pass.

  • Be Relevant and Useful: Journalists look for unique content. If your writing is too common and the information you provide is widely available in other places, you cannot possibly impress them.

Then again, your content has to be on point and shouldn’t be over 200 words at most.

  • Avoid Plagiarism at All Cost: You only have 200 words to impress the publications. If you waste these words in falsifying or copying content from other sources, forget about being promoted in the first place.
  • Preciseness: Yes, you are allowed to attach links with the queries you submit. However, do not start randomly putting links to every social media channel or several pages of your website. Such an act will look very discouraging to the publishers.

What are the best techniques for HARO link building?

HARO helps a reporter with a vast database to track people’s feedback. It sends several requests from reputable media three times a day. HARO is divided into technology, Business, health care, and many others. It is no matter which industry you work in. You can get quality backlinks if you follow a few simple steps are:

  • Register the HARO site as a source and active your account  
  • Use Gmail to manage HARO mail landing in Gmail inbox
  • Daily monitor three emails from HARO, find the most relevant topics for your websites in quarries and answer potential partners.
  • Set up a template for response in your email program
  • You can use CTRL-F to search the mail digests for topics quickly

Note: The answer should be catchy to attract and interest journalists. Journalists who choose and publish their comments will get links from authoritative sites. Remarkably, Global media use HARO services like Forbes, Time, Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, etc. So, it will be worth it in favor of your website or business.

What are the Advantages of Using HARO Link Building?

  • You can reach your target market.
  • It will help to drive authority traffic to your website
  • Get found by those searching for your Product and service
  • Branding yourself as an industry expert
  • You would be developed relationships with experts, journalists, and bloggers.
  • You would display knowledge in an external space
  • It would increase awareness among the publication audience
  • You will receive full free publicity
  • You will get advice and quotes from experts for your article or comments
  • It will help to make your content research and creation easier
  • You will find great prospective collaborators
  • It will be helpful to others 

How to use HARO for Link Building [ 10 Secret Tips]

Are you ready to try scoring the HARO Link building for your website? Then, you can follow these top 10 steps to HARO link building to gain more quality backlinks and PR opportunities with HARO. I do it practically daily and have laded amazing placement with the following steps.

Get well familiar with HARO’s rules

Before registering an account, familiarize yourself with HARO’s rules.

HARO’s sources pages know the important rules that HARO exactly requires of you.

To be aware, you will get just one time warning for violating their rules and will be banned from the platform.

Most People primarily use HARO to get quality backlinks. For example, many business owners source backlinks from their contributions, but HARO rules strictly prohibit them. So, when a reporter may include a link to your website, refrain from demanding one.

If you do not earn a backlink from HARO will receive a mention that will help your brand awareness and visibility.

Sign up and choose your preferences

First: The first step is to head over to www.helpareporterout.com and register for an account as a source.

Second: Choose your industry preferences and fill out all information on the next page.

Third: you will receive emails from Monday through Friday. Of course, you can frequently change it weekly or monthly, but you should set it daily and catch everything.

  • Early morning
  • Afternoon
  • Early evening

Wait for the mail to roll in: The key to properly publishing your answer is to be the first to respond. So, try to be available Monday through Friday around 5.30 AM,12.30 AM & 5.30 PM when HARO sends mail.

Note: Remember to check pitch opportunities delivered to your mail address.

HARO mailing Guidelines

The most important things that provide information properly are the reporter’s name, deadline, and queries. It is also crucial to show off your expertness, so create a response that will not refuse.

HARO response example

Always use your real name so that mail becomes more personal and makes you stand out. I also use effective cold mailing in depth.

Write a cold email that lands clients instantly and write to get an itching response.

Introduce yourself and explain why you are a suitable candidate for the query.

HARO want expert, and that’s why only respond to queries that you genuinely have the expertise to increase the likelihood of them using your answer.

To respond to all the questions, HARO has listed and when you write an answer, ensure that it can be copied and pampered.

Please do not respond with lousy grammar; some queries will ask to leave your company name and position, so ensure their guideline will get a 100% chance of getting published.

A question can arise: how long do you have to wait for a HARO response? If your answer accepts that a few different things can happen, the first reporter will mail and inform your response if chosen, which can take days, weeks, or months with a live link.

The second thing is that you will not get any notifications or updates. Instead, it will use them after analyzing your backlink profile. So, for example, some reporters tell you they chose your response when the article is published.

SEMrush tool can help you, and you can keep tabs on referral traffic in Google analytics.

Create HARO pitches 

It is important to note that you have zeroed queries, so it is time to craft a pitch to get you noticed. You have remained HARO-like quality rather than quantity. So, you can follow our recommendations for picking potential opportunities.

Aim to send out well that authoritatively answers the query, making it the reporters easy. Such as, if you include multiple queries, it will take time to answer them. Ideally, one or two quires will increase your chance of being selected as a contributor.

A short brief, just a few lines, will not be enough. However, do not go overboard with your response. Keep your pitch limited to a few hundred words will get a better response, and allow to craft a pitch fast is a good deal.

Check HARO emails soon can create a timely pitch. Few queries have a tight response time. So, it is the best time to score HARO backlinks needs to be expeditious. If you delay submitting, they will push down their inbox and likely speak to someone else instead of you.

Remember to add a Bio and link end of the pitch so the reporter can include them in the published article if you are selected. If you use the free plan, add your Bio to replies manually or not automatically be added like a pro member to the end of replies.

Tips: How to Craft Your Pitch

If you want to use HARO email-based service to get noticed, follow the tips.

  • Write a short bio: Give a short bio journalist to check your credentials.
  • Use a call to Action (CTA): Sometimes, you need to ask more questions, so providing CTA with your contact information and email is vital.
  • Provide creatives: when making a few lines for publishing, you can provide a link to your company’s trademark logo. HARO also prevents downloading viruses, and you will not allow downloadable content.
  • Match of the pitch with skills: Tempting to pitch everyone those opportunities if you read the pitch request. HARO requires specific qualifications. Make sure your special skills match the pitch. For example, reporters want to know your specific job titles, so show roles like “seeking a physical therapist.”
  • Pick relevant sites: From the SEO perspective, linking your site with the same industry gives Google a powerful signal. Therefore, before preparing your pitch, you can research the best sites to assess the most relevant and credible.
  • Be quick to respond: Your chances can be slim if you do not reply quickly, so check your HARO mail as soon as possible to get them. When you give an earlier response journalist will be seen first.

Find appropriate requests.

Find those queries that can give answers with expertise, but how can they be found on a long list?

If you are not a premium HARO member, you must scan your email manually to sort out the queries and filter out unnecessary ones. Premier members can automatically filter the email for questions you want. It depends on the membership level, although free HARO users may search requests manually.

Please use your time effectively and respond to every request within your expertise area. The journalist will check every detail of your title, quality text, and relevant categories to determine before publishing. It would help if you used the HARO Keyword filtering tool to filter out and respond to what you are most likely to be accepted for.

Meet with journalist’s requirements

HARO journalists often make detailed queries such as word count, specific words to use in your pitch, and many more. If you meet all the requirements properly to get respond appropriately. Most times, reporters need to be clear about what they want. It would help if you browse journalist websites; that way, you can get an idea of what they require from you.

You can follow the basic guidelines.

  • Include your real name, your position, a headshot image (200 by 200 pixels), and a link to your LinkedIn profile. If the reporter is interested in attaching the high-resolution photo, you should only send them an embedded image.
  • The body of your pitch word limit should contain 200 words.
  • Provide a link to your company’s business website.
  • You should avoid promoting any product or yourself in your pitch.

Make answer each question separately.

If a HARO reporter asks a question, a couple of things can follow.

You can answer one by one each question separately rather than roll several replies into one. Make sure your answer is thorough yet concise.

You can ignore multiple questions in the HARO email to pick the question you prefer to reply to; if a HARO reporter asks a question, respond to the question or avoid some questions that may move the bottom of the reporter’s picks. The reporter may reach out to you anyway if you give terrific responses to the questions.

Credible sound

You also use the email registered with the domain that you represent for HARO queries. Such an example uses medianame@yourwebsite.com, not medianname@gmail.com

Complete your job

Once you have given replied is incomplete your job responsibility. Follow two options:

First: You have to wait for the journalist to notify you. If you follow the HARO guidelines correctly will get receive an email.

Second, you can create Google alerts to be notified when your website URL is mentioned.

If you follow the above rules can create quality HARO link-building. So, monitor backlinks using a backlink checker tool and identify areas for improvement.


Having strong backlinks from high-authority websites is a dream come true for writers. HARO makes it possible for you and comes with no charge at all.

It is a free link-building service for the global community of contributors. Even if you find the process hard enough to get strong backlinks, you can have any HARO link-building agency help you ease the process for yourself.

You must pick up the relevant topic for yourself and make your piece of writing unique enough from others. We hope our article is useful if you want more reliable backlinks for your website.

Share it with others and let them know how effective HARO can be in getting a more organic reach for their platforms.

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