Gig title for Fiverr plays a vital role in improving your search ranking on Fiverr. A perfect eye-catchy Gig title on Fiverr can drive lots of clicks and impressions to your offer. Creating a well-optimized title with a phrase related to your area of expertise will reinforce potential buyers. Use the repetition of keywords to your gig title to get more exposure.

Craft well-optimized Gig title for Fiverr within 80 characters. It must be brief and begin with “I will, ” a customary start for a Gig. The rest of the title should only include the type of service you provide. Your Fiverr gig title serves as both a static advertisement of your service & a URL for the web page. URL of Gig title for Fiverr will be permanent, so it should be chosen carefully. Write an ultimate title in such a way that is easy to memorize and draws clients’ attention.

In this article, I will write how to create a well-optimized Gig title for Fiverr with the best example.

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What is an SEO Gig title for Fiverr?

SEO Gig title for Fiverr means you had to target the proper keyword to rank on the Fiverr search engine. According to your niche, you need to include 2 or 3 targeted keywords in your gig title. It will help to be found by more buyers with keywords. If you are wondering about writing a title that ranks on the Fiverr search engine, then follow it:

  • First: Check gig competition
  • Second: Pick top ten gig titles for your buyers
  • Third: Find the most used relevant keywords on those titles & use them to create your gig title

Note: The URL of the gig title will not be changed, so include targeted keywords.

Killer Gig Title for Fiverr -

Which is the best Gig Title Length to be used in Fiverr?

The gig title should be within 80 characters. Short gig title performs best compared to long. According to experts, you should add more relevant keywords to become a part of the URL, which can’t be changed. After publishing your Fiverr Gig, you can rewrite the title to some complete and sensible sentence as per your choice.

For example, if you want to gig regarding, you should add all the keywords you write the title the first time. It will look like “I will write SEO friendly blogs short books ebooks academic” that does not make any sense; there are many keywords in the title. When any buyers search for an SEO article, your Gig will show up similarly if someone searches for ebooks, it will show up again.

Best Gig Title for Fiverr Tips and Tricks to Rank Your Gig Fast

The art of optimizing the gig title can help you to rank on top. A buyer should click on a Fiverr gig depending on the catchy title. If you want to clickable and type your title on Fiverr, sellers must consider the below steps.

Generate a great URL for your Gig

Find some unique words, and the created title is the permanent URL of your Gig. You have remained the URL is unchangeable. You have to use a Gig title that’s attention-grabbing, memorable, and reinforces your service to give a competitive edge. So using a buyer-friendly URL, like

Sample Fiverr Gig title version A: “I will (best example) gig title ever!

Sample Fiverr Gig title version A URL will:” username/best-example-gig-title

If you think this 1st sample title is not buyer-friendly or has grammatical errors. You can generate an SEO-optimized URL that exactly reinforces your service.

Created a widely eye-catchy Title: You can update your title to be more buyer-friendly after the URL is permanently set up.

Sample Fiverr Gig title version B: “I will create a unique Gig title for you in 24 hours.”

Eventually, you have optimized both the URL and title, indirectly killing two birds with one stone.

Note that;

  • Create a short, simple title within 80 words without repetitive terms
  • Remain if repetition does not affect gig search visibility.
  • Use search terms once Title or Tags to maximize the limited space
  • Create a username with related words to your area of expertise to reinforce potential buyers.

Use Keyword for SEO purposes.

  • Keep it short: Make sure short titles that buyers can read well on the search result page.
  • Give priority: Use a great keyword like I will write your business blog, not make sure your business article will be edited.
  • Use simple words: Fiverr is a global marketplace, but all clients/buyers cannot read English well.
  • Check spelling and grammar errors: You can’t detect spelling mistakes after publishing.
  • Capitalization: Fiverr only allows one word to be capitalized in your title to highlight your keyword. Use fantastic offers to maximize your Fiverr gig attention. Make sure that you are not ignoring it.

Example: “I will do the best data entry in 48 hours” (Here, you can capitalize “entry” also). Use the tricks that will optimize your Gig and grab the buyer’s attention.

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How can you select a Great Gig Title for Fiverr?

Gig title on Fiverr is like a mirror of your service in front of clients. To write a great gig on Fiverr, using a consistent keyword in Title, description, and tags will help rank Fiverr. Your gig title should be reflective and different from what you genuinely offer to your buyers. Creating a username with a phrase related to your area of expertise will help reinforce your potential buyer. Try to use the repetition of keywords to give an advantage to your Fiverr Gig.

User-friendly titles can boost your ranking on top of the Fiverr search result page. So arise a question about writing a great title that helps rank your Gigs for targeted keywords. Here are some common ideas that can include making an eye-catching look of your Gig title.

Research your niche

Do Deep research about your niche before writing your gig title. Proper research is fundamental because the Fiverr marketplace has popular freelancers Gigs already working. You will get a lot of desired keywords related to your expertise area. So analyze their best Gis title; you can take an idea and use them carefully.

Craft an optimized URL

Once you create a URL that can’t be changed, make a permanent and buyer-friendly URL. Let’s see

Example of Gig title 1: “I will do business logo design.”

Appropriate URL: “”

Optimized keywords give you a healthy URL, which adds a buyer-friendly title.

Build a wieldy Title

You have to make an understandable Gig title that follows all the rules.

Fiverr Gig title example 2: “I will do business logo design in 24 hours.”

These techniques will optimize both the URL and Title. It helps to grab the potential buyer’s attention.

Use Eye-catchy Title

You have to find some unique and powerful words for your Gig title. You can analyze existing top-rated freelancers’ Gigs in Fiverr. Eye-catchy words attract your Gig title and grab more buyers. Like SEO optimizes, fast, professional, unique, boost is powerful words that you can use for your Title.

Use unique keywords

In the Fiverr marketplace, most of the sellers use the exact keywords. You should add some own words apart from keywords to make it unique.

Keep short Title

Busy buyers are not checking every Gig, so make sure they can easily read your Title on the Fiverr search result page.

Give priority

Use influential and essential keywords first, like I will edit your logo; don’t make sure your logo will be edited.

Use easy words

Fiverr is an international marketplace, but all buyers are not well versed in English.

Check spelling and grammar mistakes.

You could not detect spelling mistakes after publishing your Gig, so take caution with no spelling or grammar mistakes in your Gig title.

Using capitalization in Gig title

Fiverr only allows one word to be capitalized in your Title to highlight your keyword. Use fantastic offers to maximize your Fiverr gig attention. Make sure that you are not ignoring it.

Best Example of Gig Title for Fiverr to Get Clicks

Fiverr is an international marketplace for buyers if you have an expertise area to share. You can make money from satisfied potential customers when you have a catchy Gig title on Fiverr.

Top 10 Gig title examples for data entry on Fiverr

  1. I will do accurate, faster and timely data entry
  2. I will do data input, encoding, web research accurately
  3. I will virtual assistant for data entry, internet web research
  4. I will do fast excel data entry, data mining and web research
  5. I will find email address excel data entry, mining and scraping
  6. I will do accurate data entry, web scrap, PDF to excel
  7. I will do perfect data entry, clean, edit, organize and merge excel data
  8. I will do all types of data entry, data input and internet research
  9. I will do data entry and product entry WordPress blog in 2 hours
  10. I will do fast and efficient any data entry jobs

Top 10 Gig title examples for Fiverr web developer

  1. I will develop and design a complete website
  2. I will develop the website design and fix the web application
  3. I will develop a database-driven web application
  4. I will develop your ios mobile, android and web apps using flutter
  5. I will develop and web design a complete website
  6. I will develop your responsive WordPress blog site
  7. I will do full-stack web app development and front end development
  8. I will do your web development with reactjs and nodejs
  9. I will do web application development and PHP programming
  10. I will be your front end web developer, deploy and code python django

Top 10 Gig title examples for Logo Design

  1. I will design an awesome minimalist luxury logo
  2. I will create an awesome mascot logo design
  3. I will design a creative minimalist logo and branding
  4. I will design your logo and brand value
  5. I will design a lucrative 3d logo for your brand
  6. I will design a professional and creative text logo
  7. I will create a responsive real estate logo
  8. I will create a versatile website logo
  9. I will design a sleek minimalist logo in just 24 hrs
  10. I will design your PSD website landing page UI UX in 1 day

Top 10 Gig title example for Graphic Design

  1. I will do any graphic design needs within 24 hours
  2. I will create a top-rated graphic design with a free vector file
  3. I will do graphic design with digital art
  4. I will be an exclusive graphic designer and graphic artist
  5. I will be the professional graphic designer of any kind you need
  6. I will design an illustration for your app and website
  7. I will do your any graphic design work within a few hours
  8. I will be the killer graphic designer of your choice
  9. I will design your window graphic, banner, billboard, store front, yard sign
  10. I will customs expert logo design for your brand

How to Remove Gig Title for Fiverr Errors Easily?

The Beginners freelancer facing errors issues while creating a gig title on Fiverr. There are several reasons beginners make errors when making Gig titles on Fiverr. Gig titles play an essential role in selling your services. The gig title on Fiverr must be eye-catching and 100% error-free. Without sorting out the errors, you can’t publish your Gig.

Why are beginners facing Gig title errors?

Some of the errors they might have faced, like illegal letters, repeated words, use of similar excessive characters, and many others. We will discuss different gig title errors and their best solution to remove the mistakes quickly.

Special character errors

Notable character errors are common but Fiverr does not allow like a single quote (‘), exclamation (!), colon(:), star (*), etc.


‘I will customs expert logo design for your brand.’

The Gig title contains a unique error character. You have to remain Gig title contain letters and numbers only.


You have to remove all special characters (if used) and try to write your Gig title like

I will customs expert logo design for your brand

Title length error

When new sellers create Gig titles on Fiverr, they use the long title for their Fiverr Gig title. Fiverr Gig title maximum 80 characters long.

Example of error

I will design your landing page UI UX, window graphic, banner, billboard, storefront, yard sign within a few hours.

The above gig title is so long that it will not be visible in the Fiverr search result.


I will design your window graphic, banner, billboard, storefront, yard sign.

The Gig title should contain at least 15-80 characters.

Repeated word error

Generally, beginners freelancers using the same word more than one is an excellent Gig title error.


I will do your youtube promotion for your youtube channel


You should not be overused with the same word to craft an SEO-optimized Gig title. Using the best combinations in Gig title issues like

I will get viral promotion for your youtube channel

Special characters error

Most newcomers make this mistake when writing a title on Fiverr like (dollar $) sign in the title. Fiverr does not allow the sign-in title; that’s why the seller on Fiverr faces this error.


You have to remove all special characters like ($). According to terms of Fiverr services, your Gig title must be one capital letter and use 15-80 characters long.

Forwarding slash (/) error

Most sellers use the forward-slash (/) in the Fiverr Gig title to separate two things.


They use forward slash like “ Facebook/Twitter” is illegal and contains the punctuation mark. Fiverr terms of services (/) punctuation mark not allowed in the Gig title.


There are many options to solve the error; you should be use words like “and”, “or”.

Finally, the title will be “Promote on Facebook or Twitter.”

Price inclusion error

It is the most complicated error in the Fiverr Gig title. Beginner’s sellers consider adding any number of prices, but this is wrong to an extent.


If you write a title on Fiverr Gig like

I will do your professional business logo for just $50

The error is that the dollar sign ($) contains illegal characters, and Fiverr does not allow it.


We have to remove the dollar ($) sign and write in different combinations like

“I will do your professional business logo for just 50 dollars.”

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