If you’re selling on Fiverr, it’s important to make sure your Fiverr Gig Image Size stands out from the millions of others. One way to do this is by having a great gig image. A bad-quality image can make buyers think your services are not good, so it’s important to have a high-quality image that looks professional.

To make sure your image looks good on both computers and phones, you should make it 690 pixels wide and 426 pixels tall. This is the recommended size for Fiverr gig images in 2023.

To make your image eye-catching, choose a picture that shows what you’re selling, use bright colours, and a clear font for your title. Also, make sure your title is short and describes what you’re selling. You can use tags and a clear description to help people find your gig and understand what you can do for them.

By following these tips, you can create a great Fiverr gig image that will interest buyers in your services. Give it a try and see how it works for you!

What is Fiverr Gig?

A Fiverr Gig is the name of a service offer that is commonly used to describe the service you sell on Fiverr. Gig means the price a freelancer offers and what extra benefits buyers provide. It is an excellent opportunity to showcase a freelancer’s talent and inform buyers they can complete the service.

Each Gig range began from $5. Complete the gig as per the terms given to buyers by you. For example, if the work is said to be completed within a day, it must be completed within a day.

What is the Actual Fiverr Gig Image Size in 2023 in Pixel? 

I am getting huge questions about the Fiverr Gig image size. According to Fiverr officials, I want to make sure step by step.

Best practice for Fiverr Gig thumbnail size

  • You must upload the recommended dimension in JPEG, JPG, or PNG and ensure a width of at least 712 pixels and a height of 430 pixels (minimum), as shown in the image below. The file size limit is 5MB, and you can upload 3 images. If you design with PowerPoint rather than a pixel, the minimum size would be 5.73 by 3.85 inches.
  • As of 2023 recommended, Fiverr Gig image size is 1280px 769 with a minimum of 712 px430 & a maximum size of 4000 x2416 pixels at 72 DPI.
  • Fiver Official suggests uploading in landscape format to make better space.
  • The image size should be up to 5 MB

Great software to build Fiverr Gig image size on the desktop

There are 4 sites where you can create unique and beautiful Fiverr gig images with many styles and fonts for HD-quality images. These sites are also beginners friendly, and you will not have any trouble using them.

  • Canava
  • Photoscape X
  • Polarr
  • Pixlr

06 Best Practices keep in mind when creating a Fiverr gig image 

  • Image quality: Create HD quality image and maintain the Fiverr recommended dimension
  • Copyright Image: Don’t use copyright or a stock image. Fiverr is strictly prohibited against copyright images.
  • Badges: No matter how many handsome badges you have won, you may not use them in the Gig image
  • Text: Keep simple and avoid excessive compressive text that can devalue your gig integrity. Make sure you present the text to be legible.
  • Image Size: Make sure the width is at least 550 pixels and the height is 370 pixels
  • Don’t reuse images: Do not use the same image per gig if you have more than one gig.

Tips for creating the right and high-selling Fiverr Gig image size

Fiverr loves high-quality images. The Gig is playing a very crucial role. That’s why it is one of those fundamental factors. Your gig image helps the buyer decide to place an order. If you insert a low-quality image in your Fiverr account for sale, that makes a poor impression on the buyer, and they think you are trying to sell a misleading service. Let’s follow the tips-

Useless words inside Gig

The shortest description is best, so make sure your Gig doesn’t contain too much text in an image. Narrate your critical service in words that take little time for buyers to know your offer well. Use the right fonts which visible readability and avoid unprofessional colours on your gigs.

Avoid Low-quality image

Avoid using low-quality and unethical images on your Gig. A low-quality image will affect your ranking, and buyers might think you are not highly professional enough to give them good service.

Do not Clickbait

Using clickbait in the gig image can frustrate the Fiverr team and permanently suspend it. So, avoid these harmful practices, or they will not survive long-term results.

Avoid irrelevant images

Your image must be sense with the service offering in the Gig. Irrelevant images affect gig integrity, decreasing your sales and missing editorial features.

Make professional thumbnail

Add a strong point in the thumbnail that makes the first impression of the Gig, and your professionalism will clear from your Gig.


Use the exact right image proportions. Never rotate, stretch, or use small images. The recommended image size is at least 550 pixels and 370 pixels.

Must be uniqueness 

Be sure to choose an extraordinary image. This will ensure buyers can find what they need.


Don’t overcrowd with gig image


Make sure your gig image is authentic and related to the service offering. Show a natural face; an irrelevant image compromises the gig’s credibility.

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Pro Tips Fiverr Gig Image Size and Quality

Image quality

Generate more revenue and attract high-quality buyers for your business by using attention-grabbing images on the Service. Be sure to:

  • Use sharp and clear images.

Avoid pixelated, blurry, stretched, or “squashed” images.

Use attractive high-resolution images that draw the attention of potential buyers.

  • Embedded text

If you want to overlay additional text on top of your work sample (text on an image), make sure it’s prominent and easy to read. Use as little text as possible.

  • Clear and uncluttered display

Select “clean” images and try not to include too many. Remember: less is more!

  •  Exclusive images

If you have more than one Service, choose a different image for each Service. This helps shoppers find what they need.

  • Use a photo of you

If you use your photo, make sure it is representative.

  • Clean and uncluttered display

Ensure that the environment where you take the photos is well-lit, has a smooth background, and that the ultimate image is not blurry or pixelated.

  • Relevance

Images on the Service must be directly related to the Service you provide—random images can damage a Service’s reputation and reduce the editorial selection.

Note: The following relates only to the use of a photo within the image of a Service and should not apply to a seller’s profile.

  • You must show yourself trustworthy.
  • You must be authentic and show your buyers who you are
  • Take a photo from a frontal angle to convey confidence. Make sure you don’t distort your image.
  • When taking a photo of yourself, use landscape mode. Then, crop the image to the correct proportions (use the recommended image size guide above).

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Frequently Asked the Questions

How to resize the Fiverr gig Image Size?

If you’re using a Mac, use Preview. On Windows, use Photo Gallery. Other free tools are available online.

What is the current Fiverr gig image size?

A few days ago, Fiverr brought many updates on the Fiverr Gig image size.

Fiverr gig image size was 550*370 pixels earlier.

But it has changed this size in the new update.

Fiverr gig image size as per new rules:

  • Default: 1280 x 769 pixels.
  •  Minimum: 712 x 430 pixels.
  • Maximum: 4000 x 2416 pixels.

How to reduce the Fiverr image size in KB/MB?

  1. To reduce the image size in KB or MB online, upload it to the Resize pixel’s website.
  2. Enter your desired file size & select the corresponding unit of measurement (MB or KB).
  3. Then proceed to the Download page to get the image file.

What size are Fiverr thumbnails?

The perfect size of the Fiverr thumbnail image is 712 pixels by 430 pixels. These dimensions of Fiverr allow you to create stunning GIG images with a maximum picture size of 5 MB.

What is a good size for the JPEG image?

2400x1600px, jpeg, saved for web and optimized

Make sure your full-width images look good across any device, small or big, and the recommended size is 2400x1600px. Note that devices have different ratios than the ones you shoot, and your images may be cropped when viewed on the web.

What is a gig image?

A gig image is a photo or other image that represents your Fiverr gig. It’s the first thing potential buyers see when they find your gig, so making a good impression is essential.

What is a reasonable image size?

The optimal reasonable file size for images on a website is only 200 KB, and for full-screen background images, between 1500 pixels to 2500 pixels wide, and for most other photos, a max-width of 800 pixels. Keeping up appearances between these perimeters will ensure they load properly on computers and mobile screens.

Is jpg or JPEG higher quality?

There are no differences between the JPG and JPEG formats. The only difference is the number of characters used. JPG only exists because they required a three-letter extension for the filenames in earlier versions of Windows (MS-DOS 8.3 and FAT-16 file systems).

Can I use Canva images for Fiverr?

The answer is yes! You can sell your Canva designs on Fiverr, and there are a few different ways to do it. First, you can create a gig that offers to design a custom Canva design for someone. This could be anything from a social media post to an invitation or flyer.

Do JPEG images lose quality?

Some information needs to be recovered, and compression artefacts will accumulate. If you do this often enough, eventually, the image will degrade significantly. In this article, we’ll look deeper at the generation loss of JPEG and other loss image formats.

Is a PNG higher quality than a JPG?

PNG is a high-quality graphics format–higher quality than JPEGs, which are compressed to save space. The PNG format uses lossless compression and replaces the Graphics Interchange Format (GIF format).

I hope the information about Fiverr gig image size helps you make high sales with the above tips.

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