Are you looking to make your website more visible online and attract more customers? If so, you might want to try getting links from Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is a very popular website that people trust, and links from there can help you get more visitors to your website. Plus, other websites might link to you too if they see you have a link from Wikipedia!

To help you out, we’ve made a list of 100 good websites (called wikis) that you can try to get links from. These links could help your website show up higher in Google and other search engines.

So if you want to give your website a boost, check out my list of wikis for links. Good luck!

Wiki Sites List for Backlink

What is a Wiki?

A wiki is used collaboratively with input from multiple users to create web pages efficiently and quickly. The term a wiki comes from the Hawaiian Wiki, which means super-fast, proposed by Ward Cunningham. Wiki offers excellent freedom to users, even those who do not have computer knowledge. You can easily include links, texts, hypertexts, digital documents, and many other things.

Wiki example,

A wiki is a website that allows users to add their content, link such as encyclopedia is a free Wiki in different languages that anyone can edit.

How to create a Wiki account? 

First, click on the “Create account” link at the top right of the Wikipedia website.

After Clicking on the Create account link, you have to provide your information.

The text of the boxes below should be read.

Give your username. It will be your account name. Make sure that the username you provide is available.

Enter your desired password in the “Password” box.

Re-enter the password given above in the “Confirm Password” box.

If you want to add your email id in the “Email” box, but this is optional.

Type the correct captcha code in the “Captcha” box. If you cannot forget the captcha, you can refresh the image.

Then click on the “Create your account” option

your account will be created. Congratulations! Now you have become a registered user of Wikipedia.

How to create a Wikipedia page?

  • The following principles to successfully make a Wikipedia page easily:
  • Do research first before creating any content because it will review after submitted.
  • Create your account and use your real name, business Email ID.
  • Written on a new and unique topic
  • Must be neutral
  • Try to write fact-based content
  • Don’t self promote or advertise
  • Submit the page for review and wait for a response

How to Edit a Wiki Page?

  • Go to Wiki and find the article that has a mistake
  • Click edit icon
  • Correct wrong information or spelling
  • Click to show the preview before publish
  • After finishing editing the page, click publish changes to save your edit

Benefits of Wiki sites for backlink

The key benefits of the wiki sites list for backlink are given below.

  • You can get lifetime high-quality backlinks from Wiki sites
  • The major benefits of backlinks from Wiki sites that help you get referral traffic
  • Wiki site help to increase your site’s DA, PA, Moz, and Alexa rank
  • You will easily get a huge targeted audience which increases your brand visibility
  • It is much easier to gain quality backlinks from Wiki sites to increase your website ranking into SERPs
  • You can rapidly increase Google ranking with the help of high PR Wiki sites
  • Wiki sites help you first indexing for new webpages by following backlinks from existing webpages

A Trick to put Backlinks in Wikipedia

In this Flash of the day, we will find Wikipedia pages where we can try to get a link. The following Flash is a footprint to find Wikipedia pages where we could see if there is a link to any of our pages since we are looking for pages.

Footprints to search for backlinks on Wikipedia

“Http: //’+” required appointment”+” keyword”, example: “http: //’+”required appointment” +”lose weight”

site: + “citation required” + keyword, example:

site: + “appointment required” + “lose weight”

And this is it since it is not nuclear science; you just have to have creativity, think well, analyze your keywords and LSI well and start searching. I hope it helps you!

Free High PR Wiki Sites List for Backlink (Do Follow)

SL. wiki sites list for backlink PR
1 88
2 85
3 81
4 74
5 72
6 71
7 71
8 70
9 68
10 69
11 69
12 67
13 67
14 66
15 66
16 66
17 65
18 64
19 64
20 63
21 62
22 61
23 61
24 61
25 61
26 60
27 60
28 59
29 59
30 58
31 58
32 57
33 57
34 56
35 56
36 55
37 55
38 55
39 54
40 53
41 53
42 52
43 52
44 52
45 51
46 51
47 49
48 49
49 48
50 47
51 47
52 46
53 46
54 46
55 45
56 45
57 44
58 43
59 43
60 42
61 42
62 42
63 41
64 40
65 40
66 39
67 39
68 38
69 38
70 38
71 37
72 37
73 37
74 36
75 36
76 34
77 33
78 32
79 31
80 30
81 29
82 17

Have you ever tried to get a wiki site list for backlink? Overall, wiki sites are off-page SEO campaigns to drive enormous organic and valuable traffic to your website. You should use the high PR wiki site list for backlinks that help rank your site into SERPs easily.

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