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Free Blogs: The ultimate free 12 Blog sites & best platforms (2018)

Free Blogs: This article carries information about free open source user friendly blog sites advantage. You will find available ideas of free blogs for promote your businesses and get professional web presence


Free Blogging site overview:

<img src=" Free blog sites"alt="Free Blogs">
free blog sites-

20 years ago internet has not occupied informational tools like the evaluation of web 2.0 that time www provided only one sided conversation. In present time technological forces providing much more platforms for express human basic needs & Blog is the most important platform of Google product.

The word of blog is short version of weblog which started late 1990s as individual diary. A person who has posted information about lives opinions on daily basis. Now a day’s internet became more social that’s why blogs gaining much more popularity today. Blogs is more popular & important part of internet because bloggers impacting Worlds politics, business, human life, community, religion perspective and related many other things. Blogging will more powerful in future because more people recognizing the power of blogger influence in online

The person who posted on the blog is called a blogger. The Bloggers continually add content to their websites and users can make comments of the blogs. In recent times, blog freelance is becoming a media of journalism; bloggers have updated it very frequently.

Types of blogs:

There are currently many types of blogs in the world. Now there are numerous issues coming out in front of us in technology. So the number of bloggers is growing rapidly. Given below some blogs and their topics are highlighted.

Personal Blog: Individual blogs are generally personal opinion, any person can write it.

Micro blogging: Micro blogging is practiced on a variety of topics, such as text, pictures, links, small video clips, or other media topics. It is more commonly discussed thoughts of people’s, Communicating with friends, business meetings, and many other essential topics. It can also be on large web sites like Facebook, Twitter.

Corporate and Organizational Blogs: These blogs like marketing, banding or buyer-seller blogs are published as corporate blogs for necessary information. 

Some are published on topics such as: political blogs, Health related blogs, Travel related blogs, Fashion blogs, Project blogs, Education related blogs, etc. 

Media Vocal Blog: When a blog publishes only a few videos, it is called blog. Similarly, by sharing various links, it is called linklog. There are many other such blogs such as tumblelogs, typecasting (blogging) etc.

Device related blogs: These blogs are related to mobile devices, PDAs, and blogs that share videos or audio or photos directly through the blog / video / audio / picture blog.

12 Free Blogs all information given below: 

There are many blogging sites in the www; here I have considered the best forever 12 blog sites for introduce who want to start blogging. In online age everyone can highlight by writing an autobiography with the events and spread your thoughts around the world easily. 00 WordPress website:

<img src=" blog sites"alt="Free Blogs"> is the most popular blogging software in the world. and two different platforms & different visions between and

The advantage of

•You have full control on your site. 

•You can rearrange with different categories like Forum, online e-commerce site” etc. 

•You can use lot of free and premium themes. 

•You can use more than 45,000 free plugins. These plugins are like applications for your WordPress blogs, which help you to add new features to all.

Disadvantage of

•You have to learn for monitoring it 

•You have to manage your backup and security.

Sign Up link:


<img src=" blog sites"alt="Free Blogs"> is a blog hosting service operated by a WordPress web site is fully open source software. It’s provides free basic blog services since November 2005. is my second choice as blogging platform. 


•No need any setup 

•Very easy to use & manage 


•Its provide limited service 

•You couldn’t control your site own

Sign Up:


<img src=" blog sites"alt="Free Blogs">

Blogger is a free blog hosting service, in 2003 Google has occupied under its control. This is an absolute simple and profitable platform for new bloggers. Generally blogs are hosted on Google, but blogger dot com can publish blogs to other hosts via FTP.


•Its completely free providing Google 

•It is easy to use and manage without any technical expertise. 

•It is secure & reliable platform of Google. 


•Limit the use of tools at 

•No extra ordinary tools for grace your site 

•New features and updates will get very less

Sign Up Link: 


<img src=" blog sites"alt="Free Blogs">

is basically a micro blogging platform where users can upload text, video, pictures, links, quote audio etc. Users can follow one more person. This service basically gives importance to simple use.


•Tumblr is offer is completely free service like 

•You can easily create Text, photo,Quote, audio & video 

•You can share your website links & add more blogs 

•Customize your theme 

Sign Up Link:


<img src=" blog sites"alt="Free Blogs">

This blogging platform has been established by Eve William and Biz Stone founded two creative members of Twitter for additional benefits to blogging. You can make comments & blogging by login twitter account. A new blogger can associate with the readers by this platform. 


•You can write, publish & share your content with people 

• highlights stories, ideas by extra social component 

• maintain easy option to posting image 

How to sign up: You can sign up existing twitter & Facebook account

Sign Up Link:


<img src=" blog sites"alt="Free Blogs">
Live jurnal free blog site-

Started January 2005 Six Apart purchased it for blogging Software Company that operate as livejournal from Fitzpatrick. LiveJournal is a basic online community where users write blogs, publications or diaries. LiveJournal is free and open source software. LiveJournal blogging technology includes more authors and make comments, calendar, and survey. The live community social community feature is different from other blogging platforms.


•It allows users to customize accounts 

•It host video & allow users post links to the host 

•Friend list is most distinctive feature which give strong social aspect to the blog service 

•Having extra storage space 

Sign Up Link:

<img src=" blog sites"alt="Free Blogs"> is basically the answer-based site where users ask questions and others provide answer. This is the best blogging site for question-answer. It’s little like Yahoo and stock workflow platform but their blogging functions distinguish it from others


•You will find lot of amazing answers from people that can inspire your goals 

•You will get option asking many things & will get best reply from relevant people very instantly 

•It can provide ton of knowledge, if you want to write then get immense scope with innovative topics 

•It can improve your writing skills with correct grammatical manner

Sign Up Link:


<img src=" blog sites"alt="Free Blogs">

Weebly is easier to open a blog site & it’s intuitive to use. In 2006, weebly smartly emerged for for newcomers. You can create a blog in weebly via Facebook. This site is one of the most important websites in my list due to over 100 professional templates and the easy experience of making the website. The key beauty of its system is you can literally drag in your website quickly without pain. It has not restrictive to place your content & it also support image, paragraphs, videos, maps, button, content forms—— all basics for a website building

Sign Up link:


•You can build a free website easy & quickly 

•No need become proficient like wordpress 

•No need spend money or hire specialist to build your site 

•You can own build up elegant website easily 

Sign Up link:

09. Edu. Blog:

<img src=" edublog.comblog sites"alt="Free Blogs">

Website: the most popular education blogging platform in the World, student & teacher get secure blogging service from this platform. Edublog created for education purpose for support of student & teacher learning facilities. It’s more useful for maintaining classroom instruction, education policies & sharing information associate with parents of the students. Its provide easy video, audio, photo sharing moderation by teachers


•Student blog moderation and review by teacher 

•The privacy setting all student blog with just one click 

•Very quickly moderate post & comments in one location 

•Enable extra features of student blog to increase storage space that allow premium 

Sign Up link:


<img src=" blog sites"alt="Free Blogs">
Ghost blog-

Website: Posted on October 14th, 2013 As a new blogging community, it has already become more popular among the users. Many users avoid WordPree and joining in Ghost for innovative advantage of blogging.

Ghost blog themes feature very simple to maintain, which create strong separation temple by using HTML that easier to lead collaboration between designer & developer. It contain triple support for easy spot & it access different data. You can use for duplication & keep individual focus of your theme.


•It can easily search your content available archive can scanned through speed 

•Giving you flexible archive which adapt to your need 

•You can build up almost types of categories, section, format, using tag 

•Having multiple role of author, editors and administration 

Sign Up link:

<img src=" blog sites"alt="Free Blogs"> blog sites-

Website: according to the past experience, the wix blogging platform is unique. Wix,com provide high quality modified website cloud based platform leading it World widely. Currently Million of users creating website for professional web presence, it promote business, art, online shopping and related many others.

You can easily built up wixlives website that will lives on their server & only you can access, contrast solution, install well manage separately your site via admin panel


•Has more storage & benefit of Google analytic use 

•It provide additional business solution features 

•Connect own domain to your site & it has more bandwidth 

•Premium support provider

Sign Up link:


<img src=" blog sites"alt="Free Blogs">

Website: Hubpage is unique blogging platform to all users for revenue sharing website where the revenue share with content creators, Hub 60% earn revenue from article with the author of the article. It merges with main competitors Squidoo in 2014 and operates as a single site for multi business


•Key advantage is social networking touch with friends easily 

•It is free of charge to set a account for use 

•Twitter also promote their brand, service & products 

Sign Up link:

Bottom line:

I very hope the above free blogs vital information will help you to create innovative blogging platform along with lot of advantage. I eagerly advise everyone to use for affordable & well maintaining tools but if you are beginner then give you well began.

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