20 Best Chrome Extensions That SEO Bloggers should be Use

20 Best Chrome Extensions That SEO Bloggers should be Use
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Google offers its users the ability to use different types of google best chrome extension to work on its users. The Google best Chrome extensions are useful for evaluating many important parameters in SEO analysis. The SEO extensions state of a website understanding how and where to intervene to improve their health. Who analyzes sites from morning to night, these extensions are really useful and save precious time. Here you find those SEO extensions for Chrome that, in my opinion, can be a valid support tool for you.

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Best Chrome Extensions – http://aroushtechbd.net

What is a Google Chrome extension?

An extension is an additional feature that can be installed and that is used by the user to better customize his browser (in our case on Google Chrome, however it can also be done on Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc).

A vast amount of extensions is available. They are all free to download and provide the most varied functions.

For example, if you read foreign newspapers and need a quick translation, if you want to receive real-time notifications on your inbox, or if you want to have any type of information or utility, extensions are what they do at our case.

Internet users can also design their own extension, however, it is assumed that if you are reading this article you are not yet ready for this step. We will talk about it again if necessary.

How to choose an extension for Google Chrome?

If you have decided to choose an extension to make the most of your browsing experience with Google Chrome, you need to consult this link https://chrome.google.com/extensions?hl=it.

This is the official Google page that summarizes all the currently available extensions (each browser has a dedicated official page: here is the one for Firefox and the one for Internet Explorer. However, in this article we are interested in Chrome).

As you can see from the image, the extensions on the main page are grouped by different criteria. It is possible to enter each of these (popularity, most recent, best, in the foreground) to have a complete list available.

By clicking on the most popular ones, an ordered list of applications appears. in this article, pretending that we are interested in a tool that translates texts, we try to install Google Translate of chrome.translate.extension.

How to install an extension on the Chrome browser?

After choosing the extension for Google Chrome that is right for us, we click on it.

A new page opens offering the summary and characteristics of what we are about to install. Preview images are also available.

To begin the installation (the process is very simple) click on the Install button (as shown in the figure).

Then a window appears that gives information about the installation. It is necessary to confirm the operation.

Once the operation is completed, an icon will appear at the top right of the browser. This icon is already present if other extensions have already been installed. In addition, a text area also appears confirming that the installation has taken place.

The Best Chrome Extensions for Busy SEO Bloggers [100% Free]

An SEO extension for browsers certainly cannot replace the accurate phases of analysis or a consultant, but it can also help the most experts for their positioning activities. Let’s see, therefore, which SEO toolbar is most useful.

As you may have guessed yourself, the work of an SEO corresponds to many different activities, all of which are fundamental for obtaining good positioning. Often, however, it is difficult to use all the SEO tools available and you get lost in the analysis of hundreds of different factors when it would be useful to have easily obtainable data on hand.

For this reason, SEO extensions have been invented for browsers such as best Chrome extensions and Mozilla Firefox, precious allies in our daily SEO activities. Among the many existing and installable SEO toolbars I have listed below the 20 best chrome extensions ones, those that will bring a real advantage to your business. I hope I have not missed any really important, in case I give you permission to reproach me and report them in the comments

01. Web Developer


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Best Chrome Extensions (Web Developer) – http://aroushtechbd.net

This is one of the extensions I prefer because it is very practical and effective. Through a drop-down menu, it is possible to activate or deactivate many variables such as CSS, JavaScript, images and much more to analyze how these elements affect the content shown to the user and to the search engine spiders.

02. Firebug Lite for Google Chrome


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Best Chrome Extensions (Firebug Lite for Google Chrome) – http://aroushtechbd.net

The Google Chrome version of the popular Firebug for Firefox works much like the suite of “developer tools” implemented in Chrome. Firebug is a useful extension that allows you to debug, modify and monitor all aspects of a web page, such as CSS, HTML code, DOM structure, and JavaScript code. For graphic designers, the function for editing CSS will be useful!

03. Keywords Everywhere – Keyword Tool


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Best Chrome Extensions (Keyword Everywhere)
– http://aroushtechbd.net

With this useful freemium extension, you can get keyword, CPC and competition search volumes for over 15 websites like Google Search Console, YouTube, Amazon and many more. Very useful extension for mining and keyword research, in fact in SERP it shows in a dedicated box the related searches and the questions taken by the PAA box (People also ask).

04. Mozbar


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Best Chrome Extensions (Mozbar)
– http://aroushtechbd.net

MozBar is one of those inevitable SEO extensions for Chrome for consultants and scholars and it is certainly one of the most used toolbars in the sector. This free extension of Moz, one of the most authoritative portals regarding positioning on search engines, allows you to obtain a wide range of information in a simple and fast way

Simply activate it to be able to analyze all the SERP URLs to find out the SEO metrics used by Moz, or PA (page authority) and DA (domain authority). Inside the pages, you can get much more detailed information, such as the spam score, a report on on-page activities, markups and much other useful information to perform a quick SEO analysis of the site. This is an extension particularly used by those who deal with link building, which still today mostly starts looking at Moz metrics.

Small tip: rely more on the SEO Zoom ZA and Majestic metrics for link building

Let’s see some parameters analyzed by the Moz extension:

  • Txt
  • Canonical Rel
  • Scheme
  • On-page factors
  • Meta Description
  • Page Speed

05. View Rendered Source


This extension allows you to compare the HTML code sent by the web server with the final browser code that results after executing all the client-side scripts (Javascript, etc.). It does not need to say how useful it is for debugging and SEO analysis, in fact often the source of the code is not enough because certain elements could be modified and be different.

The function of “View source” browsers is not always the solution for SEO.  This is a slight Chrome extension that shows how the browser built a page’s HTML into a working DOM, including changes made by JavaScript. An essential tool for web developers who use JavaScript frameworks like Angular, ReactJS, and Vue.js and for SEOs to understand how search engines display your pages. The differences between raw and rendered versions are highlighted line by line showing how JavaScript modified a page in the rendering phase.

In the extension there are 3 sections:

Raw: the source code sent by the server to the browser before the DOM is rendered. The same that you will see with the traditional ‘View source’ in the browser (after small formatting adjustments).

Rendering: the page displayed after the origin has been interpreted in a DOM, including any changes made by Javascript.

Difference: the difference between the rendering source and the raw source. The differences occur when JavaScript has changed the DOM.

06. Majestic Backlink Analyzer


With the official Majestic extension, you have Backlink Analysis directly in your browser. You can assess the importance of a web page based on its external linking profile in seconds. For Majestic subscribers you can check your account to see detailed information:

Backlinks: a list of the 10 most relevant backlinks with URL, anchor text, Citation Flow, Trust Flow, and first detection dates and cancellation date. The date of the first detection is relative to the recent Majestic index and therefore for less than 60 days

Anchor Text Details: List of the most relevant anchor text with links to others which includes the overall numbers of links and domains with Citation Flow and Trust Flow

Tools: links to Majestic SEO tools to carry out further in-depth analyzes

07. Open SEO Stats


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Best Chrome Extensions (Open SEO Stats)
– http://aroushtechbd.net

This plugin creates a pop-up with a lot of data on the page you are visiting, the information provided is a lot both off-site and on-page: the date of the Google cache, Meta tag, and validation of HTML / CSS code, social sharing media, whois data and more. The extension evaluates the code of the web page from an SEO point of view and provides advice to optimize it.

08. NoFollow


The usefulness of this plugin is simply to highlight with a red box all the links tagged nofollow on the web page you are viewing. Surfing the internet I often find it interesting to note the various uses of the nofollow tag!

09. Ahrefs SEO Bar


Official extension of Ahrefs to monitor the key factors of off-site SEO of specific pages or entire domains.

10. SEOQuake


Another tool and future friend of your activities can certainly be SEO Quake, a tool that allows you to view numerous SEO parameters, examine internal and external links, do SEO Audit activities and even export the results. Very useful and free.

Let’s see some metrics that analyze this tool:

  • SemRush Backlink
  • Alexa Rank
  • Domain seniority
  • Internal links
  • External links
  • Keyword Density
  • On-page SEO Audit
11. Wappalyzer


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Best Chrome Extensions (Wappalyzer)
– http://aroushtechbd.net

Would you like to look at a site and know immediately which CMS is made with? Then download Wappalyzer.

In reality, it does not just identify the CMS but also lists any wikis, forums, e-commerce platforms, blogging, galleries, JavaScript frameworks, widgets and much more. On the official website Wappalyzer.com there is also a page with the statistics of the identified web software and their distribution on the web.

12. HTTP Headers


Live HTTP Headers records all HTTP traffic between Chrome and the Internet. This extension is useful for:

  • Debug applications
  • Follow redirections (redirect path)
  • Check the cookies sent by remote sites
  • The Website used remote server 
  • Check the HTTP headers sent by the server
  • Check the status codes

The HTTP header allows you to understand a lot of information useful for determining the technology used, whether the page is cached or not, encoding and much more.

13. Keywords Everywhere – Keyword Tool


With this useful freemium extension, you can get keyword, CPC and competition search volumes for over 15 websites like Google Search Console, YouTube, Amazon and many more. Very useful extension for mining and keyword research, in fact in SERP it shows in a dedicated box the related searches and the questions taken by the PAA box (People also ask).

14. SEO & Website Analysis


Woorank extension. SEO & Website Analysis by WooRank provides an analysis covering (broadly) SEO, Mobile, Local and Usability. WooRank analysis Website & SEO and provides an analysis covering SEO, Mobile, Local and Usability. The SEO report is an extension of WooRank. This SEO plugin provides an SEO report for any website. WooRank provides SEO tips for your website to improve your website. It is a tool for Internet marketing professionals, designers, website usability experts, web and mobile developers, and other digital professionals. When you click on the WooRank extension icon, the extension opens a popup with an SEO analysis of the website that covers a number of factors.

15. WebRank SEO


Social Analytics is one of those extensions I’m used to and when I change PC and I don’t find it I miss it 🙂

This tool shows the total sum of shares that the page we are visiting has collected on social networks.

The total number is visible on the icon in Chrome while clicking on it opens a tab (see image) showing the shares obtained on Facebook, Google Plus, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, and Delicious. For Facebook, the sum is divided according to the type of social action: Like comments and shares.

The public PageRank is no longer updated, we just have to use inbound and social factors to deduce the authority of a given web page and this plugin does its job well.

16. Check My Links


Check My Links is a link checker that scans the links identified on the page and reports broken links. The HTTP status codes and the relative URLs of the broken links are sent to the Chrome Console found in Chrome, Tools, Javascript Console or by pressing Ctrl + Shift + J.

Useful both to optimize your content and fix 404 errors of your sites and to acquire some backlinks from other portals through the broken links strategy.

17. IP Address and Domain Information


The Ultimate Online Survey Tool! See detailed information on each IP address, domain name, and provider.



SEO SERP is an extension for Google Chrome, easy to use, which allows you to check which position that website occupies for that specific keyword. The search can be extended to different search engines and it is possible to compare the position of your website with respect to that of your competitors.

19. Linkclump


Linkclump allows you to open many links simultaneously. By pressing the right button and dragging the mouse it is possible to draw a square in the browser and open all the links in the selection. Do you want to open all 10 Google results in one go? Simple, practical, it does what it says and in some cases, it helps save precious seconds

20. SEOZoomBar


By popular demand, the legendary SEOZoom staff headed by Ivano di Biasi, author of the book on the Link Building, has created the long-awaited SEOZoomBar, a toolbar that allows you to easily and instantly access the data of the best Italian SEO suite, without having to go through every time to the site.

By downloading the SEO Zoom extension, available on both Mozilla Firefox and Chrome and soon arriving on Safari, you will be able to view the SEO metrics of the URLs in the SERPs. The data is also visible to anyone who downloads the SEO toolbar, and there is no need to subscribe to the suite. The metrics that are displayed are Zoom Authority (ZA), Page Zoom Authority (PZA), number of keywords positioned for the domain, domain traffic and trend.

Conclusion on Best Chrome extensions for SEO

All the SEO extensions for Google Chrome listed are very useful for analyzing competitors’ sites, learning about the technologies they use and getting ideas about the on-page and off-page optimizations implemented.

Of course, there are many others, such as that of the MajesticSEO link intelligence tool, which may enrich this article in the future.

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