How to Speed up WordPress Website Just in 30 Minutes

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A fast website offers a good user experience, and a satisfying UX leads to higher conversions and sales! Every second that wins is counted. Quick load pages improve user experience, increase page views and help your site with SEO. In this article, we will share the most useful WordPress speed optimization tips on how to speed up WordPress website  100% loading faster.

We’ve tried to cover how to increase website speed and why speed is important, what slows down your site, and the action steps you can take to immediately improve it.

how to speed up WordPress website

How to speed up WordPress website-

Know how to increase website speed and loading time that google plays an important role in search engine optimization (SEO). There is no option to increase website loading speed to stay above the search result. The standard time for loading a website is 3 seconds. According to Google, if a website does not fully load within 3 seconds, then the website loses 30% of the visitor. That means if the loading time of the website is more than 3 seconds, then 1 out of 3 users would get annoyed from visiting the website and you’ll get the opportunity to highlight the content of your site. Site Speed is also playing a vital ranking factor in Google. So it plays an important role in SEO.

Not only that, according to Microsoft Bing search engine team reports if your page is loaded in less than 3 seconds, but the traffic also decreases by 3.8%, the revenue decreased by 4.3%, and the click-through rate decreases by 4.3%. When a website page speeds loading time more than 03 seconds:

  • Page view will be reduced to 11%
  • Customer satisfaction will be reduced by 16%
  • Conversions will be reduced to 7% (source: Aberdeen Group)

How To Check WordPress Website Speed?

Learn how to increase website speed on your WordPress site. Often beginners think that their website is OK just because they don’t feel slow. This is a huge mistake.

How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website to Boost Your Site's SEO

How to speed up WordPress website -

Since you often visit your own site, modern browsers such as Chrome cache your site, which means that once you start typing in an address, our browser loads the site almost immediately due to cache.

However, a regular user visiting your site for the first time may not have the same experience as you.

In fact, users in different geographical locations will have a completely different experience of your website.

This is why we recommend testing your site’s speed using a tool such as IsItWP’s WordPress speed test.

It is a free online tool that lets you test the speed of your site.

A good page load score time is below 2 seconds

What Slows Your Website?

The speed test report will probably have many suggestions for improvement. However, most of them are technical terminology that is difficult for beginners to understand.

Learning what slows down your site is the key to improving performance and making smarter long-term decisions.

The main reasons for a slow WordPress website are:

  • Web Hosting: When your web hosting server is not set up properly it can damage the speed of your site.
  • WordPress Configuration: If the WordPress site does not cache pages, it will overload your server, causing your site to slow down.
  • Page size: Mostly images not optimized for the web.
  • Unnecessary / Wrong Plugins: If you use a poorly planned plugin, it can slow down your site significantly.
  • Scripts: Iframes, such as ads, fonts, etc. can also have a huge impact on the performance of your site.

How to Speed up WordPress Website Using 11 Easy Tips

Do you know that an e-commerce site earns $ 100,000 per day? A survey found that, if the loading time is more than 1 second per day, it costs $ 2.5 million in one year! It has also been found in the study that more than 47% of visitors are expected to be in the top 2 to 3 seconds of visiting your blog. 40% of visitors are the only reason to leave your site because of this loading time. Besides, if your site is registered with Google Adsense then there is a threat of losing your Google AdSense account.

How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website by Lazing Loading Images

How to speed up WordPress website -

Google always considers the website’s loading time ranking, so we should reduce the loading time of our own blog or website. Besides, if there is a problem with loading problems coming to your Site Speed google then the visitors are likely to lose

WordPress is the name of the world’s popular & fastest CMS (Content Management System) at this time. It’s very easy to set up a WordPress system on your hosting account. I will try to entire discuss some important things about how Website-Speed-Up can be increased in the WordPress site. I will try to show in this article how can a WordPress site bring 91-100 scores in Google Website-Speed-Up of your website. So let’s go to the main discussion now on how to speed up WordPress website and reduce your blog’s loading time and make it into a fast blog. 

01. Select a good hosting plan

Buy a reliable & trusted host for your website first, which has unlimited bandwidth and storage. You have ensured trustworthy WordPress hosting is very crucial to the success of your website. As a recommendation for small blogs and websites, I suggest you use Hostgator or Bluehost. But if you are planning on hosting a professional website then I will tell you to host at TrafficPlanetHosting

02. Eliminate unexpected plugins

Most blog sites are done with WordPress. WordPress users have the benefit that they can perform many tasks using plugins very easily. But sometimes this feature may cause page loading time to increase.

Many of us use a lot of plugins so that our server’s work slows down as well. Below are some tips for Website-Speed-Up using the WordPress plugin:

  • Skip unwanted plugins: Never uses blogger importer, all in one favicon plugins. Besides, if you need to use social share plugins then just use one but using multiple social share plugins takes a lot of time to load the site. Do not use any plugins to pin it to Pinterest. If you need to use Pinterest Pin, you can use a WordPress plugin called Shareaholic, which has a button named Pin it by default. This plugin does not have to cause problems with page loading.
  • Use plugins that do a lot of work: There is a WordPress plugin called Jetpack plugin that works a lot together. You can also work with Separate analytics, sitemap, and SEO Plugins with the help of another plugin named the Yoast plugin. There are more such plugins that can be used to do a lot of work together. Use them, then the site will take less time to load.

03. Invest in a good theme

A good theme changes the look of a blog. If you really want to be a successful blogger then definitely do not use a free theme. There are many problems with the free theme such as very low-quality coding, which does not affect the professional market. Moreover, there are some codes in this free theme that invites hackers to hack your website. Above all, due to some poor code in free themes, it takes too much time to load Site-Speed-Up

Now there are many good WordPress themes available in the marketplaces. Such as repository, Theme, etc. Widgets should be careful about ad placements because more components/elements show, the page size of the site will increase.

04. Optimize your images

We are always interested to upload more photos. Do you know the reason for the site’s loading time more for a large number of images on the site? It takes more time to load images on the site, which affects the whole site.

Several guidelines for optimizing images on your WordPress site:

  • Reduce the size of the image by using the SEMrush plugin. This is a service from Yahoo that reduces the size of the picture.
  • If your images are in png format, then you can use an online tool called TinyPNG, which reduces the size of the png format and reduce its size.
  • Use a WordPress plugin called lazy load that will load on the site, but visitors will not be able to understand that loading on the site. Whenever the visitor visits the site will be loaded on which part they are visiting & when he scrolls down with the mouse, the bottom tumble will be loaded.

You can use different image compression tools to reduce image size. Below the tools available:

  • ResizeImage
  • Kraken (Free & Paid, but the Paid version is Best)
  • ImageOptim (Free & My Favorite)

05. Use CDN

The CDN or Content Delivery Network lets you access all the contents of your site from the hosting server (text, image, HTML, etc.) to the user in a faster way. This reduces the pressure on your main server and the content delivery ways to increase the Website-Speed-Up of your Blog. There are many CDN available online, but I highly recommended following 04 which mostly easy to use the dashboard as well as price friendly

  • Amazon S3
  • Max CDN
  • Media Temple CDN
  • Free CDN

06. Add Caching plugin

The Cache plugin will allow your site to be loaded faster. The ultimate processes transparently store the data & convert it into a static page, which decreases loading Website-Speed-Up. There are some popular cash plugins. If you want, you can use one of these plugins for your website. Three popular free WordPress caching plugins are:

  • W3 Total Cache (Free)
  • WP Super Cache (Free)
  • WordPress Fastest Cache (Free
  • The WP Rocket (Paid)

07. Increase the Site-Speed-Up of the most displayed pages

There are some pages on your site that appear a little more than the other pages. You can see your most displayed pages from Google Analytics. You can also increase the Website-Speed-Up by optimizing the pages from there.

How to do this:

  • Optimize images.
  • Delete Third-Party Ads.
  • Remove unnecessary Widgets from the Site bar.
08. Optimize Java scripts & CSS

Do not use JavaScript at the very top of the website, because Web site takes a lot of time to use JavaScripts to take loads. If you need to use it alone, then use the footer of the website. These codes will be loaded after all your articles are loaded.

Combine CSS & Java scripts can increase page loading time by multiple files into a single file reduce HTTP requests of the webserver. Few elementary commanding combines & compress tools are:

  • For Java scripts: Closure compiler, Minify JavaScript
  • For CSS: Minify CSS, CSS Compressor

09. Don’t keep more post on your homepage

There are many themes that have an option for the number of posts on the homepage. You have the option to easily increase or decrease the number of posts from the homepage. If you want to make your site dynamic then always try to keep the post number of 7-10 maximum on your homepage.

You can define the number of posts on your WordPress homepage from Settings> Reading options.

10. Use the latest version of PHP

WordPress is written primarily in the PHP programming language. It is a server-related language, meaning it is installed and running on the server.

All good hosting companies use the most stable version of PHP on their servers. However, it is possible that your hosting company is running a slightly older version of PHP.

Newer PHP 7 is twice as fast as previous versions. This will give a huge boost to your site’s performance.

You can see which version of PHP your site uses by installing and activating the plugin for the information version.

When enabled, the plugin will display your PHP version in the footer area of ​​the WordPress admin dashboard.

If your site is using a version lower than PHP 7, then ask your hosting provider to let you know.

11. Optimize the database

Many types of unnecessary data are stored regularly in a database such as trackback, pingback, etc. There are so many WordPress plugins (WP-Optimize, WP DBManger) that will keep your database free of all these unnecessary data. Also, try the post revision control plugin.

Go ahead and try to use these techniques, how to speed up WordPress website. Remember to test the speed of your site before and after applying these best practices. You will be surprised that these changes will enhance WordPress performance.


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