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What is The Creative Ways to Make Money with WordPress

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Are you looking for the top ways to make money with WordPress? If your opinion yes, then I think you are in the right place. In this article, I will tell you about some of the best ways to make money with WordPress. These methods will help you earn a lot of money through WordPress.

in this post, beginners are able to know the largest resource use of WordPress. This article will teach entire WordPress ideas and how to gain your business online.  Every day thousands of people around the world make money with WordPress

What exactly is WordPress?

WordPress is right now the most well-known blog distributing applications and capable substance administration framework (CMS), open-source blogging programming made by PHP & MySQL. WordPress is the basis of more than 30% of sites around the world, and this number is constantly growing!

Summarizing, a content management system is a web application that allows site owners, editors, authors to manage their sites and publish content without any programming knowledge.

WordPress uses PHP and MySQL, they are supported by almost all hosting providers. But special hosting plans for WordPress can provide you with the best speed, performance, and reliability.

Typically, this CMS is used to create a blog, but a WordPress site can easily be converted to an online store, portfolio, periodic site, or anything else you’ve ever dreamed about.

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How to make money with WordPress-

One of the great features of WordPress is its intuitive and user-friendly interface. If you know how to use Microsoft Word, you should not worry about WordPress, you can successfully create and publish your content!

And the best part is that WordPress is open-source and free for everyone. In addition, it allows millions of people around the world to create modern, high-quality sites, even for small projects.

What is WordPress used for?

The reason for using this type of application (CMS) is very simple: they allow you to create websites and their contents in a visual way, without having to program, in a way similar to how you work in a modern text editor such as Microsoft Word, for example.

This was not always the case. In the early days of the web, web pages had to be encoded in a language called HTML (a kind of programming language), whose operation you can get an idea of here:

Programming in HTML by hand to create content was tedious, inefficient, and limited.

Creating a web page became “rock crushing” and, above all, things with a bit of functionality and logic, such as a simple comment section, for example, required considerable effort and were only available to programmers.

That is why CMS was born: they are web applications that allow the user to create content with a visual interface, in a simple and fast way and without programming knowledge, something that allows practically anyone to handle them.

Then, it is the CMS that generates the HTML “from behind” without the user having to intervene.

In addition, CMS already has incorporated the typical functionalities that are repeated on almost all websites, such as the example in the comments section I mentioned before, contact forms, etc.

Why we used WordPress?

There are many reasons why the world’s most widely used CMS WordPress. Let’s create a list by which we can separate how WordPress is used more.

  • Easy to use
  • If the code does not have any idea then
  • Design and coding can be done simultaneously
  • Easy to update
  • Easy to export and import
  • Plenty of plugins can be used
  • Easy to edit
  • Writing like MS Word can be written
  • Easy to add social media
  • The Google Map can be added
  • Easy SEO can be done etc.

20 Legal Ways to Make Money With WordPress Today

One of the questions that they send me the most on the blog and by email is how to make money with WordPress or by offering services related to the platform as a freelancer.

Let’s review 15 methods to make money with WordPress. Keep in mind that they are not quick solutions or that generate thousands of dollars overnight. Each one has their learning time, dedication and obvious experience.

It may be that you are already in a position and situation to take advantage of one or it may not be, depending on your experience. The objective of this article is to give you a vision of what can be achieved, adapt it to your tastes and your situation and start an action plan today to generate income.

  1. Become a developer and offer a specific service

WordPress is a platform in which many programmers and developers specialize, either because of job needs (the place where they work asks them to know how to master the platform) or because of their own conviction to be able to offer services.

Among the most popular services you can offer as a WordPress developer are:

  • Creation all kinds of websites
  • Development & development of plugins
  • Creation & development of templates or themes for the platform
  • Project management with WordPress
  • Provide eCommerce services (creation of Woocommerce extensions, virtual stores, eCommerce plans, etc.)
  • Creation of Backup and WordPress security services

Many more!

The possibilities that you have as a WordPress developer in terms of the services and sources of income that you can have are really endless.

To be a WordPress developer you need to have knowledge of programming / Web development and specifically know:

  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • MySQL
  • PHPMyAdmin
  • Server management
  1. Develop and sell plugins

Plugins are largely what makes WordPress so flexible a platform and any kind of project can be created with this wonderful platform.

One of the great businesses that you can take advantage of is that of plugins. Here are three options or possible scenarios:

  • You can create and market your own plugins yourself
  • You are a developer can create plugins as a service for clients, agencies or companies that need it
  • You are an entrepreneur. You have a wealth of useful and innovative plugin ideas and to create them you hire a programming team or delegate the work to one or more WordPress developers anywhere in the world.
  1. Create your own theme

Another of the pillars of WordPress are themes or templates. There are also hundreds of providers like ElegantThemes, Studiopress or Woothemes that generate thousands of dollars every month in membership sales of their WordPress templates.

As with plugins, the options here are to create your own theme, offer the service to clients who need it, or delegate the process to do something and launch it to the market.

  1. Create a course/information product

Within WordPress, there is a universe of themes where people want to learn certain skills, know how to use a certain theme, how to apply and take advantage of a plugin and much more.

For example, within this same blog there is a membership of courses where in addition to learning to use WordPress, you learn to create different types of sites:

  • Corporate sites
  • Virtual stores with Woocommerce
  • Marketing sites (landing pages, memberships)
  • Personal and business blogs
  • How to use certain themes

In addition to this membership, there are also other courses to learn WordPress and the use of its tools.

  1. Charges for making websites/managing projects

If you already have a good WordPress experience, then you are in the perfect moment to offer your services to create WordPress projects and sites. You can create sites, blogs, membership portals, virtual stores and practically every type of website that can be created with the platform.

Start little by little and as your portfolio grows, you can position yourself more in the market and collect more money.

  1. Software as a service (SaaS)

SaaS is something we are starting to face more and more in the WordPress community. For example, ThemeForce recently changed its profile from selling themes to providing services for restaurants based on WordPress, they wrote about this. If you take the time to build a good infrastructure as an add-on to WordPress, you may be able to build a stable business where the revenue stream will be more predictable than with a one-time sale of products.

  1. From PSD to WordPress

I already wrote about this, but I will say it again: now there is a big market for companies that take existing layouts and drafts and translate them into HTML / CSS and then into a ready-made website on WordPress. You can offer this service separately, or you can offer it in a larger package of services.

Other methods to make money with WordPress

09.Creates a new blog

You can earn money to develop your own blog. You can also earn money by creating your clients’ WP blogs or websites. If you have problems getting a direct client, you can try out various websites, including Odesk, Fiverr, Freelancer. But for this, you have to beautify the profile of freelancing very well. If you want can see a good freelancing profile tutorial. Hope you can earn a good amount of money using this method.

10.Offer Freelance Services

As a blogger, you’re now a specialist in your specialty. You can begin winning a pay by offering your abilities and aptitude as a consultant.

Outsourcing is a prominent method to profit online on the grounds that it doesn’t really require any forthright speculation of time or cash. You can simply begin offering your administrations to your present group of onlookers.

When you begin outsourcing, you’ll require an approach to receipt and gather installments from your customers. We suggest utilizing FreshBooks, however, there are additionally other invoicing modules for WordPress.

In case you’re occupied with outsourcing to profit on the web, at that point see our rundown of the best devices for WP specialists, originators, and engineers for help beginning.

11.Income from advertising:

When you have a considerable measure of visitors going to a site, you have the chance to profit from advertising. Advertising is one of the ideal approaches to profit on the web and a standout amongst the most detached. Google and Facebook make a ton of their income through offering to promote space and they profit since they have billions of individuals going to their destinations. When you have that numerous eyes, organizations will need to pay to publicize their items there.

12.Selling your own Products:

WP-Beginners can influence a web business to store offering your own specific things. He offers Bow ties handcrafted by a gathering of individuals he employed and made a site with the goal that individuals can without much of a stretch come and place orders. Having a quality, applicable item and a considerable measure of promoting is the way to progress here.

13.Present Ebooks on WordPress

Ebooks are a conspicuous decision for making advanced items. They are moderately easy to compose and deliver. In the event that you’ve been blogging for some time, at that point you can gather some of your old blog entries and transform them into sections of a book.

Once your book is composed, WP-Beginners can outline a cover utilizing an instrument like Canvas and make a PDF of your digital book.

Offering advanced items on WP is simple with a module. To begin, you can see our guide on the best WordPress eCommerce modules looked at.

  1. E-commerce

WordPress + Woocommerce is one of the combinations that most online stores have created to this day, if you already have a website created with WordPress and want to generate income, one of the simplest options is to implement e-commerce on your website where you can offer products or the same services.

To do this you just have to install the free Woocommerce plugin to your WordPress installation, configure the payment gateways that can be Paypal or Stripe (the simplest) and start uploading your product catalog.

  1. Affiliate marketing

Through affiliate marketing, WP-Beginners can sell other people’s products online and make money. First, you will want to build a website using WP which is really easy and blog about something relevant to the product that you want to sell, or you can even build an e-commerce store selling other people’s products. The money will start to come in when you have a lot of people coming to visit your website. A lot of marketing is necessary.

  1. Dropshipping

It’s in fashion! If it is indeed a fashion that grows and grows every day, dropshipping is one of the most effective methods if you do not want to complicate your life managing your own stock or if you want to have an online store but you do not have the economic capacity to generate or produce your own products.

To create a dropshipping store with WordPress you can use some of the following plugins:

Woocommerce Aliexpress Dropship

AliExpress Dropshipping Business plugin for WooCommerce

eBay Dropship for WooCommerce

You can Dropshipping with platforms with Aliexpress (which most do today) Amazon, eBay or other platforms.

  1. Adsense

Obviously, a well-positioned website with a niche market that has a high pay per click is an effective strategy to generate passive income.

Regarding Adsense, I have to say that I am not an expert, but it is a type of business that you must know how to work with the SEO of your WordPress to be able to get large volumes of traffic, so in this case, you should first do a preliminary analysis to know which It is the market you are going to target, how much can Google Adsense pay you for each Click and above all things know how difficult it can be to rank your website in that market.

  • Some WordPress themes optimized for Adsense:
  • Grima – AD & AdSense Optimized Magazine WordPress Theme
  • Trueman – AD & AdSense Optimized Magazine WordPress Theme
  • Admania – AD Optimized WordPress Theme For Adsense as well as Affiliate Enthusiasts
  • RedMag – AdSense Optimized & Entertainment News Theme
  1. Product Reviews

Niche blogs are the icing on the cake for large companies, if you can make your blog a benchmark in a type of market “Influencer” that is to say that your opinion is somehow highly valued by the users who visit your website, then you can offer product reviews.

Many companies in the technology sector send products to bloggers for free for them to test and create a complete review of the product. Great blogs that receive a lot of traffic sell the reviews or can also generate income through affiliation.

  1. Private Forum

Bbpress is the plugin that allows you to convert or add a forum to your WordPress. You can create a forum with access to VIP (paid membership), there are many forums that use this sales methodology. In is a type of business that allows you to generate a passive income, and that is often nourished by the same content created by the community.

Although to generate this type of business you have to offer quality and fresh content for the users who participate in the forum, it is about generating that feeling of inclusion, that is to say that if they are abroad they are missing a lot of valuable information.

Themes to create Professional Forums with WordPress

  • Dispute – WordPress bbPress Forum Theme
  • Vilan Corporate, Shop & Forum WordPress Theme
  • Tikidocs – Knowledgebase & Support Forum WordPress Theme
  1. Sales Funnels

If you control WordPress, plugins for creating landing pages, email marketing tools, Google Ads and Facebook Ads (is that a lot?). The question is that if you control all these tools you can offer third parties the creation of sales funnels in order to attract new customers.

It is currently one of the businesses that may be in most demand, since most users who have a website lack traffic and attract potential customers


To close with this list of ideas to make money with WordPress, let me make a final conclusion in relation to everything discussed here. First I want to tell you that whatever project you go or want to carry out, keep in mind that you should not only know how to use WordPress, but you should also have the knowledge to get traffic to your web project.

So at this point I always recommend the same, or that you train yourself on topics such as SEO, or paid advertising to get quality traffic or seek the services of a professional who can help you with these issues.

I hope this article has helped you to clarify a little your ideas regarding how you can make money with WordPress, as always if you have questions leave a comment and I will be happy to answer you.

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