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Top 15 Social Media Apps and Sites You Should Use

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According to statistics, people spend half an hour a day on social media apps. The audience of social networks is wide and diverse, so you can always find “their” customers. The market for social networks does not differ from the market in the usual sense – that is, it will be necessary to promote the finished application on Facebook or Vkontakte immediately after its launch.

They mainly use targeted advertising and communities, applications, or games. In any case, promotion takes time, and instant success belongs to the category of myths.

Web applications operate inside the interface of a social network. Users may not notice where the social network site itself begins, but where the application is. Using such applications, you can access detailed information about the user, which can be useful in studying a real audience.

Any of your ideas on creating an application for social networks or a site will be implemented and supported as quickly as possible.

Social media apps essentially involve the representation (often a profile) of each user, their social interaction, and many other additional services. It’s a great tool to promote your site on the Internet. Through social networking, you can configure large traffic for free using a common approach – social networking buttons. Social media apps can not only improve traffic but also build relationships with search engines for visitors.

What are Social Media Apps?

A social network is classified as portals offered on the Internet and consists of communities of common interest and activities (tastes, geographies, work, or studies).

The main goal is to create an open channel to maintain a relationship or communication and based on their mutual interests. In social networks, the interaction between acquaintances or strangers can be, without having some kind of relationship with the internet. There are currently social networks for all needs and tastes.

Social networks (real or virtual) are one of the basic manifestations of humanity. One needs to associate, belong somewhere, and require social support and security. Networks also allow one to interact, communicate and participate. With the development of the World Wide Web and the ability to communicate via computer, more and more people have started to use the Internet for social communication.

On social networks have strict usage rules. We distinguish between professional and private social networks. Professionals include LinkedIn. The border between private and professional social networks is Facebook. There are also social networks targeted to specific user bases, such as business people, cultural followers, parents or even political groups. Social networks are based on sharing content and establishing new connections. The most used social networks include Facebook, Twitter,  Linkedin, and Pinterest.

Social Media Apps Advantage and Disadvantage

Advantage of social Media Apps

1. It works to connect people and connect them, it also helps in sharing the picture sharing the exchange of ideas.

2. It is beneficial for social interaction among students, it helps in increasing the creativity of students.

3. These services can run from any part of the world, it also helps the students to get knowledge from their teachers and friends.

4. These services are not only for entertainment but through this, we can get information about campus drive.

5. Students can also get knowledge from entrepreneurs and corporate persons through them.

6. These services are used for marketing. Advertisements on other web sites are also displayed here.

Disadvantages of Social Media Apps

1. Students become accustomed to these websites, they spend their valuable time here which affects their academic performance.

2. Health problems also arise in people due to late-night use.

3. Some students spend more time on Facebook due to which they are able to spend less time with family members.

4. Some students put their phone number and address on these sites which can prove to be a danger, strangers can easily get them.

Advantages  and Disadvantage of Social Media Apps in Home Business

One of the biggest challenges for home businesses is marketed on a short sourcing budget. Social networking is a game-changer in helping small & large size businesses find and connect with their target markets.

1) They are free. While many networks have advanced facilities for an additional fee, the most popular networks and their infrastructure are free to use

2) They make you accessible to your market. People like to do business with companies they can know and what they answer to them.

3) Social media allows you to chat, answer, solve problems and interact more directly with your customers.

Disadvantages of social Media Apps in a home business

Social apps provide a great way to market your business, but without its disadvantages:

1) It is time-consuming. The social network is built on two-way communication. It is not enough to post your messages, you have to engage with others and respond to them, which can take time on many networks.

2) It can quickly go wrong Social media spreads like wildfire, and once online, it never goes away.

A false statement can damage your brand and online reputation

3) Results can take time to appear. Social media is not about advertising, it is about connecting with others. As a result, it is a way to build trust and rapport, which takes time. This means that it may be some time before you buy or rent from your “followers”

Top 20 Social Media Apps List Recommended by Apple

Today, in an official press release, Apple unveiled a list of social applications for the iOS operating system that are recommended for use by owners of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

The company offers owners of iOS devices to download free and paid clients for social networks that allow you to exchange messages, videos, photos, as well as listen to music and conduct business correspondence with other users.

Popular social media apps list are:

01. Twitter

02. Facebook

03. Instagram

04. Find my friends

05. LinkedIn

06. Localmind

07. Mingle

08. Foursquare

09. Trover

10. Vimeo

11. Flickr

12. Nimses

13. YouTube

14. Pinterest

15. Tumblr

16. Linkedin

17. Snapchat

18. VK App

19. MySpace

20. Reddit

21. LiveJournal

22. Ask. fm

How to Use Social Media Apps for freelance work 

For those who want legitimate work at home jobs or freelance work, the social network can be useful. In fact, most freelancers I know their clients through direct contact through social networking or through relationships or through referrals from their followers. Many social networks have the ability to make career connections The most well known social network for career tools and networking is LinkedIn.

How to Use Social Media Apps for business promotion

Initially used strictly for personal social networking, entrepreneurs are hardworking people and have figured out how to use social networking as a marketing tool. Since its birth, LinkedIn has promoted network connections within the business community. And was able to explore partnership opportunities for entrepreneurs and corporate managers alike for their businesses New uniform.

However, most of the social networks on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and even Instagram are now businessmen who use their profiles to share information, entertain and connect with their market. However, there is a right and a wrong way to use social networks in the promotion of a business. Posting “buy me” and another self-promotional material is a surefire way to lose followers all the time.

Best 04 Social Media Apps for Android and Smartphone

Users like to access their social networks from their phones and tablets.

Remember when social networks were actually accessible only from desktop or laptop computers?

It almost feels like ages ago. Nowadays, each major social network has its own dedicated app for major mobile platforms such as iOS and Android.

While social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn certainly receive a lot of activity through their mobile apps, some social networks are meant to be accessible solely on smartphones or tablets. Some of them also have very limited or no support for the regular web.

If you regularly do all your Facebook social networking from a mobile device, then you might be interested in checking out the following mobile social networks if you don’t already have their apps designed so well, So they are completely addictive!


Instagram is the most popular image-sharing social networking site. It is designed for users to snap photos (and now also film short videos), so they can post them instantly wherever they are. Unlike other social networks, Instagram does not include any feature to create only personal posts and photo albums. You just snap or upload your photo/video, apply some quick editing, add a caption, tag it in an alternate location, and post it for all your followers to see.


Snapchat is one of those social networks that are mobile-only. Its main feature is private messages with photos and short videos that disappear within seconds of viewing, but it also has public stories that can be posted to a user’s profile and viewed by any friend for up to 24 hours Can. Snapchat will probably never visit the regular web at any time, if at all.


Tumblr is a popular blogging platform that has a huge community and has a very visual appeal to it. It is a social network that actually has full support for the regular web. Users can choose blog layout designs and customize them to look like a real website, but power users know that the Tumblr mobile app really makes it special. Users can easily publish new posts, interact with each other, post posts, and even customize their mobile headers.


Pinterest is another social network that has full support for the regular web but includes mobile apps that offer the most intuitive gesture-based functions and gorgeous visual designs. You can use Pinterest’s powerful search tool directly through the app to find the pinned content you’re looking for and pin them to any board with ease. You can also create new boards, upload your own pins, and message pins to friends from the app.

Best Social Media Apps That Will Grow Your Business Fast

The most popular social networks have become so commonplace to many people that we completely ignore what they are about, what their purpose is, and we do not analyze the extent of the power these big businesses have in the world of the Internet.

Discover the popularity post and know a little about the social networks you use every day:


<Img src='data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22' data-src=" Social Media Apps"ALT=" Social-Media-Apps">
Social Media Apps (Facebook)-

Description Facebook – software designed to stay in the popular social network. The software allows you to create profiles with photos, lists of interests, contact information and other personal information. Facebook allows users to search, view their page and add to the friend list. The software allows you to create, or join different groups, comment on the article and watch the list of popular games download. Facebook also contains tools to configure the security and privacy of the user profile. Key Features:

Comfortable stay in a social network

View the photos and personal information

Create or join different groups

Configure profile security and privacy


<Img src='data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22' data-src=" Social Media Apps"ALT=" Social-Media-Apps">

Popular social media apps- (Twitter)-

Describing Twitter – a software to microbiology and exchange messages in the popular social networks. The software allows you to view and comment on the notes of friends or family rooms, evaluate photos, share the various events of personal life, etc. Twitter allows you to search and subscribe to pages of popular magazines or radio stations, several celebrities, and other users. The software allows you to customize the font size, preview images, and sound effects. Twitter also interacts with social networks such as Facebook, Whatsapp, and line. Key Features:

  1. Convenient to microblog
  2. SMS
  3. Ability to subscribe to news from other users
  4. Interacting with social networks


<Img src='data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22' data-src=" Social Media Apps"ALT=" Social-Media-Apps">

Popular social media apps (Linkedln)-

Description LinkedIn – a software to find a high-paying job in the popular social network that unites more than a million businesses and business people. LinkedIn allows you to upload your own resume for more effective job search across the globe. The software contains a large list of companies and their representatives in the various spheres that enable the user to make the optimal choice of the profession and positions. LinkedIn supports the standard features of a social network and displays various labor market news associated with user interests. Also, Linkedin can view various seminars or start-up courses and view articles on the interesting innovations of the past year.

  1. Looking for work and communication with employers
  2. Overview of many companies and various world leaders
  3. Demonstration of personal data and work experience
  4. Check out the interesting news on the job market


<Img src='data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22' data-src=" Social Media Apps"ALT=" Social-Media-Apps">

Description Mamba – a customer of one of the most popular dating sites on the internet. Mamba allows you to search users, view private data, send text messages, view photos, give virtual gifts, etc. Mamba enables pages of users who are located nearby, online, or recently registered. The software includes a feature to see the visitors of your own page and look at the statistics for a certain period of time. Mamba has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Key Features:

  1. Easily search users
  2. Exchanging text messages
  3. Giving of virtual gifts
  4. Read from the visitors of your own page


<Img src='data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22' data-src=" Social Media Apps"ALT=" Social-Media-Apps">

Popular social media apps (Tinder)-

Description Tinder – a software for getting acquainted with people around the world. Tinder lets users near, evaluate their photos, and communicate via text messages. The software allows you to specify the parameters of people searches by gender, search distance, and age parameter. Tinder determines the current location and provides detailed information about the users who surround you. The software can upload photos and share them with other users. Key Features:

  1. Meet people around the world
  2. Find nearby users
  3. Setting up the search
  4. Determining the current location


<Img src='data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22' data-src=" Social Media Apps"ALT=" Social-Media-Apps">

Popular social media apps-Tumblr-

Description Tumblr – a software for content management of the popular microblogging service. The software can subscribe to other users’ blogs, various articles, and videos, publish messages, evaluate posts, and perform other social networking functions. The tomb contains a convenient search engine and offers a selection of various articles from the best bloggers in the world. The software divides the published material into categories such as chat, video, photos, quotes, links, and texts. Tumblr also allows you to share blogs and other material with users of different social networks. Key Features:

  1. Publications of diverse content
  2. Manage various blogs
  3. Separation of materials by several categories
  4. The convenient search
  5. Support social networking features


<Img src='data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22' data-src=" Social Media Apps"ALT=" Social-Media-Apps">

Popular social media apps-Instagram-

Description Instagram – to process popular software with the features of the social network. The software includes a variety of image effects and filters which can change the saturation, contrast, shadow, depth, tilt-shifting of images, etc. Instagram allows you to post photos in a custom page and add comments or links. Enables the software to search and subscribe to pages of other users with the ability to view, comment, or like their photos. Instagram also interacts with social networks Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Main features:

  1. Convenient placement of photos
  2. A great collection of effects and filters
  3. Interact with popular social networks

Facebook Lite

<Img src='data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22' data-src=" Social Media Apps"ALT=" Social-Media-Apps">

Popular social media apps-Facebook Lite-

Description Facebook Lite – a software to stay in the popular social network Facebook. The software is designed specifically for the simplified form for easy use of devices with low system performance. Facebook Lite has all the main features of the social network: communicate with friends, read and comment on the photos, join different groups, etc. The software provides high speed of page loading and efficient data usage. Facebook Lite consumes minimum system resources of the device and operates in different network conditions. Key Features:

  1. High speed of loading
  2. The efficient operation of data
  3. Steady operation of the different network conditions


<Img src='data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22' data-src=" Social Media Apps"ALT=" Social-Media-Apps">

Popular social media apps-pinterest-

Description Pinterest – A software to exchange and post different images in the social network. The software lets your albums upload your own images or photos by creating and adding other users. Pinterest contains an easy search that enables you to find popular albums that are divided into different categories. The software can subscribe to other users, evaluate the photos, and add comments to them. Pinterest also allows you to share the images through other apps installed on the user device. Key Features:

  1. Swap and post images
  2. The convenient search
  3. The ability to share images through other apps

<Img src='data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22' data-src=" Social Media Apps"ALT=" Social-Media-Apps">

Popular social media

Description – a customer of the popular social network of questions and answers. allows you to ask other users anonymously or on your own behalf on any questions and answer the counter-question. Enables the software to subscribe to different users and see or evaluate their answers to the questions. allows you to attach different images, links, and photos to questions. Also, the software supports the search, friends registered in other social networks. enables significant traffic savings and has a user-friendly interface. Key Features:

  1. Ability to ask the anonymous questions
  2. Pop-up notifications of new questions
  3. Login profiles of other users
  4. Attaching images to the questions
  5. Interact with popular social networks


<Img src='data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22' data-src=" Social Media Apps"ALT=" Social-Media-Apps">

Popular social media apps- Vine-

Description Vine – create a client of the social network and exchange short videos. Enables the software to subscribe to other users or videos from different channels, see the news feed, add users to your friends, and comment on videos. Vine allows you to record short video by clicking and holding your finger on the screen device and stopping the recording from a finger it creates an interesting video of various fragments. Enables the software to customize knowledge, profile privacy, and interface color. Vine also interacts with popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

  1. Records, edits, and exchange of video clips
  2. Ability to subscribe to multiple channels
  3. The light of the news feeds
  4. Profile settings
  5. Interact with Facebook and Twitter


<Img src='data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22' data-src=" Social Media Apps"ALT=" Social-Media-Apps">

Popular social media apps-Tagged-

Descriptively Tagged – a popular social network to get acquainted and communicate around the world. The software allows you to send a friend, exchange the messages, rate, and comment on the photos, search the users by specifying criteria, post the entries, etc. The oddity of Tagged is the presence of a game in which you can see the pictures presented by other players and evaluate them with either positive or negative points. Tagged contains a special section where you can get a pet for the game currency, see the rankings of players, and your achievements. Tagged enables you to see the messages of other users and friends in general to feed events. Key Features:

  1. Special matches for the acquaintances
  2. A large collection of stickers and GIF images
  3. Publication of posts and comments
  4. Advanced search for users
  5. Joining VIP possibilities


<Img src='data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22' data-src=" Social Media Apps"ALT=" Social-Media-Apps">

Top Social Media Apps 9GAG-

Description 9GAG – a handy tool for viewing the content of popular entertainment service 9GAG. The software allows you to capture interesting photos, gif animations, demotivators, funny videos, etc. To see. 9GAG enables interesting content with friends via Facebook, Twitter, or email to share interesting content. The software also allows you to evaluate and publish the comments. 9GAG has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Key Features:

  1. Easy view of entertainment content
  2. Ability to assess and leave comments to publications
  3. Ability to share content with Facebook friends, Twitter, or email


Top  Social Media Apps

Popular social media apps- YouTube-

It is primarily a video search platform for any content, but due to the activities and reactions added over the past year, it may qualify as a social network; This is because you can share, comment, know, like and comment on any material on the platform.

It is currently the second used search engine after Google and has more than one billion active users.


<Img src='data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=%22' data-src=" Social Media Apps"ALT=" Social-Media-Apps">

Popular social media apps (WhatsApp)-

You will be wondering why the WhatsApp app is not on one of the most popular lists of social media. Therefore, WhatsApp is not a social network.

WhatsApp is an instant messaging app as well as Gmail. Their interactions to share are limited and do not leave the relationship with people unfamiliar with your contacts. Its greater functionality focuses on communicating with your contacts.

Therefore, it does not enter the quality of the popular social network but is the most widely used messaging apps in the world.

This guide should give you an idea of which social media apps will get you the most results for social media marketing.

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