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Are you looking for ways to help you create SEO-friendly content that can be ranked? We’ve covered the 9 best content writing tools for SEO to improve your website’s search ranking.

Are you looking for ways to help you create SEO-friendly content that can be ranked? We’ve covered it. 

They’re essential to have in your digital marketing tools for those who wish to stand the best chance of ranking well on results pages of search engines (SERPs).

Without the most effective tools to write content for SEO Writing targeted content could be a long and difficult task. To save you lots of time and effort, we’ve compiled a list of the top nine content writing tools to use for SEO

These tools can be used at different phases of the process of creating content. However, each can positively improve your business’s performance by saving time and effort and increasing customer engagement.

In this article, we’ll go over the best content writing tools for SEO. These tools can help you in saving time while writing better, more interesting, and more optimized content.

What are content writing tools?

Tools for writing content are computers to assist you in creating high-quality and enjoyable content in a shorter amount of time. They curate the content to create it engaging and refined. 


Tools for writing content can be used to write amazing content for your blog, website, and articles, as well as postings on social networks. It serves as your tutor whenever you have difficulties with your writing. 


There are various free tools for content writing available to ease your work as a content writer and aid you in completing the content needs of your clients.

Why Do You Need Content Writing Tools for SEO?

Digital marketers have to make informed decisions about the keywords to choose, the length of each blog post, and what information should be included in the post. 


Alongside grammar and spelling, the content should be accessible to its intended audience, easy to believe in, and easily accessible. This includes optimizing things like meta-tags and URLs.


If you have the right tools for writing content for SEO, digital marketers can simplify most of these processes. In other instances, SEO tools can significantly reduce the time required to complete optimization tasks.

Is it necessary to use SEO content writing tools to rank?

You’re bound to juggle many tasks as a content marketer, SEO specialist, or marketing manager (or whatever you do). Most software tools offered are free or begin at $50 per month. 


If you’ve increased your performance by 1% or saved yourself just one amount of time, it’s already worth the cost. There’s a good chance that you’ll be able to over the long term:

  • Have a better chance of focusing on the things that work.
  • Save your & your teams countless hours
  • Free up time to work on other high-impact initiatives
  • Simply achieve more effective results from your content creation.

The 9 Effective and Best Content Writing Tools for SEO [Beginner Friendly]

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO-

Surfer SEO can be described as a highly effective tool for optimizing and planning content that will help you increase the SEO score of your blog and improve the search engine rank of your blog’s potential.

 Surfer is one of the most efficient tools that can help you plan your content and make a plan since it has many tools. It assists you in locating keywords and transforming them into content with a high-ranking potential.

Based on just one keyword, Surfer will provide tons of related search terms and then categorize them into pertinent groups that will assist you in identifying many search terms in the same piece of content. It also gives information about search intent and the amount.

Then you can use the AI-powered briefing tool to prepare an SEO-optimized, search engine-friendly brief for your piece in only a few clicks.

Surfer comes with an editor tool for content that can score the author’s content as they create it and will track which relevant search terms were added and how frequently. 

Surfer audit tools can also be used. Surfer auditor is a tool for auditing existing content on your site to modify and improve it.

Overall, Surfer is one of the most efficient tools that simplify the task of planning content as well as optimizing. It’s also an excellent alternative for webmasters outsourcing writing work. 

You can use Surfer to create specific instructions for writers and ensure that the same quality standards are maintained using the scoring system for content.

You will be impressed by how Surfer can be integrated with other platforms and its value for teams. For instance, Content Editors are made and distributed to all team members using a shared link. The Chrome extension allows you to improve content inside Google Docs and WordPress.

Comfortable user interfaceThere is no free trial available.
Features for content planning and optimization in one place
Includes an auditing tool
Use the Surfer Chrome extension to improve your content in Google Docs and WordPress.

Plans & Pricing

Surfer’s monthly pricing starts at $49 (annually) or $59 (monthly) for 10 new documents (and 20 audits of existing pages) plus unlimited sharing.


PlanPrice (Monthly)New articlesContent audits
Surfer SEO pricing-



Frase is an AI-powered tool for content writing that will help you in every stage of creating content.

You can use Frase to help you search for keywords, create the content you want to publish, and ensure that it is SEO optimized. The AI-powered technology makes the process easy and fast, making it an ideal alternative for solopreneurs and novices.

Through Frase, the possibility is now to make effective briefs for content with only two clicks. 

All you have to do is select the term you wish to search for, and Frase will create an outline of the top results from your selected search term. It will then provide details such as the most important keywords to be considered, heading distribution, and so on to aid you in swiftly and effectively producing top-quality content.

Additionally, Frase offers several tools that might speed up the procedure. You can use the Write For Me feature to complete your sentences and create new paragraphs with your writing and the information you have gathered from pages with the highest rankings.

You can also use rewriting and auto-paraphrasing tools to make your writing more effective. 

Frase offers a variety of features to aid you in optimizing and analyzing your writing and make it an ideal all-in-one choice.

Each tool is easy to use.The lowest plan only accommodates one user.
AI software for writing makes creating content effortlessNo free trial is offered.
Analytics that are powerful and transform Google Search Console data into real-time insights
Streamlines the planning and production of content

Plans & Pricing

Frase pricing begins at $45 per month (paid monthly) or $40 per month (paid annually) for 30 documents with unlimited sharing. 

The upgrade to $115/month will give unlimited documents, additional seats for users, and easy google Docs connection.


PlanMonthly priceUser seatsDocumentsCost per doc
Frase pricing-

Neuron Writer

Neuron Writer-

NeuronWriter has various powerful tools to ensure you get the most value from your writing.

With access for life to the software, You can make up to two projects and utilize the editor for up to 25 articles per month. You can also earn one thousand AI credits monthly (enough for 15k-75k words, subject to the quality).

The draft generator allows you to make outlines semi-automatically for your content. 

Other future features include content templates along with internal links. Additionally, with the 60-day money-back guarantee, you have nothing to risk!

Using the built-in AI writer to begin your paragraph or extend the text is possible. 

You can type your content by hand, or you can employ a dedicated AI writer to create your content and later optimize it using this program.

Neuron Writer has helped simplify my writing process and create higher-quality content. 

This program is very easy to use and very affordable. It makes it an excellent alternative for people who don’t want to spend much cash on SEO tools like Surfer.


The UI and UX are simple to use and latest.WordPress integrations are lacking.
The NLP recommendations are excellent.
A simple and direct Assistant
Allows you to create original content

Plans & Pricing

The cost of the lifetime deal will be $59, which is great when you consider the features you can access. 

Neuron Writer pricing-

Semrush Writing Assistant

Semrush Writing Assistant-

Semrush SEO Write Assistant is an intelligent writing tool that can be used to improve your SEO-related content.

It’s one of the most efficient writing tools available. It analyzes your content across a range of aspects, including readability, SEO, and tone of voice. 

Semrush SEO Write Assistant also evaluates your content in all areas and gives guidelines on how you can enhance your content using real-time information compiled from the highest-ranked results.

SEO Writing Assistant works on MS Word 365, Docs, and WordPress, which means you can use it wherever you want to write. It’s available as a feature of the Semrush system and has numerous additional SEO tools.

It’s also worth noting that Semrush can be described as the best and most comprehensive SEO and Content Marketing toolkit available. 

You have access to more tools than Semrush’s SEO Write Assistant. There are far too many to mention here.

It is a powerful tool that can be used to power SEO and content strategies. It provides backlink analysis, content research, content improvement, PPC research, social media publishing analytics, blogger outreach tools, and many more.

Effective tool for optimizing contentOne Content Template is allowed for free accounts only.
Four different areas have been checked
Serves as a plagiarism checker as well
Integrates with well-known writing editors
The paid version offers a complete set of SEO and content marketing tools

Plans & Pricing

Semrush Writing Assistant is a content marketing toolkit available on the Guru ($229/month) or Business ($449/month) plans.



The Hemingway App is one of the top free Writing tools for SEO. It’s a free text editor as well as a readability checker. It is a method for ensuring that the content you write is clear as well as clear.

It is essential to be able to read when it comes to content on the web. Web users have very short attention spans. They don’t want to deal with complicated sentences that are difficult to read and technical terminology.

A well-written and easy-to-read can improve the user experience. This is recognized by search engines and offers you the greatest chances of ranking high for the key phrases you are targeting.

The Hemingway Editor assists in this. It analyses your content and checks it for any readability issues, including complicated phrases, difficult-to-read phrases, passive voices, and frequent Adverbs.

Sentences that can improve are highlighted by the editor and colored to let you know the issues that need to be addressed. Your work will be evaluated overall in the sidebar.

Highly effective readability checkerDoes not connect with Google Docs or WordPress
User-friendly editor interface
Colored recommendations
Available desktop application

Plans & Pricing

Hemingway is primarily a free app that can be used without creating an account. A desktop app is available for $19.99. It allows you to work offline and integrates with WordPress and Medium (very useful!).




Grammarly is among the most effective grammar and spelling tools on the market, and it’s a great tool to add to any marketer or creator of content’s toolbox. 

Regarding SEO, spelling, spelling, and grammar are crucial and can affect the user experience, too.

It is unnecessary to rely on old programs like Microsoft Word Spell Check to enhance its quality. Grammarly is a user-friendly online writing tool available as an extension for your Chrome browser.

Grammarly identifies obvious spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. But it also suggests higher-level modifications to your grammar that you could implement to improve and optimize your overall content. It can even check the tone of your article and suggest edits and suggestions you can implement.

A browser extension of Grammarly can spot grammar and spelling errors worldwide when you write emails using Gmail or edit your website content using the WordPress Gutenberg Editor. In the end, it’s an essential tool for creating content.

Available free planPremium features include things like tone and plagiarism detection.
Simple to use the browser extension
Low-cost paid plans

Plans & Pricing

Grammarly offers a fantastic free version that includes spelling, grammar, and punctuation corrections. If you want to add full features like tone, plagiarism, formality, and fluency, there are optional paid plans starting at $12 per month.

Grammarly pricing-

PageOptimizer Pro


PageOptimizer Pro-

PageOptimize Pro, Also known as POP, can be described as an SEO software that will help writers and marketers enhance content quality. Website content. 

The tool is driven by the SEO technique of Kyle Roof and boasts more than 400 tested results.

To utilize the tool, you only need to input the desired keywords, domain, and page you wish to be on. Choose your competition and the geographical location to allow the program to produce an extensive article for you to read. 

You can then export these briefs and edit these within Excel and Sheets or edit them within the dashboard of POP.

While creating content, the editing tool will offer optimization recommendations and provide an assessment report that gives your content a score and the likelihood of it being ranked within the Search Engine Results. 

Page Optimizer Pro is a great choice for content creation and is among the best-designed tools available.

Available for a free 7-day trialClunky user interface
Using a scientifically-based SEO strategy
Simple to use using a Chrome extension

Plans & Pricing

Plans start from $22/month for up to 12 reports per month.

PageOptimizer Pro Pricing-


InLinks Pricing-


If you wish your website to be more prominent on Google using existing content, paraphrasing them is not a good idea.

You have to optimize according to the things that have not yet been published by examining the context.

InLinks is more than just analyzing competitors’ content by digging deeper into the knowledge graph to discover significant and relevant semantically related ideas.

InLinks provides an advanced SEO tool that can be used to perform on-page content optimization and automate the schema markup build and enhance internal linking. It does this by looking at your websites and providing useful data.

With a simple code snippet, it is possible to integrate InLinks within your website. 

InLinks will give you the rank of your website’s pages in Google and other search engines. You can determine for which keywords your pages are ranked.

It’s not just that; it also resolves a crucial SEO issue: linking your site’s keywords with the general subject.

Your pages need to be linked to a specific subject because the tool can create internal links to the target page by searching for similar websites that refer to the subject you’ve selected.

Review your content strategy following the core BERT algorithm update.Costly
Assisting in improved user intent targeting
Automatically generate and publish JSON codes for your schema.

Plans & Pricing

The pricing for InLinks starts at $39.0 per month. InLinks has 2 different plans:

Pro at $39.00 per month.

Enterprise at $1999.00 per month.

Additionally, InLinks provides a Free Plan with limited functionalities.

InLinks Pricing-



MarketMuse is an artificial intelligence-powered Content optimizing and planning tool. It assists you in creating the most effective content and speeds up the writing process.

MarketMuse can be a bit expensive compared to other options, but it has many amazing capabilities.

The built-in auditing software can analyze your domain to determine your website’s authority and content quality and assist you in identifying the best opportunities for content.

AI-generated content briefs can save you time by assembling all the information required to write a professional piece on a particular topic. 

It is like having your content strategist suggest similar subjects, providing external/internal link suggestions, etc.

The real-time editor scores your writing with the score of your content. It also assesses the writing quality work and offers suggestions for how you can improve.

A large set of featuresPricey when compared to rival products
Briefings that are in-depthIn our experiments, the quality of AI-generated content was terrible.
Real-time comments on your content

Plans & Pricing

MarketMuse offers a limited free plan. Paid plans start from $7,200/year.

MarketMuse Pricing-

Final Thought

I am an SEO-friendly content writer who wants to do SEO content marketing with amazing tools for a living. I am constantly looking for the best content writing tools for SEO to make my life easier, engage readers, and increase my website rank on Google. I use the tools to make my work easier and save time significantly.

Here are the nine best content writing tools for SEO; you can choose the right tools for SEO content writing for your needs. If you do not have time to try all of the tools, you can use recommended best three are


Surfer SEO


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