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Technical SEO agency, in easy words, means website optimization. Using technical SEO properly will lead to multiple search engine bots coming to your website and enhancing the website or post’s ranking. Using this will bring your content first when specific keywords are searched.

Another way of explaining technical SEO would be by building an XML sitemap for the website. An XML sitemap is a file that stores all the vital information about your website. Therefore, to have successful technical SEO optimization, you must ensure all the website buttons are working.

A proper XML sitemap can make spiders find your website more accessible, allowing consumers to find the site easily.

You are at the right place if you are wondering whether to consider a technical SEO agency for your site and how to enhance views and ranking. This post will be everything you need.

Let’s get right into it.

What are Technical SEO Services?

You can supply the most exciting content in the world and still have little to no interactions on your page. This happens because of a lack of optimization, traffic, and other factors. That’s when SEO services come in.

Name of the AgencyPrice Range (Aevarage Service cost in whole/individual)SizeLocationWebsite URL
Neil PatelNot SpecifiedEnterprise (500+ employees)Online Based
Outer Box$250 to $5,000100-250 employeesAkron, Ohio, US
Webris$1,000 – $10,000Small Group of MarketersOnline Based
FATJOEstart from $55 and can go up to $450+ per optimization.Mid-size businesses (51-500 employees)

Enterprise (500+ employees)

Orainti$100 to $5,000, variable. Not SpecifiedOnline Based
Greenlane Marketing$5,000 – $250,000Mid-size businesses (51-500 employees)

Enterprise (500+ employees)

Phoenixville, PA
Salt Agency$5,000 – $250,000Mid-size businesses (51-500 employees)

Enterprise (500+ employees)



BuiltVisible$100,000 – $500,000Mid-size businesses (51-500 employees)

Enterprise (500+ employees)

London, UK
Adapt Partners$25,000 – $500,000Enterprise (500+ employees)Cary, NC
Aira$25,000 – $250,000Small businesses (0-50 employees)

Mid-size businesses (51-500 employees)

Milton Keynes, UK


Technical SEO means improving a website’s visibility in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Opera, and others. Technical SEO services do precisely that. This enhances your website’s discovery, corrects mistakes, and optimizes and analyze content

A technical SEO agency or an SEO consultant provides technical SEO services. The agency’s job is to perfect your website through trial and error. A website could have spectacular content and be unrealistic; SEO services will fix that.

For example, if you are writing a post about traveling that is too wordy, it is hard to read. It will not attract viewers. That’s when the technical SEO agency will come and fix it by writing it with easy words.

Technical SEO agency will also include optimizing the content that will be well structured, follow the search engine’s rules, index, render and crawl easily.  We will discuss these “buzzwords” more in-depth later in the post.

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Top 10 Technical SEO Agencies in The World to Help You Rank

The question you’ve been waiting for. Here is a list of a few of the best-specialized technical SEO agencies. Keep in mind that these are top-rated and will ensure good service.

  1. Nail Patel

is one of the best digital marketers. He is the number 1 SEO expert who president Barak Obama acknowledges. This guy created the Nail Patel SEO agency called Ubersuggest.

Ubersuggest is a free SEO analyzer that helps you optimize your content at its best. Ubersuggest will also help you in keywording your content and finding appropriate tags. The tool can redirect all your information to excel too.

Another remarkable thing about Nail Patel SEO supports is that they are dirt cheap, considering other companies in the market.

  1. Outerbox

Outerbox is a technical SEO agency specializing in digital marketing, optimization of Google ads, website designs, etc. The company has 18+ years of experience in fieldwork.

Outerbox is one of the top SEO agencies in the U.S and is used by many big companies for SEO.

  1. Webris

Webris is an excellent choice for technical SEO audits. The agency uses your website’s insights and can report how much revenue and traffic you will get from Google. The company helped brands like Shopify and Sharpspring.


FATJOE is an SEO agency that builds links. The company builds clickable links for your website that are mostly posted on other websites. The links redirect the consumer back to your website, giving your site traffic and increasing sales.

Many people love FATJOE due to the company’s over-the-top support team. You will be provided 24/7 help, even if you are not paying. The agency perfects link-building but has other services, such as keyword research or content writing.

  1. Orainti

Orainti helps with technical SEO optimization by providing customized plans. Not only do that exile in impeccable optimization, but they will provide both international and local area-based analysis. Orainti also helps in mobile audits as many people use search engines with their phones, so you have everything covered.

  1. Greenlane Marketing

The Greenlane marketing agency was founded in 2005 to help companies achieve their inbound marketing goals. They provide strategies to help clients achieve their inbound marketing goals through digital services like technical SEO audits and error fixation.

  1. Salt Agency

Leeds, London, and Boston-based performance-driven technical SEO marketing agency providing services worldwide. They have a team of highly experienced UK SEO consultants with experience at some of the UK’s biggest and most successful organic search marketing companies.

  1. BuiltVisible

Richard Baxter founded BuiltVisible in 2009 to provide clients with a high-quality agency experience. No matter your needs, BV has access to the best minds in the industry, whether you need strategic planning, tactical SEO boost, or foundational consulting.

  1. Adapt Partners

Adapt is a full-service & consulting agency that can serve as a client’s marketing team or as a full-service partner. As a company, they pride themselves on working smart and building highly efficient processes that eliminate tedious SEO tasks.

  1. Aira

The Aira team is small but experienced and truly cares about understanding their client’s businesses and goals. Aira was founded in 2008 by industry professional Paddy Moogan and focuses on SEO, PPC, and content marketing, delivering results through effective campaigns.

These are our top picks for the best technical SEO agencies. Each specializes in specific criteria.

What Does a Technical SEO Agency Do?

The main job of a technical SEO agency is to find relevant traffic and boost viewers to your website.

An SEO agency is a company that works with businesses or newly made sites to enhance discovery in search engines. The technical SEO agency will ensure you get more traffic to your website.

Traffic means the number of views your content gets, leading to more sales, calls, e-mails, etc., from consumers. In SEO, traffic could be paid or free. SEO agencies will drastically improve your content’s visibility when searching specific keywords

SEO agencies will increase your website’s traffic and do much more. Here are some other services that you may expect from an technical SEO agency when you sign one:

  • Checking website architecture
  • Analyzing website online
  • Analyzing website offline
  • Optimizing both online and offline site factors
  • Monitoring traffic.

Checking Website Architecture.

The agency will see if the website is SEO-friendly or not. A poorly structured website will automatically rank lower in search engines. No matter how much you spend on your technical SEO agency, they will also see the loading screen time of the website.

Analyzing Website Online

The agency will do a full run-on check online and see the content available on the website. This will include the writing style of content, if it is written poorly, compatibility of particular searching style (voice or photo), plagiarizing, etc.

Analyzing Website Online

This doesn’t refer to the SEO agency going to the original javascript or HTML site your page came from. This means the agency will search your website and see the mentions of your site in the search engine, kind of like doing a background check.

Consider that you are listing a product that has good sales and good reviews online. This will lead to more traffic on the website you listed it on automatically. Unfortunately, many small companies don’t have that many mentions on the internet, which might lead to less traffic.

Optimizing both Online and Offline Factors

After the technical SEO agency has analyzed everything, they will work on fixing it. If your page has less relevant tags to the topic you wrote the blog on, they will add appropriate tags. They will also remove copied content if they find any.

The agency will also make the website more attractive to visitors find more appealing. Posts will be made about your business on how it can help people. The company will add directories.

How Much Does a Technical SEO Agency charge?

Technical SEO services cost varies among different agencies. They also depend on the content, and the time the service will be provided to you. However, you will always get cheaper service costs if you take it from a local SEO than a renowned agency.

Keep in mind that SEO service costs are not one-time. You will have to renew services monthly unless you are on a subscription program. Below is a chart given. To get an idea of how much technical SEO agency services might cost:

SEO Service TypeAverage Cost  Per Month
Initial Technical SEO$500-$1,500
Budget-Friendly Technical SEO$1,500-$15,0000
High Budget Technical SEO$15,000-30,000
Commercial Technical SEO$30,000- over a million


As you can see, the prices depend on your budget and the type of SEO you choose. Most small companies start with local SEO agencies and then go up. Commercial SEOs are used by big brands, mainly.

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What are some Examples of Technical SEO?

There are 12 types of technical SEO services, and among them, four are major. The following list explains them:

  1. Website Architecture

Websites with minimum site design and more compatible links will help optimize SEO. For example, you are building a building. You would want something pretty to look at but has minimum doors or windows.

You wouldn’t want the one-floor entrance to have five doors, right? That is why architects are hired before building something so that you have an idea of what the project will look like. And so that the building is accessible and realistic.

Website architecture is precisely that; it is recommended to keep your website minimum to be SEO friendly. Therefore, leading to more viewers to your site, and ultimately, Google ranks it higher on their search engine.

  1. Crawling

Crawling is a technical SEO service that sends computer or internet spiders to your site to discover content.

As mentioned earlier, internet spiders are also called engine bots, which will play a significant role in optimizing your content. It works because crawlers or spiders find fresh content from your site, and Google saves it. It helps in content optimization.

  1. Indexing

Indexing, in other words, is categorizing and adding content. 

For example, you posted a blog, “Best smartphone covers to use for iPhones.” Google will possibly order it under the technology category and similar content. You will not find that blog under the food or traveling category. This is called indexing.

Indexers are also called benchmark indicators. Its main work is to monitor and organize content in technical SEO optimization.

  1. Web Page Rendering

Web page rendering is the phase between the browser and the webpage. This means it turns the coded site into a functional website that is ready to use for consumers. Thus, rendering a website before making it live properly is very important.

According to SEO, rendering means Googlebot gets access to your website and observes it to understand what type of content it is before putting it on the web page rankings. 

Lastly, if you don’t correctly render your web page, it will affect rankings and even decrease sales if you try to sell something.

What is a Technical SEO Consultant?

A technical SEO consultant is a person who specializes in SEO content optimization.

An SEO consultant’s job is similar to an SEO agency. The only difference is that an individual does the work instead of a company. The consultant will constantly work to improve your website and rank it higher.

A consultant has an accurate idea of SEO basics and how it works. Therefore, they can understand your website’s architecture, optimize content, fix errors, and monitor online and offline web pages, leading to traffic and more indexing and crawling by the search engine.

A technical SEO consultant charges about $700-1000 monthly. However, it varies. A freelance consultant will charge less than a counselor in a consulting agency.

How Much is a Technical SEO Analysis?

Technical SEO audits can start from $100 to $100 or more for one analysis, it depends on the content and length of your website.

You may do a trial analysis if you are not looking to analyze your content 24/7 a month. Precise technical SEO analysis starts from $100 if you are lucky. Usually, only cheap SEO analysis services can provide that.

Nevertheless, it’s always better to analyze from a trusty service provider than a cheap one. Considering a lot of affordable SEO service providers don’t have top ratings. Good technical SEO analysis will cost around $300-500 per optimization.

Again, remember that just because it costs more doesn’t mean it’s better. Please do research before handing your website to the providers.

What is Technical SEO Optimization?

With all this talk about technical SEO, you might wonder, what even is technical SEO optimization? Technical SEO optimization means anything that points out mistakes from your website or blog and optimizes it into something better.

In other words, the services you get from the SEO agency are called technical SEO optimization. Because at the end of the day, the goal is to optimize and make the page reach its peak.

Technical SEO optimization is achieved by indexing, crawling, rendering, and website architecture. All the mentioned services of the technical SEO agency.

Is Paying for Technical SEO Worth it?

Technical SEO is crucial. You don’t want to miss out on this.

The trick to having a successful business or site is marketing. And marketing only occurs when people see the content you are making. That’s why we use technical SEO.

If you don’t have people who want to see your content, you won’t take off, no matter how different and good your range is. 93% of online content starts from search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. So the more your website is put out to consumers, the more traffic or sales you will make., this will be achieved only by SEO.

Many companies are yet to use SEO, which is why they lag in sales and traffic compared to big companies. Even big companies like Apple and Samsung use SEO, even though they would make fine sales without digital marketing.

The bottom line is that paying for SEO is entirely worth it. Especially if you have good content, SEO or digital marketing will help your website reach its full potential.

The Final Verdict

SEOs are a no-brainer tool if you have a website or an online business. Technical SEO companies include all the works that will improve your website. An SEO agency or SEO consultant’s job is to perfect the things that make a website better for consumers.

This results in earning trust from consumers, which increases company credibility and ultimately has a positive impact on your website. A technical SEO agency charges $500 to $1 million depending on the agency and work needed on your website.

Paying for SEO is definitely worth it. Like, who wouldn’t want to boost viewers on their website? Although aside from good digital marketing, you also need to put out impeccable content for viewers to see your content and commit to it.

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