Are you looking for managed WordPress hosting for your website? You probably heard about the Best WordPress Hosting Convesio. It offers and manages next-generation WordPress hosting with high-end software and complete control at a reasonable price. Suppose you are looking for reliability, prioritized performance, and well-managed WordPress service, then Convesio one of the most exceptional and capable hosting services. Convesio’s mission is to change people’s thinking about managed WordPress hosts.


Best WordPress hosting Convesio offers scalable infrastructure, high-ability features, and unique management with affordable hosting plans of budgets. It also provides a reliable cloud, ensuring the fastest security monitoring, auto-scaling, version backups, first catching, and 24/7 expert support powered by docker containers.


I will provide all information on the best WordPress hosting Convesio, like features, load time, pricing, worth, and many more. So the first question is, what is managed WordPress hosting, and is Convesio managed WordPress hosting? Let’s start


An overview of the Best WordPress Hosting Convesio

Definition of  Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting is a particular service that takes care of all the technical aspects of your website. It will provide high security and overall support for your website. It will also provide speed, regular updates, and backups to your website. Such a website will permanently save you time and ensure smooth running.


What is Convesio?

Convesio is a secure managed WordPress hosting platform. Their main job is to make a site measurable and secure. And it focuses on applications based on docker containers.


Tom Fanelli is an influential businessman and professional programmer who launched Convesio in 2018.


Creating the platform key was to enable a user to expand WordPress without the need for a system administrator. So easy that a user will be able to run WordPress sites without technical skills. After all, the user can easily set up the server.


After all, you get a lot of WordPress hosting. However, it is tough to get quality service. In addition, Convesio is one of the best hosting companies.


If you are looking for a hosting company that will provide the best service for your money, Convesio will be the best choice.


Convesio offers multiple best WordPress hosting at affordable prices. So you can choose WordPress hosting within your budget. The company also offers premium WordPress hosting, which is a bit expensive.


Why Is Convesio Unique Compared To Others?

Convesio offers multiple benefits to a site. It is a platform that provides services to create and manage a website. It provides more benefits, including autoscaling or self-healing.


This company offers 100% managed WordPress hosting, which no other company does. It always goes ahead with the finer details about WordPress hosting.


It is unique compared to others because it provides excellent support. And there is better uptime than others.


It provides a robust security system to protect your website from risks and threats.


Conveio is perfect for WordPress sites because it is a web hosting company. It also currently offers the fastest hosting.


Its services and features are designed primarily to help traders reach their goals. It always provides scalable, secure, and faster service.

Is Convesio  Best WordPress Hosting?

Convesio is the perfect option for you. Because it creates a dedicated ecosystem for WordPress hosting, its sophisticated and efficient Docker system allows the website to do it. Its well-optimized network enables the website to run smoothly. It also allows stable data transmission and operation.


Convesio managed WordPress hosting offers multiple features simultaneously. It builds and compellingly maintains the WordPress website. Convesio has an automatic scale-up and down, which automatically cures the website.


Its infrastructure is designed for scalable hosting, providing the best service on business WordPress sites. It is designed so that a user can easily manage it. Convesio is relatively affordable but offers superior performance.


So its features prove that Convesio is the best WordPress hosting. It is a perfect choice for high-traffic WordPress websites and hosting businesses.


Convesio Features Highlights

Convesio is a managed WordPress hosting platform that builds a scalable platform based on docker containers. And its job is to provide managed hosting for companies and agencies.

Convesio has many WordPress hosting features that include reliable, fast service and automatic upgrades. Convesio is highly efficient. The main goal of Convesio is to create and manage WordPress. And it has been possible, due to its high availability features and design.

Convesio is the best hosting for managing online sites and keeping up with the competition.

Here are some of the key features:

Scalable Hosting Solution: The best feature of Convesio is that it offers scalable hosting solutions. It uses docker containers to be flexible with automatic scaling.

Reusable: This company provides self-healing for a website. It is easily reusable because the ingredients are stacked in different containers. And it can be cured automatically when the website goes down.

Cost-Effective: You will find the best WordPress hosting at an affordable price within your budget. You need to buy an expensive package if you want to use extra.

Efficiency And Safety: It offers superior performance and comes with reliable security. It integrates the features of Cloudflare Enterprise. So you can configure security protocols for dependable security.

User-Friendly Interface: A user can run WordPress without any experience. A user does not have to take professional help to run the website, saving time.

Efficiently Select Research: This company will offer unlimited plans within your budget. And it comes with extra resources for each project. So easily select resources according to your schedule.

Site Migration: If any work on your website seems complicated, you can quickly get help for site migration. So take the assistance of a professional to do complex tasks.


How Much Does the Best WordPress Hosting Convesio Cost?

Convesio Pricing:


  • Single WordPress install
  • Load Balanced
  • 5GB storage
  • 10,000 monthly visits
  • 4 PHP Workers
  • 1 vCPU
  • 512MB memory
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Fast caching
  • Global CDN via Cloudflare
  • Integrated Cache Purging



  • Single WordPress Install
  • 1GB Memory
  • 8 PHP Workers
  • TCP Turbo
  • 50,000 Monthly Visits
  • Cache Bypass On Cookie
  • 10GB Storage
  • Load Balanced
  • 2 vCPU/Single Thread



  • Single WordPress Install
  • 2GB Memory
  • 150,000 Monthly Visits
  • 16 PHP Workers
  • 4 vCPU/Single Thread
  • 10GB Storage
  • Distributed Cache
  • Load Balanced
  • Tiered Caching
  • Argo Smart Routing
  • Edge Image Resizing
  • Prefetching URLs



  • Multiple Sites
  • Customizable CPU Limits
  • Customized Traffic Limits
  • Custom Per/Site Pricing
  • Collective Storage Limits
  • Customizable Memory Limits
  • Customizable Worker Limits


How Can Convesio Improve Your Website Load Time?

The best scalable WordPress hosting platform is Convesio. Its optimization service improves the load time of a website. Convesio can improve website load time in seconds using a few steps.

Image Optimization

The size of the image occupies a larger bandwidth. And it is responsible for the slow load time of a website. So, Convesio optimizes the size and format of the image.

Convesio provides image optimization features, which reduce the size of the image.

Optimize Dependencies

Plugins: If your website does not have the required plugin, it reduces its load time. So, Convesio provides the necessary plugins for your website.

CSS and JavaScript optimization

Convesio optimizes your website with CSS and JavaScript. External CSS and JavaScript files are added to the website. When a page loads for the first time, the browser caches these files, and then the load time is faster. It also simplifies site maintenance.

Optimize Caching

It takes time for a page to load due to the pictures, CSS, and js files. Convesio optimizes its caching to reduce load time. Once a page is loaded, the files are saved for faster load time. When a page is loaded repeatedly, the cache is saved and restored. It lowers hosting and bandwidth costs.

Avoid Redirects

Avoid Redirects to increase a site’s load time. Although some redirects are required for the website, additional HTTP is necessary to maintain the page’s load time. So if there is a broken link on your website, then fix it.

Benefits Of Using Best WordPress Hosting Convesio

Website Performance

It would help if you wanted your website to rank high. When the website’s popularity increases and visitors come, your website will rank. That is why you need good website performance.

When visitors visit your website, they must expect something good. They will return to your website for something good if their expectations are met.


First of all, for good traffic, your website must load fast. If it takes time to load, it is detrimental to traffic. So you need the dedicated network infrastructure that Convesio provides you.


Strong Uptime

If you want to increase the engagement of your website, it is essential to make it available online at all times. It requires a vital uptime for your website that Convesio company provides you.

Uptime ensures that your website is running continuously. Because if your website is down for a while, you will lose visitors. A substantial uptime plays a role in the SEO of the website.


Convesio has an advanced infrastructure that provides uptime on a website. It is the best choice for WordPress websites because it is optimized.

Every website owner wants their website to be 100% online. Because little downtime is enormous for a month. 0.1% downtime becomes 45 minutes in a month.

Convesio claims that their average uptime is 99.1%. It’s captivating and satisfying.

Fast Caching

Convesio is the best hosting company for providing WordPress Hosting. Its work is WordPress optimized server. They speed up and update a website over time with their built-in caching system. A website speeds up to two to three times faster than usual.

It is the strategy to create dynamic content static on the website. The advantage of this is that every time a visitor submits information, it will present your website page.

Free Migration

Another advantage is migrating your website from any host to Convesio. You don’t have to spend extra on that. The Convesio experienced team will do it with utmost efficiency and effectiveness. The process can take up to two days to complete.

Self Healing

If a website’s database is lost, retrieving it is the most time-consuming and dangerous. However, the advantage of Convesio is that it comes with automatic self-healing. It helps maintain your website. It automatically backs up the data on your website. So if, for some reason, your website goes down, it recovers very quickly. It also heals your website from any damage.

Automatic Backup

Convesio’s automatic backup feature will help you back up and restore your website. You have an advanced backup to take advantage of this. Its retention policies allow you to set how often you will back up your website. You can also decide how long you want to keep the backups.

This system provides security for your website. The data on your website secure an alternative location. If something on the site is corrupted, then the data is stored. Above all, you can easily set up a schedule.

Auto Scaling

Being a system administrator of a website is time-consuming and cumbersome. But with Convesio you can set it up very quickly. It deals with extra traffic automatically. Many resources are automatically scaled. Just as it helps in autoscaling, so does descaling in other research.

It is automatic and does not require any intervention. To make this possible, it uses many containers that help to load.

No Lock-In

Convesio promises that it will provide transparent WordPress hosting. That means no contract is required to work with them. You can do it easily if you need to move from them to your website. It provides the most reliable and inexpensive service among WordPress hosting platforms.

Application Monitoring

The job of application monitoring is to monitor whether the application is running smoothly. This is done to ensure the security and reliability of your website. You can also watch online sites at the WordPress application level. Any changes to your website are checked before they are approved.

It always identifies and fixes the availability, resources, and bugs of your application, not adversely affecting visitors.

Speed Optimize

Convesio is currently the fastest server for hosting. It provides high optimized speed on a website. Database Clusters and built-in fast caching are responsible for providing this facility. HTTP / 2’s job is to make sure the website improves quickly. And it has been possible that the outstanding feature of Convesio is the optimization speed. Another great benefit of this is saving date bandwidth.

Database Clusters

Database Clusters are a set of numerous databases controlled by a single database server, and the website can run continuously. Conversion uses MySQL Server to enhance a compelling and efficient website. It ensures that every web search is processed in a short time. Ensures that users do not experience any bugs or slowness from your website.

Security Monitoring

It monitors any security issues on your website and solves problems by scanning. Moreover, Convesio provides code to ensure the security of the website. It also provides security features such as configuration environment variables to prevent malware.

The feature is slightly explained for your convenience.

Online websites are more likely to be hacked if they do not provide adequate security. It is more likely if the plugin and theme of the website are weak.

Convesio’s security monitor feature makes this less likely. It provides the best hosting for WordPress.

The advantage is that you can do malware scanning of your website automatically.

The security benefits that Convesio offers are:

  1. Threat detection
  2. Prevents spam comments
  3. Improves firewall policies
  4. There are DDoS migrations that prevent attacks by DDoS.


Another advantage of Convesio is that it provides you fast and easy website hosting. And no technical skills are required for a WordPress installation. More configurations, including load balancers, database clusters, and Docker containers, are responsible for easy website optimization.


User-Friendly Interface

No experience is required to use Convesio WordPress hosting. Because the platform carries autoscaling and self-healing features, it offers a simple interface. Check important metrics quickly from the database.


  1. The condition of the containers in WordPress
  2. Monitor your website traffic.
  3. Caching status
  4. Destructive issues for your website.


Customer Support

Convesio’s support team is always ready to provide 24/7 support to customers. So a user does not have to wait more than 5 minutes. They are prepared to give you the essential guides on your website. It also guarantees that your website is running. Also, you don’t have to worry about technical issues. They will quickly solve any problem you may have.

Money-Back Guarantee

Each and everyone wants the security and performance of their website. You will also get the facility from it, and give you a 30-day free trial. And they won’t take any of your credit card information. So if you think their service is excellent and effective, you can sign up for a plan. You don’t have to take risks if it doesn’t work out.

Convesio Hosting Honest Review

Convesio is excellent compared to other hosting and great for its scalable features. It is considered to be the best-managed WordPress hosting.

They offer unlimited plans within budget. And tailor the best strategies and features to the client’s needs. Customers are more inclined towards Convesio, as it provides a 30-day trial. Convesio Hosting is the best choice for starting a new business. If you’re looking for a scalable, faster with multiple features, why not Convesio?

Convesio’s experienced team is ready to solve any problem you may have. Due to its high speed and reliability, customers choose Convesio over another hosting.

Convesio is acceptable because it comes with the next-generation feature that other popular hosting does not offer. Their overall features and advantages make it unique.

So, there is no doubt that success is waiting for those looking for affordable managed WordPress hosting.

Advantages of the best WordPress Hosting Convesio:

100% Uptime: Server down is annoying to every customer. And when the customer encounters the server down, they change the web hosting instantly. Convesio claims they guarantee 100% uptime. They provide high availability to customers’ websites. It also keeps a website always up and running. And traffic is likely to be missed.

Speed: Convesio is best for increasing the page speed of a website. Using multiple data centres located worldwide, they increase the website’s speed. Improved page speed on a website means increased customer experience. It also contributes to the performance of a website.

Docker Container: It is important to keep the traffic balance. Convesio uses OS-level virtualization to maintain this balance. It guarantees the scaling and availability of your website. The Docker platform allows you to use multiple containers with minimal research.

Free Trial: Convesio allows a one-month free trial without credit card information. This offer is acceptable for hosting two websites. However, not all functions will be accessible at this time.

Easy to set up.

Amazing customer support

Auto-Scaling and Self-healing WordPress Hosting.


  • Convesio is a bit more expensive than others for its specifications, features, and benefits.
  • It only works with WordPress.

Best WordPress Hosting Convesio: Top 10 Purposes You Need It

Convesio is the best for WordPress. Because they provide all the benefits of WordPress, they are known as a one-stop shop. A user can create a more extensive website using an intuitive interface. And the website has self-healing and autoscaling features.

You don’t need a database cluster, load balancer, or docker container to set up your website because Convesio is enough. Here are the reasons why you need the best WordPress hosting.


Faster Website

With Convesio’s Managed WordPress Hosting, you don’t have to share your website’s server with others. If other sites are risky or have traffic spikes, it will not affect your website.

Convesio offers powerful Mysql servers for WordPress optimization. And it speeds up the website.

The purpose of hosting is to ensure that a website is loading immediately. And for that, cloud platforms and caching systems are added to the website.

Reliable Website

Convesio provides you with reliable websites. Since its premium hosting is on a clouded platform, it adds self-healing features.

If the website services fail and go down, there is no need to fix it. Because it will keep the website powered by auto-healing, your website will have better uptime and more minor crashes.

Convesio is the best WordPress hosting, as it guarantees 99.1% uptime on your website. You can move to another hosting if they can’t keep this promise.

Visitors are available through uptime. If the page load time does not remain the same as the visitor’s increase, visitors will be dissatisfied.

Secure Website

Websites are more likely to be hacked, so you need to pay attention to security. Because WordPress websites are popular, they are more prone to risks and threats.

Convesio ensures security on your website. Their state-of-the-art security systems monitor and scan your website.


If you accept Convesio’s Managed WordPress Hosting and have a problem with the website, you can get help from the supportive team right away. Convesio’s experienced team is at your service 24/7. They are always ready for you.

So you don’t have to worry about any technical issues with your website. The Support Team will find problems on your website, whether server-related, plugin-related, or theme-related. They are experienced in anything related to WordPress.

Automatic Backups

Another reason Convesio is the best website is that it keeps your website secure and safe. The automatic backup feature keeps your website blogs in a secure container and restores them quickly if needed. It keeps the backup every three hours to 15 days. Fortunately, this allows you to create a schedule.

One-click staging

When you want to change a blog on your production site, you want to change; you should monitor and test it. It keeps your website risk-free.

Convesio offers a staging site. The advantage of this is that you can set a copy of WordPress with one click. It allows you to test your blogs personally. You can safely publish the changes on the website at the end of the test.

Next-generation WordPress Hosting

Best WordPress hosting Convesio offers you excellent services, including Next-generation WordPress hosting. This means that it simultaneously provides multiple unique features. And its solutions are more efficient and effective than other companies. Its outstanding features include Automatic Updates, Free Domain Registration, Reliable Websites, Fastest Websites, Automatic Backup, and more.

Convesio provides affordable range plans within budget. The company claims it gives autoscaling to websites that create the perfect hosting ecosystem.

It’s scalable infrastructure and superior features give the website a good performance.

Automatically updates WordPress themes, plugins, and other versions. Convesio hosting provides quick installation on the website.


Convesio is famous for its flexibility in the field of web hosting. It will never involve you for a fixed period. Instead, you can leave Convesio and move to another hosting whenever you want. And Convesio will do it at no cost.

Easy to create

Convesio will help you figure out how to build a website easily and quickly. Database clusters, docker containers, and configuring load balancers will help you through each step.


If lost in a database, restoring it is time-consuming and dangerous. Convesio has a self-restoration feature to alleviate this anxiety. It protects the database from being lost. If the system appears to be misleading by scanning it, it retains the data and retrieves it later.

Docker Platform

Server failure is considered the worst failure on the website. This only happens when multiple websites are hosted on the same server. And if there are frequent server failures on your website, customers will be dissatisfied.

The best WordPress hosting Convesio has given a great solution to this problem. They use Docker Platform or Docker Container as a solution to server failures. Convesio has been praised on Amazon Web and Google Cloud. After all, what is the use of the Docker platform? The Docker platform is used in a variety of ways:

The Docker platform uses software virtualization to maintain everything perfectly. It keeps your website up to date.

The platform comprises multiple servers, so even if one server fails, the website will continue.

It contributes to the balance of traffic and keeps the website free from any risk.

You can host multiple websites using the same hosting if you want.

Convesio provides nine containers or platforms for each website. If the number of visitors to your website increases, it automatically scales up and down based on the traffic level. The platform also features fast, scalable, and easy management.

How To Create A Website With the Best WordPress Hosting Convesio

  • First, enter Convesio’s homepage.
  • Then sign up, and click on Start Free Trial.
  • Then select Create Your Site from the Dashboard.
  • Click on Set advanced options.
  • Then select the latest PHP version.
  • Enter your location.
  • Set your site’s database type.
  • Then select the WordPress version of your website.
  • After all, set the “webserver type.”
  • Now select Deploy.
  • Here you have to click on the manage option then a window with four options will appear.
  • Now it’s time to log in. You will find that option in wp-admin. Login there.
  • Your site has been created; now, enter the site name. Here you can delete the site.
  • Lastly, add SSL, caching, and domain.

Here you will see everything you need, including traffic overview page speed. However, an IP address is required to add the domain to Convesio. You will not receive any domain registration from Convesio. So, you have to buy it from another company.

Domain Section:

Convesio’s domain section gives you a recognized name for your website. It will make it easier for visitors to find your website. Copy and paste the information of the IP address given from the register. By doing this, they will help visitors reach your website.

Security Section:

The security section is essential for your website. The Security section allows you to add an SSL certificate for the website. Convesio provides you with an SSL certificate. You will also find many options in the Security section that you can set.

Backup Section:

The backup section is very effective, especially in protecting your website from accidents. There are many categories in the backup area. You can backup article numbers, comments, file numbers, WordPress versions, and more. You can backup these for future use.

System Setting:

If you want to set the system settings, enter the system settings in the security section. You will get a dropdown menu; select the PHP version there. If some plugins on your website do not support the PHP version, you can change the PHP version.

Auto Scaling:

The advantage of Convesio is that you can set up auto-scaling easily and quickly. So how to set autoscaling?

First, Choose The Best Plan:

Convesio offers 4 plans, and you have to choose as needed.

Foundation Plan: Perfect and suitable for small websites.

Growth Plan: This is best for those who have a high-traffic website.

Performance plan: This is the best plan to reach a specific goal through e-commerce stores.

Agency Plan: It is the best choice for companies, organizations, and agencies.

All of these plans offer scales, but it is important to choose according to the needs of your website. Convesio has added database and environment features to the latest updates. These features will be practical when you configure using specific technologies.

Turn on Auto Scaling:

On the Convesio Dashboard, you will see the Auto Scaling option and click to turn it on. Autoscaling comes with several options: expandable range, max-min-container, and more. Above all, set as needed.

Container Section:

The Dashboard has a container section on WordPress scale service. There is an extensive list of containers. There are also active and finished containers.


It is advisable to test any changes on your website before promoting them. Convesio provides this feature with its Google PageSpeed ​​insights. Here you can also try your article with pictures. If it has an average score of 99, that is a great result.

CDN Performance Test:

You will want to evaluate every functionality of your website. Convesio’s CDN Performance Test will give you that benefit if you wish to. The advantage of this is that it will calculate the website’s top performance and poor performance position. It also provides a global average of all locations.

Final Thought

At Best WordPress hosting Convesio review, we tried to analyze the details of Convesio’s services. Convesio is the next-generation managed WordPress hosting that will be your best choice. It provides a fast and reliable website.

Its outstanding features will never keep your website running. Convesio’s experienced team will help you if your website is ever at risk.

Thanks to Convesio’s great user-friendly features, you can easily and quickly create an excellent website.

Convesio offers a range of plans at affordable prices. Its overall features are very effective and efficient. So for those looking for the best-managed WordPress hosting at an affordable price, indeed Convesio is reliable hosting.

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