Are you in search of top-quality SEO Content Writing Services? If yes, then in this post, we’re going to give the 5 best SEO writing services details.

Words are the key, so choose the right ones to attract traffic, convince and grow your online business. SEO content writing services involve a fundamental mechanism for the raw materials of any online business.

The procedure of writing content involves using SEO guidelines. Websites need high-quality content to reflect their image. To reach your business objectives, it is essential to write informative, original, understandable, and SEO-friendly content for your website.

This article has gathered the top 5 SEO content writing firms. Here, you can check some professional writers and pick the best-suited one for your budget and needs.

What are SEO content writing services?

An SEO Content Writing Service can be described as the procedure of writing material for your website. It helps you in achieving a higher ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs)

The freelancer or the company that offers this service usually creates content in the format of blog posts.

Certain companies also can create guest posts that are then added to other sites. The purpose is to increase your backlinks that link to your site, thus increasing your standing with Google.

Why use SEO content writing services?

Build Brand Awareness

Your online content strengthens your branding message across all channels of digital media. Using the power of content marketing helps you effectively communicate your company’s distinctive strengths (USPs).

With the fierce competition in the world, reliable SEO Content writing services can go an extended way to gaining brand recognition. It also keeps your business at the forefront of the people you want to reach.

Get Better SEO Results

Search engines seek quality, original web content that naturally incorporates keywords and gives internet users informational, emotional, and entertainment value.

SEO service companies will be more likely to receive massive web traffic, search visibility, and ranking on search engines. Make sure that your website is full of SEO-optimized content. Thus, you will rank higher in the results of the search.

Earn Long-Term Revenue

In 2021, the Edelman Trust Barometer report revealed that companies gain confidence from consumers by providing reliable content on their websites.

If you can identify and meet the information requirements of your prospective customers, you will build trust. Besides, it creates a loyal fan base which contributes to the longevity of your brand. Create a unique and reliable strategy for content and increase revenue and traffic.

Grow Your Online Authority

As an owner of a business, it is essential to create reliable web content to show potential customers that you’re knowledgeable about various aspects of your industry.

A content marketing company performs deep SEO keyword analysis and market research. It develops SEO content quality that generates high-quality backlinks and inspires thoughtful discussions with your readers.

What is the difference between SEO Content vs Normal content writing?

SEO content writing and normal content writing are not the same. The main distinction between an SEO content writer and a typical content writer is that the former is able to create content without making it spammy to increase your rankings on search engines.

Some differences between SEO and content writing:

SEO content writing Normal content writing
Creating content to improve search engine rankings Creating high-quality information
Equally focuses on conversion Suitable for the creation of informative content
Assists you in decreasing your bounce rate Assure the information is free of errors and well-written.


Is content writing necessary for SEO?

Obviously, content writing is necessary for SEO because Content writing can boost your content marketing strategies and increase your search engine ranking.

Some reasons why content writing is necessary for SEO:

  • If you’ve got high-quality content, people will spend more time on your site. This indicates to Google that you’ve got quality and relevant information.
  • People will connect to your site because you offer your readers a variety of subjects and areas of interest.
  • Organic rankings that are earned by high-quality content writing will last longer and bring in more visitors.
  • There are many opportunities to share your content on social media.
  • Without content that is of high quality, it is no chance of being ranked highly on Google’s search engine.

How to Start an SEO Content Writing Services Business Just in 4 Steps?

The idea of starting a business for content writing is a fantastic option to earn a living with a minimal investment.

Four Steps to Start a Content Writing Business

Step 1: Make a proper plan.

Before thinking about launching your company, there are a few items you’ll need to work out. This includes creating a company plan, choosing the right niche, and deciding on the business model you want to use.

Having an excellent strategy can help you promote your business. It is significant to determine the area you’ll focus on in the business. It helps if you also focused on what you’re willing to invest in advertising and how you’ll conduct your business from day today.

Choose a niche

First, need to choose a niche for your content writing business.

To determine a profitable item, you need to research blogs within that field. If many results pop up, it’s a sign that plenty of people are interested in that topic. Thus, it’ll be easier for you to locate customers.

Another way to go about trying to determine the level of profitability is to browse through different job boards. You will get knowledge of that particular area or sector.

Choose a writing style.

Once you’ve got an idea of what subjects and industries you’ll write about, you can narrow down your topic to the type of writing you want.

Your business may focus on white papers, blog posts, web copy, or marketing material. There is a variety of different that you can write. But the type you select will determine the price you will charge.

If you are looking to hire writers to expand your business, you can encompass the various writing styles within one area. Make sure you hire writers who specialize in those writing styles as you’re looking to establish an image of producing high-quality work.

Make a budget and set goals.

It’s important to establish targets for how much you’ll need and would like to make each month. This will dictate the way you manage your business and the type of clients you’ll seek.

Certain clients pay in net 30 installments, while other clients may pay at completion. The contract you sign for each client will dictate when and how you are paid.

Choose a pretty business name. 

You’ll need to select an appropriate business name to build your website and promote yourself.

It’s not necessary to select a complicated name. You should pick one accessible as a domain and across multiple social media platforms for consistency.

Decide On Your Business Model 

Once you’ve settled on the subject area and budget, it’s time to determine how you’ll manage your business of writing content.

Operate your company as a solopreneur in which you manage everything on your own. Or you can operate more like an agency and outsource writing to other writers.

Employing writers can save you time and let you grow your business faster and gain more customers. Writing your content will reduce the expense of hiring writers, but it can take longer your time.

Step 2: Now ready to set up 

The next thing to accomplish is to establish all the technical aspects of your company.

This can include creating a site, a portfolio of your work, and your social media sites.

Here are a few items you’ll require before launching your own content writing business.


You must have a professional website and your domain if you want your customers to take you seriously.

There are so many options available for web hosting and website builders. It’s cost-effective and easy to start.


Before contacting prospective clients, you’ll need a few writing samples to present them.

If you’re outsourcing, ask your writers to provide samples of their work. They can also create test pieces, which you can show your customers.

If you’re writing the content on your own, you’ll require up to three writing examples in your area of expertise. Showing the samples, you can present them to your clients like a pro.

Social Media 

The next step is to set up your social media profiles so that potential customers can locate your profile.

Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are the most effective methods for finding potential clients for firms specializing in content writing. It is also possible to use LinkedIn to locate writers for your company. So make assured to keep your social media accounts uniform throughout all channels.

Step 3: plan the procedures.

After you’ve got an established business plan and have created your website, you can start working on the logistics aspect of your business, such as the registration process as a business, hiring writers, and creating a tax account.

Here are some elements of your business that you must consider before your launch.

Get a Business License

If you’re planning to hire writers and pay tax as a business, you’ll need to register your company and get an EIN and a business number.

After registering for your company, you’re eligible for a tax account. It’s always wise to make sure your private expenses are separate from the business’s expenses, even if you’re the sole owner.

Contracts drafting

You’ll require two types of contracts, one specifically for the writers you hire and one for your customers.

Your hiring writer’s contract should contain the terms of payment and the nature of the project. Your client’s contract will be the same but include a clause to safeguard you from theft and liability.

Make an introductory guide.

A document for onboarding helps make sure that your client’s first impression is positive. It could also organize discovery meetings with clients and give your team clear and consistent guidelines.

Step 4: It’s time to find clients.

After setting up your website and registering your company, you can find your first customer.

Content writing is a highly competitive field. So, it’s difficult to feel comfortable enough to engage with customers when you’re just beginning. Customers may find it difficult to trust you when your business is brand new.

Here are a few of the top places to find clients for your writing services.


Networking is a fantastic method to meet clients. It will help you make connections. It also allows you to make warm pitches to business owners and other writers with higher success rates than cold pitches.

Networking is a great way to meet another writer from your field and keep up-to-date with the latest trends and startups. You can join online groups for networking to create connections.

Social media can also allow you to connect with potential clients before making a pitch to them. It can help build trust with them and increase your chances of success.

Cold Emailing

Cold emailing is a dominant method to connect with customers, regardless of how you feel about it.

Although they aren’t as effective as networking leads or warm leads, some businesses achieve a 20% success rate with cold emails. If you’re sending out cold emails, be sure your pitch and strategy are well-studied and well-planned.

How much do SEO writers make?

The salaries for SEO Content Writers in the US vary from $29,230 to $109,760. The average SEO Writer in the US earns $60,298. SEO Content Writers earn the most money in Denver at $60,298, with total compensation of 0% more than the US average.

How do I create SEO content?

Here are a few steps I follow to create SEO content:

Create a topic list

Keywords are at the core of SEO, but they’re no longer the only way to get organic growth. The primary step should be to develop a list of topics you’d want your content to tackle.

Create a list of long-tail keywords

In this stage, you’ll start optimizing your site for specific keywords. Use your keyword tool to determine 5-10 long-tail keywords that go deeper into the topic keyword for each of the pillars you’ve identified.

Make a page for each topic.

Use the pillar subjects you have come up with to create the page or blog post. It provides a broad overview of the subject by using the long-tail keyword you created for each of the clusters in the second step.

Make a regular blogging routine.

Each blog post or web page you design doesn’t have to be part of the topic cluster. You can also write about topics that customers are interested in establishing authority through the Google algorithms.

Best 5 SEO Content Writing Services to Grow Traffic Your Site

If you require exceptional SEO and content-related services, choose five specialized platforms for connecting companies to expert writers.

Crowd Content


Crowd Content provides various content, including blog posts and city pages, product descriptions, press releases, and social media-related content. They provide two crafting services. One is a marketplace where you can purchase high-quality content that over 6,000 professional writers have written.

They also offer SEO-friendly content writing services in which an expert partner can help you develop and manage a program of content created specifically for you. Crowd Content’s clients include Lowe’s, WordPress, HomeAdvisor, and thousands of other clients.

Crowd Content’s self-service pricing is based on the type of content, word count, and degree, which ranges between 3 cents per word at the bottom to 13.5 cents for a word at the top.

You can request a quote to use their writing services. It includes a fully managed creation of content and a dedicated content writer.

Writing Studio


Writing Studio is another great alternative for those seeking top-quality content. They have a vast pool of writers specializing in a wide range of areas. Their writers can create original content that is tailored to your needs.

They provide a fully managed writing service that includes keyword research for SEO and optimization of page editing, proofreading, fact-checking, and CMS formatting.

If you’re a small-scale business or an SEO and content marketing firm, then Writing Studio can help you simplify your content requirements on your website.



Focused on enterprises, startups, and VC companies, Animalz is a content writing company. It has worked with businesses like Google, Amazon, Zendesk, and Wistia. They’ve made themselves a reliable content writing firm that creates captivating and engaging content.

Animalz promises to provide long-term, sustainable expansion with top-quality, long-form content. These services include consulting on SEO, branding awareness, lead generation for product marketers, distribution, and promotion.

Animalz spans all kinds of content, including ebooks, blog articles, case studies, and social media content. You’ll need to contact Animalz to discuss the cost.



Topcontent provides custom content creation services for any type of industry. If you want content like blog posts and press releases, product descriptions, eBooks, white papers, infographics, or case studies, top content has the solution for you.

They can help you bring visitors to your site by providing high-quality content and translations. They provide SEO content in over 20 languages, created by native-speaking speakers. Their online platform can meet everything you need for your content.



Fiverr is one of the largest pools of freelancers on the web. The platform helps you connect with a freelancer who has expertise in any content. The writing category includes over 32 topics, including blog posts, web content, social media copy, etc.

Some writers will charge you only $5 for their services. Some charge up to $100. This makes it hard for some businesses to tell which one is an SEO professional or a novice writer.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this list! We hope one is the right fit for you and allows you to get your message to your target audience. What other writing services do you recommend? Please share your ideas with us.