Freelancing, e-commerce, and digital marketing work like some NOS, speeding the world’s economy to another dimension. You would be blown away to know, in every single minute, around 175 websites are created and 252,000 in a day. And here’s the million-dollar question, how do you get web development internship?

We can’t help talking about web development when it’s about the 21st century’s digital economic boom. You must be another aspiring soul who’s chasing the dream of becoming a web developer.

Well, you got to have some specific sets of skills such as programming, server administration, or database design to get into this sector. And, then the internship is the next door to cross into the world of web development.

Why Should You Become a Web Developer Internship?

Why would you want to reach your destiny? Would you want to earn a handsome amount of money? Why would you want to be creative? If you ask yourself these questions, you will get the answer.

The web development sector is one of the fast-growing industries of the 21st century. And becoming a part of that would be an incredible experience.

With the experience of a web developer internship, you will get a hands-on touch with the web development tools. That would help you get a permanent job in the sector. You would have the chance to work with skilled web developers and learn from them.

An internship is also a wonderful process of developing your soft skills such as teamwork, time management, communication, organizational skill, and self-motivation.

If you perform well as an intern and prove yourself worthy, there will be no obstacle to getting a full-time job. So, getting an internship is like setting yourself up on the rocket pod.

What Skills Must You Have to Get a Web Developer Internship?

There are usually 3-types of web developers front-end, back-end, and full-stack. So, the answer to what type of skills you need to become a web developer depends on your aim. No worries, we will go through them one by one. Let’s start with front-end web development.

Skills You Need to Become a Front-End Web Developer Intern

If you are quite a creative person who likes to utilize your power of imagination to create and design things, then this is the way to go. Let’s look at the skills you need to have to become a front-end web development intern.

  • HTML & CSS

Hypertext Markup Language or HTML and Cascading Style Sheets or CSS are the foundation of web development. You know, “English” is the first language of the people of the UK, and just like that, HTML & CSS are the first languages of web development.

Web pages are mostly written in HTML language. It defines the main foundation of a website. The titles, other texts, and images of websites you see are based on HTML.

On the other hand, CSS helps you to give the webpage a style. All the colors, layout, fonts you see on a website are designed using CSS. This styling language also helps the website adjust to different devices.

Even if you have no experience in coding, no worries, HTML & CSS are one of the easiest things to grab in web development.

  • JavaScript

JavaScript brings life to a website. All the animations, moving texts, and forms you see on any website were probably done using JavaScript.

  • Frameworks & Libraries

Besides understanding HTML, CSS & JavaScript, having a grasp on libraries, for instance, jQuery, would be great. It will make JavaScript simple to use.

Instead of writing all the codes, you can use jQuery to do all this hard work easily. It brings amazing efficiency to your work.

You will find JavaScript & CSS frameworks to make things easier for you. So, what is a framework?

Well, frameworks are pre-written codes. They will help you make common functions such as search bar and scrolling menu without writing codes. Some of the most popular frameworks are React, Angular, and Vue.js.

  • Graphics Design Applications

Well, truth be told, you don’t really have to become a pro at graphics design tools to land an internship in web development. However, knowing the basics of graphic design tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign will give you an extra edge over other competitors.

Skills You Need to Become a Back-End Web Developer Intern

Back-end web developers are the main pipeline of a website. They are the ones who send the front-end works to the browser. Back-end developers also work to develop the speed and efficiency of a website. Does back-end development sound like your cup of tea? Well then, let’s get to know the basic skill you must have to become one:

  • Server-side Programming Language (BDMS)

If you want to become a back-end web developer, you must know one server-side programming language. Some of the most notable ones are Java, C, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Python, C#. Having a good grasp on one of these would be enough. However, knowing multiple will always give you an upper hand.

  • Application Programming Interface (API)

Almost all of your web interaction is dominated by API. They work like wires interconnected to a different application to interact and exchange information.

One of the most common examples can be logging in with Google on an app or website. So, API helps those apps to use google data. If you want to become a back-end web developer, you must know how to work with APIs such as SOAP & REST.

  • Other Skills

Besides BDMS & API, you need to have a good command over Laravel, Django, Express, Spring, and ASP.NET frameworks. You already know what frameworks do. Well, you might have thought HTML, CSS & frameworks are only needed for front-end developers, but it’s not true.

A primary knowledge of these is needed to communicate with the front-end developers.

Skills You Need to Become a Full Stack Web Developer Internship

Becoming a full-stack web developer will take an extra toll on you. It’s not like knowing some basic coding stuff.

To become a full-stack web developer, you got to be handy with all the front-end and back-end kinds of stuff. Here are some of the basic skills it requires:

  • Version Control

After writing a code, it will go through many revisions during the development process. And that’s where version control will come in handy to keep track of each version.

Using it, you can easily switch to the previous version if anything goes sideways. The most notable version control software is Subversion & Git.

  • Reusable Code

Reusable code can do magic for you in time management and deliver your project much faster. You know they say, “time is money.”

  • Command Line

Yeah, using the command line may seem like going backward in time. However, the truth be told, it can provide you a great efficiency once you learn how it works. It will also give your resume an eye-catching impression.

  • Problem Solving

When you are a full-stack web developer, having problem-solving skills is mandatory. You encounter even a hundred problems in a day.

Therefore, having the patience and mental endurance to handle such stress and solve the problem will surely require something special.

How to Become a Web Developer Internship? Simplified

Here’s something to ease your stress, no prior experience is required to land an internship in web development. But you must have a passion for learning and basic sets of skills to get the job done. Here are some of the tips that will help you to ensure a chance in a web development internship:

  • Your portfolio

Your portfolio will play the most crucial role in attracting employers. No one cares or would believe what you tell them, you know.

They would obviously like to see proof, right? and a great portfolio representing your capabilities and skills can turn the table for you.

  • Freelance Projects

Yeah, we have told you earlier that prior experience is not necessarily needed. However, practical experience will always give you the upper hand over the other competitors.

A freelance project is one of the best ways to do it. Make sure the quality of your work and buyers’ reviews speaks for yourself.

  • GitHub

GitHub is one of the most popular and effective platforms to showcase your skills. You can use it to present your skills in coding and database design.

Make sure you keep your profile updated regularly so; employees will get a good impression about you that “this guy is trying.” You will start to get regular visitors and responses once you start maintaining consistency in your work.

  • Resume

A well-designed resume will always help create a nice impression on your employer. You know, the resume is your first impression, and some say, “first impression is the last impression.” So, make sure it’s designed well and, most importantly, display all the required info clearly.

Final Words

Doing an internship is a wonderful start to a successful career. When it comes to the web development industry, all that plays the game is your quality of skills.

One of the best things about this industry is it doesn’t care about your academic background, like whether you had A+ in geography or studied in some high-profile university. Web development internship is all about your passion, skills, and determination to learn new things every day.