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The SEO is a big deal, and the SEO industry is competitive across the globe. You may know how important it is to give your business an impressive web presence. It is easy to survive in your digital marketing-driven world with quality SEO lead-generation strategies. We will hint at generating or buy SEO leads, but you need to get business.

More than simply lead generation is required; you must be high quality and have a strong likelihood of conversion. Your business needs high-quality SEO leads to be successful. So, where can you find or buy SEO leads? Let’s find out.

What is an SEO Lead?

SEO leads are the polished and optimized contact details of SEO clients. An SEO lead can be defined as someone for their business who is interested in SEO services from an SEO agency. The client might be interested in including the following:

Potential clients can discover SEO agencies via search results or actively reach out to prospects and pitch your service to them. Buy SEO leads type can vary based on sales and marketing strategies. The various kinds include SQL. MQL, warm leads, and hot leads.

Reasons Why You Should Buy SEO Leads

Your business needs the audience to promote and sell your service or products, so every business needs SEO services. All reputed SEO agencies promise and take a lot of effort to increase reach, sales, and conversion. This is where buying SEO leads can multiply your conversion and rapidly increase your revenue.

You can only afford Facebook and Google ads if your agency has a large budget. So, Buy SEO leads, you get more affordable access to leads and benefits.

Buying SEO leads with a high likelihood of conversion is important; they should be fresh and fit the description of your target audience. Buy SEO leads with the following benefits:

  • An empty sales pipeline: An empty sales pipeline means a hindered sales process. If the sales pipeline is on the verge of emptying, your business needs more clients.
  • Target audience: By buying SEO leads, you can access more target audiences, increasing the likelihood of converting SEO leads into paying customers.
  • For Faster Results: SEO lead generation requires much hard work and patience. Purchasing SEO leads from a reputed agency can result in faster, more successful marketing and sales campaigns.
  • Time-saving: SEO leads can be a time-consuming process. By purchasing SEO leads, you can save time and resources and access a ready-made list of potential clients.
  • Increase Revenue: If you can convert SEO leads into paying customers, your business’s revenue can increase.

What are the differences between buying SEO leads and Doing SEO on your website?

Key differences are:

Cost: Buying SEO leads can provide faster results, but it can be expensive, and costs can add up quickly over time. On the other hand, SEO can be cost-effective in the long run as the traffic generated from improved search engine ranking is free.

Control: Buying SEO leads gives little control over quality leads and response outreach efforts. With SEO, you’ve complete control over your site’s content and structure, allowing you to tailor your target audience and improve search ranking.

Sustainability: Buying SEO leads provides you with short-term results; on the other hand, SEO provides you with long-term sustainable results that continue to drive more organic traffic to your website.

Risk: Buying SEO leads is higher as you depend on a third-party SEO agency. With SEO, you control your site’s content and structure, reducing the risk of relying on external factors.

Is it Legitimate to Buy SEO leads?

Buying leads is never a good idea. Buying SEO leads is an extremely costly mistake for many reasons.

People do not like unwanted communication. Would you like your brand reputation and email to get in spam boxes, lowering your “sender score”? If you are interrupted by an email from a company you have not heard of before or nothing to do with it in the past?

The names on the “purchased” list are useless if people are not interested in your industry. It will be worse; these people could not care less about your company and waste time on such leads.

They hardly give you any conversion rates because these people are hard sellers who are hardly interested in your service or products. So first, you have to educate and convince them, but if your email opens, education will be possible, resulting in lower conversion rates. Ask yourself, would you open such emails if you were them?

These leads that you want to buy are already used. Selling agencies mostly sell the same list. Think about the reaction of the users if they had 10 people call from the same industry for the same service or products. It will be frustrating.

What Should You Do with Buy SEO Leads?

Buy SEO leads is a great choice for your business who want to marketing campaign without bogging down the sales team with lead generation task. If you buy SEO leads, there are several ways to monetize these. Some potential ideas:

  • Enter these people into your CRM right away.
  • Send a quick SEO audit to let them know that you looked at their site and there is room for improvement.
  • Call these people on a Thursday or Wednesday afternoon as their workday starts in the wind-down.

How to Buy SEO Leads to Get More Clients

SEO leads are crucial for digital marketing, but buying leads is more complex. You must research reputed platforms, determine your requirements, and decide which SEO leads provider meets your needs. Make sure you have done your SEO and have a custom pitch deck to increase the effectiveness of converting the SEO leads you to buy.

Key factors should be considered while purchasing SEO leads and selecting the ideal resource for your digital marketing business.

Verify the SEO leads provider’s credibility.

Do research about lead providers before buying SEO leads and spend your money. All lead companies are unreliable; working with them wastes time, money, and resources. SEO leads providers to make their advertisements, but their testimonials might only sometimes be accurate. You can review their honest reviews on independent platforms like Capterra, G2, or Trustpilot.

The review and comments will give you an idea when you work with a lead provider in the SEO industry. If you have specific quarries, industry forums are helpful. You may also find information on Quora and Reddit.

You can make a post on relevant subreddits to connect with other buyers who regularly purchase leads like- r/Marketing, r/Entrepreneur, r/DigitalMarketing

Compare their plans

Do not buy SEO leads for the first lead provider agency you come across. Scrutinize their plan and compare it with other lead provider agencies to determine which gives the most for your money. Consider the recommendation before purchasing leads.

  • Pricing: Look at different packages offered by lead providers to get an idea about the average market price. Some lead providers charge more with great features, so you first test a sample on a basic plan. Lower pricing should be noticed in terms of lead quality and relevance.
  • Quality: You can determine their lead quality and relevance if they offer sample leads. If lead quality is poor and does not match your criteria, move to another lead provider.
  • Relevance: Using desired filters to see the results fit for your target market. If your filters include Finance Aid startup but the results include different industries, the leads are irrelevant, and you should avoid lead providers.
  • Social proof and reviews: Compare the reviews to determine which have received higher ratings for quality lead and customer satisfaction. Purchase leads with an average rating of 4 to 4.5 stars if they have many reviews.

Other Relevant Factors Consider When to Buy SEO Leads

  • Buy leads from a database: Databases should include pre-vetted information about potential clients’ purchasing behavior. The information you should be highly organized and find them easily. Premium database SEO companies can quickly launch marketing campaigns using a broad range of quality SEO leads with a high likelihood of conversion.
  • Reputation: Finding leads from a reputed SEO lead database is important. You can choose a tool offering accurate data, real-time verification, and a free trial version. Reliable customer support is also an important factor.
  • Buy relevant leads: Ensure the approach has the right customer base by only buying relevant leads. Your customer profile is defined carefully before buying leads data. Otherwise, you may end up with contact details for leads who were unlikely to purchase your service or product.
  • Choose the best lead database: Choose the SEO lead database carefully. The database should be updated, verified, and integrated with other SEO tools for easy export/import of data. It should provide a way to verify the SEO leads and offer a variety of lead types at competitive prices.
  • Amount of data: Large database likely to contain more SEO leads for success. has an impressive database with over 3 million, and UpLead has over 135 million active email addresses and over 14 million detailed profiles of global companies. Their ground guarantees over 95% accuracy, so you have to know you are getting quality contact information for leads.
  • Filter Criteria: If you filter all types of lead, like lead size, lead accuracy, and more, you can easily define the exact requirement. Search filters will narrow down SEO leads and allow you to choose the best ones for your business.
  • Accuracy rate: Only updated and accurate leads have the potential to deliver results and improve your website bounce rate. Around 30-35% of generated leads are wasted due to inaccurate data. SEO leads should come with at least a 90% data accuracy guarantee.

Where Can You Buy SEO Leads to Help Your Business Succeed

While using the criteria mentioned above to find potential platforms to buy SEO Leads, here is a summary to find quality leads. Our team reviewed them and picked the top five lead providers on the market to help your SEO business succeed.


UpLead is a well-known brand and a big name among digital marketing expert, and their current rating is 4.7/5. They offer accurate, result-driven B2B business leads with a 95% accuracy rate and are error-free.

Their email verification tool will verify your email in seconds so that you know whether it is valid or not. You do not just get their email prospect; they provide access to their whole profile, including social proof and phone number. It allows you to pull contact information directly from a company’s website, which is a great way to get leads while sourcing.

Its API feature promotes easy lead scalability, and you can quickly access SEO lead data with their free Chrome extension. They offered subscriptions at a reasonable price and a limited free trial period. You can check detailed information, including pricing, on their website and purchase leads if it is a good fit for you.

Hunter .io is an email-finding tool that helps you find the active email address behind a website. It has over 100 million email addresses that can navigate with multiple search filters.

If you need an SEO Leads agency, you can enter its URL within to get an email address list associated with employees at the said business. You would have little luck generating SEO leads from scratch. current rating: 4.6/5

Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert has a cool interface, powerful AI, and easy-to-follow steps for uploading bulk email lists. The tool helps you quickly find business email addresses.

The platform has proven more accurate and has a large database of email addresses that can be used for digital marketing, business promotion, sales, PR, and more.


Apollo has over 30 years of combined experience in SEO and digital marketing. The team will assist their clients in growing their online presence with aggressive goals and trackable ROI via Google Analytics.

Apollo is the biggest platform for finding SEO leads in a range industry. They boast over 250 million contacts. You can use reliable filters, including industry, company size, location, and specific keywords. It makes acquiring SEO clients from highly related SEO leads a breeze once you have mastered the tool functionality—Apollo’s current rating is 4.6/5.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The advantage of this tool is its integration with LinkedIn. The contact details and information about SEO leads are directly taken from the user’s profile, which the users themselves update.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows users to access more exclusive SEO leads and reduces the risk of irrelevant contacts that yield no results. You can change a user’s profile as a priority account for SEO business. The tool’s current rating: 4.5/5

Frequently Asked Questions About Buy SEO Leads

Q: Is it Worth to pay for leads?

A: Finding SEO leads through traditional means is extremely time-consuming, and lose your money. Purchasing quality leads offers a good return on investment that increases sales opportunities. Quality SEO leads can help supply your sales pipeline, allowing the marketing and sales team to focus on other crucial tasks.

Q: How can I Improve my SEO Leads?

A: You can generate Leads organically by targeting the right keywords. You should ensure a great local presence and a well-optimized site. Lead generation services are just a picture.

Q: Is SEO and lead generation the same?

A: SEO and lead generation are different. Lead generation focuses on increasing the potential client’s contact for your business, while SEO focuses on increasing web traffic.

Q: Can SEO generate leads?

A: SEO can help capture leads and improve your brand awareness. When a business generates leads from your site content through unpaid practices, that process is known as SEO lead generation.

Q: Who generates leads?

A: Traditionally, the sales team takes responsibility for lead generation; however, now, it is shared between the sales and marketing teams.


Only purchase qualified SEO leads from the lead databases that promise accuracy, transparency, diversification, and verification. While conducting buy SEO leads find exclusive lead providers and ensure having this data can make cold outreach easier and fuel your acquisition strategy. Start with a basic plan before splurging the cash.