Discover effective strategies to build high-quality dofollow backlinks for your website. Learn how guest posting on authoritative websites, finding and fixing broken links, converting business mentions into backlinks, and getting attributed for your content can boost your website’s ranking. Explore the power of profile backlinks on platforms like Tumblr, Reddit, and Quora. Enhance your SEO efforts with these proven techniques for acquiring dofollow backlinks. Read now for expert insights on building a strong online presence.

High-quality dofollow backlinks can give a considerable boost to your website’s ranking in the SERPs. Google takes backlinks as a token of acknowledgment from one site to the other, and there can be few – if any – things better for your site than an acknowledgment from an authoritative source.

If you’re looking to build high-authority backlinks for your website, you’re at the right place. Here, we will be talking about some handy approaches that you can take.

Although the emphasis has evolved to focus more on creating amazing content over backlink-building efforts, it remains a key detail. For people creating amazing content that isn’t being linked to – this is a tough thing to deal with.

But you don’t have to fight your link-building efforts blindly.

High-quality DoFollow backlinks take work to come by. This is not a surprise. However, consider this article a roadmap to make the link-building experience easier, so you can keep creating great content and getting links.

Let’s get down to business.

  1. Guest blogging

Matt Cutts, Google’s SEO spokesman, once announced:

Guest Blogging is over; it just became a path to spam.”

Matt Cutts

Guest Blogging

The end of the world, the sky falling, the doom and sadness of much of the Internet. A lot of people gave up guest blogging at that time. Even after Matt corrected himself, people assumed it wasn’twasn’t worth doing.

But that’s a mistake for backlink-building strategies.

Guest blogging is still quite a good way to gain DoFollow backlinks. Just don’t spam by posting low-quality content for the explicit purpose of gaining backlinks. If you’re reading this, you’re likely already well over that.

Matt’sMatt’s correction clarifies this:

“I just want to point out that a lot of low-quality or spammy sites have gotten hooked on guest blogging as their link-building strategy, & we see a lot more spammy attempts at guest blogging. I recommend skepticism (or at least caution) when someone approaches you and offers you a guest blog post.

Guest blogging

Now, if you’re wondering how to do guest blogging the right way, here there’s a quick rundown to get you started:

  • Look for high-quality sites that are relevant to your niche. These sites should produce the kind of content you like to read and learn from. Otherwise, exclude them from the list.
  • If you plan to submit a guest article, research the site. If you can’t find any guest posts on their site, they won’t accept them. Also, make sure you only propose to them a topic they’ve-they’ve already published if it’s a new version.
  • Propose a high-quality, relevant article for the site, preferably one they haven’t written before. Do not propose a cooking blog with an automotive theme or something inappropriate. Ensure that it is relevant and will add value to the blog audience.
  • Email the blog owner a summary of what you would post on their site, including the headline and key points. End the email with a call to action asking if they think it would be relevant to them and your site.
  • If they accept it, write the article. Post it. Collect the rewards. Remember that you represent the quality of your blog and the blog you post on. Do your best.
  • Make sure to promote the post after publishing it. You want it to be read. You want your audience to know that you’ve written something. And you will also give traffic to the blog that so kindly hosted you!
  1. Turn business mentions into links.

You can see if your business is being mentioned online using Google and Google alerts.

While mentions are impressive, most people will have no problem turning said mention into a link – if you’re willing to ask. And oddly enough, that’s what often holds people back: their reluctance to ask. So they miss the opportunity to build quality backlinks.


So here’s how to get some of these small-time links:

  • Search for your business on Google. Remember to test different variations of your business name and relevant terms to ensure you find the right mentions if your business still needs to be particularly big on the Internet.
  • Make a list of links that mention your business. This will help you to be organized and take advantage of every opportunity.
  • Get in touch with all the companies that mention you. Ask them if they are okay with turning the mention into a link. See the following script if you need help with what to say.
  • Set up Google alerts for your business. This will allow you to easily track future mentions and take advantage of those link opportunities.

Script or Mention Script

Hello <Business Contact>,

I have been researching my company’s mentions on the Internet. I noticed you mentioned us on. <Link to his mention of you>.

Could you link to our site with that mention? It would mean a lot to us!

<sign off>

It’s that simple. With education, bluntly and openly. They’re already talking about you, so they shouldn’t have a problem turning that discussion into a way for people to find you.

Google alert settings

Access Google Alerts.

Click “Show Options,” enter your company name, and set the relevant options.

Check the email you receive based on what you have selected.

  1. Email Outreach: Scope by email

Disclosure is like guest blogging. It might get you links, but the goal should be something other than the links themselves. Instead, focus on the value your content could bring to those readers.

If you’ve created some great, valuable content, send out a few emails to people who might enjoy it. This will get your content some looks if nothing else. And they will find some value in your content. What can even lead to a few links to it?

That seems pretty straightforward. But many people struggle with one of two things:

  • They need to figure out who to send an email to. This is what we will discuss in this article.
  • They need to learn how to create great content, a whole article.

So how do you know who to send an email to?

The process differs depending on who you’re trying to reach, but the first step is always the same. Investigate who produces content similar to yours.

You can do this in several ways, but influencer identification is a subject in itself. With this in mind, we will briefly summarize some of the techniques:

  1. Use similar sites and find out who they consider similar to you.
  2. Google your niche and find the best-positioned blogs.
  3. Search a directory of sites related to your niche.
  4. Ask some of your audience.

Once you know who some of your influencers are, figuring out who to email is pretty straightforward.

See who shared your influencer’s content.

BuzzSumo is a powerful tool that allows you to see who has shared a piece of content. And it classifies them by their influence factor within the niche.

If they are sharing popular content in your space – it is worth putting them on your list of people worth emailing when you come out with valuable content.

Email Outreach

This also works well to reach people who are part of your influencer’s audience since they are likely to be your target audience. Picking a few of the most influential people – even if they don’t have influencer status yet – who shared can help you rack up a few more links and, in turn, more eyes on your content.

Target people who comment on your influencer’s content

If someone takes the time to comment, they often care about the value the content is providing – and they’ll likely be willing to review your content if it’s providing anywhere near the value of the original article that found them.

Merely contacting them can not only secure you a great source of links through the ability for them to share your content. You can also add someone who cares about what you do for your audience, which is worth an immense amount of long-term links.

  1. Interview Influencers

When you know who is influential in your space, asking for their opinion or view on something is a great way to get your name on their radar – and get your posts linked to in their content.

Contact them using a format similar to the following:

Hello <influencer>,

I love your content. I especially liked reading .<relevant link to what the influencer has written, published, or produced>

I am preparing a summary post for my audience. I thought you’d be a great fit, so I’d love your thoughts on:<Simple answer to what you asked in your content>.

If you don’t have time, no problem.

Thank you!

<sign off>

He is simple, polite, and direct. Then email them to let them know you’ve published the post on the topic.

You can guarantee that they will at least read part of the article. And if they enjoy it, they might link to it in one of their future articles, earning you a nice authoritative backlink.

  1. Get an interview

Being interviewed provides you with a backlink to someone else’s site through the mention.

This is a great way to build yourself as an influencer in your niche. But the reality is: It’s a lot more challenging than getting to interview other people.

To become an interviewee, you have to build a relationship with those in your niche and the respect of those in your niche audience.

This means mentioning people in your space often, interviewing them, and sharing their content. As well as creating incredibly valuable content that everyone wants to read.

And what is the result? To use this technique, you have to be someone whose knowledge they value. But once you’re at that point, you can open the floodgates to a host of links.

  1. Ask for attribution

Creating great content almost always leads to it being reused by others to some degree.

And this is a very good thing for you.

While some people choose to get annoyed or frustrated with others using the media of their content (especially without attribution), you should see it for what it is: a way to get a completely free and relevant backlink to said content.

  • Summary of this technique:
  • Select an image or graphic that you think is being reused by others.
  • Navigate to Tineye and enter the URL of the selected image.
  • In the example above, I chose an image from an article I found in Brian Dean’s article on SEO in 2019. It returned 116 results from its use.
  • Review the results and ensure they all link to you as a source.

If they aren’t, send a quick email like the script below.

Email script

Hello <site owner>,

I see you used a <graphic/table/piece of content> I created. I’m glad you found it valuable enough to add to your content.

It is very good that it stays in its place. Could you give the attribution to the source? <Link of the original article where the file is located>

Thank you so much.

<sign off>

No credible site owner is going to say no. After all, it is yours.

Even if you run into a few who refuse, most people you want to be associated with will say yes. So this technique is worth considering.

Last piece of advice: remember to add a watermark or font to your material if it is very valuable. In this way, you will show that you are the owner and promote yourself for free if someone decides to reuse it.

  1. Find broken links (and offer your own)

You read a lot of the content produced in your niche. Everybody does it.

Broken links 404

And sometimes, you’re reading a piece of content and see a great link. So you click on it, and you also read something from that page – and so and so until you end up many clicks away from what you were originally reading.

But, other times, you see a great link and click on it, which only takes a little.

You get a 404 error. Or a 405. Or some error message telling you that the content you were interested in reading is no longer available.

Not a big deal; keep reading. You leave a comment at the bottom of the post to inform the author that one of the links is broken. Then you move on.

It has happened to all of us, and it has also been a missed opportunity for many of us.

How to best take advantage of these opportunities

When you come across a broken link, see if you have any content relevant to that link.

If you have, suggest that your link would fit the content instead as long as the link looks like it’s not coming back.

Authors will usually find something to replace the broken link with anyway.

By telling them a) that their link is broken and b) that you have something similar to offer, you doubly help them and yourself.

A tool to make it easier

LinkMiner is a Chrome extension that crawls pages and tells you the status of links right on the article page as you read it.

This is great for finding broken link opportunities.

It is also useful for several other link-building research opportunities. For example, to find out which sites your influencers usually link to, to be inspired by them.

  1. Make high-value comments on other sites.

If you’re adding value in the comment section of a popular blog, someone is bound to see it.

For example, Curtis Hays in a Backlinko article. He makes a succinct and constructive comment on the article in question, prompting a response from Brian (although he tries to respond to everyone), gaining a backlink, and helping others understand an important point in the article.

This is a win-win situation.

However, please keep your feedback valuable. Going around mindlessly spamming to win a link in the blog comment section will not help you win. In most cases, people will avoid spammers’ sites like the plague.

  1. Sign up for high-quality directories.

Directory pages are exactly what you’d expect.

They are pages with a bunch of different sites/people on them and some brief descriptions about each one. They help people find a site/service they are looking for when they are not sure how to navigate the niche online.


They were very popular in the days before search engines were as efficient as they are now. But even though their popularity is waning today, they still provide some value for users and site owners.

For the most part, directory sites are willing to add you to their list (or even allow you to add yourself). You have to find the ones relevant to your niche, which is as simple as searching “directory.”

No, it will not be a game-changing backlink for you. But it’s fast, simple, and easy. So it may be worth continuing to hunt after them.

  1. Look for Your Content on the Internet and Get Attribution

This one is a simple step, but it can still be helpful in getting your site some high-authority dofollow backlinks.

In a nutshell, you have to look around the internet to find websites that are using any sort of content – such as an image or a graphic – that you have created. Once you find such content, you should check whether you have been accredited or not. If you have (and a link to your site has not been given), then you can simply follow the steps in the heading discussed above. In other words, you can reach out and ask them to give a link to your website at the place where you’ve been attributed/accredited.

On the other hand, if you find that your content has not been attributed, here is what you have to do:

  1. Send a message to the website owner, explaining that the content they’ve used was created and first utilized by yourself
  2. You can ask them politely to mention your name as the original source and also add a link there

This process should go smoothly. But, should the other person happen to be a little stubborn, you can gently remind them of the consequences of plagiarizing content.

  1. Get Profile Backlinks

This is yet another good way in which you can get dofollow backlinks for your website. While this is something of an outdated technique and while it is not as efficacious as the  other methods, it is nevertheless a link building method.

Basically, what you can do here is go to various high-authority popular platforms on the internet and create profiles on them. Then, you can add a link to your website by entering some introductory content in the bio section or the “About” section.

This will technically get your site a link, and your rankings will get a boost.

Here are some platforms where you can create profiles for the sake of getting links:

  1. Tumblr
  2. Reddit
  3. Quora
  4. Medium
  5. Ted
  6. Soundcloud

And so on.

  1. Get recommended for a resource page

Resource pages come in many forms.

Whether it’s suggesting tools, blogs to read, or people to follow when they are in your niche – there is one thing you can guarantee: It is highly relevant to their niche.

And if anyone reads that resource page, it will be those in your niche.

Resource pages

So, searching for these pages (you should only need to search a little) and suggesting you be added to these pages is a great way to get a backlink that your desired audience will see.

How to use this technique

First, you need to find relevant resource pages. You can do this by searching for the following:

<niche> top blogs

<niche> best tools

<niche> best of

<niche> best blogs

… Or some other variation of the above.}

Once you have a few in mind, go check out the content that’s currently out there. Do you have enough levels that they are setting on the page?

If your site doesn’t have that quality yet, you should bide your time and focus on improving your pages before you get to them.

Rejection usually means that your application will be reconsidered after a period of time. They have already considered you below the quality they demand for the page. Therefore, make sure that you give your best from the very beginning.

Now that you have a list of resource pages you are relevant to… All you have to do is get in touch with them.

email script

Hi <blog owner>

I came across your <niche> resource page at <link>. It was very informative and has helped me a lot.

Please consider adding my page to it. You can find it at <link>.

You will find it very relevant and beneficial to your audience. But if not, that’s fine too. Either way, I appreciate your time. Thank you.


They might say no for several reasons. But if your site is great, some will definitely say yes – earning you a valuable link.

These are all the external link-building tips we have for you this time. But remember to check out our other valuable pieces of content if you want to learn about making a better digital presence for yourself or your business.

If you have problems with something, feel free to leave it in the comments below.

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What are dofollow backlinks?

Dofollow backlinks are the default when linking from one domain to another on the website. When this happens, the link juice goes from the sending to the receiving page. This way, the receiving URL gets a vote of confidence in its quality and can rank higher in the SERPs in future consumer surveys.

What are Nofollow Backlinks?

When a third-party website owner points a link to some page on their e-commerce site and marks it as “Nofollow,” they do not pass on the link juice. The connection occurs, but the authority of the page that sends the link is not transmitted to the receiver.

It’s better to follow backlinks than nofollow. While it doesn’t pass on link juice, a nofollow backlink is still helpful because it can send traffic and build credibility for your eCommerce brand. Find out more then!

What is the advantage of Dofollow Backlinks?

Among the benefits of receiving Dofollow backlinks I can mention:

  • Ranking: the following backlink is a ranking factor in the SERPs like Google; that is, it improves the positioning in the search results;
  • Traffic: Links directed to your pages, whether followed or unfollowed, function as gateways to your e-commerce;
  • Usability: By pointing to the content of your pages, tracking and do-not-track backlinks provide a better usability and browsing experience for consumers;
  • Credibility: the resource indicates your pages and, consequently, your e-commerce brand, which consumer’s better view.

Additionally, Dofollow backlinks can improve the relationship between brands, as those who receive a backlink may be tempted to reciprocate. This, in turn, can build lasting partnerships.

 How to Buy Dofollow Backlinks?

It is imperative to know how to differentiate between these two types of publication, as press offices generally publish texts where the backlinks are Nofollow; that is, they do not transmit authority to your website.

Companies looking for this modality usually advertise a product or service on websites to expand the brand name; this technique is also called branding.

The purchase of backlinks is focused on publishing texts on sites where the links are DoFollow (pass authority to your site). This way, you can improve your website’s position in ranking search engines like Google.

There are 2 main ways to buy Dofollow backlinks.

The first and simplest way is to contact the company that offers the services.

In this case, the contractor will take care of the entire process of developing an exclusive text for each publication and contact the sites where such texts will be published.

In the 2nd case, you can look for sites you want to get a backlink and negotiate a value with them.

In this modality, it is good to remember that you will need to write an exclusive text that follows each chosen site’s publication guidelines.

This includes a minimum number of words in the text, structuring with H1, H2, and H3, the definition of keywords, and other details.

Due to a lack of skill or time, people/companies hire a copywriter to write the texts, which is less economical than hiring a company to take care of everything.

Is it Worth buying Dofollow Backlinks?

If you buy relevant and contextual backlinks to your site, it’s definitely worth it.

Especially because, for more competitive keywords, you can only achieve and maintain a good position through quality backlinks.

But if your goal is to receive paid traffic, such as those from Google Ads promotions, buying a backlink is less attractive, although investing in backlinks is always good. I’m going to explain:

Imagine the following situation: you pay R$3,000.00 monthly for Google Ads to promote your website.

You can narrow down your potential target audience as per as possible, and even then, you can get a lot of hits from people who are just curious about your service or product.

So if the amount you invested, a small percentage converts into sales.

When the next month arrives, you will have to pay the previous amount again to continue to have your site in evidence. This becomes extremely expensive in the long run, and you are held hostage to pay Google monthly. Otherwise, your website will disappear from searches.

Regarding backlinks that generate organic traffic, you can spend less to generate the same number of qualified hits on your website. By publishing between 5 and 10 articles a month, you can build a strong and consistent link profile for your website. Consequently, this will improve your positioning on Google and guarantee more authority for your company.


Creating dofollow backlinks for your website can give it a significant boost in the SERP rankings. If you don’t know how you can build such links, just go a little up and read the guide we’ve compiled above.

Each method mentioned above has its own drawbacks and advantages. You can pick one according to the scope of your business operations and budget.