Every business owner wants their PageRank (pr) higher in SERPs to drive more organic traffic. High PR do follow backlinks that bring tremendous value to your business website. High PR follow backlinks help get higher CTR and improve search listing and target audience. That is why high PR do follow backlinks play the most important role in Google ranking factors. Keep in mind high PR do follow backlinks have a key role in boosting your website in search results.

PageRank is a metric that Google uses to describe the algorithmic value of link equity on a page. It transfers link equity from one page to another via internal and external links. In the post, I will provide high PR dofollow backlinks to help acquire the backlinks that your website needs.

What are Backlinks?

A backlink is a link that points to your website. Another website is called an inbound link or external link. In simple words, a backlink refers to links from one domain to another domain that help rank higher in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, etc.

Use quality backlinks as a ranking signal when one website links to another, which means they consider the content conspicuous. Backlinks are demanding fundamentals of SEO that help to boost a website’s ranking position and visibility in search results. Search engines examine for ranking content if you can accurately link to your website. A quality domain with an attractive character link to your website that’s a fanciful vote of courage. Remain it; Google also examines spammy backlinks, likely only to help you a little.

Types of Backlinks:

Two types of backlinks allow search engines to follow and reach back to your website. One is more valuable than the other; check them out:

No follow

When a third-party website owner points a link to some page on their website and marks it as “Nofollow.” This tag tells search engines to avoid a link and not pass link juice.

Nofollow links use Rel=” nofollow” to advise search engines they should not pass the trust pageRank (PR).

Nofollow links look like this-

< a href=” your website domain name” rel=”nofollow”> this is nofollow link</a>

<a href=”http://link.html” title=”Link-Title” rel=”nofollow”>

Do follow

Dofollow is the default value when a link from another domain holds the most value, and link juice goes from sending pages. These backlinks receiving URL gets a vote and ranks higher in the SERPs in future consumer surveys.

Dofollow links look like this-

< a href=” your website domain name”> this is a follow link </a>

<a href=”http://link.html” title=”Link-Title” rel=”dofollow”>

Benefits of high pr dofollow backlinks

Among the advantages of receiving high PR Backlinks are:

Ranking: Dofollow backlinks ranking your website in the SERPs of search engines that improve the positioning in the search result.

Boosting traffic: you earn more quality links that drive huge quality and organic traffic to your website.

Usability: Pointing quality content on your pages will give consumers a better usability and browsing experience.

SEO enhancement: It will help search engine optimization

Branding: With the help of high-quality links, your website will be turned into a brand

Increase your website page and domain authority: The quality dofollow backlinks help build your website’s domain authority.

Credibility: The quality links indicate your page and, consequently, your brand, which will get better viewed by consumers.

Importance of PageRank

PageRank algorithm game changer that delivers excellent results of the top search list. The quality of links pointed to a webpage as a strong signal of the page’s relative authority. It also measures the quantity and quality of links to determine how important the page is.

A more important page receives huge numbers of links from different websites. As Page takes authority into usa.gov and cnn.com, lower PageRank can achieve high visibility in the search engines as it is linked with the highest-ranking websites. As pages pointed out, the set of hyperlinks with specific search words counts the support vote for the website. High pr dofollow backlinks will not get a higher performance rank on search engines but also get targeted traffic on your website. With high-quality backlinks, your site will get brand authority.

What exactly are high PageRank (PR) dofollow Backlinks?

Backlinks with high PR are backlinks to your site from websites with a high PageRank authority, given that some of the PageRank value is passed to your website via strong PR backlinks between PR7 and PR10 can help your site rank in Google and other search engines. Search engines are the most powerful backlinks you can obtain.

Here are a few examples of high-PR websites

  1. Google
  2. Wikipedia
  3. NYTimes
  4. Apple
  5. Microsoft
  6. Medium

What is Web Pages’ PageRank?

PageRank was named after Google co-founder Larry page as a mechanism for determining the significance and trustworthiness of web pages. PR for a web page is an algorithm developed by Google to assist the authority of content to rank in SERPs. It has a logarithmic scale ranging from PR 01 to PR 10. High-quality PageRank is a link authority algorithm that evaluates the quality and number of backlinks pointing to other websites. Other trusted sites frequently refer to a website’s high PageRank metric. So, a backlink from a high PageRank transfer PR to the link to the website.

How do you find high pr dofollow backlinks?

I suggest gaining high PR Dofollow backlinks if you are unfamiliar with the link-building process. Finding high pr dofollow backlinks can take a lot of work. However, there are a few tactics that can do to help make the process easier.

First: ensure that you are targeting high-quality links; if your site is not relevant or good quality, it is likely your links will not be well received.

Second: ensure you are targeting high-traffic sites; links from high-traffic sites tend to greater impact your website ranking.

Third: keeping track of link building process is important to track which links are working best and adjust your strategy accordingly.

How do you make high pr dofollow backlinks for your website?

In particular, you will discover many tactics for making dofollow backlinks which will rank your website link profile and improve for SEO. For SEO, high pr dofollow backlinks are beneficial that transfer authority from one site to another. Therefore, you can follow this guideline to make quality high pr backlinks easier, that help improve your website search engine ranking.

You will surely love this article if you want to make high pr dofollow backlinks to boost your site ranking. After a lot of research finally able to choke down a few sites which provide dofollow backlinks. I will share some essential tips which help you make unlimited dofollow backlinks to rank your site top.

Let’s start


You can use Facebook to get high pr dofollow backlinks; follow the steps.

  • First: Click here & click on “add static HTML to the page.”
  • Second: Go to your Facebook page, click on the welcome tab and click on the setup tab.
  • Third: Remove all text from the index.HTML and add this code correctly.

<a href=” your domain/website link” rel=” dofollow”>Your anchor text</a>

Click on save.


Mozilla Firefox is a famous and influential browser; that’s why its PR is damn high. Likewise, you can get high pr dofollow backlinks from FireFox’s facial websites.

  • First: Create your account on the Mozilla web browser
  • Second: Fill up all required information for signing up and confirm your email verification.
  • Third: Complete your short bio and open your Mozilla blog, and get high-quality dofollow backlinks from commenting on posts


WordPress is a famous free CMS and web 2.0 site also. You can use it to build high pr dofollow backlinks from it.

  • First: Sign up and verify your email with the information
  • Second: Write an article according to your niche and link anchor text on your website.

For example, my keyword is SEO Services, so I have written how to optimize On-Page SEO and then linked the keyword “On-Page SEO.”


They are also known as Blogspot, which is a Google blogging platform. You can generate high pr dofollow backlinks from Blogspot, but how?

This method is also similar to WordPress. The difference is that you Go to Blogger.com, create a blog and post related niche, and insert a link with your website.


  • First: Make an account on BlogAdda
  • Second: After completing the account successfully, click on the button
  • Third: You will get the option “submit my blog.”
  • Fourth: Add all of your blog details and submit.


  • First: Go to the link- https://www.codecademy.com and create an account
  • Second: Go to prile and add your site link.


Follow the easy steps to get high pr dofollow backlinks from Moz.

  • First: Create an account on Moz.com
  • Second: Complete your detailed information
  • Third: Start commenting on existing blog posts
  • Fourth: Reach up to 200 to 499 points
  • Fifth: Get a removal feature of nofollow attribute first from customs URLs in your profile

Here are free top high PR dofollow social bookmarking websites for backlinks

  • Reddit
  • Folkd
  • Bookmax
  • Diigo
  • Whitelinks
  • Instapaper
  • Viesearch
  • Slashdot

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Get Free High PR Dofollow Backlinks Sites List [Updated]

High pr dofollow backlinks allow search engines to follow your website. Nofollow backlinks search engines will not follow your links and not get any benefits from putting your links to those websites. We have shared active and real dofollow website links, but how to create backlinks depends on your smartness skills.

Here are updated 200+ High PR Dofollow sites listed in different categories for quality Backlinks that boost your website in search engine ranking. Categories are

Free Dofollow Backlinks

Web 2.0 sites list

Edu Backlinks

Gov Backlinks

Social Bookmarking

Free Article submission

Forum posting sites

Profile Creation Sites

Blog Commenting Sites

Wiki sites list 

Top Free 65 High PR Dofollow Backlinks Website List

SL. High PR Dofollow Backlinks sites list PageRank (PR)
1 https://wordpress.org/support 9
2 https://www.amazon.com 9
3 https://wordpress.com 9
4 https://disqus.com 9
5 https://forum.joomla.org 8
6 https://moodle.org 8
7 https://www.blogger.com 8
8 https://www.microsoft.com/en-us 8
9 https://bitcointalk.org 7
10 https://opensolution.org/home.html 7
11 https://www.drupal.org/forum 7
12 https://www.noaa.gov 7
13 https://www.deviantart.com 7
14 https://www.instructables.com 7
15 http://storify.com 7
16 https://about.me 7
17 https://www.dell.com 7
18 https://www.livejournal.com 7
19 https://www.ibm.com/us-en 7
20 https://forums.opensuse.org 6
21 https://www.science.org 6
22 https://asq.org 6
23 https://dailystrength.org 6
24 https://ubuntuforums.org 6
25 https://forum.videolan.org 6
26 https://forums.freebsd.org 6
27 https://www.edge.org 6
28 https://simplemachines.org 6
29 https://bbpress.org 6
30 https://www.studiopress.com 6
31 https://contribute.qt-project.org/forums 5
32 https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/topics.php 5
33 http://fudforum.org/forum 5
34 https://forum.civicrm.org 5
35 https://www.head-fi.org 5
36 https://immigrationforum.org 5
37 https://medhelp.org 5
38 https://www.summitpost.org 5
39 https://forums.zotero.org 5
40 https://www.techguy.org 5
41 https://forums.zotero.org 5
42 https://our.umbraco.com 5
43 https://endometriosis.org 5
44 http://mudcat.org 5
45 http://forums.llli.org 5
46 https://forum.cmsmadesimple.org 5
47 https://skoll.org/skoll-world-forum 5
48 https://www.tmforum.org 5
49 https://forum.winehq.org 5
50 https://community.tt-rss.org 5
51 https://www.linuxquestions.org 5
52 https://forum.audacityteam.org 5
53 https://site.ieee.org/wf-iot 5
54 https://bbpress.org/forums 5
55 https://forum.adblockplus.org 5
56 https://buddypress.org/support 5
57 https://www.eclipse.org/forums 5
58 https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/about/forums 5
59 https://idpf.org 5
60 https://forums.egullet.org 5
61 https://www.everforo.com 5
62 http://www.openoffice.org/support 5
63 https://westeros.org 5
64 https://www.oecd.org/forum 5
65 https://www.stormfront.org/forum 5

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Top 50+ High PR Dofollow (Web 2.0 Sites) List for Backlinks

SL. High PR Dofollow Backlinks sites list PageRank (PR)
1 https://www.tumblr.com 10
2 https://www.livejournal.com 10
3 https://www.wordpress.com 10
4 https://www.linkedin.com 10
5 https://www.skyrock.com 10
6 https://www.soup.io 10
7 https://www.wix.com 8
8 https://www.angelfire.lycos.com 8
9 https://www.instructables.com 8
10 https://www.evernote.com 8
11 https://www.medium.com 8
12 https://www.quora.com 8
13 https://www.blogger.com 8
14 https://www.wikipedia.org 8
15 https://www.own-free-website.com 8
16 https://www.yola.com 8
17 https://www.webs.com 8
18 https://www.hi5.com 8
19 https://www.goodreads.com 8
20 https://www.zoho.com 7
21 https://www.sites.google.com 7
22 https://www.slashdot.org 7
23 https://www.bravenet.com 7
24 https://www.squarespace.com 7
25 https://www.doodlekit.com 7
26 http://www.imfaceplate.com 7
27 https://www.strikingly.com 7
28 https://www.ucoz.com 7
29 https://www.simplesite.com 7
30 https://www.minds.com 7
31 https://www.hubpages.com 6
32 https://www.storeboard.com 6
33 https://smallbusiness.yahoo.com/websites 6
34 https://www.justpaste.it 6
35 https://www.tagged.com 6
36 https://www.en.sitew.com 6
37 http://www.imfaceplate.com 6
38 http://www.blogsome.com 6
39 http://www.blogsome.com 6
40 https://www.hpage.com 6
41 https://en.webself.net 6
42 https://www.penzu.com 6
43 http://www.snappages.com 6
44 http://www.snappages.com 6
45 https://www.imcreator.com 6
46 https://www.insanejournal.com 6
47 https://www.mozello.com 6
48 https://www.mozello.com 6
49 https://www.fc2.com 6
50 https://www.hubpages.com 6
51 https://www.flazio.com 6

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Top 40+ High PR Dofollow Edu and Gov Backlinks Sites List

SL. High PR Dofollow Gov Backlinks sites list PageRank (PR)
1 https://www.fhwa.dot.gov 9
2 https://www.nhc.noaa.gov 8
3 http://training.fema.gov 7
4 https://www.fws.gov 7
5 http://www.weather.gov 7
6 https://www.samhsa.gov 7
7 https://obamawhitehouse.archives.gov 7
8 https://blogs.state.gov 7
9 https://www.usg.edu 6
10 http://www.doleta.gov 6
11 http://fairfaxcounty.gov 6
12 http://www.dot.nd.gov 6
13 http://transtats.bts.gov 6
14 https://blogs.cdc.gov 6
15 http://www.cathedralcity.gov 5
16 http://sanfordfl.gov 5
17 http://www.newportbeachca.gov 5
18 http://nvsos.gov 5
19 http://reboot.fcc.gov/blog 5
20 http://my.uspto.gov 5
21 https://financialservices.house.gov/blog 5

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SL. High PR Dofollow Edu Backlinks sites list PageRank (PR)
1 http://www.olelo.hawaii.edu 7
2 http://cyberlaw.stanford.edu 7
3 http://flgclassifieds.cce.cornell.edu 6
4 http://sites.psu.edu 6
5 https://www.advertiseera.com 5
6 http://knsz.prz.edu.pl 5
7 https://fcei.unan.edu.ni 5
8 http://forum.tcs.uj.edu.pl 5
9 https://library.louisiana.edu 5
10 http://blog.iese.edu 5
11 http://geoweb.rsl.wustl.edu 5
12 https://git-dev.dartmouth.edu 5
13 https://www.cphs.pitt.edu 5
14 http://runcielab.ucdavis.edu 5
15 http://blogs.bu.edu/sargentchoice 5
16 http://tecto.gps.caltech.edu 5
17 http://cencabo.edu.co 4
18 http://www.gympie.edu.asn.au 4
19 https://www.digitalmarketinghints.com 4
20 https://imsa.edu.ng 4

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Top 15 High PR Dofollow Social Bookmarking Backlinks Sites List

SL. High PR Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites PageRank (PR)
1 https://www.soup.io 10
2 https://www.digg.com 8
3 https://www.pearltrees.com 7
4 http://www.video-bookmark.com 6
5 http://www.storeboard.com 6
6 http://www.n4g.com 6
7 https://story.wallclassifieds.com 5
8 http://www.votetags.info 5
9 http://www.bookmarkmaps.com 5
10 http://www.bookmarkingbase.com 5
11 http://www.highprbookmarking.com 4
12 http://www.zypid.com 4
13 https://www.bookmarkmonk.com 4
14 https://bookmymark.com 3
15 https://backlinks.stackblogger.com 3

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Top 20+ High PR Dofollow Article submission sites for Backlinks

SL. High PR Dofollow Article Submission Sites PageRank (PR)
1 https://www.tumblr.com 10
2 https://www.bloglovin.com 8
3 https://www.medium.com 8
4 https://www.quora.com 8
5 https://www.ezinearticles.com 7
6 https://www.playbuzz.com 7
7 https://www.hubpages.com 7
8 https://www.storify.com 7
9 https://www.wattpad.com 7
10 https://www.ehow.com 7
11 https://www.academia.edu 7
12 https://www.abilogic.com 6
13 https://www.storeboard.com 6
14 https://www.sooperarticles.com 6
15 https://www.selfgrowth.com 6
16 https://www.apsense.com 6
17 http://www.infobarrel.com 6
18 https://www.helium.com 6
19 http://www.gather.com 6
20 https://www.articlesbase.com 6
21 https://www.yourstory.com 6
22 https://sites.google.com 5
23 http://www.articleted.com 4
24 https://www.letsdiskuss.com 4

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Top 10 High PR Dofollow Forum posting sites for Backlinks

SL. High PR Dofollow Forum Posting Sites PageRank (PR)
1 https://www.letsdiskuss.com 5
2 http://forum.submitexpress.com 5
3 http://www.ninjafortress.com/forums 3
4 http://www.firststrikepro.com/forums 3
5 http://kerygmafamily.com/forum 3
6 http://www.scionxdforum.com/forum 3
7 http://www.mmgselfmade.com/forum 3
8 http://866mymajor.com/forum 3
9 http://de.tibiaml.com/forum 3
10 http://forum.myopengrid.com 3
11 http://reen-esports.de/forum 3

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15+High PR Dofollow Profile Creation Sites List for Backlinks

SL. High PR Dofollow Profile Creation Sites PageRank (PR)
1 https://500px.com 8
2 https://www.40billion.com 6
3 https://www.23hq.com 6
4 https://3dprintboard.com 5
5 https://1look4.com 5
6 https://blog.freeadstime.org 5
7 https://story.wallclassifieds.com 5
8 https://articles.h1ad.com 5
9 https://blog.giganticlist.com 5
10 https://www.ologames.com 4
11 https://blog.shopolop.com 4
12 https://www.bloggersroad.com 4
13 https://article.classifiedsfactor.com 4
14 https://www.howcube.com 4
15 https://article.advertiseera.com 4
16 https://blogs.findermaster.com 4

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Top 10 High PR Dofollow Blog Commenting Sites for Backlinks

SL. High PR Dofollow Blog Commenting Sites PageRank (PR)
1 yoast.com 7
2 www.semrush.com 7
3 moz.com 7
4 neilpatel.com 7
5 elegantthemes.com 7
6 www.androidauthority.com 7
7 www.hostgator.com 7
8 blogs.adobe.com 7
9 beebom.com 6
10 blog.internshala.com 5

Here is the High PR Dofollow backlinks sites list. The sites taken which have high-quality PageRank will help you get to improve the search engine visibility of your website.

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