Do you want to improve the link-building strategies of your website? Then, don’t wonder if PBN Backlinks could be the best solution; it eliminates the risk of zero RIO from the link-building approach. Moreover, PBN guarantees a quickening link-building process and leveraging existing authority to get a better ranking into the SERPs with your keywords more accessible. In this post, you will better learn about PBN backlinks-related information like a pro.

High-quality backlinks play an important role in SEO. Backlinks signal that Google finds your content more valuable to link within their content. Your website earns additional quality backlinks worth ranking well into the SERPs.

The acronym is quite simple, but the implementation is complex because it involves a multi-layered network to create backlinks that will be the ultimate strength of a single website. I will guide you on today’s trip to understand PBN SEO strategies. Continue with the entire article to understand what PBN is, how to work it, whether it is worth SEO, how Google like PBN, Tips, and opinions on the topic. So, let’s go to start.

High-quality Permanent Backlinks are valuable for SEO; they represent a vote to help your website rank higher on search engines, especially on Google.

What is PBN Meaning?

The PBN comes from Anglo-Saxon terms as a private blog network system. PBN is a set of own websites and blog linked to the same owner, another main website, which help to increase the positioning of a web page (Money site).   Money sites with quality content and good domain orientation will be where the advanced digital business is located.

PBN is an extensive network of web pages linked to each other and transmits maximum strength and authority to a selected domain. Today it is the most potent external linking or link-building strategy. However, if not executed properly, then it presents many hidden risks.

What is PBN SEO?

PBN SEO is the ultimate method used to rank any website in Search engines, like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. PBN is a private network of websites or blogs with different IPs and Domains to create links from each to another to transmit link juice, authority, and improve positioning. In addition, PBN produces backlinks to money sites that website you want to rank.

The ultimate reason for using PBN SEO is to quickly grows your website without buying links. So PBN SEO is used for high-value niches.

What is a private blogging network for?

The main objective of a private blogging network is to position a single website for its use through links & quality content. PBN lists unrelated websites linking to one main domain to pass its link equity and improve search ranking. PBN can be used to exchange its links with other sites. It is also risky but one of the faster and more reliable SEO techniques.

Is Private Blog Network (PBN) Safe?

It is no wonder PBNs are not 100% safe, but consequently, they would not negatively or positively impact ranking factors. They may not sound particularly bad, but they can eliminate the risk of getting zero ROI from link-building strategies. Using PBNs is a greater way to boost your website and get do-follow backlinks if the niche is worth it.

There are ways to make it safer and guarantee a quickening link-building process, such as by testing and hosting them correctly to ensure they look like real sites. Private Blog Network (PBN) sites leverage making it easier and leverage existing authority to get better ranking into SERPs with keywords.

When making money, replace PBNs with white hat links by manual outreach. You will get immediate benefits using the approach of a PBN while reducing risk and inserting white hat links afterwards. But you must remember that PBN’s link building consumes time and cost; if Google ignores them, money and effort will be wasted.

Where can I find PBN Backlinks?

Ways to find PBN:

  • Hire a professional shop freelancer to create PBN backlinks with growing confidence. Start offers at $10
  • You can create on your own by using Money Robot software.
  • Try to get PBN Backlinks by blogging outreach method.

Is PBNs Illegal?

In a short answer, yes, because PBN is against Google guidelines. Website practice often loses ranking in the SERPs. Google manually penalizes those websites using PBN and vanish from the top search result.

But few marketing people are proud to share as a popular method, but it has no longer efficient. The SEO community regards black hat SEO techniques as should avoid like the plague.

Do Private Blog Networks (PBN) Work?

Not all PBNs are ineffective; few successfully hide PBNs from Google and work great for results. It is not a good practice; however, PBN backlinks are not a crime but risky.

PBN backlinks still exist because they work to create the most robust backlinks on Google. Telling honest search engines that web pages are valuable and provide helpful answers. In addition, PBN backlinks can help the main website boost and pass link authority. The authoritative domains tell Google the main website is trustworthy; that’s why Google boosts the leading website in the SERPs.

You have to consider that Google always looks after for PBNs; if any site gets caught, PBN will be penalized and will lose its rankings. So, follow shady tactics to find success though they may work for a short duration but disappear in the long run.

Where and how to buy PBN Backlinks from new or expired domains?

You will get thousands of company sales of domains, but you must purchase those websites with their offices in your country. You can create PBN backlinks with dubious value, and no, but do not do it. Use a variety between them like .com, .net, and .es and try to buy those domains online very well.

I like to purchase domains that have never been used, where analysis, especially content and domain name. Many experts guide you through buying expired domains to take authority advantage, but you must consider several factors before buying them.

  • Many companies sell domains that create links to create link juice from penalized websites, and they can bring down your project.
  • You can find authoritative websites and keywords within the domain, but the original theme differs from yours.
  • Do not buy those domains that may be penalized.

So, if you play from the initial with the cards in your favour, the game can be longer, but you will have all the real data from the beginning.

Pro Tips:

  • Never use more than two keywords in the name.
  • You will read a lot of studies about SEO and compare the information. SEO is always an exciting World; many SEO experts will happily give you advice but do not believe everything. SEO is an art; two similar projects can be different results, but it is not rocket science.

How to Create Your Private Blog Network (SEO PBN) Step-by-Step?

If you have a long time staying with SEO practice, you will know that SEO is not doing 100% better. You can divide the positioning factors into positive and negative, whether you should do it or not.

A private Blog Network (PBN) began by buying old expired domains with high authority that provided quality backlinks to the main website and were well-ranked in search engines.   A domain can be purchased by you and used to link to your main website.

An Example, A blockbuster Movie goes out of business, and its expired domain, like, goes up for auction or is sold.

Learn how to make PBN backlinks in such a way that is undetectable for Google & aimed at positioning the main website.

What you must do to create PBN backlinks of quality Blogs:

  • Make sure backlinks are spam free and come from the high-quality domain
  • You have to avoid using the same link-building strategy for each blog
  • If you buy an expired domain, you must be sure that domains are not penalized.
  • Buy the domain with keywords.
  • Created unique text for the content of the main website with great care
  • Different TLDs like (.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, etc.)
  • Don’t register all domains with the same name and day of the week.
  • Use different server locations.
  • Use different hosting, and don’t use the same template.

What you should not do when making PBN:

  • Never use the same registration, hosting, social media, and Analytics for your website.
  • Do not use the same template & make sure there is no duplication between blogs.
  • Never use the same author’s name to write the article in the blog.
  • Do not use external links in articles.
  • Do not use the same info on your pages and many short messages.
  • Use different server locations.
  • Do not use the same WordPress plugins and content manager installation on all your blogs.
  • Do not link from the theme of your main page; direct to other domains.
  • You have used different hosting to store satellite sites.

Following the guidelines, SEO can raise your website to the top of search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Mind it, PBNs are not borderline evil. These tips are handy so as not to go online without precautions.

Create PBN Backlinks process are: 

Creating PBNs and using them effectively is more complicated than buying a domain. Google does not want site owners to link to their domain, and they filter in a place to prevent PBN’s links from working effectively. Google discovers using PBN can give your website a penalty; that’s why creating PBN is important to make it independent on different hosting platforms the hosting you are using. You must be testing the PBN that gives positive link juice. You have to consider many steps as to why I created it.

Buy the domains

It would help if you got all domains of the web pages that will make a private blog network (PBN). You have considered the factors when buying domains are:

  • Do not buy all at the same time and on the same day of the week.
  • Do not buy all from the same domain provider because it varies between Hostalia, GoDaddy, or Condominium.
  • It must be contained different TLDs like .com, .net, org, .info, etc.
  • It will be better without relevant keywords of the theme; if you purchase expired domains tale look at the following:
  • They do not have any spam content and do not have links from India, Russia or China, etc. countries
  • Make sure they have not suffered any penalty past.
  • Select these expired domains since they have authority and retain links from the past.

Choose to host for your PBN.

Another key factor in this process is finding a web server where you can store all the data related to your PBN.

First, you have to assess the cost if you want more information in this regard. You must remember that Google cannot relate your sites to each other, so your domains must be hosted on different geolocated servers.

  • Must be set meeting with hosting and ask for a quote in detail like
  • Variety of locations
  • Number of domains hosted
  • The average size of each site

Negotiation in the initial will be part of your PBN’s total budget. Therefore, carefully analyze your offer because hosting is a cumulative expense.

Create the web pages.

Creating a web page integrated into a private blogging network does not differ much from creating an isolated site. However, the higher number of blogs requires variety to complicate this task. However, the process is many heavies and slower.

  • First, you must choose a template for web pages that can be found from the best SEO WordPress themes. Mind that it cannot be the same at all.
  • Second, ensure you do not use the same content manager installation for different private blogging network blogs that Google can detect. It is important to remain that there is no duplication between the PBNs’ web pages.

Finally, I recommend not using the plugins on each page of your PBN because Google takes your account every detail.

Create content and Design Web Architecture.

Websites for PBN require greater relevance because they are precisely created to link to each other & many other websites. Therefore, when you are creating independent content for a web page have to consider two options:

  • First: Hire an SEO expert who can write every article on your website, though it is a more expensive and slower process.
  • Second: Use obscure techniques like spin and scrapping, but I do not recommend it easy to incur in thin content.

Make plans & Execute link-building strategies.

The main reason to create link building is the magic word you will carry out all this conglomerate of web pages. You will be able to transfer from one page to another will largely succeed your PBN and its profitability.

It would help if you prevailed naturalness any link-building strategy for PBNs. If it looks organic to you will look organic to Google, also. Ensure your link website is similar, with themes establishing different levels of importance.

Remain it the main objective is your money site; if you point to all the websites of your PBN, you may face problems.

You must generate content that includes synergies between both websites to ensure no link juice loss. So, all links will be different.

For example, If you want to build authority in a money site, you can make websites in PBN point to other websites at a lower level, thus giving a lot of authority. Another 100% similar theme will be the one that points directly to leading business websites.

Maintain a ratio of anchor text.

Use target keywords to create more backlinks to improve your website rank in SERPs, but Google does not accept such backlinks which rank a website. Nowadays, SEO trends focus on the below anchor text:

  • Backlink should exactly match the anchor text by nearly 1-3%
  • LSI and synonyms should be 3-5%
  • Brand anchor nearly 50%+
  • The generic anchor should reach 20%
  • Naked URLs should be nearly 20%

What are the PBN Backlinks Common Mistakes?

Without a doubt, common errors are content because creating new content is laborious for many users and can be too heavy. Content creation is the very percentage of your failure or success on Google, and you should create content professionally. Another mistake is you use the same account to manage all the websites, and you do not give value to satellite sites when handling them. Let’s see the cases:

One: You cannot use the same email account, Google Webmaster, Google Analytics, Search Console, or Adsense tools to link the websites. The leading site will use these accounts created from another’s profiles.

Two: If you can identify those who do not monitor their websites must correct that error. You must give importance to all types of pages and treat them are unique. Create Google Webmaster, Analytics, Search Console, and Adsense that Google needs to see. If treated as the main website will be easier for Google; you can create these accounts to manage views and users and monitor their operation.

Three: Another common mistake of buying domains with a short expiration date is don’t be stingy! Search engine or Google does not like temporary websites, and you must maintain them so that good SEO comes up with the future in mind.

Pro tips for creating PBN Backlinks without getting Caught by Google

You better understand PBN backlinks, but reinforcing it for warns is creating PBN tactics poorly regarded by Google that can get you in trouble. Keep these precautions in mind before creating backlinks.

Use different hosting

Beginners make silly mistakes in creating PBNs of websites and hosting them all on the same server. I think it creates 25 blogs and content linking to the same place. It is easy to add 2+2; any algorithm can determine that all websites are part of a single network and belong to the same person.

So, looking for different hosting services is not a difficult task. However, the Internet provides the service with some basic packages that are not expensive.

Register a domain in different names.

Make sure to choose different accommodations but hire all services under your same name. It is easy to find domain property by using search engine algorithms and a human being. It would be best to be prepared to register and hire domain help from different people.


VPN is a way to use encryption to protect your data while browsing the Internet. For example, when creating PBN, register your domains, publish content, and maintain the websites. It is important to use encryption to help hide your IP address while travelling the Internet. Thus, you make it difficult to track your activity with a third party.

Differentiate your blogs from each other.

It is a basic procedure, but many do not link it. For example, if you create 20 to 40 blogs, you have to make sure those websites are not bad copies of each other; otherwise, these domains are just façades used to strengthen the money site.

When you create a private blog network (PBN) to choose different blog themes, colour is essential, which makes them far from each other. Another important part is creating unique content for each of them. If you create single content and repeat it in all the blogs through the SEO universe to a destination far away from you, achieve.

The Perfect Final Thought

There are few certainties in the World of SEO and web positioning since they depend on changing algorithms. However, by creating proper strategies, PBN Backlinks can dramatically increase your chances of success.

The PBN backlinks are one of the best, but you should not think that replacing 50 sites and linking them together is impossible. On the contrary, creating PBN Backlinks requires much hard work and demands a passive number of financial resources. However, this outlay can be amortized and help position money sites that compete for powerful keywords.

I hope your doubts have been resolved to create PBN Backlinks. If you need a professional blog network, let us know in detail in the comment box. But do not dare to create it.

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