Spamming your blog content will result in you being banned. You should link to YouTube videos. Video ranking backlinks to YouTube will bring many benefits because Google sees quality backlinks as a vote that will stand a better chance of ranking into SERPs. This article will discuss how to get video ranking backlinks that will skyrocket rank and be 100% safe!

Your video will be posted in a place where people are looking for information about a topic. People who watch your video will view a large part of it to learn more about the topic.

We’ll discuss more than just the definition of a backlink for video ranking. We will also discuss the different backlinks you can create and the benefits they can bring to search engine optimization (SEO) and traffic.

What Are Video Ranking Backlinks?

Video ranking backlinks are hyperlinks that direct your site’s visitors to it through YouTube. It can be either Dofollow or Nofollow. The Video ranking backlink is created through user profiles, customized links, descriptions of video cards, comments, and even end screens.

Dofollow YouTube Backlinks

There are four locations on YouTube where Dofollow links can be placed, such as channel profiles, custom links for channels, channel profiles, video cards, and video screens at the End. If you examine the HTML code of these categories, there is no sign of a rel=”Nofollow” attribute. It converts them to Dofollow hyperlinks.

But, these backlinks from YT also have an internal redirect which could affect the SEO performance of the hyperlink.

If you visit your website’s Google Search Console property and navigate to Links > Top Linking Sites, you will find included in the report. This will show which sites are counted toward your website’s backlinks profile.

NoFollow YouTube Backlinks

There are two areas on YouTube in which a Nofollow link can be inserted in the form of video transcriptions and comments. If you look at the HTML code used for these areas, you’ll notice that they have the rel=”no follow” attribute. It classifies these links as Nofollow.

According to the Google document about the emergence of the Nofollow link, the types of backlink attributes serve as a sign and not an instruction for Google’s algorithm to avoid passing SEO-related values.

Types of Video Ranking Backlinks

Custom Links

Custom links are another kind of backlink that you can make through YouTube. They appear on the YouTube banner of the channel as icons and are derived from the profile link. There’s a section within the Basic Info titled “Links in Banner,” which you can use to show up to five customized links.

You can create custom YouTube backlinks by visiting YouTube Studio > Customization > Basic Information tab > Links on Banner Section.

Profile Links

Your YouTube profile is the primary source for your video ranking backlinks. Profile links are displayed on the YouTube channel about page, where you can add many URLs, including a reference to your website.

You can add backlinks to your YouTube profile by visiting YouTube Studio > Customization > Basic Information section > Links.

Video Description Links

A YouTube video’s description serves as the description text underneath your videos. This is the section used to embed details that your viewers could be interested in, such as hyperlinks to your website.

If properly used, YouTube video descriptions can enhance your marketing efforts. And it increases the number of subscribers to your channel about video watch times and views. They can also drive precise traffic to your website via embedded backlinks from YT.

Be aware that the limit for this section will be 800 words. You can include as many links as you’d like, but you must keep within limits. For the best SEO advantages in video content, be sure to surround your backlinks with relevant keywords.

End Screen Links

A screen at the End is an important YouTube feature displayed within the video’s last 5 to 20 seconds. This feature is beneficial in boosting your YouTube channel’s popularity. It lets you draw the viewers’ attention and promotes other websites’ playlists, playlists, and videos.

Instead of leaving your website after watching an online video, the closing screen encourages viewers to watch more videos and sign up. It’s also an excellent spot to place your website’s backlink.

Just as YouTube Cards Outbound YouTube hyperlinks for the End Screens are only accessible to users of YouTube’s partnership program.

Comment Links

You can create YouTube backlinks by using the comment section. When you’re commenting on your content or other creators’ content, it is possible to bring targeted traffic to a particular web page by including a relevant link.

Comment links boost your YouTube channel’s exposure beyond the content you upload. Making sure you comment on the posts of other creators may offer a chance to develop an association with their followers. And establish yourself as a YouTube channel to follow.

Be sure to participate in the conversation, and don’t just fill the comment section by posting hyperlinks. Doing this could delete your comments and be marked as spam, leading to account closing.

Card Links

If you’re a YouTube partnership program member, you should try YouTube cards as an extra link-building tool. Interactive cards are featured in YouTube videos as the viewer watches the video. Only YouTube partners are allowed to create outbound URL Links. It will take you to a website trusted by the YouTube account.

YouTube cards are very beneficial for building links. It allows you to put links in your videos, which leads to your site’s content.

Why do you need a strong backlink profile?

A well-designed backlink profile will aid in increasing the rankings of your website and drive more referral traffic to your site’s content. But it’s essential to remember that having a good backlink profile doesn’t mean getting more hyperlinks. Instead, you must ensure that your links come from high-quality, relevant websites, not spammy ones.

Some essential qualities of a good backlink for Video Ranking

Here are the key characteristics of a quality backlink you should look at in your search for backlinks:


Links work more or less; digital bridges allow users to move between one page or site from one to another. They also send the impression of credibility from the linked site to the one linked. If the link’s root domain is reputable, the link is more trustworthy and useful.

A link from an authority-based website has a greater chance of increasing your video ranking. Domain authority might not be a direct ranking element. But it’s an excellent way to check websites based on the quality and number of their backlinks. It is a way to determine the authority of links.

A site with more authority on domains leads to more traffic. Links from a higher domain site are more likely to improve your video ranking over links from lower domain websites with higher authority. Use Mozbar’s Chrome extension to assess the authority of domains on websites. Here you would like to build backlinks to improve your SEO ranking.


Video ranking backlinks aid search engines in better understanding your website’s content. It will be more effective to link from a site relevant to your expertise. It can be more effective in explaining the purpose of your website.

Search engine robots use knowledge graphs to assess the relationships between online resources. They will perceive your site as authoritative in your field if you receive high-quality links.

Referral traffic

Links that don’t result in traffic from potential customers are not what you want to do. Video ranking backlinks aren’t solely for pleasing Google, hoping to rank higher on the search results pages. They can also help you get the organic search engine traffic you need to get on your website.

This is a win-win-win if the backlinks come from topically relevant sites. It attracts the site’s visitors to your prospective customers. Your video rankings will also benefit when backlinks are from websites with thorough traffic.

Unique linking root domain
Using the same root domain that points to a web page several times is not uncommon. Links that originate from that same domain show that your site is a credible website. But, they don’t have the same weight as links from brand newly linked root domains.

Your site’s rankings will gain more from the more links coming from linking root domains.

10 Ways to Create Video Ranking Backlinks

Websites are fast becoming a necessity for the success of businesses in the digital age. In reality, you can benefit the most from a website when it ranks high in Google search results. It also assures you of a massive flow of new visitors. It also improves the conversion rate and profitability of your business.

Top-quality content and strong hyperlinks to your website (backlinks) are the best methods to boost your ranking on search results pages. Backlinks that rank high on YouTube will also increase traffic to YouTube videos.

The backlinks are a way to connect other websites to your site. The presence of links on your site informs search engine giants that your website is worthy of suggesting to others.

Backlinks are like votes in a popularity contest; the more backlinks you have, the greater the recognition you’ll receive. In addition, the more reliable your website appears.

To positively impact search engine optimization results, backlinks must be high quality. Links aren’t the same as search engines.

Certain links are so powerful that they can propel you into search engine fame, while others could cause harm to your website and cause an unwelcome result, such as penalties from Google. Webmasters must ensure that their website has high-quality backlinks to increase its popularity.

  1. Use Guest blogs

You may have experience writing for other people’s blogs. Through guest blogging, an owner of a site invites more bloggers to write content for their site. Guest blogging is basically like guest blogging but with video. You might do a video on another channel of a vlogger.

It is recommended that the vlogger’s channel be in an area like yours, as this will ensure you have relevant websites. Another major advantage is that the website of the vlogger is more popular than yours.

This will increase the credibility that you have built up for your YouTube channel. As a result, more visitors will visit your website.

Collaboration with other creators is a fantastic and unique way to earn video-related backlinks that rank your YouTube page and get the SEO edge. This also assists in gaining organic visitors to your website. It is possible to win the hearts of the viewers of the vlogger and make them loyal customers of your blog.

  1. Embed your YouTube videos to other sites within your niche

Another excellent method to increase views and backlinks to Your channel’s purpose is to get your videos embedded on related websites. Visit websites that produce content related to your content and request them to showcase your YouTube channel on their websites.

Or, you can make content for their site related to your video for the backlink. In this way, everyone goes home feeling satisfied. The site owner will impress the audience with new content viewed from a new perspective, and you will. But, be able to gain backlinks to your videos and increase the viewers to your content.

  1. Use Web 2.0 sites

Web 2.0 sites such as Weebly, Blogger, Squarespace, and Tumblr offer more chances to embed videos from YouTube videos. Incorporating them into marketing plans using well-targeted keywords will give your audience to engage with you more.

  1. Leverage Social Sharing

Another option to create high-quality backlinks to YouTube videos is to share the video’s URL via other popular social networks. You’ll get more viewers’ possibilities and, ultimately, better engagement.

  1. Use Pinterest video pins

Pins on Pinterest with video content are another great way to get backlinks to a YouTube video. Video pins will be a hit, draw viewers’ attention, and encourage them to go to your YouTube channel and consume more of your videos.

Follow the steps below to create a custom video pin on your Pinterest.

  • Log into the account you have created on Pinterest.
  • Select Create and then select Create Pin.
  • Find the arrow icon, and you can drag the icon and upload your video.
  • Use the selector to choose the cover image for the video.
  • Input the title and pin description.
  • Make sure you have the correct tags and URL to your YouTube source.
  • Set the Pin to be published in the future or publish it right away.
  • Create a public display board for your Pin to be easily reachable to your intended audience.
  • Creating video marketing is an important metric to track that will increase the watch time.
  1. Comment Link

Comment links are a different way to include links in groups and videos relevant to your area of expertise. Ensure you leave pertinent and valuable comments that add to the vlog’s quality or post embeds the video. This will encourage viewers to visit your video.

The interaction you gain by commenting on other sites and videos can help you establish connections with potential subscribers. It also signifies that you’re interested in conversations within your industry.

  1. Broken Link Building

This strategy for building links involves creating captivating content that can earn editorial links. Look for popular videos that many websites link to on their pages. Create similar but superior videos about the subject for your website to share. Send emails asking them to change the link to a higher-quality video instead.

  1. Use the Skyscraper method.

By utilizing search engine marketing, you can be confident that you will increase the effectiveness of your website. It is a significant step to increasing traffic and acquiring new customers. Over the long term, it can help increase brand recognition. It is the online equal of traditional advertising, marketing, and branding.

  1. Unlinked mentions

Check for sites with no clickable references to your brand or your content. It is possible to ask for content creators or videos to provide you with courteous backlinks to your YouTube videos and other content.

Content is the mainstay of any SEO strategy and requires all the time and attention you can give. Search engines look for relevant content that aligns with the user’s intention as the most important ranking element.

Beyond relevance, content has to be complete and reliable to attract the attention of search engine spiders. Furthermore, quality and freshness are equally important. If your content is top-quality in these aspects, the website stands a chance to appear on the first page and within the top rankings for search results.

  1. Automated link-building software

If the traditional method of creating backlinks for YouTube videos seems difficult, you could go with the automatic route!

Consider using software such as Ranker X, which assists with embedding videos and lets you build more manually generated links. You may also use programs like GSA SEO and Money Robot on Autopilot to automate your marketing strategy.

Are Backlinks Important for video ranking?

Yes. Backlinks are a crucial component of SEO. They are important for ranking well in Google search results and aid in your ability to outperform your rivals.

Increased Rankings

Dofollow links can aid in ensuring your website ranks better than links that do not follow and drive increased organic traffic through search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

A backlink from a reliable and popular source with an impressive PageRank signals the algorithm that we should consider your site for better visibility in search engines.

Search engines will consider YouTube backlinks from these sources as reliable, credible, and trustworthy, particularly when the linking YouTube URL comes with high-quality backlinks. This can lead to higher organic visitors to your site’s content.


Backlinks on YouTube can boost your presence on the internet and cut down the time to discover you on the internet.

Backlinks on YouTube allow users to explore an area or subject more deeply by clicking relevant hyperlinks within the description of videos, cards, comments, and screen endings.

Referral Traffic

Referral traffic refers to visitors that visit your website via other domains. But without the need to search for your site on platforms such as Google.

When your link is clicked from a different social media platform or site, Google registers it as an incoming referral. This positions the YouTube channel as a reliable source of referral traffic. It brings more people to your site outside of the Google index.

Final thought:

This guide answers the question: What is video ranking backlinks, and are some ways to create these backlinks? I hope this helps.

You will see that a video ranking backlink can be defined as any link on the platform that links back to your sites, such as user profiles, custom hyperlinks, comments, cards, or end screens.

Backlinks from YouTube can benefit SEO by adding to your website’s link profile. They allow other content creators to discover your articles for organic linking building.