Are you looking at the top free infographic submission sites list for boosting your website and earning quality Backlinks? Infographic submission can be helpful for Off-Page SEO like link building. According to SEO experts, Infographic can generate 95% above views and bring huge visitors to your website. I will share the top 50 free infographic submission sites list to get the advantage of SEO through informative data.

The current era is under the control of the Internet. And these new inventions of the Internet are making our lives faster and easier day by day.

And an essential part of this Internet is digital marketing. It makes our lives easier because we can easily find everything we need. Entrepreneurs benefit significantly from this, so they feel comfortable doing business online.

But it will not grow unless your business is promoted and popularized worldwide. The easiest way to gain worldwide popularity is through search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization comes with various tools and techniques that add value to your brand and service. One of the tools is infographic submission which is effective and widely used. It helps to get backlinks and traffic to your website.

Looking for a free infographic submission sites list? Here are the top 50 infographic submission sites list, which will help increase the popularity of your website.

What Is Infographic Submission?

The infographic is a graphical image. Its main function is to provide important information about products and services. An infographic is a combination of pictures and text. It provides some important information that the audience can easily understand. This is important because it is possible to drive huge traffic after posting or sharing.

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What Is Infographic Submission In SEO?

Infographic submission is one of the most recent and effective tools. Information is exchanged with the audience through infographics. It also plays an important role in link-building.

Its significant role is that it attracts the focus audience or the visitor. However, the quality of the image must be guaranteed before creating the image as an infographic.

When visitors see a picture of your product or service and think it is mature and informative, they will enter it.

Your call will need graphics and informative data to create an interesting infographic.

If you have an infographic, you will not need a long article or blog because people are more attracted to picture, videos, or animation.

This is why it is known that audiences respond more quickly to infographics than to blogs or articles. Social media is used to promote this infographic. And the speed of its sharing on the Internet is very fast.

It is possible to avoid irrelevant information through infographics and promote innovative information.

What Is An Infographic Example?

The visual representation of information is an example of an infographic. An example of an infographic has several elements. The elements used are charts, text, images, icons, and diagrams.

Why Would You Create An Infographic?

When someone wants to use a service or product from your website, they will know important information about it. And when you post important information on the blog, it will be too long for the user to ignore it. If it does not arrive, it will not accept your service. They won’t even share your infographic.

According to human nature, they have less patience and less time. But with infographics, you can get the user’s attention because the infographic will contain all the essential information about your service.

When users open your website, they will know all the information through infographics. They will be interested to know about your product or service.

If they like all the information, they will share your infographic. And through this, you will earn a backlink.

So infographics are important for attracting users to your website. But never replace it with content. Because your website needs high-quality backlinks, the infographic will not be effective in SEO if it does not exist.

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What are the benefits of infographics?

  • Through the infographic, the user can easily understand complex information.
  • They are visually appealing and easy to share.
  • It increases the value of your product or service and highlights in particular.
  • It helps users integrate credibility.
  • Creating and publishing infographics for various purposes is one of the ways to promote your business and website.
  • Creating infographic submissions is very easy.
  • Inward links are available through infographic submissions which are essential for SEO.

How Do I Create An Awesome Infographic Just in 7 Easy Steps?

You must be wondering how to create an infographic for your website. There is no definite and perfect way to create an infographic. Here are some things you need to do to create an infographic:

Step 1: Define the audience 

You’re mistaken if you think you can make everyone attractive with an interesting infographic. You can create a good infographic only when you can define your audience.

So it would help if you determined who is important to your infographic and who is not. You will collect informative data for infographics from your target audience. You can even guess what the overall style will be for the infographic. And through what information you can give all the explanations is important.

  • Your target audience

When you create an infographic for an internal audience, you don’t need to explain the basics.

But if your audience is an outsider, you need to explain the small things before explaining the details. And for that, you have to set the stage.

  • The status of the target audience

You need to know the position of your target audience. If the infographic targets the executive, it will be different from the interns. It would help if you strategically climbed to the top. And it would help if you reflected on that in your infographic.

Step 2: Set goals

If you have no idea about the intended audience, your visuals will be blurred. For infographics, you need to set goals just as much as you need a target audience. The essential goals of the infographic are:

  •   Plan The Process 

Plan the processes through infographics. For example, the price of a T-shirt is higher than the fixed price. Through this basic process, you will know what it takes to make a T-shirt and how much it will cost in each step. Then in the second step, it is stated how the company has set the price. And it will be clear to you how it is sold to you at a higher price than required.

  •   Report To Data 

Excel or spreadsheets seem annoying to the audience. Instead, the same data can be presented through infographics. It combines data and graphics to create meaningful stories. You can easily present any report using infographics.

  •   Onboard an Employee

It can be confusing and stressful to start a new business or project. So if you want to tell your new employee everything about your company, then an infographic is helpful for reference.

You can put the information in the infographic. Our website has an infographic to give the user an idea about the infographic. In this post, you will find all the information about infographics. You can also find out about the free infographic submission list.

Step 3: Gather information

You must gather accurate information to reach the goal. Make sure that the information you have collected can reach the target because this step can get you stuck. If you need meaningful information for your infographic, where can you find it?

You can easily find basic information for infographics in your service or company. Product information, sales data, analytics, and SOP will give you enough data to add to the infographic. However, you need to make sure that you can use that information.

What to do if you do not have permission to access company information? In that case, Kaggle may be acceptable because it contains interesting data. You will find all kinds of data. For example, you’ll find the game’s dataset downloaded from the Play Store or all the details of global warming.

But don’t forget to save the source as it will be needed in your infographic.

The most important thing is that you must collect important and effective data. You want to please visitors with one bag of data, but it has a bad effect in most cases. A lot of data confuses the visitor, causing the visitor to feel annoyed and leave. Instead, you can follow two options:

  • Add a few data points to give a complete overview of a topic.
  • Take data points one by one and analyze them in detail.

But refrain from doing both at the same time. Then you give a bag of information that will confuse the visitor.

Step-4: Select Infographic

You will get many types of free infographic submissions for your website. Here are some of the infographic submissions:

  • Process infographics
  • Informational infographics
  • Comparison infographics
  • List infographics
  • Timeline infographics

Everyone has a different way of presenting the information. For example, a comparison infographic will have two layouts, but a list infographic will have one. So before choosing an infographic, make sure you know how to create the information. It will be helpful to determine the template when you know what you need.

We chose Process Infographic as the infographic because we are talking about a process. We need to choose an infographic that will show our work processes or progress.

Step 5: Create logical sequences

The data collected requires a specific structure. The reason for doing this first is that later it becomes wrong and messy.

To create a framework with the information in Google Docs because it allows you to change the data easily. When you start designing graphics and want to do it, you will find it troublesome.

It will be easy to create a logical structure through your outline. When you create structures according to your outline, it will help you to understand where you have shortcomings. You can easily change it since you did it in Word File or Google Docs.

Step 6: Choose a template that matches the message

You need to choose a template for your infographic that is acceptable to the message. You may want to design your infographic. But I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are a designer because you can’t decide whether the infographic you designed is good or bad.

Indeed, infographics do not require design. But to convey a message, of course, it needs good graphics. A perfectly designed infographic influences the visitor. In this case, the templates are very effective because you can adjust them as needed.

Step 7: Download and Share

Once you have finished designing the infographic, you can easily download it. You can send it via mail and share it on social sites. However, if you want to share a link with your infographic, you do not need to download it.

In this case, the infographic needs to be embedded. To do this, first, click on the share button. Then make the infographic public. Then click on “View Embedded Code”. Here you can change the information or design.

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Best Free Infographic Submission Sites List to Get Backlinks

Here is the top 50 free infographic submission sites list that increase your website traffic and backlinks.

  1. is one of the largest research sites. Users can easily create, download and share infographics through it. Visit their site for infographics submissions, and share your infographics.


  1. SlideShare

Create an account on that website to submit your infographic to SlideShare. Convert your infographic to a JPG or PDF file. Then fill in the required information and submit it. Share it when you’re done posting.


  1. Mashable Infographics

Mashable is very popular on the Internet. It is involved in infographics of technology, entertainment, business, etc. Although it is not widely used as an infographics company, it can be an effective tool for your infographics. Just fill out the form and share your infographics.


  1. Fast Company

Fast Company Infographic has advanced with the advancement of the Internet. This is known as the “infographic of the day” section. New infographics are handpicked daily by the editorial team, and features are added. For this, share your infographic with Fast Company. Email your infographic, they’ll find out.



  1. Reddit Infographic

Reddit is another great site for infographic submissions. Access their website for infographic submissions on Reddit. Then open your account and give the necessary information. Then complete the infographic submission.


  1. Infographics Showcase

Infographics Showcase is one of the best infographic research sites. This allows users to find the best infographics easily. Make infographic submissions on their website.


  1. Marketing Infographics

You will want to convey your infographic to the target audience. Then marketing infographics may be best for you. They focus on marketing, business, social media, and entrepreneurs. So please share your best infographic with them. Login to your account with the correct information of the form given to them.


  1. Cool Infographics

Cool Infographics has audiences looking for brands that are associated with infographics. For that, log in to their website with your account. Fill out the form on the website.

Submit your best infographic. Make sure your infographic is professional and of good quality.


  1. Daily Infographic

Daily Infographic adds a new feature infographic to their site every day. Share your infographic with them to get your infographic featured in the highlights on their website. Enter their site and submit them with adequate information in the form provided.


  1. I Love Charts

If you want to get your infographic as the best infographic globally, then contact the “I Love Charts” website. Every day they highlight the best infographics on their website. Contact their website if you have a chart-based or graphics-based infographic that you would like to share. Give all the information in the form given to them.


  1. Infographic Journal

The best and purest site for infographic submission is the infographic journal. You will have three options for submitting infographics on this website. You can choose according to your convenience. It includes basic, featured and express.

If you choose basic submission, your infographic will take several weeks to go live. If you choose Express Submission, it will only take 1 day. However, you will have to spend $25 on this. If you choose feature submissions, your infographic will be highlighted on their website for up to seven days. And for that, you have to spend $75.


  1. Pinterest

Pinterest is the largest platform for infographics submissions. This may be the best site for sharing infographics because it has a large audience. Open an account on their website and share your infographic by logging in.


  1. Infographics achieve

Infographics Archive is a paid website. Your infographics submission to their website will cost $19.99. If you want to promote your infographic, you must spend some extra.


  1. Infographics Bee

Infographic Bees share the best infographic on their website with their audience. You can make free infographic submissions. However, it will take several days to promote it on their website. If you want to review your infographic on their website quickly, you need to make a payment. Pay $ 9.95.


  1. Infographic Reviews

You can make infographic submissions through infographic reviews. You will even get reviews in your infographic. If your infographic is at zero level, that isn’t good, and you will not get any tweets; it will bring you to level five. It will turn into a dynamic infographic, meaning the best infographic in the block.


  1. Submit Infographic

Submit Infographic gives users a great opportunity. This website is a platform for companies and designers to make infographic submissions. This is one of the best review sites. Submit your infographic by filling out the form provided to them. Pay $ 15 for infographic submission. Within one month, your infographic will be promoted on their website.


  1. Behance

Designers use Behance to promote their work. If you do infographic design, then share it. Then you will get high backlinks. Create your account on this site, and then you make an infographic submission.


  1. Infographic Post

If you have an informative infographic, then the best place for submission is the infographic post. You need to design the infographic creatively. You can make free infographic submissions on this site. But it is doubtful whether they will approve and publish it. However, you can publish an infographic by making a payment if you want.


  1. Infographic Plaza

Infographic Plaza is an infographic platform where different types of infographics are published. The infographic submission is free on this site, but it will not get any review for about a month. If you want to get express reviews in your infographic, you have to pay $ 10.


  1. Directory of Infographics

The Directory of Infographics publishes infographics every day in different categories. You can submit an infographic for free, but there is no guarantee that it will be published. If you want to publish instantly, you have to pay for it.


  1. Visulattic

Visulattic is a platform where the best graphics and visual data are published daily. On their site, you have to fill out the form and submit your infographic.


  1. Shit Hot Infographics

The goal of Shit Hot Infographics is to have the best features in your infographic. If your infographic is of good quality, they will publish it on their site. For this, you need to contact the owner of this site David Eaves, and they will publish your infographic on their site in a few days.


  1. Infographics Database

You have to pay $ 20 to submit your infographic to the Infographics Database.


  1. Galleryr

Galleryr is a premium site. Only informative and high-quality infographics are published here. You can submit infographics on their site for free. However, to publish their site and get infographic reviews, you have to describe it within 100 words. If you want to publish instantly, you have to pay $ 10.


  1. Media Caffeine

No payment is required for infographics submissions at Media Caffeine. Only high-quality infographics are approved here and published on their site.


  1. The Infographics

The Infographics only publishes cool infographics. You need to contact Tom Cumpsty on Twitter.


  1. All Infographics

All Infographics publishes top-quality infographics. Infographic submissions on this site are completely free. But you have to wait a few weeks for the review and publication.


  1. Best Infographics

Best Infographic publishes the best infographics on their site. Only infographics that are creative, experimental, and vintage are published. Mail them with infographic details to get your infographic published on their site. And you don’t have to pay for it.


  1. Visual Kiwi

Visual Kiwi allows you to add features to the infographic for free.


  1. Infographics Portal

The infographics containing high-quality information and data are published on the Infographics portal. You have to pay $10 for an Express Infographic.


  1. Infographic Website

The main purpose of the infographic website is to help the designer or businessman. As if they get the highest visibility of their infographic. They allow free infographic submissions to this site.


  1. Flickr

Flickr’s platform is usually used for photos, but you can submit your infographic. For that, please create your account on their website, then make infographic submissions.


  1. Infographics Zone

The infographics zone is best for publishing infographics. Mail them to submit infographics to their website.


  1. News I like

Here you can complete infographic submissions for free. So contact their contact page and submit your infographic.


  1. Amazing Infographics

Amazing Infographics publishes high-quality infographics with daily usage. Mail them a short description of your infographic. If they approve of your infographic, they will mail you.


  1. uCollect Infographics

uCollect Infographics has a large audience. Its main function is to publish high-quality infographics every day and increase visibility. You can submit an infographic for free here.


  1. Infographics Posters

It is a popular platform where designers share their infographics. Here you will find infographics on various topics. Submit your infographic by meeting their guidelines. Pay $ 20 for infographics submission.


  1. LkRLLC

At LKRLLC you have to spend $ 10 to publish infographics and get reviews.


  1. Only Infographics

Only Infographics publishes the best infographics in it. You can make free infographic submissions on the platform.


  1. Infographics List

Infographic List’s site shares all interesting and high-quality articles and infographics on their website. There is no charge for your infographic submission.


  1. aims to publish creative infographics. You can submit infographics for free. However, it will take time to publish your infographic. If you want to publish in two to three days, then take their express service.


  1. Revuwire

Revuwire will add features to your infographic. So contact them to publish your infographic on their website for free.



You can make infographic submissions for free on Please create your account and submit your infographic to their website.


  1. Infogram

If you want an infographic review and make it popular, publish it on Infogram. You do not have to spend any money on this.


  1. Infographic

Infographic loves to showcase cool infographics. So complete your infographic submission by meeting their guidelines.


  1. 9GAG

9GAG is the best platform if you have a great infographic and want to get reviews. So submit for free to contact reviews in your infographic.


  1. Tumblr

If you want to submit your infographic to the best websites, Tumblr gives you that opportunity. The first thing you need to do is create an account, log in and submit your infographic.


  1. OMG Infographics

Submit your informative infographics to OMG Infographics.


  1. Info Carnival

Info Carnival is the best platform to get your infographic reviews and publish them on the website.


  1. Air Infographics

Publish your infographic to Air Infographics for free.


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Final Thought

So these are the top 50 free infographic submission sites list I recommended. You can share your high-quality infographics on the infographic submission sites provided in the content. Hopefully, this content (free infographic submission sites list) will help digital marketers move forward in the field.

If I miss any free infographic submission sites list, you can add it to my comment box. Share the post with Facebook and Twitter if you benefit from the existing data.

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